Focus On Cost Leadership Strategy Management Essay

Scheme, is a type of action, becomes necessary in a state of affairs, to accomplish a peculiar end, when the accessible resources are non sufficient. Therefore, scheme can be defined as an efficient usage of the available resources to accomplish the chief goal.A As there is ever an component of uncertainness about the hereafter, scheme is more about a set of options than a fixed program.

Scheme is besides theA directionA orA scopeA of an administration over theA long-run, which to achieveA competitory advantage for the administration in the marketA within the challengingA surrounding, to run into the demands ofA marketsA and to fulfilA stakeholderA outlooks. “ Strategy is a calculated hunt for a program of action that will develop a concern competitory advantage and compound for it. ” ( Montgomery 2002 ) . There are 3 degrees of scheme, which are Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy, and Functional Strategy.

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Corporate Strategy is analyzing and measuring concern chances in countries with complementary activities. Harmonizing to Kumar ( 2010 ) , “ In other words, corporate degree scheme takes a position at the overall range of an organisation and how to heighten stakeholder value. ” Corporate degree scheme is dying about the aims of the corporation and how the concern should be managed. This scheme is used to find where in the corporation competition is to be localized. Corporate scheme seeks to develop synergisms chiefly by sharing and organizing staff across concern units.

Business Strategy is to find how a corporation should vie in its concerns. Harmonizing to Kumar ( 2010 ) , “ Business degree schemes are basically positioning schemes whereby concerns tend to procure for themselves an individuality and place in the market. ” It is aim to measure rivals in order to derive competitory advantage in the industry. This scheme will be positioning the concern against rivals. Besides that, this scheme is use to anticipate alterations in demand and engineerings. It besides used to act upon the competition through strategic actions.

Functional Strategy is the degree of operating divisions and sections. It is chiefly focal point on operating and put to deathing the determination from the concern scheme and corporate scheme. Harmonizing to Kumar ( 2010 ) , “ This degree of scheme is highly important in determining the success of other schemes as it translates strategic determinations into strategic actions by straight impacting the design of operational procedures and webs, human and other resources etc. ” This scheme involved in the development and coordination of resources through where concern degree schemes can be implementing efficaciously and expeditiously.

Porter ‘s Generic Strategies is a class of schemes dwelling of three general types ofA strategiesA that are largely used by concerns to accomplish and maintainA competitory advantage. Porter ‘s Generic Strategies including three types of schemes, which are cost leading, distinction, and concentrate scheme.

Cost Leadership

Cost leading is a scheme that holding lowest operational cost and lowest monetary values in the mark market section. The low cost leader in any market additions competitory advantage from being able to many to bring forth at the lowest cost. This scheme is aim to acquire cost advantage and go a low cost manufacturer. When a house implements this scheme, the house can vie with other houses and acquire higher net incomes. This will profit the monetary value sensitive clients.

Firms that implement cost leading scheme will hold high degree of productiveness and high capacity of use. For an illustration, Air Asia, the low cost air hose industry giant had implemented this scheme. Air Asia had been good known as a low cost manufacturer. Air Asia had cut off free drinks and nutrient for rider in short flight. It renewed its plane to Airbus A380 which provides more than one 1000 seats. The large plane maximised riders in minimal flights. Air Asia besides provides fast plane turnaround that is critical to guarantee clip spent on the land is minimum. Air Asia turnaround clip is 25 proceedingss, is the lowest comparison to others air hose.


Differentiation scheme is a scheme that differentiates the merchandise by a house from others in a same industry. It is to develop a merchandise or service that is alone and valued by clients. Differentiation is needed when there are specific demands from clients. This allows companies to desensitise monetary values and concentrate on value that generates a relatively higher monetary value and a better border. When the merchandises or services become alone, the mean monetary value will be addition. There is besides the opportunities that differentiation copied by challengers, and this will be and betterment in the industry.

A good illustration for distinction would be the Coca-Cola Company. The unique and particular coca-cola formula is formulated in the nineteenth century. The alone formula had non been copied throughout the century. Another company that has distinction scheme is Apple Inc. Apple Company had made great invention in electronic industry. iPhone, MacBook, iPad and iPod had make a great impact on invention of electronic industry. Those alone merchandises from Apple had ensured the company becomes the best marketer in electronic industry.

Focus Strategy

The focal point scheme focuses on a narrow section and within that section attempts to accomplish a competitory advantage. In using a focal point scheme, the company ideally concentrates on a fewA mark marketsA to fulfill different groups with specialised demands. Due to the narrow section focal point by the company, the volume of merchandises would be low, hence the less bargaining power from the providers and clients. A house utilizing concentrate scheme enjoys higher grade of client trueness.

A good illustration of focal point scheme would be the Haagen-Dazs company. Haagen-Dazs is a luxury ice-cream trade name which established in 1961. Haagen-Dazs had experimented, tested and finally perfected the universe ‘s finest ice-cream. Haagen-Dazs focal point on ice-cream section had make the company go the most successful luxury ice-cream company in the decennary. Haagen-Dazs focussing on the industry had ensured it to hold continuously betterment over old ages. Variety spirit and originative spirit had been introduced for clients ‘ specific wants.

Benefits and restrictions

Companies or administrations could acquire many benefits from using Porter ‘s Generic Strategies. The chief benefit that companies or administrations could obtain is deriving competitory advantage. Administrations which apply cost leading scheme will bask a higher mean net income from their merchandises. Reducing the production cost will take a higher net income gained even merchandises is traded with mean monetary value. Administrations could derive advantage in monetary value war for the merchandises. Administrations could derive competitory advantages by defend and increase its market portion. Customers ‘ demand on a differentiated merchandise will be less elastic than that for merchandises by rivals. Therefore, distinction scheme can make an extra barrier for market entry for fledglings. Focus scheme comprise lower investing in resources and administrations could benefits from the specialization provided by the administrations. Administrations that adopt focal point scheme will bask a high grade of client trueness.

Porter ‘s Generic Strategy is utile but it has its restriction. Cost leading scheme that an administration applied could be easy simulated by rivals. Hazard for this scheme is clients with low trueness. When there is a lower monetary value merchandise, clients will travel for it. As engineering improves, rivals may be able to excel the production capablenesss, therefore extinguishing the competitory advantage of the administration. Differentiation scheme will affect greater cost. Rivals might acquire copy the merchandises and extinguish the distinction. Price sensitive clients might take on monetary value instead than uniqueness. Administration that apply focal point scheme have limited chances to growing as its lone focal point on narrow graduated table. It forgoes the economic systems scale that would be available from larger market.

Company Industry

In order to finish the research, the author had chose air hose industry for the research subject. The author had chosen Air Asia Berhad and FireFly Airline as the research companies.

Air Asia Berhad Company Background

Customer Expectation

Customer outlooks are the trusts about service bringing that service is as criterions or mention points against which public presentation is judged. In air hose industry, clients expect to acquire good services. Customers wish to acquire low menu tickets. Customers expect to short check-in clip. In most of the airdrome, there is a long waiting line at the check-in counters. Customers would non likely to blow their clip for waiting. Customers expect to easy entree to the airdrome. They wish to hold conveyance provided by the airdrome so that it is convenience to make airdrome. Easy entree to airport will be the outlooks of clients. Customers expect to hold cheap nutrient and drinks when going with airplane. Customers wish to hold refreshments in the plane to cut down weariness during a long flight. Customers will anticipate seats in plane to be comfy. During the flight, clients expect the flight attending to be polite.

Activities of Air Asia and FireFly in presenting clients outlook

Air Asia provides lowest monetary value tickets. Air Asia provided a web check-in service so that clients do n’t necessitate to wait for long waiting line at the check-in counter. Air Asia provides inexpensive cab lease for clients that are far off from the airdrome. The flight attending in the aeroplane is friendly and polite to the riders as Air Asia knew that linkage between invitees ‘ satisfaction is a long term success.

FireFly Airline has really low monetary value tickets for clients. FireFly does hold web check-in service in its web site to avoid long waiting line which will dissatisfy the clients. The seats in FireFly aeroplane are wide and comfy. Passengers enjoy complimentary refreshments when on board a Firefly flight served by the attentive cabin crew. Besides that, FireFly flight attending as FireFly recognize the linkage between invitees ‘ satisfaction is long-run success.

Similarities and differences between Air Asia and FireFly

The similarities of Air Asia and FireFly are the both companies had the lowest menu for the clients. They both provide web check-in services for the clients so that clients would non necessitate to line up up and wait for long clip merely to check-in.

The differences between Air Asia and FireFly are Air Asia provides rental cab services but FireFly does non supply the service. Seatings in Air Asia aeroplane is up consecutive and is uncomfortable but FireFly aeroplane seats is wide and comfy. FireFly provides complimentary refreshments for riders in a long flight but Air Asia has snack for sell on plane.

The countries of Air Asia presenting client outlook and non presenting client outlook.

Air Asia has the lowest menu flight. Customer felt happy as they could go in low cost. Web check-in service for client would hold delighted clients as they do non necessitate to wait in a long waiting line. Passengers felt satisfy for the flight attending in Air Asia due to their friendliness and niceness.

Air Asia does non supply refreshment for riders to cut cost. Customers felt dissatisfy as they have to purchase expensive bite in plane even tough in a long flight. Seatings in Air Asia are up directly and really uncomfortable. In a long flight, this will cover high grade of weariness to their dorsums.

The countries of FireFly presenting client outlook and non presenting client outlook.

FireFly has the low menu flight. Customer felt satisfy as they could go in low cost. Customers are satisfy and happy for the web check-in service as they do non necessitate to wait in a long waiting line. Passengers felt satisfy as they could hold free refreshment on board. Passengers are happy with the comfy seats provided by FireFly. Passengers felt satisfy for the flight attending in FireFly due to their friendliness and niceness.

Firefly does non supply cab rental services for clients. Customers that live far off from its airdrome could non make airdrome easy. Customers would experience unhappy. Besides that, there is merely one FireFly airdrome. Customers felt unhappy as the handiness to FireFly airdrome is low.


After the research about Porter ‘s Generic Strategy, the author is more understand about concern scheme. It is use to maximise the public presentation of an administration in the market. With Porter ‘s Generic Strategy, an administration could derive more competitory advantage in the market. However, non every administration is suited to implement three schemes. Different administration in different industry would hold using different type of scheme.

Before choosing which scheme is the most suited for an administration, the leader should inquire few inquiries. The first inquiry is, “ should we vie on low cost footing, or should we distinguish the merchandises or services to derive more advantage? ” Then, the 2nd inquiry would be, “ should we vie caput to caput with our chief challengers for the market portion, or should we concentrate on merely a market section which is profitable? ”

In the author ‘s sentiment, the selecting of scheme to be implemented is important as it will be impacting the administration for a long term. Administrations should hold reexamine their strengths and failings and pick the most appropriate scheme harmonizing to the concern nature.

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