Executive MBA Essay

Short term goals are those aims to an objective that are supposed to drive us to a much bigger goal and keep changing form with time. My short time goals include acquiring theoretical foundation to complement previous experience and to provide additional knowledge base. Precisely, this is needed in the selling, marketing, and importation of scientific and medical perspectives. This is deeply needful since plastic surgery and wound management call for the revising of clinical techniques, refining of the current and discovering new ones. In the same wavelength, my long term goals include bringing ameliorations and incorporating a broader outlook in the surgery profession, specifically, the trauma surgery, general private practice, and plastic surgery.

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An executive MBA will enhance my managerial skills since it is multifaceted and therefore captures a broad spectrum on the running of resources for the realization of profit. For instance, there is an MBA program, the Energy management which is very pivotal to the management career since it blends topics such as energy economics, energy risks management, energy trading and policies with pertinent matters such as corporate finance marketing and human resource management. Likewise, marketing management harnesses both the factors of production and the factors that shape sales and marketing. Financial management basically concerned with the control and dispensing of financial asset to accrue profit, has a sole aim of instilling frugality in the use of finances and its appropriate use. All these facets will definitely increase both the quality and speed with which a managerial career should be run.

I am a seasoned veteran having worked as a regional sales manager, a sales representative, a sales associate and construction consultant senior, a senior instructor, a student advisor, a trip leader and a customer service specialist. Please note that this catalogue of sundry experience I have divulged on in the succeeding paragraph. In addition to this, I have attended various forms of  education and training such as Plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship and the General surgery residency, both from the University of California in San Francisco, Doctor of medicine, from the University of  Arizona and Study abroad/Research in degenerative diseases from the University of Florence, Italy .More to this, there is a wide range of successful research work, Home, Extracurricular and volunteer activities awards, and Honors and awards certificates in my  repertoire that can be presented for clarification.

 The Eller MBA program is the right one for me since it is a program tailor made for professionals with seven or more years’ working experience, and thus, I have coalesced leadership capabilities and dynamic responsibility. Please keep in mind that I have met this requirement having  worked with Innovex / Wyeth for a year as a regional sales manager, The International Equipment Sales for three years as a sales representative, the Home Depot, a year as the sales associate and construction consultant, while at the same time, lecturing on designer painting techniques and other home projects, plus, seven years as the senior instructor in Tucson’s Taekwondo In addition to this, I have worked with The New Start Summer Bridge Program in the University  of Arizona for a year as the trip leader, and the Sears Maxserv Telemarketing as the customer service specialist, also for a year.

One of the most essential ideas in the business and corporate world is collective participation. This concept entails involving every rank and file of an organization in both the decision making and the actual implementation process. Although some of its opponents posit that its prospects only derail the proper and efficient running of business goals, collective participation’s merits are far much preponderant. There may be lucidity in the argument that collective participation hampers the decision making process due to its likeability to arouse multiplicity of opinions, but the kickbacks from its antithesis are far fetched. To start with, it is a proven statistical fact that one mind is always susceptible to poor decision making due to human limitations (no individual can know everything).

Collective participation in the decision making process portends; soliciting, filtering and eventually incorporating the entire staffs views when carrying out transactions. This may either take the direct procedure which invites the entire staff into the board room and the representative or delegative approach where the staff is represented by different departmental heads who consult the staff beforehand. Opponents of collective participative miss it in claiming that the practice of collective participation slow down decision making process since the representative approach can be equally fast.

On the other hand, collective participation also entails involving each member of the business enterprise in the process of carrying out the actual business transactions-ranging from management, buying and selling, accounting to maintenance of the business assets. To achieve this feat, the business is always segmented along departments with the positioning of the personnel being hinged on one’s line of specialization.

Collective participation ensures decisions being made based on multidisciplinary approach which is not only less prone to being flawed, but is of high standards. This is because; these different people in the boardroom all have specific line of specialization. In about the same wavelength, collective participation in the decision making process abates chances of oversight.

Since the views being ratified represent the propositions of the entire firm, the implementation process also quickens since every person is abreast and at home with them. This in plain terms dissipates chances for boycotts, and protests. Chances for strikes are also lessened since open forum accords every player with a conduit through which to air out their reservations. This in a way works in a two fold manner since it also solidifies the spirit of togetherness in business.

It is double standard, the notion that a fraction in business should participate in the actualization process but not in the decision making. It is on the backdrop of these underpinnings that it can be drawn that non collective participation is ancillary to collective participation.

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