Describe the levels and purpose of business management.

1. Describe the degrees and intent of Business Management.

Companies in the modern universe are composed of many different sections. All those single countries need to work together to carry through the best consequences for the concern, to make that nevertheless they have to be organized and coordinated. That is where the concern direction comes in ; there are three degrees of direction in the concern universe, each holding its ain responsibilities and duties towards the company ‘s program, its merchandise and the employees.

At the base of the managerial pyramid are located the displacement supervisors, group leaders and shop directors. They have to do certain the undertakings appointed everyday by the higher direction places are accomplished and within the designated clip frame. Shift supervisors are besides the 1s that have the greatest contact with the work force for that ground they need good developed interpersonal, leading and communicating accomplishments so they can form and the staff and organize them harmonizing to the undertaking at manus.

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At the in-between degree of the direction pyramid are the section directors, gross revenues and selling directors. They allocate specific aims for the countries of their sections and so supervise the public presentation of their sections and compare the results to the ends they have to accomplish over a designated clip period. An illustration of such end would be to increase the entire part border of the section by 30 % within the month. The directors so would hold to be after the actions necessitating to be taken, what alterations should be made within the section and denote the programs to the supervisory directors who would hold to do certain the programs are being followed by the staff on day-to-day basses.

Finally on the top of the managerial pyramid are the senior or general directors of a company. The presidents do non affect themselves with the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs but concentrate on the long term dilemmas the company needs to face. They are the 1s who set the original ends and aims for the company and its constituent sections harmonizing to what the house or market demands at the clip. Senior directors are besides responsible for the direction of concern assets and have to guarantee they are used in the most profitable manner for the organisation. For those grounds they need to be insightful, flexible, conceptual and with extremely qualified leading accomplishments.

a ) Develop an Organization Chart of a big hotel.

Chart is attached at the terminal

General Manager:

Manager taking the operation responsible for all the line directors beneath him. The president is the chief determination shaper, sets the regulations and limitations that need to be followed and is responsible for monitoring and protecting company ‘s assets by organizing and forming his directors harmonizing to what the company requires.

Food & A ; Beverage Manager:

The in-between director responsible for all the nutrient and drink related operations, such as eating houses, bars, room-service etc. He is responsible for all the operations, minutess and control of those sections. The F & A ; B is the nexus between his sections and the general director transferring and denoting information from one side to the other.

Guest Relation Manager:

Middle degree director responsible for supervising guest related information ( complains praises, personal invitee petition, guest information etc. ) . Information gathered is so transferred to the general director so he can make up one’s mind or O.K. a suggested class of actions.

Bar Supervisor:

Supervisory director responsible for forming and guaranting the orders of the F & A ; B director are being followed by the staff and any set aims are being or about to be met. Furthermore he is in charge for work outing any little jobs within the section and transportations information of twenty-four hours gross revenues, staff demands, and guest jobs to the F & A ; B director and orders from the director to the staff members.

B ) Explain the importance of hierarchal construction in the hotel industry.

Hierarchy is an of import constituent of every company whatever its range might be and for that ground it is every bit good important for the healthy map of a cordial reception involved house. Directors and supervisors are playing an of import function in the mundane being of the house, they are n’t merely calculate caputs that are at that place to animate fright in the heads of the employees or order them about. Their undertakings vary greatly depending on their duties and the degree they belong to. The terminal nevertheless they are at that place to anticipate possible jobs, plan a class of action, inform their environment through meetings or memos, organize their subsidiaries and take the actions towards carry throughing the company ‘s ends. And Hierarchy is the constituent that shows us which level falls under the domain of influence of who. In the hotel industry or any other market the managerial pyramid clearly outlines the authorization degrees. The top director has authorization over the mid and base directors, as we go lower down the line of direction each degree has authorization merely for what lays underneath its degree and making the underside of the pyramid are the employees who have no authorization at all. In other words the pyramid shows us who has the power to do determinations and the power to implement his will on others. For illustration the general director can do any determination he believes will assist the hotel and will denote it to the appropriate section which in bend has to do certain the aim is accomplished by be aftering its ain ends and forming its resources consequently. If there was no hierarchy everyone would be able to do his ain determinations and work harmonizing to what he would believe correct, that nevertheless would take to chaos. An illustration describing this would be if each of the servers in the eating house worked by utilizing any of the service styles they thought suited best the prestigiousness the hotel has, without following the service instructions of the maitre, the preferable manner appointed by the Food and Beverage director or the limitations and dress codification designed by the general director.

2. Explain the different manners of Management.


This manner is normally favored by directors and supervisors who prefer to take important determinations by themselves and closely supervise their employees doing certain everything progresses as they have planed. Authoritarian directors in most instances they do n’t hold faith in their subsidiaries or merely prefer giving out orders in a one manner communicating mode and they demand obedience. This manner of direction is non ever successful or required because it creates a jambon between the directors and workers, but in state of affairss where determinations have to be made fast or when we have to make with a great sum of inexperient work force. The Authoritarian manner can be applied when a hotel has freshly opened and most of the staff employed have small old experience or hold merely finished school. Or when a really of import invitee makes a last minute reserve and is expected to get in less than a hebdomad what would intend small clip for planning.


This manner as its Latin root ‘Pater ‘ indicates is a father figure. Directors who use this manner like listening to the sentiment of employees on certain subjects before taking the concluding determination. Such supervisors focus on the societal needs the staff has they like to cognize what employees think and if they are happy about their determinations, this nevertheless can detain the direction procedure. In the terminal a paternalistic director will still be the one to make up one’s mind what needs to be done but he will be based on what ‘s best for both the hotel and the employees, since like a male parent he believes the kids ( workers ) have to be directed in the right manner. This manner is still similar to the Autocratic but it helps workers develop their strengths and better failings by proposing what it is they should make. In this manner director creates a positive work atmosphere for the staff and better public presentation since they believe their sentiment counts.


This manner is based on the communicating the director has with his subsidiaries and encourages them to take enterprise and offer their thoughts or suggestions so they can all together happen a solution to a job or compose a class of action. To make so nevertheless the director has to be ready and willing to assist his subsidiaries develop leading qualities and summon meetings to discourse with his coworkers the subjects at manus. Still the democratic system is merely attained the concluding determination made is that to which the bulk of the group agrees without needfully being that of the director. Similarly to the paternalistic manner the democratic besides helps the workers develop themselves better their accomplishments and failings by making a positive work atmosphere but in this manner the sentiment of the many is that which counts 100 % in the concluding determination.

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