Expatriation plan – Briefing report Essay

Briefing report

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In matters relating to the expatriation of our professor to France for three years, this briefing report highlights the very necessary requirements that are a must for his better and comfortable stay in Lyon France. For his international duty professor will stay and work in the city of Lyon France. Lyon is located to the east of France and south east of Paris the capital city of France. It is a modern city with modern facilities that any city may need. “Guides even street by street illustrations and everything for new comers to France need” (Paul, Tellier, & Gibory 1998). Being the first time professor is traveling to France for official duties, there are a few but very important pieces of information that will ensure his stay is a success and the duties that are taking him there are successfully completed. Before departure our professor will be briefed on the following:

          (i)       Payment structure and the living conditions while working in Lyon France.

        (ii)       Types of benefits and incentives he is expecting while carrying his duties in France.

      (iii)       Information about our embassy in France and the map of Lyon city.

      (iv)       Basic French language skills and the French culture.

        (v)       Other important concerns or issues like security.

Payment Structure/Salary

                        Professor will retain his salary but after three months in France it will be increased by 45 percent. He will relocate to Lyon with his family of five members. It has been agreed that the salary increment will be affected after three months because the university and our collaborating university in Lyon will cater for all his needs and the entire family plus return tickets for the entire family. His wife will be offered a 4 hour replacement job immediately on arrival and be paid salary according to the terms of payment of the French government.


                        There will be free housing for the family, that is a three bed roomed house in the suburbs of Lyon (10 Km drive) to the university. His children will be schooled by the university for the three years he will stay in France. Professor and his family will be offered a three day fully paid holiday of his choice but within France.

Embassy in France.

                        Our embassy if located in Paris the capital city. Paris is accessible by air, road and railway from Lyon. It is 2 hours ride by train, 5 hours drive by road and 2 hours 15 minutes by air. The main and regular transport means in France is train and it not expensive compared to the other three means of transport (Carr 2008).

Language and the culture of the French.

                        With concern about the language barrier professor may face while there, arrangements are in place to subject him to intensive basic French skills both spoken and written three months prior to his departure. It will be easier because his wife speaks French and confidently the three months will be a success. In conjunction with that, he will be integrated to a French family i.e. one of the faculty members here to get accustomed with the French way of life, culture and their foods such that his stay in Lyon France will be a success.

Other important concerns

                        Security is good both day and night apart from some areas that are not very secure during the night. Night life in Lyon is fantastic with buzzing night clubs and peaceful drinking pubs and security is guaranteed. There is maximum security within the university and the neighboring suburbs where many of the faculty members stay. However, is important for professor to be in touch with our embassy always or from time to time.


Carr, K. (2008). About.com: Map of France. Retrieved from the internet on 14th December 2008. <http://gofrance.about.com/od/maps/ss/mapoffrance.htm>.

Paul, H., Tellier, C. & Gibory, E (1998). Eyewitnesses Travel Guide to France. New York: Dk Travel.

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