Employment Relations At Royal Mail Or British Airways Management Essay

In replying the inquiry, it will be helpful to see the undermentioned countries. The factors ( with relevant grounds ) that will condition the company to take the attack you suggest.

The grounds that this attack is likely to be effectual in today ‘s state of affairs.

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Other relevant considerations.


Nowadays, one of the largest industries in the planetary market is the air hose industry. The air hose industry is within the portion of the ( is portion of a ) concern environment that invariably changes because of the addition in technological issues ( rapid technological development ) and because of the high fight between the air hose companies. Even though engineering is invariably developing and taking over the power of the work force in companies, people will ever be the basic ( chief ) factor in the development of companies because of the fact that without people, technological advantages would non be ( to the full ) exploitable. That is why employment dealingss are so of import for the companies wealth are future development. Advantages of affluent ( healthy ) employment dealingss are betterment in productiveness ( better company public presentation ) and besides jobs in workplaces are easier to decide ( cover with ) . Additionally, excess information and support is provided to members of staff ( either managerial or simple employers ) and brotherhoods on state of affairss that occur within the workplace and the environment surrounded. ? A

One of the largest companies in the air hose industry that comes to mind while speech production of employment dealingss is British Airways. BA is one of the largest Airline companies in the universe and the largest in the United Kingdom, winging to over 550 finishs worldwide. Since the initiation of the company, the increasing degrees of market portion and company development have been common to the eyes of the proprietors and the CEO ‘s of the company over the old ages. BA has about 40.000 employees in the company ‘s bases worldwide. Therefore good employment dealingss are indispensable if the company wants ( in order ) to avoid industrial actions that will disrupt their ( its ) operations. As we will see in the undermentioned chapters, BA has non merely developed good employment dealingss but the current state of affairs that the company is in might go a fatal hit ( be proved black ) to the company ‘s hereafter. growing.

( unless good industrial dealingss are established )


It is non a simple process when seeking to give a definition to what employment dealingss is. Harmonizing to Ed Rose, employment dealingss is the ” ordinance of the employment relationship between employer and employee, both jointly and separately, and the finding of substantial and procedural issues at industrial, organizational and workplace degrees. ” ( p.6 Ed Rose. 2001 ) . Harmonizing to Ed Rose and the definition above, we can see that employment dealingss is indispensable for companies in order to maintain the relationship between the employer and the employee in harmoniousness pressing the workers to work on a top degree, in order for the company to hold a positive result and carry through the ends set by the company. A ( happy ) balance between the demands of an employer and and employee will reason ( consequence ) into a good relationship and with its bend maximize productiveness, the workplace environment will be more pleasant for the employer to work in, the chance for employees to develop their accomplishments further will be increased, every bit good as occupation satisfactions and they will derive more occupation security if the relationship is good as a consequence of voice enterprises. ?

Harmonizing to Salamon ( 2000 ) , “ a trade brotherhood is any organisation, whose rank

consists of employees, who seek to form and stand for their involvements both in the workplace and society and, in peculiar, seeks to modulate the employment relationship through the direct procedure of corporate bargaining with direction ” . It can be argued that the above definition decribes with some truth what “ Traditional British Industrial dealingss ” is all approximately. In other words British Industrial dealingss have traditionally been constructed as go arounding around the establishments ( company and brotherhoods ) and processes ( corporate bargaining )

In our yearss there has been a important diminution in employment dealingss when speech production ( speaking ) of trade brotherhoods. Union ranks have fallen to about 7 million in the current workplace, from 12 million members in the yesteryear. Besides, apart from the lessening in the brotherhood ranks, the focal point of brotherhoods has besides been changed and as shown in the Workplace Employment Relations Survey. Pay and working conditions are non the basic focal point of Unions which spend most of their clip back uping ailments that concern largely single workers.

Harmonizing to Lewis ( 2003 ) there are five basic direction manners when speech production of Industrial Relations, Sophisticated paternalists, sophisticated moderns ( consulters ) , sophisticated moderns ( constitutionalists ) , standard moderns and diehards.

The premier issue for directors is “ focus ” . Directors should direct their attending to issues that straight affect workers public presentation. It is a fact, that positive psychological bonding with employees has as an result addition in the economic public presentation of the company.


British Airways is one of the largest air hose companies in the universe and recruits 1000s of employees in their bases around the universe. Staff which are employed by BA have many representatives when speech production of trade brotherhoods. A sample of the trade brotherhoods associated with BA are BALPA, which is the representatives of pilots, BASSA which represents the cabin crew members and Unite the Union which represents other employees of the company.

On the companies side, a squad of the companies employees has been developed in order to transport out the employment dealingss program that has been developed by the company, by pass oning, confer withing and negociating the alterations that are made by the companies directors, negociating straight with the employees representatives from the different trade brotherhoods. In order for the audience program to be successful the company besides makes pattern visits? to supervise the public presentation of programs launched by other companies so they can develop the best possible scheme for the companies ‘ success in employment dealingss issues.

In 2005 British Airways because of some incidents impacting the operations carried out in Heathrow Airport that had to make with the land support staff the company launched a strategy called Industrial Relations Change Programme in order to forestall farther breaks. This specific plan focused on the relationship between directors and Trade Unions and had as chief aim to cut down the communicating barriers between the two sides in order to better ( better ) their relationship and increase understanding refering issues that came to the surface. More than 1800 directors and about 220 Trade Union representatives attended the seminars to better relationships.

The present for BA employment dealingss is all but positive. Changeless work stoppages and as we can see in newspapers and on the intelligence dissensions between directors and employees have lead the company into the hard topographic point it is right now.

The company ‘s relationship with the Unite that represents the cabin crew members have evidently been disrupted because of the fact that the company is doing alterations to staff contracts and is invariably cutting occupations in order to get by with the crisis that the planetary market is confronting.

Since the beginning of the work stoppages on December 22nd BA had non faced any similar incidents for over a decennary indicating out the good relationship between employees and directors until late. As stated in the Telegraph online web page, there is deep sadness among the cabin crew staff of BA for these grounds:

Cost film editing, i.e. cut downing the figure of cabin crew from 15 to 14 on long distance flights.

Reduce rewards, i.e. The Company argues that the rewards of the cabin crew staff in long distance flights is highly high every bit good as pensions for this period of clip when traveling through a planetary economic crisis.

Re-structuring of contracts and the fact that BA have frozen wage.

Although work stoppage actions are hard to transport out because of the process that have to be developed Unite feels that workforce work stoppage is the lone solution.

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hypertext transfer protocol: //www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/6810822/BA-strike-QandA.html

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