David Jones And Target Australia A Comparative Study Marketing Essay

The paper examines the competitory schemes of two Australian companies viz. David Jones and Target both operating in departmental shops industry. The paper looks at their backgrounds, their recent schemes and ensuing fiscal public presentation of both. The paper besides looks at the departmental shops industry in Australia. An analysis of the strategic direction accounting tools of both organisations are examined and recommendations given as to their usage. Last, the paper formulates five inquiries that will be used in farther research projects in the industry.


David Jones and Target Australia operate in the departmental shop industry in Australia ‘s service sector. While David Jones is a public company listed in the stock market, Target Australia is a subordinate of Wesfarmers Corporation. The two companies recoded decreased grosss and profitableness for the 2010/2011 fiscal twelvemonth as did the full industry. The lag in industry grosss followed the deteriorating consumer sentiments recorded around the state for the period under reappraisal. Harmonizing to **** , lag in national economic systems is manifested through a lag in demand across the retail sector as consumers become cautious of disbursement. The followers is a comparative analysis of the two companies ‘ competitory schemes.

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David Jones

David Jones ( DJs ) is an up market departmental shop with 37 shops scattered across Australian provinces and districts. Founded in 1838, the company sells beauty and decorative merchandises, adult females ‘s wear and related accoutrements, footwear and a assortment of place merchandises. In add-on, the company provides effect and espousal register services every bit good as Foodhalls for particular occasions. Besides, DJs operates a wellness and medical concern called Rose Clinic that provides wellness attention testing services. DJs besides operates a fiscal services concern that is jointly run with American express. The company is headquartered in Sydney.

The Company ‘s entire one-year gross revenues for the twelvemonth ended 30th July 2011 stood at $ 1961.7million, a 4.4 % bead from the old twelvemonth. The ensuing after revenue enhancement net income for the same period was $ 168.1 million, down 1.5 % from the old twelvemonth. This is despite a decrease in the company ‘s cost of making concern by a 0.8 % over the same period in the last fiscal twelvemonth. The weak public presentation was attributable to a deteriorating consumer sentiment and a strong local currency that fueled a malice of deflation and led to outbound touristry. However, fiscal statements for the company reflected a strong balance sheet, low debt and solid hard currency flow.

Internal environment

The company undertook a strategic reappraisal of its operations in the twelvemonth 2003. The reappraisal led to the closing of its unprofitable shops viz. David Jones Online and Food concatenation. It besides revitalized most of its shops. Its profitableness improved thanks to economic roar and sole supply contracts from ladling local and international merchandise trade names. However, the planetary lag affected its public presentation and continues to weigh on its recovery to day of the month. In June 2010, allegations of sexual improperness led to the surrender of its CEO.

DJs is led by a board of managers with seven independent non-executive managers, one head executive officer and finance manager who double up as executive managers. The board is charged with safeguarding the assets and involvements of the company. Each shop is run by an independent direction and is responsible for its ain histories but must account for transferred monetary values of goods from the other shops.

Competitive scheme

DJs concentrates on the up-market section of the market. It has a clear scheme of concentrating on its nucleus concerns chiefly the departmental shops and recognition card operations. DJ besides competes on the footing of cost efficiencies to countervail the high cost of client service enterprises. The company besides returns extra hard currency flows to its stockholders to avoid keeping inordinate on the job capital and incurring it associated chance cost. The company besides pays high dividend a signal to the investors that it has assurance of future net incomes. As portion of its strategic direction, the company uses rival analysis and value concatenation analysis to find its comparative placement he market and the needed action.


Target Australia is owned and operated by Wesfarmers. With a combined shop count of 300 shops, Target is headquartered in North Geelong, Victoria. The company sells cosmetics, vesture, toys, electrical equipment and consumer electronics every bit good as general consumer ware. The right to utilize the Target logo was given by the Dayton Hudson Inc ( now called Target Corporation ) operating in the United States. Apart from the usage of Target Logo, the two companies have no other association.

Target was founded in 1926 by Alex McKenzie and George Lindsay when they opened a curtain under a partnership agreement. The company serves the midmarket with peculiar accent on quality and value. In 1968 the concern had grown to 14 shops and Myer Emporium Ltd acquired it and renamed it Lindsay ‘s Target Pty Ltd. Later in 1973, the company was renamed Target Australia pty. Myer Emporium merged with GJ Coles & A ; Coy Ltd to go Coles Myer Ltd. Coles Myer Ltd merged with Fosseys Stores and became Target Country giving the concern a rural border. In the twelvemonth 2007, November 2007, Wesfarmers acquired Target as portion of their acquisition of wider Coles Group.

Target ‘s operating gross for the financial twelvemonth ended 2011 stood at $ 3.8 billion. This was a diminution of 1.2 % from the old twelvemonth. The net incomes before involvement and revenue enhancement stood at $ 280 million for the same period. This represented a 36 % decrease from the old twelvemonth. The consequences point to the deteriorating consumer sentiment over the period every bit good as the beef uping local currency that as pointed earlier, fueled deflation and flight of consumer to cheaper foreign shopping finishs.

Internal environment

The company has operates as a subordinate of Wesfarmers company. Target has a Managing Director who besides serves as a manager of the Wesfarmers parent company. Under the director, the company is structured along its functional classs with a director under each section.

Competitive scheme

Target marks mid market clients and continues to put in new shops and renovations. It uses alternate communicating methods to make its clients such as the cyberspace and societal webs. The company is presently undertaking polish of merchandise presentation in shops every bit good as the bringing of merchandises to the market. It continues to concentrate on nucleus client finish classs and rapid bringings of the differentiated merchandises. The shops have a convenient agreement to ease client shopping.

Recent dip in profitableness resulted from the company ‘s action to clear old stock at a lower border. This was done in order to offer fresh and relevant merchandises to the clients in the face of intense competition. The lost border could n’t be offset by the decrease in keeping costs and therefore the company realized a loss. However, it is envisaged that the clearance of stock will take to a better offering to the clients in the longer term. The company uses value concatenation analysis as a agency of finding its standing against the competition.

Industry analysis

Both companies operate in the departmental shop industry in Australia. Harmonizing to IBISWorld, the entire grosss for the industry stood at $ 19 billion. This represented an one-year growing of -2.5 % ensuing from factors that were identified earlier. The industry employs a sum of 109,396 as at the terminal of the last fiscal twelvemonth. Following the planetary lag, the industry was severely hit as consumer disbursement was decimated. IBISWorld undertakings that the one-year lag will go on into 2012-2013 fiscal twelvemonth to settle at around $ 19.9 billion. In entire there are 301 concerns with DJs and Target commanding 1 % and 2 % of the market severally. Using porter ‘s five forces theoretical account, the following are the features of the industry ;

Degree of competition

Competition among houses is intense. Different companies compete for the same clients with small or no shift costs. In add-on, the shrinkage industry grosss makes houses travel for each other ‘s market portion ensuing in intense selling competition. A few companies at the top bid most of the market portion go forthing the remainder to vie for few low net worth clients. Competition is based on distinction. In add-on to the above, there are really high fixed costs of runing the shops. Therefore, companies have to trust on the consequence of economic systems of graduated table to drive profitableness. Besides, the shops besides maintain stylish stock lists which must be sold fast to bring a good monetary value.

Buyer power

Buyers have high bargaining purchase and can therefore avoid purchase if they can acquire better trades elsewhere. Though there are no big clients purchasing in big volumes, the little purchasers have intense cognition and information on the merchandises on offer and are therefore really sensitive to pricing and trade names. As celebrated, purchasers can easy exchange from the emphasis without incurring major exchanging costs- most merchandises are standardized. Companies therefore rely on service distinction to cultivate royalty from their clients.

Menace of replacements

The shops offer largely the same merchandises from the same providers. This means that a client can acquire the same merchandise from the viing houses with easiness. Buyers are inclined to specific trade names and each of these shops has no sole entree to these merchandises. This means that purchasers can acquire the same merchandises from different shops. The consequence is intense competition from the houses as they compete for market portion.

Menace of new entrants

There is minimum menace to new entrants as the industry is shriveling in entire gross and high fixed operational disbursals cut down attraction of the market. Besides, the expected revenge from the well heeled rivals keeps new entrants at bay.

Supplier power

Supplier power does n’t present a major menace to the industry as they are many and there are minimum shift costs. There is no menace of forward integrating.

Findingss and analysis

Part B Comparative analysis of the two companies

David Jones serves the high terminal market as opposed to the mid-market section served by Target. DJ is one of the most recognizable trade names in the state thanks to its strong placement aimed at forming its image onto the heads of the client. As a consequence, DJs is able to sell its merchandises at a higher monetary value than its opposite numbers in industry. It has to a great extent invested in client service to pull and retain clients that sustain it even in times of falling demand. Besides, the company has an luxuriant trade name scope that is one of the largest in the industry meat to offer its clients assortment in a convenient one halt store. Its immense presence in up-market locations points to its appetency for the top terminal market.

One strategic pick that DJs made in its 2003 strategic reappraisal entailed the scaling down of its online shop. This was a failure of direction foresight as a decennary subsequently, companies with an on-line distribution mercantile establishment continue to bask unexcelled benefits. Among these benefits include easiness of entree to big client pools, lower stock list degrees as merchandises are stocked merely on demand, a widened regional range and higher borders on gross revenues due to take down operational costs.

Target operates at the in-between degree market place. It has several shops in the countryside indicating to its appetency for the medium to low income section market. Using a low cost theoretical account, the shop aims at go throughing the benefits to the clients in signifier of low monetary values. By offering fresh merchandises to the market along with a refined presentation formats in the market. Emphasis is on velocity of bringing to guarantee merely fresh merchandises reach the clients. The company ‘s online shop stands out as the most advanced and efficient agencies of presenting value to clients due to its easiness of processing and velocity of despatch. It besides has an luxuriant merchandise after sale service standards doing it one of the best in the industry. The company besides takes a strategic reappraisal of its operations every bit good as a value concatenation analysis to happen out the subdivisions that lag behind the value bringing concatenation.

One of the most strategic moves that Target has made as a consequence of its strategic reappraisals in the recent times is the heightened usage of the new media in seeking out to its client s. in peculiar, the company uses its on-line shop to make the markets beyond parts where the company has a physical presence. The company is able to go through the low cost benefit to its clients due to its low cost online presentation. In add-on, the company is able to go through messages about new merchandises to its clients fast plenty before most of its rival. On the downside, Target has a really high cost construction. As a consequence, it has a really high grade of operating purchase. This is every bit illustrated by the tabular array below ;

David Jones







Entire Gross

$ 2.101b

$ 2.014b

$ 3825

$ 3782

Operating income

$ 247m

$ 249m

$ 381m

$ 280m



Change in gross

-4 %

-1 %

Change in operating income

-0.8 %

-36 %

From the above tabular array, it is apparent that a -4 % alteration in grosss resulted in merely 1 % decrease in operating net income for DJs. However, a -0.8 % alteration in grosss for Target resulted in a 36 % decrease in runing income. This high sensitiveness of net incomes to alterations in grosss agencies that the company has a really high grade of operating purchase that pose a serious danger to its continued profitableness particularly at a clip of falling gross revenues and high operating disbursals. The direction should take down the fixed costs every bit much as operable.

Discussion inquiries

What is the optimum grade of operating purchase for both companies

Degree of operating purchase that is optimum for any house is the degree of fixed costs that will cut down a company ‘s sensitiveness to decrease in gross revenues. The operating environment is expected to be harsh over the coming fiscal twelvemonth as the national economic system struggles to shrug the consequence of the planetary lag. In this visible radiation, it is of import to happen an optima grade of operating purchase that will screen the company from external dazes but still lay an all of import foundation to take advantage of the following stage of growing.

What are the two company ‘s star ‘s hard currency cattles Canis familiariss and inquiry Markss?

In any competitory environment, it is of import for a company to set up the competitory places of its merchandises. The Canis familiariss are merchandises with low market portion and low growing. They tie up organisational resources that could be dedicated elsewhere. Question Markss are the merchandises that use a batch of resources but have really low market portions. Stars have a high growing rate but they besides consume resources while hard currency cattles generate more hard currency than they consume. Dogs should be harvested, inquiry Markss analyzed, starts nurtured to go hard currency cattles while hard currency cattles should be milked.

What are the two companies ‘ long scope concern programs?

Impressive short term public presentation should ne’er be used as a usher to sustained long term profitableness. Given the turbulency of the industry in which these houses operate, it is of import for them to explicate long term programs clearly saying their schemes on suppressing competition, lifting costs, falling borders and a beef uping local currency that is fueling deflation. A strategic reappraisal focused on long term sustainability will be important to their endurance and fight even as operating environment stiffens.

What are the companies ‘ strengths, failings, chances and strengths?

An luxuriant SWOT matrix would assist each of the two to derive an apprehension of both their internal and external environment. In peculiar, the company ‘s strengths should be used to get the better of its failings and take advantage of chances. Merely through carry oning a thorough apprehension of the competitory strengths and failings of houses does a company enhance its ability to decimate external menaces and take advantage of chances.

What is the rival analysis?

The industry has a sum of 301 participants each angling for a market portion. It is of import to observe that each has a program and depending on their ability to program and implement their scheme, there will be victors and also-rans. What is the two companies ‘ response to the forces of competition?


The analysis concludes that Davis Jones is better heeled to endure the storm of deteriorating consumer sentiment due to its lower grade of operating purchase, and its ability to understand its consumers and cultivate odd trade name trueness. On the other manus, Target shops is vulnerable to falling gross revenues and lifting costs and its unable to vibrate with its consumers. However, its on-line shop stands out every bit good aligned to its gross revenues scheme of making the consumer fast.

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