Customer Relationship Management and Points Essay

Question 1: DP World Takes Port Management to the Next Level with RFID (pages 377 to 378). (100 points)

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a. In what four (4) ways did the Identec Solutions RFID-based technology help DP World increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its customers’ supply chains? (20 points) *it reduces congestion at the port: it is timely improving customer satisfaction. This will in-turn increase the turn-around of shipping goods. It has improve gate efficiency through truck management. And also fuel efficiency it has brought about a massive reduction of paper work, which brings about delays.

b. Describe four (4) improvements that resulted from implementing the Identec RFID-based solution. (20 points) it brought about customer satisfaction. Customer concentric efficiency at the gate terminals it eliminated lengthy procedures by paper work.  it has brought improvement in revenue generation

c. In what four (4) ways does the concept of supply chain execution relate to this case scenario? (20 points) just-in-time supply to customers

d. What four (4) managerial challenges might DP World have faced in the early stages of the RFID project’s deployment? (20 points) spending several time and months performing prove of concept trials rugged environmental conditions at the port

*challenge in vendors been able to meet managerial targets. Which was about 90%

e. What four (4) technological challenges might the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) face if it were to deploy a system similar to the Identec Solutions RFID-based technology? (20 points) inadequate skill (man-power) to maintain the technological gadgets maintenance of the technology.
manipulation of the system

Question 2: Customer Relationship Management Heads to the Cloud (pages 390 to 391). (100 points)

a. What types of businesses are most likely to adopt cloud-based CRM software services in Ghana? Give four (4) reasons. (20 points)

b. What enterprises might not be well-suited for this cloud-based CRM software in Ghana? Give four (4) reasons. (20 points)

c. What are two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of using cloud-based enterprise applications? (20 points)

d. What four (4) management issues should be addressed in deciding whether to use a conventional CRM system versus a cloud-based version? (20 points)

e. What four (4) technology issues should be addressed in deciding whether to use a conventional CRM system versus a cloud-based version? (20 points)

Question 3: Summit Electric Lights Up with a New ERP System (pages 396 to 398). (100 points)

a. Which business processes are the most important at Summit Electric Supply? Give four reasons. (20 points)

b. What four (4) problems did Summit have with its old systems? (20 points)

c. What were four (4) business impacts of those problems? (20 points)

d. How did Summit’s ERP system improve operational efficiency and decision making? Give four (4) examples. (20 points)

e. Describe four (4) ways in which the customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) could benefit from an ERP system like that of Summit. (20 points)

Question 4: Analytics Help the Cincinnati Zoo Know Its Customers (pages 494 to 495). (100 points)

a. What four (4) technology factors were behind the Cincinnati Zoo losing opportunities to increase revenue? (20 points)

b. Why was replacing legacy point-of-sale systems and implementing a data warehouse essential to an information system solution? (20 points)

c. How did the Cincinnati Zoo benefit from business intelligence? Give four (4) reasons. (20 points)

d. In what four (4) ways did business intelligence enhance operational performance and decision making at the Cincinnati Zoo? (20 points)

e. What four (4) roles would predictive analytics play for a company in Ghana seeking to enhance operational performance and decision making? (20 points)

Question 5: Colgate-Palmolive Keeps Managers Smiling with Executive Dashboards (pages 506 to 507). (100 points)

a. Describe four (4) different types of business intelligence users at Colgate-Palmolive. (20 points)

b. Describe four (4) “people” issues that were affecting Colgate’s ability to use business intelligence. (20 points)

c. What four (4) technology factors had to be addressed in providing business intelligence capabilities for the users? (20 points)

d. What kind of decisions does Colgate’s new business intelligence capability support? Give four (4) examples. (20 points)

e. Describe four (4) potential business impacts on a firm in Ghana considering the adoption of an Executive Dashboard? (20 points)

Question 6: Zynga Wins with Business Intelligence (pages 512 to 514). (100 points)

a. It has been said that Zynga is “an analytics company masquerading as a games company.” Discuss four (4) implications of this statement. (20 points)

b. What four (4) roles do business intelligence play in Zynga’s business model? (20 points)

c. Give examples of four (4) kinds of decisions supported by business intelligence at Zynga. (20 points)

d. How much of a competitive advantage does business intelligence provide for Zynga? Give four (4) reasons. (20 points)

e. What four (4) problems can business intelligence solve for an organization in Ghana? (20 points)

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