Cricket Market in the United Kingdom

This study is, after the extended analysis of cricket market in the United Kingdom. Now, KKR has announced and looking frontward to organize up a strategic confederation with Surrey CCC ( County Cricket Club ) with a position of spread outing their concern and presence in the UK.

Surrey CCC is the place of one of the England ‘s historic trial cricket evidences which was founded on 22nd August 1845, Surrey CCC have been one of the celebrated and successful cricket counties in the state with the triumphs of 18 county title in their history. The place district of Surrey ‘s is much bigger than the modern administrative county of Surrey. It besides includes all of Greater London on the south side of the River Thames. ( )

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The nine play their game cricket at the Oval land which is in the South London and is played in the nine colors, which are chocolate Ag and brown. Surrey is nick named throughout the cricketing universe for its Brown Caps. It plays in Pro-40 and T-20.


Segmentation analysis of anything must get down with the wide apprehension of the market state of affairs in which a concern operates.

The SWOT analysis ( or the alternate matrix, TWOS analysis ) is one of the commonly used analysis in order to carry through the carried out analyses in selling, provides an first-class starting point for its reappraisal. It besides used in other subjects such as TQM ( Total Quality Management ) .

Simple format for presentation SWOT is illustrated below in which strengths and failings are internal issues to an administration, while chances and menaces relate to the external factor of the market place. ( Dibb, S and Simkin, L. 2008 )














External FACTORS

Main Findingss From Marketing Audited account:

After its formation, the nine believed that it will hold some aid in acquiring more support from public. Initially, Kolkata Knight Riders has a Saurav Ganguly as a captain of the squad, who is the most successful captain of India, was named as captain of nine and a figure of popular participants from other states such as Shoaib Akhtar ‘The fastest bowler of the universe ‘ and he is from Pakistan, Chris Gayle ( West Indian Captain ) , Brandon McCullam ( New Zealand Wicketkeeper ) . The first season was bad and really dissatisfactory for the nine due to a figure of hurts at the top order and after that it changed its scheme. New scheme was started with the choice of its manager and bowling adviser. First of all KKR hired Dave Whatmore ( antique manager of Sri-Lanka ) and so they hired Wasim Akram ‘The Ex Pakistani Captain ‘ whose forte is the fastest bowler in the history of cricket and won many lucifers for his state. It made a exact combination in the squad as the participants could larn lot more from the hired bowling and the manager adviser and after that squad performed good in the following season.

Srivathsa ( 2010 ) states that the major strength of Kolkata Knight Riders has been counted as a large name and line up had a figure of good batters who played a of import function in the nine. The major failing that can be seen in the nine is its hapless public presentation in fact unacceptable public presentation in the last season. It is considered that the major ground behind the failing was the hapless bowling public presentation and Srivathsa ( 2010 ) further provinces that due to some jobs, the fastest roarer Umar Gul and Shoaib Akhtar were non included in the line up and the squad had to depend on the bowling of a junior Indian bowler and Sri Lanka bowler Mendis who harmonizing to Srivathsa ( 2010 ) is no more a secret arm. This failing may function as a restraint in the manner of KolKata Knight Riders publicity in England.

Lowy and Hood ( 2004 ) describe that the best manner to understand the chances for a concern is to analyze the failings carefully. KKR has a large chance to recover its lost repute by concentrating on its failings in the last season as they needs to happen some more new bowlers from other states. Harmonizing to Guy ( 2010 ) says that KKR can took for a figure of options in the signifier of New Zealand participant Shane Bond, Charles Langeveldt a South African participant, who have performed really will for their states but at the same clip he thinks that the bound of playing with 4 abroad participants may ensue in omitting.

The conditions status are unsure in England which affects all the athleticss game. It has been highlighted this facet by the Numberss on people in studies. Twenty – 20 tourneies are non played for a short period of clip as bulk of such tourneies chief aim is to complete game within the short span of clip. Bad conditions of conditions in England which truly affect the Kolkata Knight Rider ‘s success and this is the ground of menace which has been rated at the top of the ranking.

Business Objective of Kolkata Knight Riders:

A given scenario in the assignment that the concern aims of Kolkata Knight Riders are as follows:

10 % addition in the gross at Surrey in the twelvemonth one

50 % additions in the gross by the terminal of the twelvemonth five.

Harmonizing to Mintel ( 2005 ) in England 90 % of kids from the province schools do n’t take portion outside lesson to acquire the same opportunity to play the game and follow for the remainder of their lives. In order to accomplish the aim of Kolkata Knight Riders the Bank of England ‘s Governor Appeal to raise ? 25 million in the following five old ages, which will assist to reflect the run. Such pledge will assist to increase future gross by the terminal of the twelvemonth five.


Harmonizing to mintel, it has been observed that the popularity of cricket is non much as comparison to the other athleticss like football, rugger etc. In this present state of affairs or with the involvement of cricket in England, it is really difficult to choose a aiming group of immature people and the parents.

It ‘s been noticed that the bulk of the schools in England do n’t possess any installation to play cricket. KKR/Surrey stage of new concern programme is to promote Asiatic and Afro- Caribbean immature people particularly from the age of 9-13 in province school sector to play and to go to unrecorded events with their households because cricket is the most popular musca volitanss in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they have involvement in cricket due to their civilization and its values.

Most of the households prefer to watch cricket from place which may pull the immature kids but can non pull a group as a whole because the wonts and the involvement in cricket may change even in the same age group kid, 9 old ages old kid might hold different sentiment from 13 old ages old kid. It is non at all necessary that the kid will ever be copied from their parents. The chief ground to choose a mark group is because if such kids are approached so they will acquire some kind of support from their parents and the choice of other group i.e. parents is to back up their immature one time to play and watch the unrecorded cricket in future.

Beginning: Engagement by Age group ( Sport England, 2008 )

The above graph indicates the involvement degree and the proportion of engagement in cricket by the different age groups, the age of 16-19 and the age of 35-44 the engagement in cricket is high which can easy be seen in the graph.

Harmonizing to mintel ( 2005 ) , indicated the bulk of cricket spectators are from the age group of 30-35 and 35+ . A study by Sports England 2008 suggests that about all participants are of either full clip or the portion clip employed people. Keeping this figures in to a consideration while choosing the Asiatic parents ‘ group as we have selected the Asiatic immature male childs as a mark group so the parents ‘ group should be from the same civilization background. The chief ground for choosing the mark group of parents is that the bulk of non white population in England, who is most attracted towards cricket. As it is discussed above, Kolkata Knight Riders should near the parents who are above the age of 30-35+ old ages with full clip or portion clip employment because these group are either really acute to take portion in cricket or to watch cricket.

The purchasing behavior to twenty -20 purists scoff at the lifting popularity of the format of cricket. In the field of marketing audit the error is termed as the ‘marketing nearsightedness ‘ which means the inability to look beyond the present and see chances of the hereafter. Simple ground why sellers fall into trap is their compulsion with their merchandise and services by declining to look beyond, at what consumers may truly desire but they fundamentally forget that it ‘s ne’er about their merchandise or services but about consumer ‘s demands and wants and the solution to those demands and wants. ( )

The basic thought of this prosecuting scheme Kolkata Knight Riders /Surrey would be able to construct on a scope of bing strategy such as national ‘Chance to reflect ‘ by supplying developing programme to enable as many kids as possible to hold the chance to play and to supply issue path for these kids which hopefully developing a womb-to-tomb passion for the game. KKR/Surrey ‘s chief aim is to distinguish itself from other nines which may be active in this country and to put the best pattern criterion for aiming age group and its parents who will back up their kids to take part in cricket and attract parents to watch cricket in the bowl and on the telecasting excessively.


Harmonizing to Stafford et Al. ( 2003 ) , who province that the famous persons play an of import function to advance the different merchandises, manufactured by the different administrations and he said that the big Numberss of makers and retail merchants use different athleticss famous persons to advance their merchandises, which is really helpful in selling merchandise and service of an administration.

Stone et Al. ( 2003 ) province that most of the times, a athletics famous person earn much more sum of money when they are in the advertizement and at the same clip, the advancing administration addition benefits in the signifier of high gross revenues volume and big figure of clients is attracted to purchase the merchandise one time because they watch athleticss famous persons featured in the advertizements but they truly do n’t care about the merchandise or the service they will acquire.

Some review such as Lofton ( 1993 ) and Miller ( 1994 ) describes that it should non be taken for granted that a athleticss famous person will ever convey benefits to the advancing administration and they believe that sometimes the attitude of the famous persons are non at all acceptable by the mark consumers. And it is suggested by them that such famous persons should be selected who do n’t hold any differences and regarded by the consumer groups.

Stone et Al. ( 2003 ) has mentioned about the market of America, where the usage of athleticss famous person is non much from 1990 ‘s but the tendencies have changed now and most of the administration uses athleticss stars in advancing their merchandises and services. There are figure of companies have gained important benefits after having these athleticss famous persons in their advertizement.

As there is a treatment on the two mark groups in the last subdivision i.e. from immature individuals and parents. Its been discussed in this subdivision about the famous person that how a famous person can play a critical function in pulling immature people to play and watch Cricket. as it has said that the chief aim of Kolkata Knight Riders is to pull the immature people towards Cricket and the function of famous person played an critical function to pull people towards different merchandises stated by Barker and Sutton ( 2005 ) and they believe that the best scheme which can be used by any athleticss boosters is to utilize popular athleticss star which should hold a bulk of the immature people because they are more attracted towards athleticss due to their associations with those athleticss stars.

Similarly, it is stated by Schwartz and Hunter ( 2008 ) is that the kids use athleticss individuals as their function theoretical accounts and they are bound to follow them. It has mentioned that few Basket Ball participants who have been used for a figure of old ages in North America to advance Basket ball among immature kids. The above for case, indicates the different writers believe that different athleticss are promoted through athleticss famous person. As our mark group is immature males belonging to Asiatic households so Cricketers from different states particularly from sub – continent and England will pull a figure of kids from this group.

Service Mix:

After come ining in the UK which is the most of import facet that needs to be taken into consideration by KKR is Service mix that should be offer. There are figure of factors that should be considered by Kolkata Knight Riders. There are some points which have been discussed as follows:

Coaching and Training Servicess

in order to increase the degree of involvement of immature kids, KKR should supply coaching and a proper preparation for kids. A figure of popular Cricketers are giving preparation to the kids which help in advancing immature kids. For case the services ‘The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy ‘ that is run by the celebrated English Cricketer Andrew Flintoff. The academy is running in the different countries in United Kingdom and different athleticss famous persons visit the academy to give some kind of preparation to the kids. Thus the academy has attracted a figure of kids to acquire preparation from the English participants in different parts of UK.

Food and Beverage Services

Cricket land has oval form which has some nutrient and drink installations available at that place but those installations does non seems to be much suited for the selected group because the selected group is immature Asiatic kids and the big figure of people comes from India and Pakistan who do n’t prefer to eat nutrient because of their faiths beliefs. The best scheme for KKR is to do a bill of fare in such a manner, so that it would be suited for all the member of the group selected.

Hospitality Services

Surrey County Club soon offers a broad assortment of cordial reception services which include different halls for the map etc but they do n’t hold any hotel service installation. The nine is be aftering to construct a hotel that will be able to suit big figure of audience and the participants of cricket as good. This installation helps in pulling the mark group kids and their households particularly those coming from far off countries.


In this, all ware installations provided in the signifier of E- Shop which sells different merchandises and services through on-line channel whereas some other taking nines in the UK such as Yorkshire, Warwickshire, and Middlesex etc have facilitated public with on site store, which are normally unfastened during the on the job hours.

The ware installations provided by Oval Cricket Ground are available in the signifier of E-Shop which sells different merchandises through online channel merely. Some other taking nines in UK such as Warwickshire, Yorkshire, and Middlesex etc have facilitated public with on site store which are normally unfastened during the on the job hours. Some of these stores have been shown in Appendix B. KKR can pull immature kids by supplying

Agency briefing – Communicationss

The chief end of this study is choosing a mark group of younger and parents. The study happening a which group assisting a success of KKR in UK. One another end of this study is find out the function of famous person in UK for advancing KKR in UK. How the famous person aid to KKR for pulling different age group people. One another end is find out the services on the land for pulling a people to watch cricket.

By the determination of last assignments younger Asian select as a mark group for KKR because in UK no. of population of Asian people is really big and they are likes cricket with passion and their kids besides like the cricket. Harmonizing to cited literature, the KKR has a best option for advancing KKR usage cricket famous person to pull people for watching cricket. The services provided on the land for nutrient and drink and coaching and preparation to the Asian younger for Crete a involvement among the younger its one illustration is Andrew flintoff running a cricket academy in the all UK metropoliss this besides attract people. one another determination is KKR has a T-20 format is really appropriate format in UK. this all aspect pull the different state people who loves cricket

The purpose of KKR is a provide best installation on the land during the lucifers and concern end of KKR in UK foremost is increase gross 10 % in a first twelvemonth of launching and 50 % in a five twelvemonth. This all planning is depend on the public presentation of direction and services supplying by the KKR on the land and out side the land.

Harmonizing to Godsmark et Al. ( 2004 ) the media is play really of import function in a promotion of merchandise. They besides said that back uping media can better your value in a market. There are many types of media for advancing any merchandise such as T.V, newspaper, wireless, etc.

The KKR chief purpose is increasing a gross and acquiring more net income by the establishing KKR in UK. they can increase gross by the sponsorship and publicizing the merchandise

The above all treatment province that KKR should hold follow these all aspect for doing success in UK. the chief measure is taking a mark group and taking a media they should take these type of channel which are more interested in kids group. There are some another thing is nutrient and drink installation should be suited for choosing mark group and coaching and preparation besides provide aiming by the athletics stars.

If the KKR follow this all above reference points so they will certainly pull the mark group and they can do a success narrative in UK.

Self Evaluation:

In order to make the ego rating to this study, I have compared the last assignment with this assignment and this rating is moving on the old assignment ‘s feedback which was provided through chalkboard, where the major drawbacks in the old assignment were ;

Excessive grammar errors

Improper Referencing

In this assignment, I gave more attending to better all my errors which was made by me in the last assignment. I have tried my best to complete this assignment with all my attempts without doing any error and reviewed to avoid the spelling and the grammatical error, if any. Furthermore, I have attempted to mention other writers work decently by supplying in text referencing and referencing at the terminal of the assignment every bit good. Finally, all the mentions provided at the terminal of the study have been written down in the alphabetical sequence.

In overall, I believe that this study has shown betterments in “ how to show ” as compared to the last


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