Cultural Differences in Brazil Essay

Cultural Differences in Brazil
Tudo Bem! When in Brazil, this phrase simply means “how’s it going.” Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts ( Like many other countries, Brazil has different cultures unique to their surroundings. When visiting Brazil, there are three distinct cultures to be aware of; language, religion and race. Portuguese is the chosen language spoken in Brazil which is often called the romance language and considered a sister language to Spanish. The second prominent culture in Brazil is religion. In Brazil, the dominant religion is Roman Catholic. Religion is held to a very high esteem in Brazil. Finally, Brazilian race is very diverse ranging from Native Americans, African Americans, Koreans, Chinese and people of Bolivian descent. Portuguese settlers and Africans formed the population in Brazil in the late 19th and 20th century. Presenting an argument in Brazil

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Before presenting to an audience the presenter should learn the language so he or she will not offend anyone. Spanish and Portuguese have like terms but have different meaning to the same words. A presenter should have familiarity with the country’s religious culture so he or she will show respect when focus is place on certain topics during the presentation. Cultural Differences in Brazil

In Brazil, their culture is very different because of diversity and the many nationalities. During, the time of European supremacy and slavery, many African immigrants travel across the border to live in Brazil, and practice their custom and beliefs. Today, all these persuasions have made the Brazilian cultural very distinctive and complex. Today Brazil population consists of about 190 million people. Half the population is white, 40% are mixed, 10% are black. Brazil has a population that includes Portuguese, Italian, Polish, and many more.. Class Division

The amount of money a person has and the color of their skin decides what class an individual is in, dark skin individuals have a disadvantage. Women make fewer wages than men do, and the women primary jobs are teaching and nursing. Etiquettes and Communication

Brazilian men greet each other by shaking hands and women kiss each other on the cheek from left to right. When it comes to business, Brazilians make commitments with individuals not companies, they like to get to know the individual before they make a commitment to any contract. Brazilians also prefer face to face meetings instead of written communications. It is acceptable to interrupt someone that is speaking and never criticize an individual. Other communications to remember when in Brazil is never under dress when going to an event and always arrive early. Bring a small gift for the person in charge of the event or party. Never give anyone a gift that is black or purple, these are mourning colors. In corporate settings women should have manicures and both sexes should dress formal. Reference

Brazil Culture. (2011). Retrieved from

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