Explains how a chosen organisation


This study explains how a chosen administration, Research Now ( RN ) operates, and based on this, recommends countries of betterment. The Company was researched via a scope of methods ; primary informations was collected through interviews with the CEO and meetings with the HR section ( See Appendix A & A ; B ) . Secondary research beginnings included the Company ‘s Annual Report ( Research Now, 2008 ) , Preliminary Results Report ( Research Now, 2009b ) and Investor Reports. Online articles and published documents were used to farther market research industry apprehension.

RN is a taking supplier of online informations aggregation ( fieldwork ) and panel services, runing within the planetary market research industry. The Company was founded by Chris Havemann and Andrew Cooper in 2000, and the original service provided SMS informations aggregation via nomadic phones. In 2003, RN utilised increasing demand for internet market research and adapted to offer on-line informations aggregation. In 2005, the Company floated and became a Public Limited Company listed on the London Stock Exchange ‘s AIM index.

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Through fieldwork, RN collects informations from people giving sentiments on client ‘s merchandises or services – “We have the people with the replies… ” ( Research Now, 2009 ) . This information is provided through panels owned by RN in 36 states, consisting over 2 million panelists who receive inducements ( verifiers ) in exchange for their sentiment. Panelists are recruited through pop-ups on networking sites and direct electronic mail selling.

RN presently serves market research workers and has a client base of over 1000 from cardinal market sections ; media, advertisement and PR bureaus, direct fieldwork concerns with corporate clients, and little, medium and big vertically incorporate market research bureaus. They have a important presence in three-fourthss of the universe ‘s top research markets, are market leaders in Europe, Australia and Canada and the fastest-growing participant in the US.

Operating Environment

The public presentation and map of RN ‘s operation, change overing inputs ( client Jockey shortss ) into end products ( research informations ) , can be affected by external environmental force per unit areas ( See Appendix D ) . Such force per unit areas are complex, volatile and synergistic and should be considered when analyzing concern activities. External alterations can act upon internal operations, hence RN need to see their internal environment as interconnected and co-dependent of external factors. This ‘Open Systems ‘ theoretical account of direction is used by the Company to interact with its environment, leting it to command and supervise alteration and adapt or respond suitably ( Boddy, 2008, p59 ) .

RN has a comparatively alone runing environment i.e. it conducts market research on a cross-cultural international degree. The Company actively trade in 15 states worldwide, 10 of which have the biggest research markets ( see Figure 2 ) . RN have established themselves as market leader in three research markets and due to increasing complexness of client demands, chances for them to develop a existent competitory advantage have been created.

Historically the market research industry has shown resiliency during economic downswing as market research can help in determination devising ( Research Now, 2009b ) . However, economic force per unit areas, e.g. involvement rate alterations, may act upon RN ‘s clients ‘ assurance in puting in research, so concern activity may be affected ( Worthington & A ; Britton, 2006, p13 ) .

Although RN has a favorable place in their market ( see Figure 3 ) , they still face considerable competition.

Their rivals can be placed into four groups ;

‘Traditional Fieldwork Businesses ‘ , the chief beginning of indirect competition concentrating on offline informations aggregation, ( e.g. face-to-face/telephone interviewing, covering 96 % of fieldwork ) . RN have competitory advantage due to their on-line offering being cheaper, faster, more accurate ( e.g. in responses to sensitive topics such as debt ) and more productive than offline methods ensuing in a permutation consequence ( See Appendix A ) .

Online-only Research Agencies ‘ , are a beginning of concern every bit good as competition ( e.g. if Jockey shortss for informations aggregation aid are won by other fieldwork bureaus ) . These bureaus provide research design, on-line fieldwork and analysis in contrast to RN.

Vertically Integrated Online Fieldwork and Panel Businesses ‘ are a beginning of concern and competition. These on-line concerns have their ain proprietary panels but these do non ever have sufficient capacity or coverage ensuing in outsourcing of informations aggregation to RN.

‘Independent Online Fieldwork and Panel Businesses ‘ , the chief beginning of direct competition although RN has some technological ( e.g. flash rich media study tools ) and geographical ( broad panel range with hard-to-find respondents ) advantages over them.

This low degree of direct competition, a status for company success ( Porter cited in Boddy, 2008, p93 ) , places RN at an advantage for increasing their market portion within their cardinal submarkets ( see Figure 4 ) .

Porter suggests other forces besides play a function and should be considered ( mention to Figure 4 ) ; As RN is good established, it is hard for new entrants to present a menace as they can non easy overcome barriers to entry. RN continually entree their competitory advantage and distinction schemes to guarantee they are in a confident place within their market. For illustration, the focal point of future concern has now adapted to include concern to concern research alongside consumer research ( Bower, 2008 ) . Due to this low degree of menace ( replacements ) , and as RN focal point on offering a high quality service ( therefore have changeless monetary values ) , clients have a low bargaining power for negotiating monetary value. RN is non straight affected by the bargaining power of providers, as they supply a service ( Hannagan, 2008, p160 ) .

Management Challenges

Management procedures are coordinated towards the accomplishment of ends and keeping control over procedures can show many challenges ( Hannagan, 2008, p9 ) .

RN ‘s success is determined by their repute for supplying high quality, accurate, seasonably informations for their clients, and in order to accomplish and keep competitory advantage they must supply this. Their competitory scheme focuses on presenting this high quality service every bit good as good relationship direction with clients. RN has set up dedicated gross revenues offices ( e.g. San Francisco, US ) to enable them to run into clients ‘ increasing demands.

Performance is monitored via undertaking completion studies, and the consequences of these continually show high service satisfaction. This ‘high satisfaction ‘ subject is supported by repetition concern ( 83 % of turnover ) , client keeping and spread outing market portion ( See Appendix A ) . Although RN operates a ‘quality–based scheme ‘ for service betterments, they must besides monetary value their service efficaciously to pull and retain clients. Despite premium pricing they have systematically gained market portion in all parts of the universe ( Research Now, 2008 ) .

Current economic conditions cause uncertainness for RN as they can merely calculate concern in the short–term, with merely 20 % booked gross and 80 % unsure as it is chiefly derived demand i.e. through bureaus. Presently, RN ‘s public presentation is judged by their stockholder value ; havinga higher portion monetary value is indicativeof good company performance.The company ‘s overall budget is the duty of the Chief Financial Officer, who so allocates single budgets ( e.g. HR budget ) to the Managing Directors.

Some technological progresss have revolutionised many research concerns by doing informations aggregation more efficient. For illustration, online informations aggregation, which has enabled RN to spread out their fieldwork offering. By utilizing engineerings better than rivals, RN is able to link with many civilizations, states and sectors, therefore supplying better and more eclectic information. However, to keep their competitory place in the research market they need to remain alert to new research channels ( Research Now, 2009b ) .

Due to RN ‘s planetary presence and legion office locations, it can turn out hard to maintain communications fluxing and to maintain everyone on the same page ( See appendix A ) . It is imperative for directors to be kept informed on concern activity so they can act upon and command determinations or events. Improved engineering ( E.g. Video conferencing and electronic mail ) has made communicating easier ; nevertheless RN need to continually measure their communicating patterns to guarantee they are effectual.

It is of import for RN to pull off staff expeditiously. Their concern is client driven which influences the sum of labor needed to put to death undertakings. As client bases or client demands addition, resources can go low, and later, directors need to supervise their squads ‘ activities to do certain resources are used, allocated and recruited suitably.

Overview and Assessment of the Organizational Culture

Despite its size, RN has managed to keep its original cultural values ( e.g. being positive, achievement orientated and high acting – see Appendix A ) with employees to the full committed and new recruits rapidly assimilated.

RN has an informal civilization manner, with a non-hierarchical, ‘laissez-faire ‘ attack to leading. This is consistent with the highest degree of subordinate-centred leading behavior in Tannenbaum and Schmidt ‘s continuum theoretical account ( cited in Boddy, 2008, p466 ) allowing employees to freely map. This attack allows employees to hold self-acknowledged organizational rank with clear lines of communicating, for illustration, via periodic face-to-face meetings or written stuffs. This advisory method of working creates a cohesive working environment in which employees feel valued and able to take part freely in bettering company public presentation ( Hannagan, 2008, p46 & A ; 715 ) .

This non-hierarchical attack is reinforced through seeable ‘artefacts ‘ of RN ‘s civilization such as insouciant frock codifications and open-plan seating designs – for all staff degrees ( Huczinski et al, 2006, p625 ) . Having this relaxed, non-corporate working environment shows, in the words of RN ‘s CEO that “ … we do n’t take ourselves excessively seriously” ( See Appendix A ) .

Organizational divisions are referred to as ‘Teams ‘ conveying a sense of cooperation, level unfastened communicating, a ‘can-do ‘ attack and meritocracy. Through their ‘Team ‘ work RN operates a ‘Task ‘ focussed civilization type where runing employee accomplishments are combined to accomplish their common intent ( presenting a high quality service ) ( Boddy, 2008, p90 ) .

Although RN is mostly client driven, it appears to hold adopted both an ‘Open Systems ‘ and a ‘Human Relations ‘ cultural attack due to its employee dedication ( Quinn cited in Boddy, 2008, p88 ) . Having cultural flexibleness allows the company to get by with external force per unit areas every bit good as internal integrating and committedness to staff. A strong civilization can better concern public presentation ( Boddy, 2008, p85, 91 ) and as the RN civilization is believed to be at the bosom of its proposition, it could be considered to be the nucleus of its success.

Improvement Suggestions

After carry oning this research into RN, it has been possible to do betterment recommendations, which may profit both the Company and its employees.

Due to the current economic clime, RN is being forced to cut costs by retaining their employees without offering additions in wage bundles. RN demand schemes to promote motive, show acknowledgment for employees ‘ accomplishments, and demo go oning committedness and investing in employees at low cost. For illustration, the publicity of more low-priced employee benefits, such as group wellness insurance or price reduction verifier strategies ( Mullins, 2005, p471 ) .

Research into RN has revealed that they do non hold any dedicated development programs for employees, linked into assessments ( with rigorous time-specific aims to increase public presentation ) . Therefore to help calling patterned advance, these could be implemented to give employees way into what needs to be achieved to have publicity ( Boddy, 2008, p514 ) .

RN could besides profit by employees ‘passing on their cognition ‘ . For illustration, presenting a wise man strategy which would supply extra duties for ‘mentors ‘ and increase accomplishments base of ‘mentees ‘ . This would besides move as a platform for publicity should the clip arise for all parties involved. This could to boot be applied through ‘train the trainer strategies ‘ to salvage money on external trainers and utilize staff experience and industry cognition.


The authorship of this study has been an educative experience, supplying a greater penetration into direction patterns and how methods for get the better ofing operational challenges are applied. This exercising has been a antic chance for deriving cognition into an unknown industry ( on-line research and fieldwork ) and into how concerns can successfully run from within their market countries.

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