Examining The Methods Of The Research Methodology Media Essay

The research methodological analysis is to depict the methods that used to roll up any informations for analysis. This chapter will concentrate on the research method that will be traveling to used which is qualitative research, the definition and the subject of the focal point group, the inside informations of the sampling in the research, the definition of the content analysis and the operational definition of mise-en-scene and ideological theoretical account.

3.1 Research Method

The common used in research method is qualitative and quantitative research. Harmonizing to Roger D. Wimmer & A ; Joseph R. Dominick ( 2006 ) , the qualitative research has involves several methods of informations aggregation such as field observation, focal point groups, in-depth interviews, and instance surveies. While the quantitative research is involves several methods of informations aggregation such as mail studies, telephone studies and internet studies.

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So, the research worker has chosen the qualitative research as the methods for this survey due to the flexibleness in carry oning research.

3.1.1 Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is more flexible instead than quantitative research. The oppugning attack in qualitative research can be more variables. Although the research has set the specific inquiries at the beginning, the research worker still can alter the inquiries to inquire follow-up inquiries when carry oning research. So, the qualitative research can increase the apprehension of the research worker.

Harmonizing to Roger D. Wimmer & A ; Joseph R. Dominick ( 2006 ) , the field observation was seldom used in mass media research before 1980. Field observation is utile for roll uping informations and for bring forthing hypotheses and theories. The field observations are classified along two major dimensions. Which is the grade to which the research worker participates in the behavior under observation, the 2nd is the grade to which the observation is concealed.

Intensive interviews ( or in-depth interviews ) are the one-on-one interview. By and large the research worker will carry on the intensive interview in smaller samples, supply detailed background about the grounds why respondents give specific replies, let for drawn-out observation and besides customized to single respondents. Conducting the intensive interviews can easier to acquire the wealth of item that provided by the respondent, but the different respondent may reply the different version of reply that based on their apprehension or cognition.

The instance surveies are conducted when a research worker privation to understand or explicate a phenomenon. So, the instance surveies use as many beginnings of informations as possible to consistently investigate persons, groups, organisations or events that based on their research aim and inquiry. The instance surveies can be done to propose why something has occurred or happened, but sometimes the instance surveies is non true or non organized to the research worker, so the research worker demand to be more careful in carry oning instance surveies.

Since the focal point group is the method in carry oning this research, so we will discourse the detailed of focal point group in this chapter.

3.2 Focus Group

The focal point group ( or group questioning ) is a research scheme in order to understand the audience ‘s attitudes and behavior. The moderator will take the respondents that from 4 to 12 people in a comparatively unstructured treatment that is about the peculiar subject.

Focus groups allow the research workers to roll up preliminary information in order to acquire more understanding in carry oning their research undertaking. The focal point groups can be conducted in really rapidly most of the clip, and the cost for focal point group is non expensive, to carry oning focal point group merely a few of respondent gathered to discourse the peculiar inquiry, this is the method that is most save clip and cost.

Besides that, the focal point group is popular in carry oning research is because of the flexibleness in inquiry design and followup. So, the moderator in the focal point group can make up one’s mind the turning point in inquiring inquiry. It is easier to follow up on the of import point that get from respondents.

In order to do the research run swimmingly, there have seven basic stairss in carry oning focal point group research which is, 1 ) Specifying the job, 2 ) Choosing a sample, 3 ) Determining the figure of groups necessary, 4 ) Fixing the survey mechanics, 5 ) Fixing the focal point group stuffs, 6 ) Conducting the session, 7 ) Analyzing the information and fix a drumhead study of the session conducted.

Focus group is better than one-on-one interview, because the focal point group has giving the good opportunities to different respondents to voice up and discourse the inquiries towards the research. So, focal point group will be conducted in this research.

3.2.1 Theme of Focus Group

1. The most preferable mise-en-scene elements when sing a movie

Several inquiries will be asked in order to happen out the most preferable mise-en-scene component to concern when they are sing a movie.

2. Ideological elements portrayed in the movie ‘Titanic ‘

Several inquiries will be asked to happen out the ideological elements that portrayed in the movie ‘Titanic ‘

3. The most memorable scene in the movie ‘Titanic ‘

Here is to inquiring the memorable scene in the movie ‘Titanic ‘ that the respondent still retrieve until today and discourse the content and mise-en-scene elements on the peculiar scene.

4. Remark towards the movie ‘Titanic ‘

In the focal point group, respondents will be asked to giving their sentiments or remarks towards the movie ‘Titanic ‘ .

3.3 Sampling

Harmonizing to Roger D. Wimmer & A ; Joseph R. Dominick ( 2006 ) , a sample is a subset of the population that is representative of the full population through the procedure of random choice or the choice that is based on a certain set of standards, for giving good replies towards the research inquiries.

For the focal point group, there will be involves the entire sum of the five respondents in the group. The standard of these respondents in this survey are the pupils from School of Social Science and Humanities ( SSSH ) in Tunku Abdul Rahman College ( TARC ) who in between the age of 18 to 25 old ages old.

The ground that I have chosen this five people as my respondents in focal point group is because they have watched the movie ‘Titanic ‘ before. At the same clip, they have their ain perceptual experiences towards the movie ‘Titanic ‘ that is related to my aim of this research. Furthermore, the another ground that I have choose the pupil from SSSH in Tunku Abdul Rahman College ( TARC ) is because most of the pupil in SSSH have their ain apprehension about the theories and footings of mass communicating, their cognition about the movie reappraisal is higher than any others pupils in TARC, I believe that they have the ability to analyse the movie and giving an elaborate reply towards the movie that I am traveling to carry on research. Therefore, their remarks, sentiments, suggestions, and treatment on the mise-en-scene and ideological elements in the movie ‘Titanic ‘ is much more professional and utile.

The working grownups are non in the list of respondents in this research because most of them watching film is merely merely to entertained themselves and loosen up, therefore their sentiment and suggestion might non utile and accurate. And besides due to the flexibleness of the clip and locale agreement for focal point group, merely pupils from SSSH in TARC is the most suited to be the sampling of this survey.

3.4 Contented Analysis

Harmonizing to Kerlinger ‘s ( 2000 ) , content analysis is a method of analyzing and analyzing communicating in a systematic, nonsubjective and quantitative mode for the intent of mensurating variables.

Systematic means that the content is selected harmonizing to explicit and systematically applied regulations to be analyzed. So, the sample choice must follow a proper process, and each of points must hold an equal opportunity of being included in the content analysis. The procedure of the analysis should be systematic.

Objective means that the research worker ‘s personal manner of thought and prejudices should non come in into the findings. So, the research worker should stay impersonal. The analysis should returns into the same consequences even the procedure is replicate by other research workers.

In order to analyse an accurate representation of a organic structure of message, quantitative is of import in carry throughing that aim because it can assist research workers in the pursuit for preciseness. Researcher has to describe the analysis clearly, non merely describe the figure of they get. Quantification allows research workers to sum up the consequences and to describe them compactly. Quantification besides gives an extra statistical tools to the research workers, it can assist researcher in reading and analysis.

There have few stairss in content analysis, which is 1 ) Formulate the research inquiries, 2 ) Specifying the population in inquiry, 3 ) Choosing sample from population, 4 ) Select and specify a unit of analysis, 5 ) Concept the classs of content to be analyzed, 6 ) Establish a quantification system, 7 ) Conducting a pilot survey, 8 ) Code the content harmonizing to established definitions, 9 ) Analysis of the gathered day of the month, 10 ) Conclude the analysis and hunt for indicants.

The movie ‘Titanic ‘ will be analyzed for this survey. So, the content of the movie ‘Titanic ‘ will be analyzed in order to happen out the mise-en-scene elements and the ideological elements in this movie. For the mise-en-scene, five mise-en-scene elements have being taking into history for analysis. These five elements has included in the analysis, which is the scene, costume, moving manner, infinite and lighting. It might non analyse all scenes in this movie, but I will pick up those particular and memorable scenes to discourse.

3.4.1 Operational Definition

In this survey, I will look into the mise-en-scene and ideological theoretical accounts. Under the mise-en-scene have five elements:

Puting – Setting is an of import component of mise-en-scene which is the scene of a scene and the objects ( props ) will be put into the scene. The scene can be used to magnify character ‘s emotions or the dominant temper of a movie ; it besides can set up facets of the character.

Lighting – Light is emphasise on the texture, distance, temper, form, season, glamor, clip of twenty-four hours or dark. Lighting can impact the manner colorss are rendered, both in footings of chromaticity and deepness ; it besides can concentrate the attending on peculiar elements of the scene. So, the way, strength, and quality of illuming have a profound consequence on the manner an image is perceived.

Space – The representation of infinite can impact the significance of a movie. Depth, propinquity, size and proportions of the topographic points and objects in a scene can be manipulated through camera arrangement, camera shooting, illuming and puting can efficaciously finding the temper or relationships in between the elements in the peculiar scenes.

Costume – Costume refers to the apparels that characters wear. The film makers try to utilizing certain colorss or designs of costume in order to portray the unique of the peculiar feature in the scene. Make-ups besides categorized under this component.

Acting Style – Acting manner refers to the character moving in the movie, which is the histrion or actress in the movie. The acting manner is of import because the actor/actress is the lone component has motion in the scene. Acting manner of the character in the movie has ever been criticized by the viewing audiences.

Ideological theoretical accounts refer to a set of beliefs that is involved opinions about right or incorrect, societal order, human nature and so on. Six attacks are included in ideological theoretical accounts:

Surveies of Hollywood Hegemony – This focal point on how the classical fim expressions dominate and distort the ways of seeing the universe. This is the sense that Americans are heroes.

Feminist Studies – This is to portray adult females or girl power in movies. It can be positive or negative.

Race Studies – Under the race surveies, different races have portrayed in the movie.

Class Studies – The societal and economic agreements has shown in the movie in footings of how the societal power is distributed in movies.

Postcolonial Studies – This is to uncover the repression of native positions within antecedently colonized civilizations.

Queer Theory – Different signifier of struggles that can originate between heterosexual values were applied in the movie. Including anything that may go on criminal conversation, and it have applied tonss of moral values in the movie.

3.5 Drumhead

In this research, I would be concentrating in the five elements of mise-en-scene and ideological elements portrayed in the movie ‘Titanic ‘ through the focal point group and content analysis.

Contented analysis will be used to happen out the five elements of mise-en-scene that applied in the movie ‘Titanic ‘ , and besides happen out the ideological elements that is portrayed in this movie.

Besides that, the focal point group will be done by gather five people to discourse some inquiries that is based on the guideline of the specific subject in order to acquire in order to accomplish the aim of this research.

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