Technology is the word that does non hold proper definition. Every individual thinks with different point of position so create different definition but most normally used definition of technology is, this is the practical application of scientific discipline to commerce or industry. As we know that the work of scientist is to cognize, the applied scientist to make i.e. the applied scientist brings the cognition from scientific discipline to work out the jobs. Engineering besides give history of costs, safety, public presentation and restrictions of the given resources.


Mathematicss is defined as the survey of measures and dealingss with the aid of Numberss and symbols. So, mathematics and technology work together as they are right manus to each other because technology utilizations mathematical operations in computation of their undertakings. Mathematicss is really celebrated in modern industry. So, mathematics is found in every sector of the occupation market as in technology research, telecommunications, computing machine services and package, energy systems, computing machine makers, aerospace and automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and authorities research labs, among others.

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Different types of mathematics

  1. Geometry
  2. Trigonometry
  3. Calculus I and II
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Differential Equations
  6. Statisticss.

1 ) Geometry: Geometry ( geo = Earth, metria = step ) is a portion of mathematics trades with the size, form, comparative place of figures and besides includes resolution of infinite. Geometry is one of the oldest scientific disciplines we use till now.

FIG ; Representation of different forms

2 ) Trigonometry: Algebra is the subdivision of mathematics concern with the survey of regulations of operations and the things constructed from them, including footings, multinomials, equations and algebraic constructions. It works with the geometry, analysis, topology, combinatory, and figure theory, algebra is the 1 of the most of import portion of the mathematics. Statements based on these variables are solved by utilizing the regulations of operations that apply to Numberss, eg: multiply, minus, add-on, etc.

Figure: A multinomial equation

3 ) Calculus: Calculus ( It is a Latin word, concretion, a little rock used for numbering ) is a subdivision in mathematics plants on bounds, maps, derived functions, integrals and infinite series. This portion of mathematics trades with a major portion of modern mathematics instruction. It is divided into two major subdivisions, differential concretion and built-in concretion. It is the survey of alteration occurs on the bounds, same as that of geometry which is the survey of forms and algebra is the survey of alteration, in the same manner that geometry is the survey of form and algebra is the survey of operations and their application to work outing equations. Calculus is really much used in scientific discipline, economic sciences and technology and can work out utilizing concretion we ca n’t conceive of its solution without concretion.

Differential Equations

Built-in Calculus

4 ) Linear Algebra: Linear algebra is a subdivision of mathematics trades with the survey of vectors, vector infinites ( besides called additive infinites ) , additive maps ( besides called additive transmutations ) , and systems of additive equations. Vector infinites are the really of import portion in modern mathematics ; therefore, additive algebra is widely used in both abstract algebra and functional analysis.

5 ) Differential Equations: A differential equations are the mathematical equations for unknown maps of one or more variables that relate the values of the maps by itself and its derived functions. Differential equations play a really of import function in natural philosophies, technology, economic sciences and other topics of scientific discipline.

Differential equations are usage in about every country of scientific discipline and engineering. Newton ‘s Laws besides use differential equations which allow one to associate the place, speed, acceleration and assorted forces moving on the organic structure and province this relation as a differential equation for the unknown place of the organic structure as a map of clip.

6 ) Statisticss: Statistics is the portion of mathematics, as it is fundamentally the scientific discipline of doing good and efficient usage of numerical informations related to groups of single numeric. It fundamentally deals with non merely the aggregations, analysis and readings of the collected information, but besides the planning of the aggregation of informations.

Different types of technology are:

  1. Computer scientific discipline technology.
  2. Chemical technology.
  3. Civil technology.
  4. Mechanical technology.
  5. Electrical technology.
  6. Aerospace technology.
  7. Electrochemical technology.
  8. Nuclear technology.
  9. Marine technology.
  10. Architectural technology.
  11. Environmental technology.

Let us discourse them individually:

1 ) Computer scientific discipline technology:

All computing machine plans do some signifier of numeration as a little portion of a undertaking. Counting a 100 points does non take a long clip, even without a computing machine but some computing machines may hold to number a billion points or more. If the numeration is non done expeditiously, it may take yearss for a plan to complete a study which may take few proceedingss to look into. For illustration, when we want to happen victorious lottery ticket Numberss of all lottery tickets. There are assorted techniques, and tools, etc. normally used in package. Examples include:

  • Boolean Algebra
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures ( lists, sets, waiting lines, tonss, etc. )
  • Algorithms ( screening, seeking, tracking, etc. )
  • Relational Theory
  • Set Theory
  • Type Theory

The above illustrations are based on mathematical computations.

2 ) Chemical technology:

Mathematicss is really utile in fixing assorted constituents of compounds, as compounds are made of different chemicals so add-on of chemicals are decently measured and the measure to be put are calculated by different mathematics signifiers, as follow:

  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus I and II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Statisticss.

3 ) Civil Technology:

Civil technology besides can non travel without mathematics as this technology besides includes assorted types of computations for a work to be traveling on. For illustration: We must cipher how much strength a consecutive saloon will bear ( like a span ) before breakage. How much weight can a overseas telegram of hundred sum of strands take before it pulls apart? The subdivision mathematics used in this technology is as follow:

  • Geometry
  • Differential Equations
  • Relational Theory
  • Statisticss.

4 ) Mechanical technology:

The chief work of mechanical industry is manufacture industrial machinery, consumer merchandises, and etc. They may do studies and unsmooth layouts, record and analyze informations, make computations and estimations and all the above things need mathematics. This technology besides includes subjects as thermodynamics, heat transportation, fluid mechanics, machine design and mechanics of stuffs, fabrication, system kineticss, numerical mold, quivers, turbo machinery, burning, warming, ventilating, and air conditioning which besides needs natural philosophies which is based on math. The different signifiers of mathematics which mechanical technology privation are as follows:

  • Calculus 1, 2, and 3
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations.

5 ) Electrical technology:

Mathematicss is besides really helpful in electrical technology. As readying of circuits consist of many computations if we want efficient circuit to be placed. Mathematicss is helpful as follows:

a ) Mold and survey of electric circuits utilizing mathematical differential equations of first, 2nd and higher orders.
B ) The design of system such as filters utilizing Laplace and Z transforms.

degree Celsius ) Electrical applications for gesture utilizing particular equations.

So, this technology follows following subdivisions of mathematics:

  • Arithmetical
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Complex analysis
  • Probability and statistics.

For illustration: 5 gage wires can transport an sum of current, with a loss of B over hundred distance. How much wire of that size can we hold to put before we lose excessively much current for specific circuit?

6 ) Aerospace technology:

The aerospace technology is for fabricating and care of aircraft and infinite vehicles. This technology uses computing machine and communicating systems. So, this technology includes all the subdivisions of math which are included in computing machine technology and mechanical technology. They are:

  • Calculus 1,2,3
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations.

7 ) Electrochemical Technology:

The electrochemical technology is the technology which is the combination of both electrical every bit good as chemical technology. So, this technology besides needs assorted operations and computations for production of assorted constituents used in different merchandises.

8 ) Nuclear technology:

The atomic industry consist of assorted undertakings such as production, handling, and usage of atomic fuel and the safe disposal of waste produced by the coevals of atomic energy To be a atomic applied scientist a individual demand to hold proper cognition of natural philosophies, computing machine, chemical science and mathematics so, in short a individual should hold proper cognition of all Fieldss of scientific discipline including mathematics.

9 ) Marine Engineering:

As we know that this technology is related to Ships seafaring in the oceans and seas. Ships has to happen their manner in the H2O by mensurating the waies as there are no mile rocks in H2O as on land. To happen out the way tonss of computations has to be done which need mathematics. The location of the ship is happening out by usage of mathematics with combination of natural philosophies.

10 ) Architectural Engineering:

Architectural Engineering is a type pf technology which is used to build, program and design of edifices and other constructions. So, these work ca n’t be completed without utilizing computations and computations use mathematics. Suppose if an applied scientist has to plan span it ahs to make assorted computations, we do hold expression for ciphering strength of span

S=C ( 1-e^-kt )

Where S=strength of span




11 ) Environmental Technology:

This technology is related to the developing methods and devices used in commanding, forestalling the environmental catastrophes. In this the scientist and environmental applied scientists check and develop equipment related to air pollution and recycling of waste merchandises. Water is besides inspected and H2O interventions are besides developed. The all above reference work need tonss and tonss of mathematical computations. As review of assorted environmental catastrophes need computation and there redresss besides do n’t travel without computations. So, once more mathematics is used here.


So, from our above treatment we concluded that technology is really wide subdivision and mathematics plays a really of import function in it. As I had already discussed the usage of mathematics in technology. We have to make computations in about every technology to some or big extend.

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