Factors That Affect Employees Satisfaction Management Essay

Employee has an of import function in most organisation. An organisation which is high outlook in Employees productiveness will find high degree of success. Employee ‘s behavior, employee ‘s trueness employee ‘s public presentation and employee cooperation are consequences obtained from employee ‘s satisfaction. This survey aims to cognize how of import the employee ‘s satisfaction is. Why is it the most demands of any organisations in order to run into their concern success? What is the job of employee ‘s dissatisfaction?

Organizations need to cognize and understand specific factors that significantly affect satisfaction of employee in order to make utile mechanism for hiring, preparation, bettering and pull offing staff efficaciously. This survey purpose to place factors that impacting employee ‘s satisfaction. It will assist to cognize how these factors can significantly impact the consequence of employee ‘s working procedure. There are variable factors, each factors have difference affect on employee ‘s environment. Base on it, the research foremost nonsubjective is to place each specific factor in the most practical manner and do the grounds simple and easy to understand.

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Base on first aim, the research ‘s 2nd aim is to supply the information, information aggregation in order to turn out the possibility of research ‘s groundss, utilizing some of the method to analyze the feasibleness, sing the reactions of people to the job being studied. Beside the reappraisal of foreign literature, Information will be base on some selected private organisation in Vietnam to bespeak the realistic of selected factors in our state. The research will be relied to some Vietnamese writers, workers and employees to place the current state of affairs of the state in recognizing the employee ‘s function in most of organisation.

The 3rd aim is analysing the survey ‘s influence toward most organisation. The survey will establish on some research method in order to cognize and understand current jobs which became barriers and severely affect the attempts to construct employee ‘s satisfaction. The survey will utilize the study inquiries to analyse and obtain people sentiments in reexamining the people demands and wants of fulfilling employee.

The following aim is how the organisations could be provided and recommended for better solution to accomplish good consequences of retaining, collaborating and fulfilling employee. How toA puting more in employee satisfaction while cut downing marketing budgets? This aim will be… .

The last aim is taking to supplying and bettering the well understands about the of import function of employee ‘s satisfaction to any director and business communities. By holding the nucleus value of this survey, it will assist to alter the personal ‘s point of position and attitudes in preparation and developing endowment and enthusiastic employees in all industries and cut downing the per centum of employee ‘s dissatisfaction in Vietnam. Beside, this survey besides aims to the chance for making employee ‘s occupation satisfaction, bettering employee ‘s public presentation and employee ‘s trueness, which are the job of our state in old ages.

Why employee ‘s satisfactions have an of import function in employee ‘s trueness and client ‘s satisfaction? ( Significance of the Study )

Harmonizing to Carlene Cassidy ‘s survey ( 2004, Pg. 254 ) , It ‘s identified as there is a strong nexus between employee ‘s satisfaction and client ‘s satisfaction. But the chief point is employee ‘s satisfaction leads to the success of client ‘s satisfaction ( Jens J. Dahlgaard, Kai Kristensen, 2007, Pg. 169 ) . Success comes through people. If the organisations can understand how to actuate people, surely they will possesses more dedicated and talent human resources than the oppositions. As Bulgarella ‘s survey ( 2005, pg3 ) , she determined that in order to understand and run into the demands from clients, employees are ever required acumen and ability to understand what clients need and want, so evidently that satisfied employee have the motive to bringing such effectual and attention to the clients. Capital Ford Joint Stock Company in Vietnam recognized an every bit correlative between employee attention and client attention. Development companies which based on the reappraisal and appreciate the importance of employees to care for employee benefits, doing their employees happy will be able to present sensible attempts for giving for the benefits of clients and the general development of organisation. ( Capital Ford web site )

When companies are effectual in fulfilling their employees, employees stay longer, do a deeper committedness to the concern, and urge ways to better the company ‘s hereafter concern such as merchandise and services. Harmonizing to the dependable survey of employee ‘s satisfaction of NhanViet Management group, it shared that discontented and cranky at work are two major factors impacting to employee ‘s trueness and concern public presentation. ( NhanViet group web site ) . It ‘s of import to minimise the bad state of affairs that may take to bad factors mentioned. Knowing our employee means cognizing our company ‘s true strength and ability. It will assist the director able to find solution for the internal jobs and make solid organisation. Employee satisfaction can be measured by clear public presentation mark set. Directors grade their public presentation by these marks. By that directors have alterations to pull and retain gifted employees.

In Juliane Kuballa ‘s survey ( 2007, Pg 7 ) , she found that employee ‘s satisfaction have an of import impact on occupation public presentation, satisfied employees mean they are happy and satisfied with their occupation and will increase work ‘s benefit longer and better. Jack Welch, GE Chairman and CEO, province that companies can ne’er be able to accomplish long tally aims without employees who lack of trust and motive. The best solution is depending on how employees could believe and trust on directors who extremely attention for their feeling and allowing them freely to talk their head. Studied by Raymon J Store ( 2005 ) , by and large employee can rapidly be familiar with how they learned in working procedure to do the director happy and wages for what they have achieved. Therefore the acknowledgment of the employee ‘s part and wages will be a good measure in bettering employee ‘s trueness, benefits and long-run net incomes for the whole organisation. Another researching of VietNam Word has besides indicated that everybody likes to be recognized and appreciated at work. Recognition of the co-workers and the superior are indispensable as this will assist worker more confident and proud of themselves. Whether good or bad the consequences might be, they besides helps our staffs to detect and cultivate the potency from them. ( Vietnam work website, 2010 ) . “ No count how motivated an employee is, his or her public presentation is traveling to endure if there is n’t a supportive work environment ” , said by Stephen Robbins ( 2005, Pg. 164 )

All Employee Recognition Roads Lead to Greater Company Productivity and gross

( Beginning: virtunet.com.au )

The rhythm shows that ethical direction invest on the employee ‘s capableness.By selecting and preparation employees and making working environment every bit good as corporate civilization, employees feel satisfy with their occupations, direction gives employees link to the gross and growing of organisation. Therefore, directors should ever pay attending to the quality of employees through the procedure of hiring, preparation, steering and pointing in the work assigned. Beside, understanding the importance of employees to organisations and to clients will be the key that decides the good consequence of long-run concern program which require high investing in term of work force.

Chapter II

What is employee ‘s satisfaction?

The ends of increasing client service and productiveness ever have an of import function in long- term running and developing concern. For that ground, directors need to understand the significance of employee ‘s satisfaction in other to accomplish those intents. Employee satisfaction is defined as workers who are happy with their occupation and their working environment. The word satisfaction toward employee can be determined that all the best of internal quality which can be delivered to workers. Employees public presentations are frequently rely on work environment, co-workers ‘ attitude and direction policies. Manager must be response to the sentiment, attitude and satisfaction of them. They will work more effectual and will present high quality merchandise and service alternatively of “ merely make their occupations ” . Harmonizing to Derek R.Allen, Morris Wilburn ( 2002, Pg.17 ) employee ‘s satisfaction is the chief subject researched among industrial and organisations. It emphasizes the broad and powerful influence of this subject. Many surveies had found that there is a correlativity relationship among employee ‘s satisfaction, employee motive and employee trueness. For most employees, satisfaction may go the most influence factor toward occupation satisfaction. It largely depends on how employees are led by the supervising. Another research indicated that employee satisfaction can take to productiveness.

There are variable factors impacting employee ‘s satisfaction. This paper will trust on some specific elements to bespeak some of the beginning which could be the most possible factors that lead to the satisfaction of the employee. These factors include:

Financial and work benefits


Work orientation and motive

Financial and work benefits

Of class, if the company pay good wage, the employee will work good. By and large, employees will work with their higher strength when the companies increase gross. Employees feel happy with the wages for their good work. However, many studies show that satisfaction by merely increase salary and fillips could n’t convey work feasibleness. The employee will be familiar with some fillip money and giving it no longer the same acts as the first hebdomad or month they are received.A Money is merely a complex method to retain employee shortly, it ‘s non a long-run method. So what is the job of that if salary is a major pay cost of the company, which are related to the motive and satisfaction employees? Is it a perspective affair of working policy or execution? Harmonizing the article identified by Tran Nam Trung, Tran Thi Thu Ha ( 2008 ) , The pay system in most organisations in Vietnam have n’t built in scientific discipline. The system largely based on makings and senior status but less based on public presentation and the nature of work. This is why organisation can non hold adequate motive yet to advance employee for better working. In the other manus, there is no consensus in pay degrees, clip to increase salary and salary increasing rate. There for many concerns frequently do non demo the pay ordinances. This evidently led to employee ‘s dissatisfaction.

The best motive to seek to promote staff is the acknowledgment and position, giving them work benefits. For illustration, an employee selling more merchandises and co-workers are publically commending. The employee who received the awards feels proud of his /her accomplishments. Employees are paid off, which is indispensable in the procedure of employee betterment about confident, self-esteem and make an inducement for good workers that they improve their sense of satisfaction about what they have achieved, indicated by Stuart Bruchey, ( 2000 ) . Toyota Vietnam Company is a typical evident in acknowledging worthy wages to its applied scientist, Le Van Tach. He is the lone individual who pointed out the proficient mistakes of 1000 of Toyota autos. His action had surprise in public sentiment because he making for the safety of the company and clients without private purpose. Obviously he was satisfied with his occupation, his salary and his current place in company and he is besides an honest individual. With all these things, Toyota Company had gives all of what he deserves. ( Thanh thao, 2011 ) . This apparent had explained the ground why good benefits and good fiscal motivations are two major factors that affect employee ‘s satisfaction. Recognition and show the place were the two chief beginnings of encouragement.


The image of the outstanding leaders stayed in head of those who obey them. Good features of the leader derive the employees trust to esteem and support. Generally, Leadership means the procedure of animating others to work hard and effectual. Plus, Leader ship is set in order to retain good employee. Arch G.Woodside ( 2008, Pg.322 ) indicated that there is a correlative between employee occupation satisfaction and supervisor employee behavior. Therefore, leader is responsible for understanding and run intoing the outlooks from the employees. Each accomplishments and abilities of each employee are difference, which means that employees should hold to trust on each other. That is the ground why leaders are ever the first pick for linking people, actuating people to work and bit by bit experience the possible abilities of them. Harmonizing to Chris Harvey ( 2011 ) , CEO of VietnamWorks, the function of the leader is like the function of coach driver, he is the lone individual who can command and give the coach needed way to travel with his sure comrade. In add-on, leader is like a circuit usher that is ever making exciting feeling to riders during journey. Without the appropriate members of the comrades, the trip will be difficult to complete successfully. In their vision, the leader acts as the teacher. Listening with regard, pass oning clearly and openly with their remarks and inquiries will convey to employees the religious motive to make their best for the occupation. The leader must understand that employees are the really of import and valuable assets of an organisation. So if directors can be able to accomplish employee ‘s sort of satisfactions, motives and run into the facet of leading such as communication, easing and authorising efficaciously mixed to others,

As discuss by J.Leslie McKeown ( 2002, Pg.176 ) , for top employees, director demand to hold some kind of leading abilities in covering and fiting with their demands. The end between employee and good employee is difference. Good employees have their ain ends. In order to accomplish their ends, director demand to be a positively leading for them to typically trust on some country such as when they are encouraged to put long-run aims, when they need a wider high position to do strong and clear determinations and when they are given alteration and bravery to show their though wider. Harmonizing to Thanh Luong ‘s article ( 2011 ) , the consequence of employers in Vietnam showed that over 76 % Vietnamese employees are interested in good leading. It is besides the most of import factor to pull talent employee from an employer. Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, CEO of Navigos Search in Vietnam, stated that many companies use merely salary to pull talent people, many workers change occupations because of attractive income. However, the consequence shows that the importance factor did n’t come from them. It is non cover all the facets of satisfying. She believes that by holding the positive reply to this inquiry: why do good people want to work in your company? Directors will utilize the abilities of leading to retain and derive more possible employee in short clip.

As discuss by Dan McCeathy ( 2009, Pg.123 ) , Motivating environment is when people are willing to work hard without any force per unit area come from directors. It means employee experience satisfy with their occupation and their foreman. George Robert Terry ( 1966, Pg.72 ) found that actuating environment is vitally came from Leadership accomplishments. So evidently it identified that leading with good accomplishments and abilities are able to command and actuate employee in the good manner.

Orientation and Motivation

As survey of Orientating and encouraging environment are where people giving their best shooting of making their occupation harder than they used to without any force per unit area from their foreman. The employees intend to work hard when no 1 is watching or cognizing. Said by Peter Sheal ( 1999, Pg 49 ) , you need to measure the effectivity of the orientation programme. The costs of non making orientation are normally apparent in footings of employee turnover, employee dissatisfaction with their new work, and the errors and misinterpretations that frequently lead to work struggle. Harmonizing to the Saigon concern newspaper, none of employees want their work takes topographic point in an environment of ennui and inability to progress. Therefore, concerns must hold a clearly oriented work. It will surely be a beginning of motive for employees. As discuss by Raymond J Store ( 2005 ) , The HR director should retrieve that orientation is likely to be more successful if it is done over period of clip so the new employees is non overloaded with information, it involves a combination of larning manners and it begins instantly. Most of the employee ‘s ends are related to long-run factors. Therefore, direction demand to see to long-run method for carry throughing their ends and accomplishing best consequence in doing our staffs experience as portion of organisation. To make a positive work environment, a director must first allow the employee know what is expected of them.

Some surveies showed that good orientation can convey benefits such as cut downing employees ‘ concern about their occupation, conveying employee occupation satisfaction, good attitude and sense of work. Missing of committedness to employees, in bend, leads to moo employee satisfaction mentioned by Arch G. Woodside, ( 2008, Pg.176 ) .

Harmonizing to Bao Nguyen ( 2001 ) , the orientation and developing employee in most organisation in Vietnam are viewed as “ cost ” instead than “ investing ” , which leads to budget ‘s wasteful in the procedure of hiring and preparation employee. Therefore, organisations should be decently identified the right of orientation, which is long term and sustainable investings. It will besides assist organisation to understand the importance of preparation to the development of concern. Andrew D. Szilgyi and Marc J. Wallace ( 1983 ) stated: Both employee ‘s orientation and leader positive wages behavior are cagey assorted will guarantee the nucleus value of employee ‘s satisfaction. In the conversation between Association of Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Bjarne Palstrom, Director of the productiveness and industrial development of Danish, Mr.jarne Palstrom discuss that employee ‘s satisfaction decides great occupation public presentation. The employees who received no orientation, direction in any organisation ‘s occupation program, allowing them work out their ain undertakings ; societal relationships without any considers about their accomplishments and abilities form their foreman will slowly destruct their occupation satisfaction. ( Linh Anh, 2004 ) .

Research inquiry

Why employee ‘s satisfactions have an of import function in employee ‘s trueness and client ‘s satisfaction?

Is Fiscal Motivations and Work Benefits affect to employee ‘s satisfaction?

Is Leadership impacting to employee ‘s satisfaction?

Is engaging and choosing undertaking affect to employee ‘s satisfaction?

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