Cross Cultural Insights For American Managers In India Management Essay

It is of import for directors in America to cognize about cross-cultural penetrations for making concern in India for many grounds. The most obvious is that if an American company is partnered with or really has a installation in the mark state of India – you want it to boom and be successful merely as you would anyplace. The inquiry becomes, “ how make you travel about accomplishing that success? ” The reply to that inquiry is reached by get the better ofing the cultural differences and linguistic communication barriers that distinguish one from the other – this paper inside informations the preparation program to accomplish merely that.

It is interesting to me to hold discovered that 2010 marks the thirty-fifth day of remembrance of the U.S.-India Business Council ( USIBC ) . By the clip you have read this paper President Barack Obama will hold been merely the 6th U.S. President to hold set pes on the dirt of India. He is talking to the promotions that have been made in the architecture of Indian concerns – now suited to hammer in front in our strategic relationship together. I was a small surprised that this council has been around since 1975. With concern taking the manner, the hereafter is bright for the relationship between America and India. The docket for this event on 11/6/2010, includes the subjects of: the remotion of barriers to high engineering trade ; recommends intercessions to ‘grow ‘ agribusiness ; seeks substructure coactions ; educational coaction ; and proposes a first of its sort Free Trade Agreement to unleash the synergisms that American and Indian industry so unambiguously portion – invention and cognition ( Lembo, 2010 ) .

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General Information on India

India is one of largest emerging markets in the full universe. Take for case that India has 8 million new cell phone endorsers per month ( Williams, MGMT 3rd Edition, 2011 ) .

India is located in Asia, and is shaped like a diamond. The state takes its name from the Indus River, which runs through Pakistan and used to be portion of India ( Wood, 2007 ) . India has three chief types of land. In the North of the state are the Himalaya Mountains, which are the highest in the universe. The in-between portion of India forms the largest field in the universe. The other portion of India is a peninsula, which has high level mountains and stat mis of coast.

There are over 1.1 billion people in India. Hindi is the most prevailing linguistic communication, but most people speak some English. However, there are more than 75 different linguistic communications spoken at that place. Hindi and English are taught in the schools so that all Indians can talk to each other. Religion plays an of import portion in the mundane life of Indians. More than 80 % of the population patterns Hinduism, which is one of the oldest faiths in the universe. There are besides 1000000s of Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs.

From the Taj Mahal to the elephantine Buddha to the Madurai temple, India is filled with rich history and astonishing sites. Upon researching and analyzing the state of India, I was intrigued to the point of wanting a trip to this historically astonishing state.

For some extra interesting facts about India, delight see Appendix B.

The Cross-cultural Training Plan

As Thomas Friedman so articulately lays out in his quintessential ode to globalisation, The World is Flat, gone are the times of regional laterality and cultural isolation ; success in concern today demands partner offing planetary markets with planetary leaders and an international presence. As capitalist economy dashs toward the E and the untold multitudes of underserviced consumers, providers and service suppliers will merely win in turning market portion by run intoing dying Spenders non with the blaze of foreign bureaucratism but the friendly smiling of a familiar locally staffed mercantile establishment. Likewise, as the planetary recession lingers, an international work force allows transnational companies to get married the lower rewards brought on by an complete copiousness of capable, willing employees with shareholder demands for extinguishing disbursals. Regardless of the motive, nevertheless, the impact of a more culturally diverse market place is the same: an increased demand for expatriate plans.

Companies can non, and do non, spread out operations overseas in a vacuity. Alternatively, attempts to keep quality and supply clients with the continuity of service they demand, dictate that planetary companies relocate direction squads to take budding operations, wherever they spring up. Often times, these resettlements stretch even further than cultural bounds and necessitate attempts to bridge both cultural and personal differences to be successful. Surely, American directors transplanted from the provinces to abroad locations in India would ask merely such an exchange. Difficult as it to generalise the specific eccentricities of a peculiar director ‘s upbringing, it is easy to see, in wide footings, how a life in the secular humanist, ingestion goaded civilization of the United States would be hapless readying for one in a less affluent, socially conservative and to a great extent spiritual state like India. Even for the most socially attuned and open-minded of American directors, because so much of our personal socialisation and sense of being comes non from work relationships, but our friends and those around us, this passage from a permeant accent on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, as it were, to the much more hushed Indian civilization is likely to be clashing and even hard to accept. In fact it is this ground that, while the hotheaded for these expatriate plans are ever concern in nature, their eventual success or failure is about every bit attributable to the personal considerations of the director involved.

In the face of this omnipresent challenge so, one that does non get down with the forenoon java nor terminal when the clip card is punched at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, it is easy to see that the committedness to put in these plans must travel much further than the comparatively limited clip directors spend in the office. As such, merely with a strict and elaborate preparatory government, can any establishment hope to recognize the value originally envisioned by the international investings that led to these expatriate plans.

Having made the instance for the being of such plans, the undertaking so falls to the design of the most professionally effectual and cost efficient course of study. This paper inside informations a three measure plan focused chiefly on choosing the most ideal campaigners for life abroad. Once candidate choice is complete, the plan described herein suggests complementary schoolroom and on site submergence classs to construct the richer experience possible for the campaigners, guaranting the highest possibility for a productive return on investing for the sponsoring company.

Research has shown that while hapless occupation public presentation is amongst the issues faced by exiles, in fact it pales in comparing to spouse dissatisfaction, household concerns and an inability to accommodate to life abroad ( htt1 ) . Upon farther probe, in fact, these tendencies make sense. Directors qualified for such assignments have typically matured in their places with the company, intending few are immature, unattached and without personal considerations. In fact, most directors selected for such assignments embark on these journeys with their partners and even kids in tow. Cardinal worlds of a given corporate landscape, while age, relationship position and household size go to the bosom of many of the most prevailing exile failures, these are non factors that can be alleviated through even the most thorough preparation plan. As such, any successful plan has to hold at its beginning a strict vetting procedure to extenuate the consequence of structural and environmental concerns that can non be otherwise accounted for.

Found in Appendix A, the Expatriate Readiness Analysis for Managers ( ERA ) developed for this plan, describes a comprehensive method for placing direction campaigners most suited for international assignments. The study is divided into three parts, Business Factors, Social Factors and Personal Factors. Immediately evident should be the comparative accent placed on non-business competences. The end of this study is to place from a pool of possible directors the most appropriate choice from an exile position, and it presupposes that all entrants into the procedure possess an acceptable degree of concern cognition to be considered for the place at manus. Importantly, with this choice procedure in topographic point, it is extremely improbable that the individual most qualified director from a entirely concern position will be finally selected for the assignment, and as such the study should be used merely in such state of affairss that a figure of campaigners possess the needed degree of concern cognition for the given assignment. The staying subdivisions of the study, societal and personal factors, so screen for the cardinal factors that research has shown to hold the most important impact on exile success.

Under the streamer of societal factors, the ERA asks respondents to bespeak any past travel experience, engagement in cultural exchange plans and cognition of the cultural considerations of the specific host state presently in inquiry. The purpose is to highlight persons who have faced the challenges of travel and cultural exchange before on their ain footings. Typically, those directors who invest of their ain clip and energy and inject themselves into unfamiliar cultural state of affairss are more likely to hold the needed attitude to boom in these drawn-out corsets overseas. Additionally, a recent Harvard survey has shown that those directors with more experience abroad execute better on creativeness and job resolution appraisals and it is ever preferred to name upon bing experience so blaze new trails when covering with these longer term assignment ( Maddux, Galinsky, & A ; Tadmor ) . Astute perceivers may see value in tracking respondent ‘s societal political positions straight in an attempt to choose campaigners that most closely align with the moral cloth of the host state. However, such inquiries will be conspicuously absent from the ERA. In an attempt to esteem directors from uncovering personal political persuasions, and to insulate the company from possible liability, such positions are merely broached indirectly via a treatment of these other nonsubjective dimensions.

The concluding subdivision of the study covers the personal factors that may greatly perplex the determination, or even unfit a possible campaigner, to direct some otherwise wonderfully qualified directors abroad. Here the focal point is placed on promoting directors whose place life is most contributing to drawn-out foreign travel and straight-out resettlement. Unfortunately, the household structures most good positioned for such assignments frequently fly contrary to the standard societal theoretical account. Consequently, it can be hard for directors taking these choice processes to objectively measure a campaigner ‘s personal state of affairs and it is that function that the ERA dramas. For illustration, because partner dissatisfaction is the taking beginning of expatriate plan failure, unmarried mans are ranked more extremely by the ERA than their married opposite numbers. Likewise, those directors without kids, aged parents or ill relations for which they are caring should be more readily selected for these assignments. It is of import to separate directors non because of a compelling personal narrative but instead for simple, unsophisticated place lives.

Acknowledging that no choice strategy will be able to give unfailing consequences, the balance of the preparation government is structured in an attempt to extenuate those staying concerns while maximising possible strengths. To that terminal, upon completion of the campaigner choice phase the chosen director will first prosecute in a formal preparation class focused on building a strong foundation of cognition upon which successful cultural exchanges can be built. Taken in separate faculties, the preparation will cover history, faith, political relations, athleticss and amusement, and where appropriate, linguistic communication. An eclectic aggregation of subjects, the purpose should non be to construct academic bookmans on the host state but instead colloquially competent travellers. The differentiation is important to a successful plan. While no history course of study would exclude information about the initiation of the state, this information is non likely to come up in daily conversation, shed much visible radiation on the motives of native opposite numbers or otherwise be of value to the exile. Consequently, such anecdotes add no value to a study of history in the host state and should be omitted for the interest of clip and resources. That is non to state the course of study can non replace more appropriate subjects, and in fact one such illustration might be a treatment of modern-day athletics and amusement. Unlike the historical initiation of the state, ignorance of a favourite local squad or jock can turn relationships, alienate locals and isolate travellers. Obviously, such a scenario would be damaging to employee morale, but besides causes possible struggle in the concern relationships the director is intended to be furthering in an attempt to maximise the public presentation of the local work force. For those directors meaning to go with partners or kids this plan will be non merely unfastened, but mandatary for both the director every bit good as each member of the household who will be populating abroad. However, it is important that while the plans will be conducted in analogue, they be tailored for each person ‘s familial function. This means, for illustration, that kids will have preparation specific to the host state ‘s educational system to guarantee that cultural differences do non impact their acquisition experience and weigh to a great extent on the morale of the other members of the household.

Finally, after finishing the formal schoolroom preparation, the next-to-last stage of the plan sees campaigners engage in a cultural submergence plan centered in the host state instantly predating the eventual deployment. The submergence plan will get down prior to going to the host state with the debut of local cultural ushers. Facilitated by the ushers, campaigners and their households will prosecute in a series of role-play scenarios to larn how to manage day-to-day activities and detect any cultural differences that may be foreign to them. Then, in the hebdomads taking up the start of the work assignment, directors will populate in their new communities with local ushers in an attempt to familiarise themselves with both the civilization and logistics of their immediate milieus. Here the exile directors will be given the chance with their ushers in a controlled scene to use their schoolroom preparation with locals. Guides will seek to ease “ a twenty-four hours in the life ” whereby directors will see typical scenarios that will go platitude during their residence in the state. Additionally, this clip will be used to get the better of logistical furnishings that can take to uneasy minutes when left entirely. Directors will turn to transit, shopping and lodging concerns with their ushers all the piece picking up the local flair and conventions while transporting out these day-to-day undertakings. As before, all members of the going household will be required to take portion in submergence preparation and the focal point will one time once more be split by function and likely experiences.

Schedule / Time Table for the Plan

Amongst successful companies, planning is universally considered to be a critical success factor, and that is particularly true when set abouting a alteration of this magnitude. Abroad enlargement in general is for many companies, the most complicated and involved enterprise they will of all time ship upon, and the resettlement of staff and households is no little portion of that procedure. As such, it is of paramount importance that a agenda be tailored to a specific company and director ; nevertheless, the scheduling templet provided herein efforts to supply the appropriate scope for each trademark of the plan. More experient directors who have been located abroad before might happen a shorter plan more valuable, and more cost efficient, whereas wholly inexperient directors would be able to maximise their experience by passing more clip at each phase of the procedure. This templet attempts to steer companies toward a best pattern attack and let them to develop customized plans that neither short change their directors nor reach a point of decreasing returns where the fiscal justification for extra preparation is no longer at that place.

Program Phase

Recommended Duration

ERA Survey ( Creation )

1 month ( optional faculty )

ERA Survey ( Distribution and Analysis )

2-3 months

Formal Classroom Training: History

2-4 hebdomads

Formal Classroom Training: Religion

1-2 hebdomads

Formal Classroom Training: Politicss

1-2 hebdomads

Formal Classroom Training: Entertainment

2-3 hebdomads

Formal Classroom Training: Language

1-2 months ( optional faculty )

Cooling-off Period

1 month

On-site Cultural Study

1 month

In-country Immersion Program

2-4 hebdomads ( instantly predating assignment )

Immediately, the deepness of the plan and the investing on the portion of the company becomes clear, as even with the optional faculties and broad suggested scopes, the minimal committedness stretches into seven months of readying. It is with this in head, that many companies begin their direction preparatory plans in concert with the initial determination to spread out overseas, and in fact, this theoretical account is the lone proven and successful theoretical account available. Regardless of the timing settled on by the company nevertheless, it is perfectly critical that the length of faculties is non shortchanged. Fast as the stuff might be covered, understanding and keeping can non be expected from faster agendas than the one laid out here.

On the other manus, every bit long as the procedure is, many stages of the overall procedure do non necessitate direct or changeless interaction with the direction personal involved, and can presume a normal work agenda for most of the twelvemonth of preparation. For illustration, ERA study creative activity, distribution and analysis while 3-4 months in elapsed calendar clip merely represents a few yearss of work on the portion of the direction personal being groomed for an abroad place. At these phases, the heavy lifting will be done by human resource professionals or potentially even outsourcing spouses ( the effect of such determinations will be addressed in the budgeting subdivision ) . Additionally, the plan envisions a compulsory one month chilling off period between faculties where the direction personal can be expected to go on their normal agendas.

For completeness, the agenda starts at ERA study creative activity and the careful perceiver might oppugn the cogency of its inclusion in the agenda as a complete ERA is available in this paper, and could be developed externally, outside of this agenda or purchased in a completed signifier at any clip. However, like so many other facets of this plan, the ERA is most effectual when tailored to the demands of a peculiar company, state, and direction civilization. For this ground, irrespective of the beginning of the study, prosecuting internal human resource staff to widen, pinch and mold the study for its specific intent has been determined to be a best pattern. As discussed, in many respects the ERA is the most important stage of the full procedure and while it might be alluring to cut both agenda and budget because it does non straight affect the endowment and is similar to maps performed by other companies and outsourcing spouses, successful plans dictate that the needed sum of attending be paid to these subdivisions in peculiar.

The formal schoolroom preparation and on-site cultural survey plans are the two most intensive stages of the procedure for the direction endowment being groomed for the abroad experience and present a secondary programming concern which is hidden by the tabular array above: backfilling. To be certain, directors in preparation will non be out-of-pocket and unavailable for the entireness of the plan as antecedently discussed, nevertheless, for the approximately 3-4 months of schoolroom and guided preparation that is the instance. Presumably, the drawn-out abroad deployment of a high degree director will order the hiring of new forces. If this is the instance, and even if a director is being transferred in from another portion of the organisation, the prudent attack would be to run parallel preparation governments whereby the outgoing director conducts his on-site cultural preparation in concurrence with his replacings developing. This allows the flexibleness of the outgoing director being present for exigency scenarios ; while the incoming director can be given the freedoms to distribute his/her wings and operate every bit autonomously as possible. Assuming the program is organized per the provided agenda, this has the added advantage of scheduling the backfill preparation in the month instantly predating the outgoing director ‘s going to the host state. This allows for a continuity of direction over the outgoing director ‘s current group, prevents struggle and facilitates as smooth and effectual passage as possible.

Budget for Each Measure in the Plan and for the Total Plan

Corporate budgeting is a complex procedure under the best of fortunes and a undertaking affecting as many people and companies as this one is surely no exclusion. With so many budgeting and fulfilment options available to companies of assorted sizes presents, it is particularly hard to trap down a peculiar monetary value ticket for the plan outlined here, nevertheless, this subdivision will try to put outlooks and detail the a La menu options that may be considered by a peculiar organisation implementing this plan. Crucial though, is the realisation that in add-on to the difficult dollar costs associated with any phase of the plan are every bit of import, and sometimes concealed, soft dollar costs every bit good. This is nil new to concern ; nevertheless, be aftering for its worlds can sometimes be hard. For illustration, the mean $ 60,000 a twelvemonth employee in America will really be their employer more than $ 100,000 a twelvemonth when benefit and insurance premiums are factored in. Similarly, depending on the organisation, the resettlement of direction oversees will order more hiring, or internal publicities which will see extra costs, non straight related to the plan that will still drive bottom line cost to the company.

In turn toing the budgeting concerns specific to the execution of this plan nevertheless, two stages should be considered. Please refer to the chart below for a dislocation of each stage and the possible costs associated with each component of a given stage.

Program Phase 1

Internal Costss

Vendor/Outsourced Costss

ERA Creation

$ 4,000- $ 6000

$ 10,000- $ 15,000

Classroom Training Modules

$ 1000/student per hebdomad

$ 1800/student per hebdomad

On-site Cultural Training


$ 20,000- $ 30,000/student

In-country Submergence


$ 60,000- $ 120,000/student

Program Phase 2

Company Specific Information







Per-diem Monies



As expected, the outsourced theoretical account tends to be more expensive so the internally developed one, nevertheless, this option may non be available to all companies, particularly smaller 1s that lack the internal resources to execute these maps. Additionally, even when compared to companies big plenty to supply these services internally, the outsourced theoretical account tends to offer a richer, yet focused course of study developed through experience and repeat and may be able to supply directors with a more enriching experience in a shorter sum of clip. Because of the possible to abridge the overall preparation agenda when working with a specialised outsourcing spouse, companies frequently see nest eggs from these theoretical accounts despite a higher per unit cost. Less clip spent in preparation does n’t merely salvage on the tuition fees but allows for more clip where the money spent on your directors translates to really pull offing. Another consideration with regard to the outsourcing versus internal determination is the size and frequence of the abroad operation. Companies who have ample abroad operations with a big figure of directors going abroad will be to take advantage of economic systems of graduated table and meet schoolroom size lower limits set by outsourcing companies. Smaller operations will necessitate to pay extra punishments for single pupils or little groups and can salvage extra money by internalising those maps. Overtime, these companies are likely to develop rather effectual plans and can avoid incurring costs every clip a director is trained.

Expected Consequences

It is clear to see that the cross-cultural preparation on India for American troughs is both every bit necessary and hard ( although, that may be an understatement ) . Through all of the subjects that have been discussed therefore far, one key inquiry has yet to be answered – What are the expected consequences of cross-cultural preparation on India for American directors? The reply to this inquiry, in my sentiment is both quantitative and qualitative. There are certain prosodies that can be measured every bit good as 1s that can non. Some of those qualitative consequences have the largest impact on the quantitative 1s, which finally will profit the bottom line for your company. To to the full understand what we are covering with when it comes to cross-cultural preparation in the concern universe, I would wish to cite a quotation mark from Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall:

“ … the individual greatest barrier to concern success is the 1 erected by civilization. ”

I feel that this quotation mark truly puts things into position when covering with the overall importance and magnitude that cross-cultural preparation can hold on the expected consequences for the success of a concern. With the proper readying ( as outlined in this paper ) , this “ individual greatest barrier to concern success ” can be overcome.

One of the expected benefits that are built-in through cross-cultural preparation is self find. Through cross-cultural preparation, people are exposed to facts and information about their ain civilizations, preconceived impressions, and worldviews that they may otherwise non hold contemplated. Cross-cultural preparation helps people larn more about themselves through larning about others. With this ego discovery a new sense of assurance can be created and further developed. A higher degree of assurance consequences in better determination devising in state of affairss that the employee may hold antecedently found hard.

Cross-cultural preparation references jobs in the workplace at a really different angle to traditional methods. It ‘s advanced, alternate, and actuating manner of analysing and deciding jobs helps people to follow a likewise originative scheme when nearing challenges in their work or personal lives.

Listening is the most of import portion of communicating ( it is said, that is why we have 2 ears and merely 1 oral cavity ) . Cross-cultural preparation helps people to understand how to listen, what to listen for and how to construe what they hear within a much broader model of understanding. By going good hearers, people of course become good communicators. All of us have certain barriers that we deal with on a day-to-day footing. Such as preconceived impressions, biass, and stereotypes that obstruct our apprehension of other people. Cross-cultural preparation gives insight into other civilizations through showing them under an nonsubjective visible radiation. In larning about other civilizations, this freshly developed position helps to interrupt down the barriers that make it so hard to understand. When people ‘s barriers are lowered, common apprehension ensues, which consequences in a greater trust. Once trust is established, the productiveness of the squad moves frontward at exponential rates.

In the workplace people have a inclination to concentrate on differences. When cross-cultural communicating jobs arise the natural disposition is to retreat to opposing sides and to foreground the negative facets of the other. Cross-cultural preparation aids in developing a sense of common apprehension between people by foregrounding common land. Once infinites of common apprehension are established, people begin to utilize them to get the better of culturally ambitious state of affairss. Cross-cultural preparation participants develop great ‘people accomplishments ‘ that can be applied in all walks of life. By larning about the influence of civilization, those who undertake cross-cultural preparation Begin to cover with people with a freshly found sensitiveness and apprehension that may hold antecedently been missing. By bettering people accomplishments, cross-cultural consciousness gives people a competitory border over others particularly when using for places in international companies with a big multi-cultural staff base.

One of the major quantitative benefits of choosing India as the state of pick for the cross-cultural preparation is the fact that India is ranked 2nd behind China in planetary distribution of labour ( Country Comparisons: Labor Force, 2008 ) . The grounds for this figure two ranking are for the undermentioned grounds: the abundant, productive, and low cost of labour. India demonstrates the thought of location economic systems, those selected to execute value concatenation activities because of its favourable economic, political, and cultural conditions.

The tabular array below shows the Global Distribution of Labor: Top 5 Countries.



Labor Force

Share of Total World Labor Pool




24.9 %




16.1 %


European Union


6.9 %


United States


4.7 %


Dutch east indies


3.4 %

Finding the best concern clime is critical to taking a location for a company looking to spread out globally. India has the most of import factor in its entree to a turning market. As it states in our text book for this category, “ India is a topographic point companies can non afford to disregard. ” ( Williams, MGMT3, 2011, p. 147 )

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