Experience where i have struggeled Essay

It has come to my attention that life in the world is already a huge hurdle for those of us who tries to succeed in every goal that we set for ourselves. However, life per se is not the whole reason but the way a person would view life would be a big factor concerning the successes and the failures that we may encounter.

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I had found out that the most secure way towards failure is skepticism. It is the negative views of a person towards his/her situation that would lead him/her to the path of doubting his/her capabilities. At some point, some people would eventually garner such feelings that the failures becomes more prominent than the successes that had happened in ones life. It would then be seen that the more a person would doubt his/her own capacities then the more he/she would have a certain decline towards unfavorable attitudes towards life and towards other goals. Towards the early years of my youth and towards my adulthood, I have managed to achieve awards and prizes. But these achievements are not something that others should label as arrogance but people should see these, the way I do, as my most cherished moments. Overcoming the doubts were not as simple as 123 nor were they like ABC. It was a trial that could drain a person completely. Hopelessness could generally be countered with optimism. Optimism though has its own downside. It could lead you to too much hopefulness that depression might kick in if setbacks were to happen. In order to avoid this though, another maneuver has to be done. Planning is also a best way to counter these things and if things did not go according to plan A then a plan B would have to suffice. Along with the planning, perseverance and courage to take the next step are good companions. A simple merit-demerit case (Haakonssen 2002: 79-81) could also help in this matter.

Look at it this way, you reward yourself with every goal, small or big, achieved and punish yourself with every unsuccessful attempt to the goals. These punishments need not to be harsh but this should be something that one could adhere to. With all these in mind, a person could pave his/her way to success.


HAAKONSSEN, K. (ed.) 2002, Adam Smith: the theory of moral sentiments, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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