Evaluation And Analysis Of New Media Marketing Techniques Marketing Essay

This essay focuses on Oxfam non-profit administration and analyses its selling and societal media schemes. Oxfam is a non-profit administration taking for a universe without poorness. Oxfam is active in the field of charity since 1942. It was founded in Britain and it now acts in 94 states worldwide. The name “ Oxfam ” comes from the Oxford Committee for contending against dearth[ 1 ]. Its purpose is to supply life ‘s rudimentss such as: H2O, nutrient, instruction wellness and human rights.

Cause-related selling supports a cause. Social selling via non-profit or non-governmental administrations furthers a cause[ 2 ]. Oxfam assists refugees from all around the universe, about in every major exigency crisis. With the cooperation of the big well-known administration, many programmes were organised to contend poorness and unfairness in order to give people a opportunity for a better life[ 3 ]. It assists people in re-obtaining their human rights ; claim their self-respect as full citizens in order to hold better life conditions. Oxfam has besides achieved to convert rich states to give 0.7 % of their one-year incomes for contributions. It has throughout the old ages, become globally good known. It gained 1000000s protagonists and voluntaries including smaller charity administrations and ordinary people. Many famous persons including Elton John, Beyonce and George Clooney have contributed in Oxfam ‘s charity work. Some of their cardinal spouses are Nokia, JCB, British Airways and Marks & A ; Spencer[ 4 ].

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Key Marketing Techniques:

The essay at manus focal points on countries such as: development, exigencies, candidacy, protagonism and policy research. Together with protagonists and collaborating communities from all over the universe, Oxfam has developed programmes and runs which respond instantly to the exigencies they are called to assist. When it comes to exigencies, Oxfam is – for illustration – asked to assist states that are confronting natural catastrophes or struggles in order to assist people re-build their lives and fix them in pull offing future catastrophes. In other words it helps people survive when a calamity occurs.

Harmonizing to Maslow people are driven by peculiar demands at peculiar times. These are arranged via a hierarchal signifier: physiological demands, safety demands, societal demands, esteem demands and self-actualisation demands[ 5 ]. Oxfam focuses in fulfilling physiological demands. For this ground its competitory point of para is low monetary values in merchandises it sells. In add-on to this it uses pure frontal onslaught, as it manages to fit and “ outbid ” its rivals ‘ merchandises and monetary values in clients ‘ perceptual experiences[ 6 ]. Its low monetary values – as donated points have no cost – its merchandise mix ( handicrafts, books, music Cadmiums and instruments, vesture, toys, just trade nutrient, cultural creative activities etc. ) , the accessible manner it distributes its merchandises ( web site, brick and howitzer stores ) plus the manner it promotes the goods it sells ( societal media ) makes Oxfam a top consumer pick.

Oxfam has increased its protagonists via several methods. The most of import of which is societal media[ 7 ]. It is good known that societal media presents form the most of import pillar of selling for all companies and administrations. Social media so are non ignored ; when it comes to non-profit administrations Tripp ( 2009 ) states that “ fundraising is being democratized through the usage of societal media by deriving the engagement of mass audiences while associating to them on a personal degree ” . Furthermore, Waters ( 2009 ) found that “ non net income organisations use societal media to streamline their direction maps, interact with voluntaries and givers, and educate others about their plans and services. Through interactions with stakeholders on Facebook and other societal media applications, organisations seek to develop relationships with of import populaces ” . Harmonizing to Tripp and Watters it can be argued that utilizing societal media is highly of import to non-profit administrations. Non-profit administrations use societal media as a method of making trust and supplying support. Furthermore, in the twenty-first century, societal media has increased quickly particularly in immature people ‘s lives as they do non do important usage of paper books. At the same clip they use cyberspace for their intelligence briefing and so forth.

Evaluation and Analysis of New Media Marketing Techniques:

A individual scheme might non suit every status: “ Treating all mark audiences the same may accomplish economic systems of graduated table, but it ignores the diverseness that is typically in most markets, and it likely means that what is offered ne’er truly meets any one mark audience member ‘s demands really good ” ( Andreasen & A ; Kotler, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to the above statement all administrations need to do cleavages to their mark audience. Cleavage is when an administration separates its clients into groups based on same wonts and features.

Non-profit administrations differ from profitable administrations on how they section their clients. As non-profit administration Oxfam ‘s cleavage marks for illustration working and lower-middle category people. Its concern database – and I use this term slackly – helps it to understand its clients better. Harmonizing to Andreasen and Kotler the base of cleavage is categorised into two ways. The first 1 is nonsubjective steps which include: age, gender, income, societal category, household life rhythm, topographic point of abode and position alteration. The 2nd is behaviour ( past behavior included ) .

To happen how Oxfam segments its voluntaries we need to understand how it additions its charity money. Their support is based on contributions from protagonists be it ordinary people, administrations or the State. Furthermore, Oxfam has shops selling second-hand apparels, vintage points and books all over the U.K. It has an online store every bit good. With respects to the latter visitants tend to measure a site ‘s public presentation based on its handiness ( e.g. downloads rapidly, front page is apprehensible, navigates easy to other pages that unfastened rapidly ) and its expression ( e.g. pages are clean and non content laden, font manners and sizes are clear, use of coloring material and sound[ 8 ]) . In add-on to these a web site must be unafraid and sensitive to privacy issues, in other words it must do usage of cookies parsimoniously.

Oxfam uses a assortment of societal media: Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and MySpace. Oxfam uses societal media widely and maintain them updated on a day-to-day footing. In this essay I will analyze Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as these are the most normally used by the administration. Equally far as Facebook and Twitter is concerned, Oxfam ‘s pages have more than 68 million active users each. An norm of 250,000 people registries on Facebook every twenty-four hours[ 9 ]. “ The great popularity of Facebook made it an indispensable selling and PR tool for companies all over the universe, since through channels, selling runs can make the broad public fast and cheap ” ( Lipsman 2012 ) . Charities such as Oxfam can non close their eyes to this societal networking phenomenon.

Oxfam has a batch of Facebook pages due to the fact that it is a transnational administration ( the United Kingdom ‘s web page has 128,918 likes ) . In these pages people can happen a description of the administration ‘s programmes, services and a brief history. Oxfam keeps its Facebook and Twitter pages updated as it posts pictures and exposures on a day-to-day footing. It keeps its protagonists updated and informed about approaching events and runs. As a non-profit administration, it needs peoples ‘ trust in order to last. For this ground Oxfam uploads a batch of exposures and pictures demoing the difficult work it does and jobs people it aids face every twenty-four hours. Ocular elements are really of import in sensitizing voluntaries be a portion of Oxfam ‘s contributions raising squad. Oxfam offers a assortment of methods on how to donate and volunteering on its web site[ 10 ]. It has an organizational calendar for events and locations of its stores where you can donate used things for charity. All these can be easy found through the links Oxfam provides via Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore Oxfam ‘s web site, YouTube channel and Facebook pages provide information for people who want to cognize more about the administration in merely one chink. Furthermore, voluntaries may portion their narratives, something which makes it easier to market the administration through word of oral cavity. Like a little community, voluntaries use societal media in order to portion sentiments and discourse how to decide serious jobs which might happen.

Another cardinal facet of Oxfam ‘s societal media incursion is the Oxfam YouTube channel. As YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms on the Internet, net income and non-profit administrations use it for posting picture content which shows what sort of services or merchandises they provide. CIO Tony Thornton states: “ Similar to the manner picture is used in other societal media, picture is being used in the same manner here. It ‘s forcing information out to our users. ”

Oxfam has a really nicely organised YouTube channel, as it provides all information needed to understand the raison d’etre of the administration. This includes subdivisions with pictures ( play lists ) , doing it easier for the user to happen what s/he is looking for. Video sharing gives the ability to users of sharing and noticing the displayed content through other societal media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ( see Diagram 1 ) . It may besides plunge traffic to its web logs, pages and web site.

Diagram 1: YouTube print screen of Oxfam ‘s channel

YouTube and societal media act as “ word of oral cavity ” through remarks and sharing. Sharing is a really strong selling tool as it may be seen by people who are non subscribed to Oxfam but might acquire interested. As it can be seen from Diagram 1, the Oxfam channel provides a contribution button and therefore the user may do a contribution on merely one chink. In the play lists section one may happen: old runs, publicizing for incoming events, testimonies of voluntaries depicting their experiences when working with Oxfam, fund-raising events, Oxfam ‘s intelligence, Oxfam ‘s stores, how Oxfam responds in exigencies etc. Furthermore, Oxfam is acute in maintaining its channel updated by uploading stuff on a day-to-day footing. This is a really good scheme for deriving trust of possible donators as it lets them watch how active the Oxfam administration is. Plus it helps in gaining that money donated is for a good cause. “ Want to see universe alteration? Fight clime alteration? Take on poorness and unfairness – and win? You are in the right topographic point. Watch a film. Share it with your couples. Help spread the word. Welcome to Oxfam on YouTube. ” ( Oxfam debut in YouTube channel )

Another of import selling scheme that should be taken into history is the transnational nature of a non-profit administration. Oxfam is located non merely in the United Kingdom but besides in another 94 states, therefore runing on a world-wide graduated table. Harmonizing to Andreasen and Kotler ( 2009 ) , there are three options for non-profit administrations moving worldwide: the export section, the transnational and the planetary administration. Oxfam uses the 2nd and 3rd options. The planetary administration uses the same selling methods worldwide, using same policies everyplace. The transnational option is when extensions of the female parent administration utilize local direction and have autonomy. As I read through Oxfam scheme, I came to the decision that Oxfam makes a combination of these two options. For illustration the United State ‘s Oxfam leg has the same purposes, vision and mission with Great Britain ‘s Oxfam leg, but uses different schemes which are based on local direction. Furthermore, Oxfam America has its ain web site and responds to different exigencies than Oxfam GB[ 11 ]. Having said that, there are many state of affairss where Oxfam America and Oxfam GB, help each other by working jointly on covering with hard exigencies which may originate. Bearing in head that each province has different cultural features, it is rather hard and a spot hazardous for an administration to use the same scheme in all states it offers its services.


Oxfam has a widespread repute and a successful history throughout the old ages of its playing. Its selling schemes work expeditiously, something which resulted in Oxfam to go one of the most good known non-profit administrations in its sort. Its protagonists are increasing at satisfactory Numberss each twelvemonth. This illustrates that societal media have a positive impact on stakeholders.

In this essay – due to infinite restriction – I elaborated merely on three of Oxfam ‘s societal media ( Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ) coming to the decision that all three of them are good organised and designed. During my research I noticed that other societal media used by Oxfam such as Flickr, Google+ and MySpace are less developed and have room for betterment, though this is non an country this essay negotiates with.

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