Freewriting reflection Essay

I believe that freewriting is a simple process that helps us bypass our self-criticism who tells us “you can’t write”. The main reason for wars and conflicts is that people search for freedom. Therefore every person looks for freedom and specially the freedom of their thoughts. Thus, because it is called “FREEwriting”, it is a way of relief. It is a tool that helps our ideas from evading from the prison of our head. Peter Elbow, in his essay about free writing says that “The easiest thing is just to put down whatever is in your mind” (Elbow 1).

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In addition, freewriting is a projection of ideas, of mind interpretations into a sheet of paper so that it can be shared with other ‘minds’. It’s a way of getting the brain in gear. Freewriting is a way of training yourself to receive and transmit fresh ideas automatically. “The most effective way I know to improve your writing is to do freewriting exercises regularly” (Elbow 1). Thus, Freewriting means what its name suggests: writing without constraint. Too often, writers get self-conscious about writing and want everything to be perfect the first time. The practice of freewriting eliminates these obstacles and allows a writer to generate creativity.

In my freewriting paragraph, I developed the idea of civil marriage. Why did I choose this topic? Well first of all, because it interests me and I heard a discussion about it on the same day on the radio. Well, Elbow tells us that “The easiest thing is just to put down whatever is on your mind” (Elbow 1), I did that! Secondly, the topic of civil marriage has been a controversial issue in society especially in Lebanon. As Lebanese people, we are involved in this issue that has influence on us and on our lappet.

Moreover, I turned off the screen of my personal computer while typing my freewriting. By doing that, I won’t be able to reread what I’ve previously written and therefore I can’t correct my grammar or typing mistakes. That’s one of the main purposes of freewriting that Elbow describes in the third page of his essay, he states that “The main thing about freewriting is that it is nonediting” (Elbow 3). I personally had fun after reading what I’ve read. I was surprised with the huge number of typing mistakes but really I liked that! I’m going to do that more often! Elbow is right:”Freewritings are vavuums” (Elbow 3)! I agree with that.

Peter Elbow, Freewriting, English 203, Course Pack, Instructor: Kathryn Lincoln, Fall 2013-2014, Chapter 1, Reading and Writing.

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