Employee Training And Recognition Management Essay

Starbucks realized early that extremely motivated and committed human resources were the key to the success of a concern. In order to make so, they have come out with several methods to actuate its employees for them to experience apprehended and therefore will take them to be committed and loyal to the company. The several methods are to implement health care benefits, stock ownership programs, regard for local civilizations, employee preparation and acknowledgment plan, internal communications through web portal, and many other benefits.

Besides that, the company takes great attention in choosing the right sort of people and makes an attempt to retain them. The company ‘s human resource policies reflect its committedness to its employees.

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2.1 Healthcare Benefits

A narrative attack used in Starbucks was to raise wellness attention benefits and broaden them to all staffs who are working more than 20 hours a hebdomad. Conventional wisdom would take one to believe that this measure would increase the costs to an unacceptable extent. The company staff at Starbucks reasoned that increasing the health care benefits would non merely draws higher-quality workers but would cut down the high turnover rate and potentially shrivel the overall disbursals for the company. Their strategic appraisal of the effects increased healthcare benefits would hold on the company disbursals prove right with the passing of clip.

The cost of developing a new barista at Starbucks was $ 3,000 in the twelvemonth 1989, when they ab initio began to offer higher health care benefits, and the cost of supplying an employee with full wellness benefits was $ 1,500. With the typical turnover rate at a retail or fast nutrient concatenation runing between 150 % to every bit high as 400 % a twelvemonth, Starbucks turnover rate of 60 % at the barista degree and 25 % at the managerial degree was at the lowest in their industry. ( Shultz, Put Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built A company One cup at a Time, 1997, p. 128 ) Without many mathematical computations it is easy to come to the decision that the increased wellness benefits did so salvage Starbucks money.

The health care benefits which were given to the employees are a comprehensive medical coverage, insurance, medical, prescription drugs, alveolar consonant, vision, life and disablement.

2.2 Stock Ownership Plan

Another alone enterprise program that the Starbucks ‘ corporate squad come up with was an employee stock ownership program dearly referred to Bean Stock. The basic program was to allow stock options to every employee, companywide, from top directors down to baristas, in proportion to their degree of basal wage. Initially, the stock options were offered at 12 % of basal wage but were so boosted to 14 % of base wage. Because Starbucks offered these stock options to 700 employees as a private company they had to obtain a particular freedom from the Securities and Exchange Commission ( Sec ) . Sec typically required companies with more than 500 registered stockholders to register for public position. ( Shultz, Put Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built A company One cup at a Time, 1997, p. 135 )

By affecting all employees in the equity success of the company, Starbucks efficaciously created a clear inducement for employees to both cut down costs and dainty clients with exceeding service. In add-on to the beanstalk plan, Starbucks initiated an unfastened forum every one-fourth to explicate the company ‘s patterned advance and besides to promote inquiries and suggestions from all employee degrees. After the plan was initiated, the word employee was no longer used on internal paperss ; alternatively it was replaced with the word spouses. This was another gambit to make employee trueness and dedications.

2.3 Respectss for Local Cultures

Despite the size of its operation, Starbucks has maintained a strong corporate civilization of societal consciousness. The president and the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz quotes “ We remain extremely respectful of the civilization and traditions of the states in which we do concern. We recognize that our success is non an entitlement, and we must go on to gain the trust and regard of clients every twenty-four hours ” . Spouses are extremely motivated because Starbucks is dedicated in making a workplace that value and respect people from diverse backgrounds, and enables its spouses to make their best at work.

2.4 Employee Training and Recognition

Starbucks invests in preparation of their employees in the accomplishments they would necessitate to execute their occupation more expeditiously. They besides are one of the few companies who invest well in employee preparation and supply a comprehensive preparation to all categories of employees, including the part-timers.

System to enroll, hire and train baristas and shop directors, testing, developing plans, award for spouses and internal acknowledgments plans.

2.5 Internal Communication

Employees may entree to the company web portal to entree to company intelligence before it is release to public. This will assist the employees to cognize more of the merchandises or services given to clients before it released to the populace. This will construct more assurance towards the employee in replying their clients questions sing the merchandises and services Starbucks offer.

2.6 Other Benefits

There are more than 50 spouse nines and webs that help their employees portion involvement, and happen work or life balance. These include recreational athletic conferences, foreign linguistic communication nines and rearing resources. Starbucks besides offers thrive health plan, elect athlete aid plan, calling sabbaticals, discounted Starbucks ware and other retail merchants, a battalion of java each month, instruction benefits, tuition aid, chances to link around similar involvements, paid holiday and etc.

3.0 Recommendation

For my sentiment, Starbucks is making good but they need to supply more benefits to the employees. They could hold a concern trip for those employees who perform good to see other top Starbucks mercantile establishment in other state to portion cognition and civilization and at the average clip the employees have the chance to go abroad state. This will actuate it staffs to execute good and able to accomplish the company ‘s end.

Following, they should hold a regular meeting each hebdomad to discourse jobs face by the employees, to carry on refresher preparation for the employees, to educate employees on new merchandises or ware. With this, the employees will be updated and cognizant of the new merchandises and services, and jobs or dissatisfaction can be voice out to be corrected by the direction instead than employees are being left entirely to happen solutions to the jobs face or go forthing the company to happen a better working environment.

Other than that, they could hold work transferred plan whereby the employees who are interested to work in a new environment or were to migrate to another state have the chance to work in another state where there is Starbucks mercantile establishment. This interested campaigner should derive certain degree of accomplishments, experience, cognition and who is a hardworking employee in order to be qualified to be in the plan.


The benefits that motivate its employees such as implemented by Starbucks mentioned earlier shows positive consequences where they were placed seven among big companies among in the Fortune “ Best Companies to Work For ” study of 100,000 employees from 406 different companies in the twelvemonth 2008.

With the recommendation and the current benefits, the employees will be more attracted and extremely motivated as they have the chance to migrate or alter a new work environment and to mount up the ladder. This will further cut down the turnover rate and employees dissatisfaction and therefore will take to a better and friendly client service. An first-class friendly client service and extremely motivated staff, clients feels more comfy to walk-in to the shop or to enquired more on Starbucks merchandises and this will hike the gross revenues for Starbucks.

2.0 Expectancy Theory

The Victor Vroom ‘s anticipation theory rule is as follows: Motivation force = Expectancy x Instrumentality x Valence. Because this theory is based on the merchandise of the chances of these three constituents, there will be no motive, if any of these has a value near or equal to nothing. Vroom suggested that an employee ‘s belief about Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence interact psychologically to make a motivational force such that the employee Acts of the Apostless in ways that bring pleasance and avoid hurting.

2.1 Anticipation

First, anticipation is effort-performance relationship. It is the belief that increased attempt will take to increased public presentation. This is the affected by holding the right resources available, holding the right accomplishments to make the occupation and holding the necessary support to acquire the occupation done. We have calculated the mean, standard divergence, and response correlativity to construe the degree of anticipation at Starbucks Table 1 ( Appendix 1 ) . The collected information shows that all employees at Starbucks believed that they receive necessary preparation to assist them accomplish desired results and execute occupation decently. In add-on, 93 % of them believed that their supervisor helps them to develop their necessary accomplishments to better their public presentation. The information from the correlativity besides showed that for these people, merely they believed that their supervisor supported them, they are likely to be motivated to transcend the company ‘s outlook.

We found out that all of the interviewees agreed that if they put more attempt, non merely could they surpass their spouses, but they besides could assist their subdivision to increase gross, pull more clients and increase client trueness. In decision, by burdening the informations collected from each beginning, we concluded that the anticipation mark of Starbucks is really high.

2.2 Instrumentality

Second, Instrumentality is performance-reward relationship. It is believed that if you perform good that a value result will be received. We besides like to bring out to what extend does the single expect that the results are associated with good public presentation differ from those results associated with hapless public presentation. This is affected by clear apprehension of the relationship between public presentation and result, trust in the people that decides who gets what result, and transparence of the procedure that decides who gets the result. At Starbucks, employee public presentation is measured every six months ; the information from the tabular array 2 in Appendix H showed all employees agreed that they were treated reasonably. It is a positive mark that shows trust between Starbucks and its employees, they know besides that they will be rewarded reasonably by their supervisor. Being treated or rewarded reasonably is merely one of the constituents of instrumentality.

On the other manus, some of the study responses signaled some negativeness towards instrumentality. The employees answered otherwise when we asked if they systematically perform good at their occupations, would they be rewarded. Since the coefficient between mean and standard divergence of the inquiries was a spot high ( 50 % ) , we decided to execute the 2nd unit of ammunition interview to analyze the discrepancy. To our surprise, the consequence showed that all interviewees agreed that if they do a good occupation, there is some good result for them, which was inconsistent with the study consequences. Then, we figured out that the discrepancy came from different attitude toward expected wagess or results they would have ; each employee valued these wagess or results otherwise. For illustration, the pupils who work in Starbucks part-time might non be interested to acquire more on the job hours. However, for some full-time employees, being scheduled for more hours can be a step of compensation or a representation of their worth to the organisation. Or, during the economic downswing, holding a occupation is considered large wages for some employee. In employees ‘ point of positions, the expected wagess can be increase in working hours, an addition in their ain repute, flexibleness in working hours, acknowledgment from their supervisor, or a publicity.

From all beginnings of the informations collected, we drew the decision that the instrumentality mark of Starbucks is rather high. The 1-week rating feedback system in Starbucks is designed to reflect employee public presentation. The employees reported detecting that if they work harder, they will have a better wages. One of the interviewees told us that she felt proud that she receives higher wage rate than other spouses, reflecting on her motive to go on making a good occupation. So, we can reason that employees at Starbucks strongly believe that there are some good results waiting for them if they systematically perform good work and are treated reasonably.

2.3 Valence

Last, Valence is the importance that the single topographic points upon the expected result. The information from the study in Table 3 in Appendix H showed that 75 % of the employees agreed that working in Starbucks helps them prosecuting on their outside ends, and 93 % of them were satisfied with the compensation bundle offered by Starbucks. In general, we can reason that most employees at Starbucks were satisfied with the overall benefits and compensation they got from working at Starbucks. However, all employees are eligible for these wagess every bit long as they are Starbucks ‘s employees, regardless how much attempt they demonstrate.

In order for spouses to exercise more attempt in accomplishing better public presentation is dependent on how they value the expected result they will acquire, and how they prefer the results associated with good public presentation. If the employees at Starbucks believe that seting more attempt will take to outcomes that attractive to them, so they will happen that lending more attempt is attractive. However, as we mentioned earlier sing the discrepancy as it pertains to instrumentality, the collected information showed us that the grade of fiting single demands and the several wagess is non that high. As a consequence, we conclude that the degree of valency at Starbucks is medium.

In decision, harmonizing to Vroom ‘s anticipation theory, the merchandise of valency, anticipation, and instrumentality is motive. It can be thought of as the strength of the thrust towards a end. After uniting all three constituents together, the motive force for Starbucks is considered about high. We can reason that there is a motive force within Starbucks. Its civilization is one of the most of import. As one employee reported to us that he did non desire to be a spouse that no 1 would wish to work with. Although both intrinsic and extrinsic motive within Starbucks is rather high, it still has room for betterment. The more Starbucks can actuate its employees, the more Starbucks can better its effectivity.

The Starbucks ‘ mission statement “ Supply a great work environment and dainty each other with regard and self-respect ” is proven by the benefits given to the employees by the Starbucks. The benefits which are given to the employees are healthcare benefits, stock ownership program, regard for local civilizations, employees preparation and acknowledgment, internal communications, and others.

Other than that, the company besides has more than 50 spouse nines and webs that help their employees portion involvement, and happen work or life balance. These include recreational athletic conferences, foreign linguistic communication nines and rearing resources.

Starbucks besides treats its employees as spouses of their concern because this is non merely a occupation, it ‘s their passion. Together they embrace diverseness to make a topographic point where each of them can be themselves. They besides treat each other with regard and self-respect and they hold each other to the criterion.

For the stockholder of Starbucks, they will bask the wagess for every success that the company obtained. The company is to the full accountable to each of these elements right so that Starbucks and everyone it touches can digest and boom.

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