E Commerce Foundations And Infra Structure Marketing Essay

uBid.com is an manage an on-line auction house and shopping web site in which people and concerns buy and sell goods and services worldwide. uBid is presently the 2nd largest on-line auction site by gross revenues volume. It is founded in Chicago, Illinois, USA ( 1997 ) . It is quartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA. The mission of uBid is to be as the most recognized and trust concern -to- consumer market place through presenting exceeding values and services to their clients and providers [ 1 ] . In this study I will explicate what is the dealing concern for uBid? And what is the model?

Business theoretical account:

uBid has built an online C2C theoretical account involves dealing between consumers. Here, a consumer sells straight to other consumers. Buyers and Sellerss are brought together in a mode where Sellerss are permitted to list of points they want to sale it, purchasers to offer on points of involvement and all uBid users to shop through list from points in a to the full machine-controlled manner. The points are coordinated by subjects, where each type of auction has its ain classs it.

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Framework of concern theoretical account:

Their five models of concern theoretical account are people, public policy, selling and advertizement, support service, and concern partnerships.


All people interested to auction online. Because it save attempt of clip and money by shopping to place. The marketer can expose particular merchandise and consumed by him or anyone.

Public policy:

uBid has a public policy that helps to forestall false personalities or individualities, react and besides comply with the jurisprudence, and helps guarantee public safety, it do n’t let any user to used ain authorities designation cards, such as driver licences and passport. It should merely utilize your watchword when your registry to uBid to entree in the website uses the Services [ 2 ] .

Applicable Law:

uBid use the Torahs of the State of Illinois. It is govern this Agreement and all of its footings and conditions, without giving consequence to any rules of struggles of Torahs [ 2 ] .

Conformity with Laws:

uBid site and Services in it. It merely may be used for legitimate intents and in a legitimate mode. You should hold to follow with all applicable Torahs and ordinances sing usage of the Services, besides including all things sing to command, and buying points. Such as does non register under a false name or utilize an invalid or unauthorised recognition card. For the marketer should compliance with Torahs of the site. Where the marketer can non do commands under a forgery name, portray any participant, or utilize another participant ‘s watchword ( s ) [ 2 ] .


Merchandise shipped to Illinois is capable to gross revenues revenue enhancement charged by those provinces unless the purchase is made by a state-authorized tax-free entity, or by resellers [ 2 ] .

Selling and advertizement:


uBid market can used to show the company trade name uBid and presenting of merchandises to consumers who are already wanted to purchases. Target your run by keyword, class, demographic or user profile.

It can show of ad to great ware that comes merely from trade name name makers and other certified professional Sellerss. It will happen in uBid trade name name merchandises from makers and companies like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Samsung, and more [ 3 ] .

“ The ads looking on this Web site are delivered to you by DoubleClick, our Web advertisement spouse. Information about your visits to this site, such as figure of times you have viewed an ad ( but non your name, reference, or other personal in-formation ) , is used to function ads to you. In the class of functioning advertizements to this site, our third-party advertizer may put or acknowledge a alone cooky on your browser. For more information “ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ubid.com/help/topic5.asp


uBid advertizement at that place in e-commerce web in many ways viz. :

Natural Search:

uBid does this by registering themselves in assorted hunt engines across like Google, MSN, Mooter, Yahoo etc. They besides optimize their page for improve page evaluation.

Paid Search:

By giving money to few sites to supply characteristic ( to uBid ) as their preferable sponsored hunts.

Rich Multimedia

Rich Media / Multimedia advertizements featured in assorted sites.

Direct Selling

Get in forepart of purchasers more frequently, with more relevant information:

Sophisticated client cleavage.

Coordinated communicating across channel.

Better response rates.

Besides it can link with uBid through following of societal media sites such as: Chirrup, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Support Service:

uBid support service helps concern and consumer by offers forte service such as uBid auction services, artistic services, security system, payment, content and development.

Security System:

uBid ‘s web site can procure your private information by utilizing a SSL Certificate. The certification it was issued by VeriSign. the information will interchange with any reference get downing with hypertext transfer protocol is encrypted by utilizing SSL before transmittal. The uBid chose the Norton Secured Seal to advance trust online with client. The uBid besides used ResellerRatings EliteaaˆzA? to assist and guarantee that dealing will be just, order will be fulfilled rapidly and accurately, safety topographic points to shop online, and if any job will be work out it rapidly with minimum fuss [ 4 ] .


uBid accepts payments via recognition and debit cards. They accept following cards: Vis, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

For confirmation intents, please be certain to provide the right charge information. This information must fit with what the publishing company or bank has on file for you [ 4 ] .


The uBid Partner Network represents uBid Inc. affiliate and spouse plans worldwide. The uBid Partner Network:

Enables you to go a long term spouse with one of the biggest trade names on the Internet.

Brands it easy to monetise your web site with fresh and alone points that complement bing content and add value for visitants.

Enables you to monetise international traffic with a planetary range and entreaty to people around the universe.

Offers a competitory committee rate that wagess web sites with alone content and advanced engineering that help visitants make buying determinations.

To guarantee that we provide choice merchandises for distribution.

You will happen trade name name merchandises from maker like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, LG and more [ 4 ] .


uBid known as web site to make auction between consumer straight. It is popular in practical universe. There some of tendencies for predicted by uBid show that: it is seek to additions of online users by provide a good merchandises and services. And will maintain consumers trueness and trust between them. ubid besides provides characteristics Which distinguish it from other sites such as “ Deal of the Day ” – a new trade every twenty-four hours, with the lowest monetary value on the web.

I think uBid will hold a great hereafter such as e-buy in universe of auctions in the cyberspace.

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