EAP prompt Essay

Frank Trippett’s argument in the excerpt of a Red Light of Scofflaws is that many Americans today casually break laws such as noise, speeding and littering because those few minor laws aren’t fully enforced as they should be. Also, how Americans being Scofflaws or people who casually break the law, believe that the only real threat to law and order is the violent crimes. Frank Trippett believes that the real threat is breaking the foundation of social order when normal law-abiding citizen break minor laws.

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Mr. Trippett’s argument is how today’s minor laws which are no longer fully enforced or enforced at all is breaking the foundation of social order because Americans today think its okay whether they are speeding or littering they think nothing of it. His argument is valid, when people begin to disobey minor laws because they can it can create chaos such as with the issue of speeding people can break that law and get in an accident and hurt or severely injure someone else or themselves.

I agree with Mr. Trippett’s argument on the scofflaws in America. Once everyone starts disobey laws chaos will ensue. People could possibly be hurting others or polluting the earth if they don’t dispose of waste properly and the noise could be highly irritating to some. In my experience with these scofflaws around the country I have almost be in an accident myself and I have actually picked up trash after someone else didn’t dispose of it. A lot of bad occurrences can happen when more and more people skirt these minor laws.

Many accidents occur around the country and most are because of speeding and texting while driving. Many people litter and some don’t dispose of certain waste material properly which could cause pollution.

Frank Trippett understand how those people who casually break the law affect the integrity of our country’s foundation. He knows how chaotic the country could be in the future if more people begin to break minor laws and speed or litter. I agree with his argument about speeding and littering, but not so much on the noise pollution aspect of his argument. Yes, noise pollution can cause issues, but rarely does it cause bad issues. I understand the issue if citizens are playing loud music at midnight while others around them are trying to sleep, but I don’t believe it to be an issue otherwise.

I agree with Frank Trippett’s argument about Scofflaws and cracking the foundation of social order to an extent. Many americans do skirt minor laws and think nothing of it. It is a bad issue, but some americans don’t understand fully the impact or effect it has on social foundation. I believe those minor laws should be enforced more than what they are today to help aid in rebuilding social order to what it was.

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