Cultural Biography For Organic Foods Marketing Essay

This research study is to explicate why organic nutrient is a turning tendency that is contributed as a healthy option and non another FAB that is promoted by famous person indorsements. Organic Foods is a turning market who targets consumers who are cognizant of wellness issues that might concern them subsequently in the old ages and these market marks are willing to develop a healthier life style or nutrient devouring wont.

Organic Food closely comparative and represented by USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture ) as this is a reasonably niche market that is yet to be promoted. The USDA ‘s mission is to guarantee the organic merchandises in the US and throughout the universe. USDA provides Organic Standards and ways to acquire certified to go certified with organic labels.

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The research draws attending to the fact that Organic Food is been introduced in twelvemonth of 1920 and as of 2012 research findings proves believes that Organic Food ‘s tendency is at the growing phase of Product Lifecycle. This is the phase where Organic Food has been introduced to others within their mark section and can see an credence of this invention tendency in the market and net income is get downing to flux in.

Organic Food ‘s Product Life Cycle


As a group of marketing pupils in Kwantlen Polytechnic University, we have developed an thought to happen out what is a major tendency that is go oning in food market shops.

As more and more organic nutrients appear on the shelves of our food market shops, we besides find Organic Foods are deriving promotion in mass media. As a group we have chosen to make a research with Organic Foods and inquire what the difference with the presence of a green organic spine and normal nutrient merchandises are. Organic Foods have an image that is passed around that states that organic nutrients are “ healthier ” and “ safer ” for consumers than nutrients produced by conventional agriculture.

In our research, we will be supplying inside informations of how to go a certified “ Organic Food ” with the organic green spine and what does it intend when a merchandise is said to be “ organic. ” As we find that there are a batch of consumers who purchase Organic nutrients, we chosen our research market mark to be females who are born after 90s who may be: pupil who are working, mas of newborn babes or working category who are cognizant of their wellness issues. With this differentiation of market mark, it will assist us with placing what does it intend when a merchandise is said to be organic or what are ideas about “ Organic Foods ” for others who are in the same age civilization with us who are researching.

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History timeline of organic nutrients

Background of organic nutrients

How are merchandises said to be “ organic? ” Harmonizing to the US Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) , nutrient is labeled “ organic ” when it is produced without the usage of conventional pesticides. Organic nutrients are non wholly free of chemical residues, but they are grown without man-made ingredients, bioengineering or ionising radiation.

Peoples choose to devour organic nutrients because they find that it is an awaited horror to devour pesticides in common nutrient merchandises. Exposure to pesticides is researched to be associated with respiratory and nervous system jobs including malignant neoplastic disease, birth defects and other wellness issues. Organic nutrients are largely related to kids, because they are told that to devour organic nutrient it will assist forestall some of the disease / jobs.

Sir Albert Howard introduced the term “ compost ” in India during 1920 and he was the 1 who was responsible for Organic ‘s development. The word “ organic nutrients ” was decently termed in an writer Lord Northlord ‘s book as “ organic. ” This was how the merchandise came into being with the term “ Organic ” alternatively of compost.

During twelvemonth of 1920, there was a immense demand for American agricultural exports. This lead to the lifting farm monetary values and incomes and American husbandmans expanded production by traveling onto fringy farming areas ( including usage of man-made ingredients, bioengineering or ionising radiation ) . This was when Sir Albert Howard developed the thought of farming without man-made ingredients and really supplying farm goods without pesticides or without growing endocrines on average / domestic fowl that will do eggs appear larger than they are in regular turning size and veggies to look more “ greener ” than they supposed to look during regular growing.

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Organic Food ‘s selling

Market Cleavage with profile description

Organic Foods was promoted by Word of Mouth and by Credibility studies of surveies that explained to the populace who is concerned with wellness hazards and determination devising of what nutrient merchandises they purchase can be a consequence of holding a fitter life and decrease the possibility of wellness issues related to pesticide residues.

Selling tools for Organic nutrients

To market organic nutrients decidedly did non necessitate any presentations or concert Tourss. They are based on societal media, online community and possibly postings / circulars with organic label sealed on the forepart to supply acknowledgment of this organic label on nutrient packaging when consumers are be aftering to pick up veggies, meat or domestic fowl. Social media have groups where they are holding organic nutrient hebdomad or organic nutrient endurance contest to advance the sense of eating organic nutrient can truly impact one ‘s wellness. Online communities particularly on the mother-to-be web sites are demoing many Organic nutrient and healthy options for neonates. One of the most popular web sites to buy Organic babe nutrient will be LadyBug Organic Kitchen. This is an organic kitchen for babe nutrient and merely available in the provinces. LadyBug ‘s proprietor ( Miki ) has been in graduated with awards from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts ( Portland ) . She have ever had a passion with utilizing fresh, organic and sustainably raised local ingredients in her cookery. She believed profoundly that if babes are devouring organic nutrients at a immature age, it will do them hold a healthier life in the hereafter and turning away of many foreseeable wellness concerns.

Marketing schemes of Organic nutrients

Study performed by Hammitt[ 1 ]during twelvemonth of 1990 has stated that organic nutrient buyers are characterized by holding a higher “ value of life. ” This is portion of how selling of Organic Food comes in with the theory of “ Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands. ”

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Before making to exceed of the pyramid of Maslow ‘s hierarchy, we must fulfill the basic demand of physiological. This includes external respiration and nutrient / H2O which are basic demands of anyone who wants to last. This besides contains the basic demand of being a healthy individual to hold the ability to go on to last to guarantee their following phase in the hierarchy. This is besides another history why organic nutrient purchases are characterized to be holding a higher “ value of life. ” Furthermore, organic nutrient purchases claimed that the most of import ground for buying organic nutrient was to protect their ain households ‘ wellness. This is the 2nd basic phase in Maslow ‘s pyramid, but it decidedly reflects why people instead pay premium for organic nutrient merchandises. We believe this is the selling thought behind Organic Foods, because Organic nutrients are non 100 % guaranteed to hold remotion of conventional farming residues as it is merely 95 % guaranteed.

The effort of Organic Foods seeking to fulfill did non alter over clip and as more and more consumers are exposed to the term “ Organic Food ” and because they are frequently offered in a premium monetary value or at a forte corner in most Supermarkets. It is going something that people are non believing if they are suited for their household, but they merely read the labels with Organic spine and believe that the organic nutrient will be the best for their loving household.

Organic nutrients ‘ behaviour

Behind the scene: Organic motions

To devour organic nutrients is besides claimed to profit the environment since there is limited pesticides or weedkillers used. This will implement small chemical by-products released from organic farms and into the environment where it could hard wildlife and interrupt the ecosystems. Organic farms are energy friendly and bring forth less waste, since they do non necessitate the packaging stuffs which are required for the chemicals and provender used in regular farms. Organic farms besides discharge less C dioxide into the environment and recycles both N and organic stuff back to the dirt. Organic farms representative have argue that organic agriculture is the solution for long term environmental sustainability.

Consumer ‘s behaviour being taken advantage

Consequences of WOM and the media, it seems that taking organic merchandises are both healthier and safer option for the consumer and the environment. Bing placed with a premium monetary value point for chemicals being withdrawn from regular conventional agriculture is non 100 % guaranteed to be healthier. Scientific research did province that the pesticides used in conventional farms are already comparatively low and they are invariably being subjected to prove and extremely regulated in farming. Furthermore, many toxicologists believe there is no demand to extinguish pesticides wholly and the sums consumed in conventional nutrients are safe and possibly will supply unsusceptibility to certain diseases. Consumer ‘s behaviour are being taken advantage because the surveies behind the “ organic label ” is non clearly stated and even on the USDA web site it clearly stated that organic nutrients are non fitter, but it is a fitter option.

Primary competition of Organic nutrients

Whole Foods Market is a natural and organic food market shop that operates 100s of locations across several states. They are claiming that the concern is turning, but it may be get downing to worsen with the recent surveies that encourage consumers to go on to buy nutrients from conventional farms because it will assist supply unsusceptibility to certain disease. Surveies showed that if pesticides are removed, so the unsusceptibility may be lowered. Whole Foods Market has long prided itself in its ability to move out its mission: Support for our communities and promote local engagement, Satisfactory and delight to clients and Sell of highest quality natural and organic merchandises available. We believe no 1 is viing with organic nutrients, but consumers are worsening the thought of Organic Foods being a healthier option.

Cultural significances

Difference point of views from Primary resource

This is the point of views that were developed after interviews with household members who are older Chinese, friends who are Caucasians ( particularly 1s who are already devouring organic nutrients ) and immature Chinese twosomes who I have made an interview with utilizing LadyBug Organic Kitchen ‘s merchandises for their babe.

Qualitative Research

Fiona Ng conducted an interview with a twosome who come from a Chinese background. Christina was 22 old ages old and Jack was 25. Jack is working in the Real Estate industry and besides the rubric of development director in his male parent ‘s company in Asia. Christina married at a immature age and did non go on farther instruction after she obtained her high school sheepskin. She was a stay-at-home modern ma who would still hold merriment with her friends by shopping, basking delightful nutrient and taking attention of her babe. This twosome lives in Downtown and they are satisfied with a new purchase of a modern flat unit and a comfy life along with their new household member.

Photo taken from Facebook I have chosen this twosome because they have been utilizing LadyBug Organic Kitchen for their babe. I asked Christina why she opted to utilize organic nutrient and she said “ organic nutrient seems to be healthier and it is good recognized ” . This is the statement that many of my friends who started to merely eat local and organic green goodss said to me. I think this is the thought that sellers have developed and it was good developed. Christina told me her everyday with the purchase of LadyBug Organic Kitchen ‘s merchandises. Christina stated that “ it was difficult for me to happen a topographic point where they sell baby nutrient organic. I was n’t cognizant of what I am devouring, but I truly hope what my babe is devouring will be healthy merchandises that will do her grow up reasonably and healthy. I had to seek online because none of the organic babe nutrient was available in Vancouver, BC. ” This was true because Vancouver, BC did non hold organic babe nutrient. Possibly the market was non big plenty or possibly none of the culinary chefs have given ideas about bring forthing babe nutrient. Christina said “ my babe is like my hereafter and I want it to be a green and healthy hereafter. My modus operandi is to travel on-line and order the merchandises and have it shipped to Indicate Roberts where I have a letter box at that place to have the green goodss. The first few times it was hard for the lodger officers to understand why I am acquiring packages and packages of babe nutrient from US. They wanted to look into my auto and I got used to holding my auto cheque with the officers between the US / Canada lodger in Point Roberts. ” At this clip, Christina and Fiona were chew the fating and Jack came into the room and told us that he will urge LadyBug Organic Kitchen to any household who has newborn babes. Jack said “ It is easy to travel on-line and happen babe nutrient and it is non much more expensive than regular babe nutrient. ” I furthered my probe and Jack stated “ I can non do certain what my babe is devouring, but LadyBug Organic Kitchen ‘s web site is so easy to understand and I feel like it is reliable with clear specifications of the organic seal, no GMO, no amylum fillers, no preservatives and it is handmade by the proprietor Miki Tamura. Jack so showed me the web site of LadyBug Organic Kitchen. I must state that this web site is easy to voyage and provides the right FAQs that most of the parents will inquire before buying babe nutrient for their babe. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Future of organic nutrients

Over the 70 old ages, organic nutrients have become more and more popular. There are more picks in the normal supermarket ironss and it is a premium monetary value that is low-cost to many regular households. Back in the 40s, organic nutrients are merely for high educated, affluent household as they can afford the monetary value.

Future of organic nutrients is yet to be foreseen to be increasing, yet in the merchandise life rhythm organic nutrients are to adulthood and will non go in the market to worsen.

Organic Food ‘s Product Life Cycle

How are perceptual experiences of organic nutrient changed

This is suggested to be the adulthood merchandise life rhythm ; because there are small or no grounds that has surveies that clearly states the usage of organic nutrients will increase healthier lifestyle and decline diseases. Consumers will go on to pay premium monetary value for organic nutrient because they continue to believe nutrients with the organic seal are healthier. Consumers continue to avoid conventional nutrients, which grown with chemical fertilisers because they realize it may convey negative effects or long term wellness effects on their organic structure. There is besides another ground why people choose to devour organic nutrient and it is because the gustatory sensation of organic nutrient is seemingly better than conventional nutrient. Harmonizing to the survey “ Journal of Consumer Behavior ” , they conducted a trial of savoring organic juice. They found organic juice gustatory sensation better than conventional juice. Furthermore, people prefer to devour organic nutrients due to environmental concerns. The consumers normally maintain an attitude that conventional nutrients with chemicals and pesticides are harmful, but organic nutrients are non. Therefore, the perceptual experience of organic nutrient and consumers ‘ consciousness of conventional nutrients will act upon the consumer ‘s behaviour.

Marketing Schemes ought to be changed

Our research group believes that in the hereafter, consumers should hold the determination to do certain they are devouring organic nutrients non because of the unmasking of media brainwashing them that the organic nutrient will be a fitter option. Consumers should be educated that paying premium monetary value for organic nutrients will non vouch a healthier lifestyle, but it will take down the sum of pesticides or chemicals used in turning their fresh veggies, meat and/or domestic fowl. We hope that below the organic seal label there will be a tagline which clearly states that organic nutrients are non 100 % without chemicals, but contains lower or is frequently 95 % without chemicals.

Decisions: addition demands for organic nutrients

Many organic nutrient web sites offer strategic bringing paths to do a one manner trip or hold some kind of contribution for different causes that promotes healthy life style. For illustration, LadyBug Organic Kitchen is Seattle based organic babyfood web site which provides bringing services for babe nutrients clearly stated to hold no preservatives, no GMO, no amylum filler and uses BPA free bags and has certified organic nutrient with UDSA ‘s organic seal. Furthermore, companies who are based in Vancouver will be which promotes organic nutrients by holding one manner trip bringing paths, Raincity Grill that promotes organic nutrients by holding all seafood, vegetable and meat / domestic fowl organic, WholeFoods Market by merely selling organic nutrients in their supermarket which can establish in Downtown Vancouver, BC.


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