Findings and analysis of Managerial Implications


5.1 Introduction:

This chapter provides the sum-up of the cardinal findings and analysis ; Managerial Implications ; Restrictions of the survey and Recommendations for farther research. The mentioned five research aims for this survey have been achieved and it was made clear that Employee Development, Rewards and Recognition ; Organisation Leadership and Planning ; Organisation Culture and Communications ; Employee Job Role and Employee Work Environment are significantly related to Employee Engagement in Creativemine. Among all of these drivers, Organisational Leadership and Planning played the most of import function and acted as the strongest driver of employee battle in Creativemine.


The targeted Organisation consists of 340 employees among which 194 are male and 146 are female employees. The sample for this survey consists of the whole staff. Among these employees, most of them fall under the age scope of 26-35. Merely five employees are aged more than 65. There are portion clip employees in this administration besides bulk working full clip. Majority of the employees work in this administration for one twelvemonth to less than two old ages. Most of the employees are in production and service sections. Majority of the employees would wish to urge their company ‘s merchandises, serviced and employment to their friends. This means that most of them are satisfied with the merchandises and services what the company is supplying.

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Descriptive analysis has been carried out for happening out the agencies, manners and standard divergences of all the variables. The manner for addition the satisfaction and productiveness as an employee is 3. Hence, this means that Creativemine needs to increase the salary for every employee for every six months. So, Creativemine need to look at their employees ‘ demand and has to take appropriate steps consequently. The manner for Organisational activities that make it a better topographic point to work for an employee is 4 which means that most of the employees preferred this administration as their pick as they got plenty freedom to show their positions and sentiments to their immediate supervisor.

Reliability analysis was conducted on all the variables considered for this survey. For this, Cronbach ‘s Alpha has been found to find whether the consequences are free from mistake and are appropriate. The value of overall ? for Organisational Leadership and Planning is 0.899 which is more than 0.8 and is really high. This indicates that there is a strong internal consistence among all the seven points. This means that the respondents who selected high mark for one point besides be probably to choose high mark for the staying six points and frailty versa.

If we consider the dependability analysis for Organisational Leadership and Planning in Appendix 3, so we can detect that the value for Corrected item- entire correlativity for point figure 1 is 0.627. This means that the correlativity between point 1 and the amount of the points 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 is r=0.627. This indicates that there is a strong +ve correlativity between the tonss of point 1 and tonss of combination of all other 6 points. This is a manner to find how good the mark of one point is consistent internally with combined tonss of the staying points. If this correlativity is non strong, so that point need to be removed as it is non consistent. So, with this type of trial, the research worker is non merely being able to come up with the dependability of the consequences, but besides, happen to pull off them by bettering farther. It has been found that the value of ? for the points under staying variables is greater than 0.7 and therefore, we can state that there is strong internal consistence among all the points severally.

Pearson Correlation analysis has been carried out to happen out whether there is any important relationship between any two variables. From the consequences and treatment in the old chapter, it can be said that all the hypotheses can be accepted. Multiple Regression Analysis has been carried out to find the relationship between dependant and independent variables. Overall the Multiple Regression Analysis found that the theoretical account corresponds to 95.3 % of the Employee Engagement. This means that 95.3 % of discrepancy in the independent variable is accounted by all the independent variables. This value is considered as good. The adjusted value of R2 is 0.949 which means that 94.9 per centum alterations of the dependent variable can be better explained by all the mentioned independent variables. But so, the research worker want that farther more research demand to be conducted for the in deepness apprehension of employee battle as other factors may besides impact employee battle in Creativemine.


This survey suggests that the organizational leading and planning has the strongest influence on the employee battle at Creativemine. One of the managerial deductions from the consequences and treatment is the demand for the administration to supply employees with better leading and planning. The directors play a critical function in heightening battle within an employee and they should care about the employees ‘ good being by supplying appropriate feedback to the employees ‘ input and proposing them some thoughts to come on in their calling by utilizing the chances within the administration. The directors should besides measure their public presentation degrees and should present some inducements and fillips to the better performing artist so that they continue with this attempt long term.

The directors need to assist in making an environment where the employees become engaged emotionally and cognitively. The directors can do the employees emotionally engaged by constructing strong bond with the directors, co-workers and work. The employees can be cognitively engaged by understanding the clear mission and intent of the administration ; and by having information and appropriate feedback. If the employees have a strong bond with the directors, so they feel that they are being valued by their directors and their sentiments are being considered. This allows them to internally develop emotional battle which helps the administration to win in its ends. Similarly, the employees who better understand the long term ends of the administration and the importance of their occupation function to the administration ‘s success will ever experience more cognitively engaged.

In add-on to this, the employees feel more occupied if the administration provides them with the new acquisition and preparation chances to detect their endowments. For this to go on, the administration needs to supply adequate resources for the occupation so that the employees would be able to run into the targeted deadlines and carry through their organizational and personal aims efficaciously and expeditiously. The consequences from this research confirms the past perceptual experience of some administrations, directors and employers that if the employee is engaged in his/her work, so he/she would be more enthusiastic and willing to carry through even a really hard undertaking.


This survey is restricted by several restrictions and these are stated as below:

5.3.1 Communication Constraints:

The research worker was non able to pass a batch of clip at the Organisation for roll uping the information from the respondents. The research worker was non even able to reach the disposal staff straight for obtaining the permission to carry on the research in their administration. This is all because of the location of the Organisation which is in India. Hence, not verbal communicating was non recorded by the research worker. But the research worker eventually managed to roll up the informations by carry oning the online study which was sent to the respondents and thereby collected the informations consequently.

5.3.2 Fiscal Constraints:

The research worker faced the fiscal job in keeping the budget within certain bounds while completing this undertaking work. The research worker is left with really little sum of budget to be spent while managing a high budget survey. All the disbursals must be taken attention of and considered to guarantee the proper completion of the undertaking.

5.3.3 Questionnaire Constraints:

The questionnaire designed by the research worker consists of both closed ended and unfastened ended inquiries. These questionnaires got the hazard of non being answered by all the respondents. The research worker used study questionnaire because of the location job and this may non let the complete engagement of the respondents. Questionnaires which are mailed may besides ensue in low responses from the persons ( Delport, 2002 ) . All the questionnaires were in English and the research worker supposed that all the respondents are adept in English as most of the employees were either analyzing or working in a corporate civilization.


The research worker felt that this research or survey has provided information sing the factors that affect employee battle in the context of Creativemine. The research worker felt that the research can still be extended for farther apprehension of employee battle. Hence, it would ever be utile to maintain certain points in head which can be implemented in future and these are listed as points below:

The survey demand to be expanded into other industries even to better the consequences of consistence.

Some other few variables may besides be included along with these independent variables which provide farther more in depth apprehension of the research so that this might increase the truth of better understanding the drivers that promote employee battle.

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