Entertainment Centre Magic Land Marketing Essay

Magic Land takes this honorable ground as a footing for confering felicity, foremost to the helpless people who represent 5.12 of the population harmonizing to State Office for Family, Children and the Disabled people with the proficient aid of the Gallic pool Cedes/ International Handicap. And Because of the deficiency of sophisticated amusement Centres, Magic Land will be the first modern amusement Centre in Morocco that will be situated specifically in Casablanca, which is the economic capital of the state in where 173 associations take topographic point ( Dvelweb,2008 ) .

The constitution will be recorded as a partnership administration that is possessed by four concern spouses, and will be a 245000 square metres land situated in unagitated country, hosting different types of drives with ordered topographic points that are customised for handicapped people. In add-on, our amusement Centre will incarnate conference suites in where addresss and seminars can be brought by voluntaries and rewards professionals about the importance of sharing and caring for the handicapped. Ultimately, eating houses and stores will be made available to visitants to guarantee a comprehensive service for a full twenty-four hours of merriment. Our market research has positively ensured the feasibleness of the undertaking and affordability of the set monetary values for targeted audiences. All of these will travel along with establishing selling ads for the intent of bring forthing immense figure of clients to advance the leisure civilization in the Maroc market every bit good as to heighten the societal duty.

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The needed capital investing is 39,933,154.00 MAD that is tantamount to ? 2,852,368.00 with a forecasted profitableness of 20 % over each twelvemonth.


Our ‘product ‘ is a service, which is valued by its singularity that is traveling to be brought to the Maroc market. Magic Land is an amusement Centre ; that can psychologically mend disabled by supplying them with particular attention and the chance to meet other people in a clime full of solidarity. Magic Land is besides a Centre that can edify people, through seminars that will be presented by Moroccan and foreign unusually qualified people, how to cover with societal issues, how to handle handicapped people and how helpless people can get the better of their disablement. Our service does non merely consist of offering ordinary drives that all park subjects do, but it will besides function its clients with otherA new and good designed drives such as flume drives, Kamikaze, star fire, etc. Furthermore, Magic land will supply other services like eating houses that are traveling to be held by franchisees of i.e ( franchises such as Pomme de Pain, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Le Notre… ) , stores ( bites, games for kids ) A andA a seminar room. And since our purpose is to guarantee the integrating of able every bit good as handicapped people ; each drive will incorporate topographic points customised for handicapped people.


Our aspiration through this first measure of puting up this undertaking decently is to analyse the state of affairs of the amusement Centre in the Maroc market.

Based on our research on the secondary informations, it was non found any statistics or exact Numberss that show the per centum of able and handicapped people who go to the amusements centre in the Maroc market, but we went through our primary informations which is a questionnaire that is in the appendices, to happen out information that might be helpful to our concern.

We asked a figure of inquiries to different classs of people holding different backgrounds, ages, genders and even physical state of affairss.

The questionnaire was provided to 210 people from squad members ‘ familiarity, kids coming out from schools, people walking in public topographic points every bit good as handicapped people in some physical therapists ‘ offices. While 96 % of people liked the construct of incorporating able with handicapped people via games and other activities, most of them liked the location of the amusement Centre.

On one manus, we deduced that 92 % of kids, adolescents and grownups are able to pay more than the monetary value set of 150 MAD including entryway and games. In fact, for people who want to pass their twenty-four hours at charming land they can purchase nutrient from our well recongnised eating houses that is characterised by offering assortment of fast nutrient bill of fare from diffrent franchises ( pizza Hut, Pomme de Pain, Le Notre, Aladdin brochettes and Kyotori.. ) . In add-on, they assume that they can come to the amusement Centre at least one time a hebdomad particularly during weekends but about 40 % of parents who have kids less than 10 old ages old could convey them during the hebdomad particularly on Wednesday afternoon.

On the other manus, we felt the enthusiasm of handicapped people every bit good as their parents while explicating to them the construct of the amusement Centre and its vision. The reply of 98 % of handicapped people ‘s parents sing the monetary value was: “ we are able to pay any sum to see our kid playing and integrated in the society as we are able to convey them at that place more than one time a hebdomad ” .

Sing the seminars, 88 % of grownups and adolescents and 95 % of kids answered positively and are able to pay between 100 dhs and 200 dhs for go toing a one-day seminar.


MARKET Cleavage:

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2010 ) , market cleavage is the procedure of spliting a mark market into smaller sections ( groups of people ) with similar demands and features that lead them reacting to the merchandise offered every bit good as to the strategic selling programme in similar ways. ( P, 288, 2nd edition ) .

The ground behind spliting the market into smaller sections is to ease the manner of reacting to the clients ‘ demands, and this is done harmonizing to similarities of features between people ; it can be done either through the gender footing, age, part, lifestyle and excessively many others.

Magic Land will concentrate on 3 bases cleavage variables which are as follow:

Demographic cleavage: this amusement Centre will section its market in footings of age, which is traveling to be from 4 old ages old and up, every bit good as the gender which includes both male and female, with in-between and high socio economic categories that their income is from 6000 MAD and up.

Geographic cleavage: charming land is located in a strategic metropolis, Casablanca, which is the economic capital of Morocco, as it has large market size ; harmonizing to World Bank diary ( 2012 ) , the population of that largest urban metropolis is 3283605.

Psychographic cleavage: the life style of Moroccans is altering really quickly towards amusements, they largely start caring about go forthing a specific clip for leisure, as they benefit from feast occasions to travel and pass their clip outside. Furthermore, the purchasing motivations of Maroc consumers are increasing twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours as it becomes a wont for them in their day-to-day life that is resulted from the selling schemes done by most Sellerss and sellers.


Harmonizing to Havaldar ( 2005 ) , mark selling is the rating of assorted sections after the market cleavage in order to make up one’s mind and follow market scheme for the selected mark sections.

So Charming land uses the multi-segment targeting ; in other words this amusement centre marks chiefly able and handicapped kids, households, young person and besides associations.

3.3 Placement:

Positioning is a procedure of constructing an image, perceptual experience of the merchandise or the company in the head of consumers and that are comparative to rivals ( Hollensen, 2010 ) .

A This can be affected by some variables that are linked to client ‘s demands, motives and the rivals ‘ reaction.

Before positioning our undertaking, we need to reply some inquiries:

What is the singularity of our undertaking?

To what extent our undertaking is differentiated from our rivals? And

what do consumers truly purchase from us?

( Entrepreneur, 2012 )

Our singularity set us apart from our rivals which will do our clients respond to magic land offers, but being different is non sufficient to be good positioned ; for this ground we came up with a typical logo that is traveling to add value for our trade name name, and refering colors we have chosen attractive 1s in order to catch the client ‘s attending. Since we strive to do everyone socially responsible, we have decided to exemplify this message through our motto which is “ no 1 is ignored ” . Furthermore, we aim to engage interior decorators who are traveling to give charming land an sole physical environment, the fact that make our amusement Centre distinctive and recognised by our mark audiences.


Hollensen ( 2010 ) defines a SWOT analysis as a specially designed technique for placing selling schemes that are suited for the company.

SWOT analysis is made up of two types of the house ‘s environments: internal and external, those are used to represent the selling scheme of the house.

The internal environment encompasses the strengths and failings of the house, while the external environment embodies the chances and menaces of the house

We shall now execute the SWOT analysis of Magic Land.


Our undertaking is characterized by several strengths ; foremost of all it is typical in the Maroc market by keeping the position of monopoly, as it is based on the creative activity of amusement park, with lovingness services provided to able people and physically handicapped members of the society. Second, charming land will be located in a unagitated country in Casablanca that is to the full surrounded by green infinite, and since our 3rd strength is the handiness of a assortment of subjects, activities, nutrient tribunal, and such many others, our clients can pass the whole twenty-four hours in the park and can go forth their autos in our broad parking under the security control. Furthermore, customization is one of the chief strengths of the undertaking, as we are traveling to offer assorted drives that include customized seats for helpless people to experience relax, happy and safe. Besides, our amusement centre will besides incarnate conference suites where seminars will be held by NGOs to sensitize societal work, in order to guarantee the societal duty of charming land. Furthermore, we will engage professional psychologists who will be in charge of loosen uping and caring approximately handicapped people, and applied scientists to vouch the safety of our clients, as we will besides work on developing all our employees and staff on frequent footing.

4.2 Failings:

Any undertaking has its ain failings ; Magic Land is located in suburbs as it is rather far from the metropolis centre, so our clients need to come through transit to make the topographic point. Furthermore, it is necessary for our amusement centre to be up to day of the month in order to pull new clients and to retain the bing 1s, which all consequences in doing high operational costs.

4.3 Opportunities:

Bing the first amusement centre which cares about the handicapped in Morocco is a great chance for charming land to make full the spread in that market ; and harmonizing to our market research, we found out that the parents of handicapped people have ensured the willingness to come and pass their times at our subject park, which hence provides us with a support from our clients. Magic land will besides profit from the chance of making a strong relationship with both Moroccan and international associations to heighten its societal duty every bit good as its client ‘s portfolio.


Any undertaking is capable to menaces, for our instance there is no direct competition but there are menaces of replacements, such as little subject Parkss, nines… Furthermore, the clients can alter their penchants by exchanging to low cost amusements, and therefore can be affected by their low income or other economic grounds. In add-on, the authorities can put rigorous regulations and ordinances that may harm our hereafter programs. And the last capable menace is the chance of the natural catastrophes happening, this latter will do several amendss that may stop by losing our amusement Centre.

Niobium: Converting weaknesses into strengths:

Since our park is far from the metropolis centre we will pull off car autos to pick up our clients from the Casablanca bosom to Magic land. And refering the operational costs, even if they are traveling to be high, it still non bad for our concern because revenue enhancements will be decreased, and cognizing that this undertaking is new, so the costs will be automatically minimized by clip significance in the coming old ages.


It is natural for any concern to hold rivals. We know that Magic Land would surely hold many rivals even with the deficiency of amusement Centres in Morocco. Because we are the lone amusement Centre that provides drives, activities and seminars for both able and handicapped people, we assume that we do non presently have any direct rival that has the same purpose as ours.

The major indirect rivals in this country are Crazy Park, Mega Mall, Sindibad, Aqua Park, Megarama and a few less obvious 1s. However, all those rivals are merely viing in the country of physically sound people.

Get downing with Crazy Park, it provides drives merely for kids ; none of their drives are suited for grownups or handicapped people. They have a eating house, but it merely serves nutrient for kids ‘s gustatory sensation. Therefore, this park is great for kids ‘s merriment but parents, childs or handicapped people for illustration will hold nil else to make for themselves.

Mega Mall is chiefly a shopping Centre that besides provides indoor ice skating, bowling back street and nutrient tribunal with a assortment of eating houses. The great advantage of this topographic point is the fact that all the household can pass clip together at that place. But he merely things losing are the activities and the long distance for people holding to come all the manner from Casablanca.

Another rival that has merely opened five old ages ago is Tamaris Aqua Park that is a great invention brought to the Maroc market. This park has had enormous success with its installations. Their H2O drives and chiefly slides are suited for grownups and kids to bask. They besides propose lifes for kids every bit good as grownups such as “ dance ” group games, or even aquatic gym. This Aquapark has all the constituents to be a successful portion of the market for many old ages, but the lone job is that it merely brings net income in the summer season. For these ground, they opened a bowling tribunal in order to bring forth net income during the remainder of the twelvemonth.

When it comes to our replacements, Megarama is considered as the biggest Movie theater in Morocco and Africa as a whole. Megarama receives 100s of people particularly during weekends and vacations. However, people can non travel frequently at that place because they do non alter films often.

The concluding and most of import indirect rival is the Sindibad Park, which was at its extremum in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the park closed its doors few old ages ago but this country is traveling to be renewed so it could be considered as a hereafter of import rival as it will reopen its doors in December 2013. The amusement Centre is located in the bosom of Casablanca and it will be held over 32 Hectares.

( Please see the Porter 5 forces in the appendices )


OUR vision: is to incorporate both able and handicapped people in society.

Our mission: is to confer a enjoyable and unforgettable minutes for our clients in an unbelievable infinite full of amusements and solidarity ; by supplying a hypnotized drives, offering a assortment of nutrient ironss and stores every bit good as guaranting the right attention to our enjoyers, in order to heighten the societal duty beside satisfaction.

Our end: is to do charming land an easy and relax experience for its clients.


Our chief aim is to make a warm environment with the absenteeism of ignorance.

To make a mass audience for clients and franchisees through advertisement runs before the startup twenty-four hours on 2018.

To bring forth an interesting figure of people for the integrating in societal work by supplying conference suites to associations in where seminars will be held by 2018.

To engage specializers by the entryway of the Centre every bit good by each drive, in order to supply orientation for charming land ‘s clients.

To increase 5 % of the market portion by the terminal of each twelvemonth get downing from 2019.

To maximize net income on 2021 by understating costs and pulling new clients.

Competitive border:

The competitory border of Magic Land is the handiness of drives that are specially designed for handicapped people.

Selling MIX, 7Ps

7.1 Merchandise

7.1.1 Core merchandise benefitsA :

The benefit that makes Magic Land valuable in footings of run intoing its client ‘s demands, is guaranting the convenience of assorted drives, eating houses, stores and conference room. Then our amusement centre will be a broad infinite where the intended mark audiences can pass their twenty-four hours times in an environment full of merriment, cognizing that our added value is traveling to be reflected by custom-making seats for handicapped people and will vouch their security and comfort.

7.1.2 Support serviceA :

Magic land has chosen to function its clients in a best manner in order to retain their trueness. This service is about offering a free ticket for the 1s who are unsated or did non happen what they expect from us, which will assist our subject park to be distinguished in the market in where we operate.

7.1.3 Product attributesA :

In our drives there is an abstract merchandise properties which is the safety that can be valued by security steps.

Magic Land tends to interpret its relevant concern thought to its mark audiences through its amazing and attractive design. For this ground, our amusement Centre will take a new manner of design in order to hold a alone cast.

7.2 Promotion:

As the charming land is the lone amusement Centre taking attention of handicapped and able people, we will name for the presence of His Majesty the King Mohammed Sixth and/or Her Highness princess Lela Meryem ( President of handicapped people care in Morocco ) in our expansive gap. This public relation, will therefore allow the chief national Television channels to be present, and will finally be a free strong advertizement on Television and on the print imperativeness for Magic Land.

Once our Centre is set up, circulars will be distributed with and around the country of Casablanca in order to distribute consciousness among people about the being of our Centre with a brief account of the activities. Our land is sponsored by authorities, as we are traveling to make a strong relationship with NGOs in footings of leasing out our conference suites under a symbolic monetary value ; the return out of this sponsorship is the commercial advantage.

The 2nd tool is directing SMS to people informing them about our Centre via telecommunication operators from clients ‘ database. The 3rd tool consists of direct communicating in private primary schools through presentations to pupils, coaction with school disposal to organize jaunts to our Centre. Furthermore, we are traveling to concentrate on personal merchandising in a manner of act uponing more clients by a persuasive communicating between our Magic Land ‘s representatives and its mark market. And in order to heighten our gross revenues publicity we are traveling to magnetise our clients by offering particular trades, e.g, purchase one ticket acquire another one free or half monetary value.

Another efficient method to publicize our Centre is by making a Facebook and Twitter pages as these societal webs are the most popular among Maroc young person and grownups. We will besides do a imperativeness release and occupation ads to indirectly publicize. In add-on, after doing net income, we will get down making valued advertizement like hoarding and Television commercials.

( Please see AIDA in the appendices )

7.3 Topographic point:

Harmonizing to our study, we found out that Maroc people are really unfastened and enthusiastic for this undertaking, particularly with its location in Casablanca in where our service will be delivered, as it is far from the traffic and to the full surrounded by a green infinite, to assist people loosen uping and altering their day-to-day systematic life. The land in where our amusement centre will be set is 245000 square metres as it is gifted to us from the Moroccan ministry for the aim of promoting societal duty and advancing private investing in the state.

In charming land, there will be a huge auto parking which is traveling to be free merely for its clients, and for people who want to come to our subject park and they do n’t hold any mean of transit, they can book online our autocar tickets for an express transportation from casablanca metropolis centre to magic land. Furthermore, we do ease the park entree for our audiences under their picks of how they want to make the topographic point ; for case the VIPs who want to come to our Centre by chopper.

The subject park tickets can be bought online or on the topographic point.

7.4 Monetary value

The monetary value is set depending on the perceived value that clients are looking for, as we have taken all the necessary actions to do our monetary values low-cost and convenient to our mark section. Therefore, we have decided that the monetary value will be as follows:

Tickets for grownups: A 150 MAD ( entryway +A limitless drives ) .

Tickets for kids under 10 old ages old: 100 MAD.

For handicapped people we have set a customary pricing policy.

Tickets for handicapped grownups: 70 MADA ( entryway +A limitless drives + one accompany ) .

Tickets for handicapped people under 10 old ages old: 50 MAD.

Membership ( 1200 MAD for 15 times, all games included )

Seminars: A seminar room + sound system + data show = 6000 MAD per twenty-four hours

Excess: picture conference 1000 MAD per hr, java interruptions = 1000 MADA per clip

To efficaciously advance our undertaking we have decided to put two pricing schemes ; foremost, bundle pricing scheme, for case, one drive ‘ ticket plus one seminar session in the monetary value of 200 MAD alternatively of 350 MAD. Second, particular event pricing, e.g. , this scheme will be in school vacations of both fall and winter, the monetary values will be discounted than the regular 1s ( Monger, 2012 ) .

Niobium: 1? is tantamount to 13.7188 MAD.

7.5 Physical Evidence:

There are different subject Parkss and each 1 has a different subject attached to it. Magic Land, by its name gives out a message to the audience that it is a topographic point where thaumaturgy is found ; moreover it gives the impression that this subject park is full of fairy narratives. This thought is promoted by its merchandise, design, merchandise cleavage for each group, age and merchandise mark. It has its ain nutrient and Souvenirs stores every bit good as attractive forces. The most of import component that Magic land has incorporated into its image and merchandise is that it resembles a fairy narrative land and it serves its costumiers an unforgettable experience. Having that said, Magic land ‘s strives to lure its audiences by its layout, atmosphere and installations. The layout of the subject park will be planned and construct in order to fulfill both physically able and handicapped kids. This will include installations such as client attention and well-equipped machines. In add-on, Magic land ‘s atmosphere will dwell of a welcoming, safe and friendly ambiance that will maintain its clients satisfied and at easiness.

7.6 Procedure

This method covers the procedure in which an organisation reaches its clients ; it is a critical facet for an organisation to to the full understand the content and the value of its services to its clients. Magic Land is outstanding in presenting its chief message at the start point of the journey ; we will be supplying indispensable information about our jail to our clients by the entryway of the subject park. Our staff will be set to offer an debut to our clients about our installations, equipment and intent. Furthermore, we will be supplying particular attention and aid at the get downing point of each ride/game. Our clients will be taken care off from the really starting point until the terminal of their journey. The services besides help in doing certain that the administration is working good and executing the service in an efficient mode.

7.7 Packaging

This factor, can be best described in the instance of Magic land as the ocular visual aspect that we present to our clients. Whether from the manner our staff are dressed to the show of our games and drives. Our packaging services will besides include, Internet pages, concern cards and booklets.


Any undertaking is supposed to confront likely hazards ; Magic Land takes safeguards of the hazard ‘s likeliness. For case:


Taking safeguard


Magic Land has exigency doors in the conference room, eating houses, stores ; and before the startup it gives developing to all its internal clients in how acquire out in instance of fire.

Injuries, decease

The drives might do hurts or even decease, but we strongly appoint applied scientists to guarantee the security among the bing drives while their installings ; every bit good as we examine that by making several tests since the client ‘s safety is our precedence

Earthquakes and hurricanes

Anti seismic Centre which can cut down the happening of any amendss.


The insurance company will be responsible for all hazards and will see the protection of our members and clients in any harmful event or state of affairs.


To reason, Magic Land will work on increasing the gross revenues volume and edifice clients ‘ trueness. This undertaking will vie indirectly with other histrions that are already present in the section and it is expected to see and populate an unbelievable success within the leisure industry. Although, the happening of future menaces ‘ that may straight vie with our amusement centre, we will perfectly be ready to implement our hereafter plans that are set aside to strengthen and to regenerate the singularity of the undertaking. It was placed excessively many recommendations in our program B that ensures charming land ‘s endurance or possibly a new chance to populate another merchandise life rhythm.


After constructing high trade name equity, Magic Land will necessitate to travel internationally and this could be achieved through a planetary variegation. Hence, our amusement centre will necessitate to put up its ain division for a new merchandises that hold Magic land name and logo such us toys characters, narrative books, vesture, cups, towels and keepsakes that are traveling to be particularly designed for both kids and young person. These merchandises will be sold in Magic Land shops that will take topographic point in shopping centres. Indeed, these new merchandises every bit good as the logo would be protected by right of first publication in order to keep our singularity and exclusivity. Furthermore, we will put up a production sketchs that are traveling to be screened in film theaters.

To heighten our public presentation, we are traveling to shift our amusement centre in a manner of altering the perceptual experience of consumers toward the trade name. Additionally, Magic Land will be given to make a high degree of satisfaction by supplying to its clients with several services such as offering a co-branded recognition cards which is traveling to be sponsored by maestro card or visa and offering a particular trades like purchasing one of Magic Land merchandises and acquiring one ticket for two people, so this will incentivize them to come often. And besides, we are be aftering to launch series of hotels to do it easier for clients who live far off.

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