Direct Marketing Through Mobile Phones Marketing Essay

The research is about direct selling which can possible through nomadic phone. It is effectual for all types and all sectors related people given they live within the nomadic coverage scope.

A underdeveloped state like Bangladesh direct selling is known about, chiefly door to door sell and really small teleselling. Door to door merchandising is traveling to be really difficult work for both side purchasers ( consumers ) and Sellerss, because of misgiving combined with the offense state of affairs in the state.

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The beauty of nomadic phone is, people ever like to transport it with them. Everywhere in the state people tend to take it with them no affair where they are traveling.

Through the nomadic phone in footings of direct selling it will be benefited by all sided who is related with the direct selling. So, benefits will travel to organisation, Customers, state economic system, society etc.

Executive Summery

The aim of this study is to happen out the chance of nomadic phone as a direct selling tool. Direct selling is a really common tool for the seller and in Bangladesh most of the clip concern organisations are utilizing door to door selling for direct selling. Sometimes it ‘s a success but most of the clip it become really hard to obtain successes due to immense competition, altering environment, technological promotion and besides for some other obstruction.

If we can use nomadic phone as a direct selling promotional tool it can finally assist us to work out the job. Here the research will seek to place the consumer perceptual experience about direct selling tools. And what types of benefit they might acquire out of it, every bit good as how these direct selling tools help the society, organisation and economic system.


From the past two decennaries, many goods or service-oriented companies are runing their concerns in Bangladesh. As old ages passed by, many of these companies have become successful with their concerns in this state. Today we are populating in an epoch of technological promotions. Communication now is more flourished than of all time. Cellular or Mobile phone is now an component of our mundane life. At the present clip six nomadic phone companies operate their services in Bangladesh. With this service, our sellers are non much synchronized. One of the grounds is that they are non cognizant of how things are go oning in many other states now a twenty-four hours. In developed states sellers are using mobile phone service as a new tool for advancing their merchandises to the clients. It is now clip developing states like Bangladesh to use this new chance for merchandise or service as a direct selling promotional tool. But, before that, we need to happen out whether it has adequate chances in Bangladesh or non, and for that grounds we are carry oning this research to place the chance of this peculiar country.

State of job

Door to door merchandising and personal merchandising, tools of directing selling are under force per unit area and traveling to be unsuccessful, because at the present clip it ‘s become really hard to pass on with mark audience for the changing environment and life manner. Peoples do n’t hold trust on traditional direct selling because of undependable and irrelevant information or statement provided by the sells individual. Customers want to pass on straight with organisation to acquire the accurate and dependable information. So nomadic phone can be a really effectual tool as direct selling because organisation can pass on with their client straight and there is really low opportunity for miss communicating.

Broad Objective:

To find principles that should construct consciousness among the sellers, clients and consumers about the chances of utilizing nomadic phone as a medium for direct selling tool in Bangladesh.

Specific Aim:

To happen out the degree of consciousness sing the usage of nomadic phone as a medium for direct selling, among sellers.

To research the experiences in other states, of utilizing nomadic based direct selling.

To acquire possible benefits of utilizing nomadic based direct selling.

Identify the chief grounds of the credence as a tool of direct selling.

To observe the barriers which cut down the acceptance and the troubles encountered.

To analyze chances offered for back uping the development of these techniques. The stipulations and the cardinal factors of success with the installing of a direct selling run via the nomadic telephones ( SMS ) ;

Try to let go of the hereafter chances which allow the publicity and the extension of this new selling tool.


In this competitory concern universe it is really hard to last while prolong a touchable growing. That ‘s why we ever try something new and advanced to thrive farther. If we want to last and retain the taking place we ever have to update and come up with some new thought and construct with the aid of engineering. In the research survey it is a comparatively really new construct of direct selling for Bangladesh and besides really effectual tools of direct selling. At the present clip other tool of direct selling like door to door merchandising has become less popular and lost effectivity in Bangladesh. And it is become really hard to do success on it ; the chief ground of it is some condemnable activities and general people lost their involvement on it. On the other manus E-mail is non really successful direct selling tool in the state ( Bangladesh ) because of limited figure of user. But on a developed state it is a really successful and widely used tool. And for this grounds this research “ Prospect of nomadic telephone as direct selling tool in Bangladesh ” is really of import and I believe it will assist the related people in selling.

Key Research Studies and Relevant Bodies of Theory

These cell phones moved from a simple appliance to a existent communicating tool therefore presenting a true invention for concern professionals and direct sellers. Direct selling, which traditionally, has been understood as a selling system that builds-up relationships with clients driven by a well developed, audited and updated database, its growing has late been attributed to rapid progresss in engineering and the altering market context. This direct selling has a singular development, from printed message ( get offing, catalogue, circulars aˆ¦ ) , to the telephone, so to the Internet and eventually to the Mobile.

This new selling tool must see some factor and it include Economic factors, Technological factors, and Cultural and Individual factors. Economic factor will see the overall nomadic market state of affairs and the growing of this nomadic phone.

Technological factors include development of the cellular webs, of the radio substructure ( GPRS, UMTS, WIFI, etcaˆ¦ ) and of the services progressively sophisticated as respects nomadic telephone ( MMS, Mobile Internetaˆ¦ )

In cultural factor we can state Mobile has accumulated in the states holding a immature and urban population, in the metropoliss where the citizens spend their clip working and in the companies where the nomadic represents an incontestable manner.


Research Design

We foremost will carry on an explorative research. This will fundamentally be a focal point group interview of 9 people. We plan to take this interview to acquire a general thought about direct selling and so followed by utilizing Mobile for direct selling. This will assist on job find and job definition portion which will take to the research planing portion. After this, the primary informations aggregation method will be conducted by a Survey. This will utilize descriptive research method because it best fits our research. Descriptive research will give us the reply of who, what, when, where, how inquiries and will besides assist us to happen out about the consumer behaviour, for illustration purchasing form of the consumer.


For trying following properties are considered:

Population- For the research study the mark populations are-


Business individual

Service holder

House married woman

Sampling method- here will utilize bunch method with the aid of shadow convenience method. This will seek to roll up all the mark population in a convenience manner and randomly that about all types of people can be included in the bunch method.

Sample size -for the survey will take response on 80 people. So, the sample size is 80.

Extent of Sample- The extent of the sample is limited to Dhaka metropolis. The clip frame is the twelvemonth 2011.

Data aggregation and field work:

The research will chiefly utilize primary informations through the respondents. And there is no initial program to utilize any secondary informations in our informations aggregation method. Questions to the respondents will be in three classs, this are-1. Dichotomous inquiries ( yes or no ) 2.Multiple pick inquiries and 3. Wishing scale inquiries ( Strongly disagree-D-N-A-Strongly agree ) . To set up the informations aggregation method further interview may be conducted if necessary.

Data Analysis Method

Analysis calls for the formal presentation or seting the information we collect into an actionable signifier. Each information collected demands to be analyzed right, or it can take us to misdirecting replies and therefore to a mislead hypothesis. Careful consideration should be given when affecting in the procedure of analysing. Analysis methods could include association trials, statistical trials, multivariate steps and descriptive statistics.

All our primary informations will be collected through either questionnaire or concentrate group treatment. After aggregation period, we will set all the responses in the SPSS database, in add-on, we will code each and every response harmonizing to the SPSS codification format. After running the information inputs in the SPSS, we shall take SPSS ‘s aid to foster analysis our information. With the aid of the informations sheets we may analyse them utilizing assorted methods like frequence, per centum count and cross tabular matter.


There are some restrictions in the research survey which may be faced. The possible restrictions are-

Peoples are non ready ( do n’t desire ) to give reply

It may take chiefly consumers perception

Most of all deficits of clip.


The ethical motivation will be to actuate our respondents to reply inquiries and side by side protect their single individuality. They will be kept anon. about their individuality, and it will assure non to unwrap any of their personal information. We will besides guarantee them that the information collected will merely be used for academic intent and nil else.

The interviewers will non conceal their individuality ; the ground being, to derive their trust in replying the inquiries by supplying them our personal information, this should work as a psychological maneuver. Before carry oning the study, we will supply them our ( interviewers ) individuality every bit good as, the intent of our research. Therefore, we will utilize the maneuver of informed consent for our respondents, maintaining in head that their individuality would non be disclosed.

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