Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship direction is pull offing the interactions between theA clients, clients, gross revenues chances and the company. CRM needs engineering to organize gross revenues activities, selling, proficient support and client service. The Aim is to happen new clients, retain the old client those the company already have and cut down the cost of selling and the service provide to the clients. CRM shows the company scheme including the client interface section and other sections.

( Buttle, 2000 ) “ Customer relationship direction is the development and care of reciprocally good long-run relationships with strategically important clients. ”

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CRM support the relationship between a concern and its clients are to




Relationship selling that views clients as assets and emphasizes retaining clients by fostering and prolonging a relationship with them. It involves constructing the value for the client and giving the perceptual experience that the company and the client are spouses. Relationship selling creates bonds with clients bu to the full understanding and reacting to their demands, demands and jobs with customized personal service.

Marketing Mix is used to bespeak the integration of several variables to fulfill specific consumer demands. The undertaking of the selling director is to organize these variables into marketing mix that meets the demands of each consumer group or market section targeted by the company. The most widely used selling mix is the “ Four Ps ”


Monetary value


Topographic point

QCI Model

Introduction on Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola is the universe largest drink company. They sell their merchandises over 200 states and over one billion of their merchandises is consumed each twenty-four hours. Keeping the fundss and logistics is the important undertaking. Coca Cola started utilizing a system called the bequest system which found to be really inefficient. This system was bring forthing high cost and was non user friendly. All the finicky programs are entered manually and used to re entered for updating the information.A A When Coca Cola expanded this became more important for their success.A

Coca Cola need a far more beforehand concern direction system. So Coca Cola decided to utilize SAP Strategic Enterprise Management.A They implemented SAP financials into their concern in order to manage the fiscal procedures of the corporation. SEM provides Business Planning Simulation for fundss, Data Warehousing for information aggregation and information analysis, and can besides bring forth fiscal studies and monthly gross revenues forecasts.A


QCI Model for Coca Cola Company

Business scheme of Coca Cola is Think local, act local.A The integrating between the local bottlers and bringing to the clients is important to the company ‘s overall efficiency and maintaining the clients satisfied. Full-service peddling, Direct Store Delivery ( DSD ) , and equipment services are really of import for bottlers ‘ concern operations and net income centres.A DSD gather client information to distributers. With that specific informations they improve cost control in presenting merchandises. A They receive petition from Gross saless representatives, Mobile device and Service staff. With these inside informations the shop can react easy to the clients and do the procedure more expeditiously. The RFID gives feedback that benefits research, selling and merchandise development

We can better client service and satisfaction utilizing better CRM. Using beforehand CRM we can acquire the needed information of the client. IT system once more collects all the informations and analysis them and supply information to supply a better merchandise that suit the client demands.

Using SAP CRM system Coca-Cola was able to accomplish their end of client focal point. The CRM aid ‘s the bing procedures and besides better the new maps to fulfill the client. These sorts of CRM aid updates and better the market portion for the computing machine and make a better name with the client and besides cut down the cost for transportation.A A

The CRM in Coca Cola besides handle client service support where you can direct talk to the individual in the company for job with the merchandise. They have different type of service all around the universe. They provide the client service non merely through feedback, electronic mail and telephone but besides through monitoring and many types of analysis. So by this collaborative CRM, Coca Cola has provided efficient client service to derive client satisfaction.

Coca Cola was able to go on to turn with the demands as they were able to supply to their client demands. They ever focus on to fulfill the client needs with the new substructure of CRM, ERP and good maintained SCM system they were able to accomplish the ends which they truly needed to fulfill the clients. By this manner there were able to be in the top in the drink industry. They are still confronting a batch of job to be in the top place but good keep CRM will ne’er lose the place.

( E.Neville Isdell 2005 ) , “ As we have ever done in the past, I know that this industry will lift to the juncture ” .

Coca Cola has taken many stairss to win back the client and to retain the bing client. They have created a fan page in Facebook which became a really popular with the clients and when they are connected to Facebook, They can really maintain on acquiring update on recent action by Coca Cola. They can direct group message in Facebook. Can derive feedback from client and supply solution online. Coca Cola is able to publicize in Facebook and derive more clients through the societal site. Coca Cola besides can derive all the inside informations of the client from the Facebook page and supply appropriate personalized service to derive more client and besides retain the bing clients.

These sort of societal networking site help the company to be closer to the clients. Selling and Ad in these sort of site will besides assist the company to turn better. Some of the company does non accept this fact but Coca cola established their Facebook fan page in the 3rd one-fourth of 2008 by the mid of 2009 there were around 3.4 million fan. But this fan page was created by a Coca Cola fan after much consideration Coca Cola used it as a publicity page and a topographic point where they can construct a relationship with the clients.

Coca Cola gained a thought and used this Facebook page as a publicity page and was able to derive information from the Facebook wall and supply promotional offers to the clients. They created many ways to maintain in touch with the client by making Application online for computing machines and nomadic phone. They besides provide sole sneak peep for the client in Facebook. Coca Cola was able to keep this Facebook page and garner the needed information and be in contact with the clients. The company able to pull all the client, When you go to the Facebook wall page you can see all the linguistic communication. From this we can see that the company is able to construct a good name in all the states. Coca Cola is the 2nd largest fan page in Facebook as they are around 3.4 million fans in it. When we calculate the figure of members join per twenty-four hours would come around 3500. So Coca Cola through this is the best manner for publicity and deriving the client feedback.

Coca Cola was able to convey a new innovate peddling machine with fountain dispenser called Freestyle. In this the client can custom-make their ain drink from 100 combinations and this was the first clip they can hold provide 100 combinations which are non introduced before. The most of import about the freestyle peddling machine was it is connected to SAP system. So it collect all the client informations and stored in CRM system. It besides identifies if the freestyle machine demands to be refilled or non. So they can easy replenish it and it besides uses the RFID.

The Vending machine besides has major disadvantage when there is out of stock of the point. Customer can easy take other merchandise so Coca Cola has to chief there scheme in this to keep the stock and to derive the client satisfaction. So vending machine should be topographic point in appropriate topographic point where there is easy entree of replenishing and topographic points where we can cover a batch of clients. We can besides happen out which merchandises which has sold more and the merchandise which is contribute more net income. We can supply many different merchandises to the client by giving different merchandise at same twenty-four hours. This is the best manner to sell the merchandise more efficaciously.

We can utilize recognition card to pay for the drink which can besides supply trueness points so we can acquire a free merchandise one time a piece. It can besides place your drink with the card and you can easy choose it and pay for it. This is all built in the peddling machine so it is more user friendly for the client to order and acquire their favorite drink easy. This is how Coca Cola is able to pull more client and supply the client what they required.

Coca Cola is seeking to take a bigger measure by making a drink on the topographic point for the client and non to set it in a peddling machine. Customer can choose the needed ingredients with a touch screen and we can track the stock list and the client favorite merchandise so we can function the client the better. This is a major operational CRM used pull client into the company. This is a major measure for Coca Cola but being the leader in drink they need to take necessary measure and new advanced thought to be in the top place.

Coca Cola has started a new selling environment by supplying a alone pin figure in the bottle which can be used to salvage 75 cents of the nomadic measure. They can besides derive point for icoke from this system. So this is one of the best selling techniques to derive client by giving offer to their day-to-day usage merchandises. Coca Cola has worked on this scheme and made some more beforehand option in it and applied it to United Kingdom. Where you can acquire the redeemed immediately with the radio service and acquire some recognition of the proceedingss.

Coca Cola client addition icoke points from this manner and they can utilize these points to buy tickets and acquire some price reduction on direct purchase. Coca Cola has besides joined with Mc Donald ‘s and supply varies offer in buying a repast. These sorts of offer revoke the client and do them buy the drink. Coke besides sells four out of five drinks in all major states so consumers are able to choose and buy the drink with selected offers.

Coca Cola has done one of the best selling with the Air Bonus. It does non hold any back office work. Customer can acquire the price reduction immediately without any job. Mobile phone is a day-to-day usage merchandise which helps the client more. The phone is used a like a trueness card. They besides create a batch of competition online and do client to play for go outing award. This sort of action reneges client to buy coke.

Customers Go Better With Coke

As Coca Cola is working on this sort of scheme by making a Fan page and utilizing a better CRM and SCM procedure they are able to function the client easy and personalising each client demands and supplying imbibe harmonizing to their gustatory sensation. This sort of publicity can make word of oral cavity in office and other entrainment Centre where people can take a clip out and hold some drink and speak about it in online and supply valuable feedback. This can make a major bombilation in about the merchandise and aid spread outing bigger. We can pull new client with this sort of CRM scheme and retain the bing client. We can besides win back the client by making personalising service.

My position on Coca Cola

While spread outing the company they started to utilize progress CRM scheme which help the company to turn better and Coca Cola besides understand the client demands and provided advanced vending machine like freestyle made the client to wish Coca Cola. They provided go outing offer to the bing client with icoke points and price reduction in phone measure. They used the IT system to acquire feedback and besides made a quality monitoring in client service made the client more satisfied. They besides used Facebook Fan page as a biggest publicity Centre and provided some seek peep for client. Coca Cola fan page is the 2nd largest fan page in Facebook. We have used the QCI theoretical account on this instance survey to clearly analyze the Coca Cola CRM procedure.


The overview of this instance study clearly provides information that utilizing progress CRM scheme aid Coca Cola to accomplish their end without losing their market. They were able to supply offers and started some competition online to play and win go outing awards. They have created a freestyle peddling machine where a client can do his ain drink from 100 combinations. This was one of the biggest measure for Coca Cola. They were able to make on-line publicity in one of the top Social networking site. There were able to derive the largest figure of fans in it. Coca Cola is able to roll up informations from peddling machine, Mobile, Customer service, on-line web and supply solution and give individualized service to the client. Coca Cola is able to win back there client with the new freestyle peddling. Coca Cola is able to pull off their top place in drink with their progress CRM procedure.

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