Dream Job Speech (physicist) Essay

Hello my name is. today I will be speaking about my dream occupation or my future occupation if I could state. my dream occupation is to be an physicist. an physicist is an expert in natural philosophies. and sometimes even covering with life beings.

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But there are many different types of physicist out at that place. there are Particle Physics. Astrophysics. Theoretical Physics. Mechanical Physics. Quantum Physics good known as ( Quantum Mechanics ) in conclusion there is Biophysics. But the type of physicist I want to be is to be an atom physicist. an atom physicist is a subdivision of natural philosophies covering with the. belongingss. and interactions of simple atoms particularly as revealed in experiments utilizing atom gas pedals —called besides high-energy natural philosophies.

The thought is that all affair is composed of simple atoms day of the months to at least the sixth century BC. An atom gas pedal is the speed uping subatomic atoms to high speeds by agencies of electric or electromagnetic Fieldss. The accelerated atoms are by and large made to clash with other atoms. either as a research technique or for the coevals of high-energy X raies and gamma beams. an gamma beam is the perforating electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelength than X raies. but the universe biggest in atom gas pedal is called The Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) for short It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN ) . which is located in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss boundary line.

Which is located in Europe But he ground why I want to be an atom physicist is one ever found it really interesting since when one watch that docudrama about the partial gas pedal in cern which was on find channel. and possibly a small spot because the large knock theory every bit good. but of all time since so i ever wanted to be an atom physicist I know it takes batch of old ages in college because you have to acquire your pH. vitamin D but i’m willing to put on the line that. for my dream occupation? so all right any question………thank you for your clip and one time once more thank you

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