Education and Fernando Elementary School Essay


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Leader: Jocson, Bernardo M.
Member: Aguilar, Annalyn P.
Limson, Mary Grace DC.
Mañalac, Randolph G.
Cruz, Ardie N.


For a country, an educated society is necessary in the intellectual discussions of what yours and opinions that are important to the very existence of the society An Educated citizenry is very important for the present students and new generation for their social development of a country. People of a country prepress come from ideas and ideas come from knowledgeable and educated people. 1. School – this building were students are studying of SFES. 2. Principal – who head for the building of school.

3. Guidance office – this is staff and who organize that are need for the school special for the document files of enrollment they must responsible for it. Of course they are gives the students warning who had mystake for the school. 4. Teacher – they are teaches for the children.

5. Students – they are studying for the school.
6. Security Guard – to protect the students and avoid the accident inside and out of the school. 7. Utitities – they are clean for the school.

To develop an integrated enrollment management system for the enrollment registration of San Fernando Elementary School.

General Problem
Manual and traditional way of enrollment procedures of San Fernando Elementary School that will take a lot of time and effort for students, parents and school administrators Specific Problem
1. Does the Manual enrollment procedures can easily develop reports? 2. Does unauthorized access of students’ personal information occur? 3. Does the process of locating of students’ data in the file cabinetties suggest high accessibility and ease of searching? 4. Do students and user of the manual enrollment system find reports efficiently to the type of information they want?


This study may find sign can’t use for the Philippines
government, employers, educations, faculty and the students.

The placement of the students after graduation is one of the students after graduation is one of the concerns of the government and educational institutions
the data resulting from this study may serve as inputs to some government reforms for education so that it could provide adequate employment opportunities to the new generation profession for SFES and others. The results of
this study may also contribute some positive might’s to the employers in the creation and improvement of favorable working conditions for SFES Enrollment System.

General Objectives

We want to inform other that we will found for our new system, on how to process of the enrollment system of the SFES. Specially for the new generation who want to help and learn.

Special Objective

1. No, it is not easy because they usually used folder or boxes to keep their files and data. 2. They also authorized access of students the personal information. 3. Yeah, they already used for it to keep their important files / document for the student of SFES. 4. Yes also

This study assumed for the purpose of logical darity that required. 1. The data are sincere and honest reaction to different research instrument utilized. 2. The educated data from respondents are observe and are therefore grantable or measurable. 3. The findings inferred from the static by treated data constitute an honest attempt to present the aren’t states of graduates among the Enrollment System process of the Elementary School CSFP.

There 3 Types of classes in Elementary
1.) Regular Sections- (Grade 1 to 6) the requirements for it when entering Grade 1 are birth certificate and Form 138 (previous school card) Age 5-6yrs. (Grade 1) 2.) FL (fast Learners) – (Grade 1 to 6) these are the higher class students. There is an entrance exam to enter this class. Requirements: birth certificate and form 138 (prep school card) Age: 5-6yrs (Grade 1) 3.) H.I (Hearing Impaired) – (Grade 1 to 6) these are class for special Childs, deaf and mutes and disable Requirements: birth certificate and form 138 (previous prep card) Age: any age

1. Economic S: contribution in government?
Organize, we want to present this study encourage new generation to developed our economic crisis 2. Educational: It give the importance of the research and how this research helps other researcher in this system? 3. Social: affect to society, does your work can be a social trend in the community? 4. Technological: benefit to technology contribution?

The important that the study laid or given emphasis in this part is on how to lesson the expenses of the enrollment system because of bulk manual processing of record or data records from the students enrollees. the use of modern enrollment system like card of the students, number of ID, information system and of course they are talking about payment transactions how to lesson it and other pacilities for the whole year. This has eliminated the amount of expenses spend in transaction fare and repetition actuary of going back and forth the Educational Significance.

For own us the important of our research in our educational study study. They have already used their own work and how they cooperate to each other. They also good in communication with other people who their ueselon for the school. And one thing I got information from SFES is they accepting the people who disable like sped class and blind also. This people try their to study and learn more like the disable like cerebral palcy. We hope that other people who had using our new system for enrollment of SFES.

Social Significance

Technological Significance

Workers undertake three major kinds of labor investment. Education and training migration and search for the now generation. All three investments involve an initial cost, and all three are made in the hope and and expectation that the investment will pay off in the future. To emphasize the essential similarity of these investments to other kinds of investments, economists refer to them as investments in human capital, a term that conceptualizes workers as embodying a set of skills that can be “rented out” to employers.

The knowledge and skill a worker has- which come from education and training, including the learning that experience yields-generate a certain stock of productive capital. Since not all people are born with the same potential political strength, intelligence or productivity, these inherited differences are productive.

The process of acquiring and sharpening one’s productive skills, capital most people spend substantial time in school or in the on- the-job training (OJT) preparing themselves to be better and more productive workers. This study on the employment status of selected graduates revealed whether these graduates are able to bring their education crude labor in the form of strengths and natural abilities, and if one’s investment

DATABASE- is an organized collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality (for example, the availability of room in hotels), in a way that supports processes requiring this information (for example, finding a hotel with vacancies). This definition is very general, and is independent of the technology used. SECURITY- is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime SECURITIES as a form protection are structures and….

HARDWARE- is a general term for equipment that can be touched/held by hand such as keys, lock s, hinge s, latch es, handle s, wire, chain… COMPUTER SOFTWARE-, or just software, is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it. Software refers to one or more computer programs and data held in the storage of the computer for some purposes. A SYSTEM- (from Latin system, in turn from Greek system, “whole compounded of several parts or members, system”, literary”….

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