General overview of human resources

Human Resource Management is described as the duty of those shown as specializers to manage people in the organisation. It is non merely concerned with “ hiring and fire ” but besides with human resource planning, enlisting and choice, preparation and development and expiration of contracts and all other maps associated with the organisations human resource demands.

HRM trades with the maps concerned with pulling, keeping and developing people in the employment relationship.

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Harmonizing to Stone ( 2002, p. 4 ) , Human Resource Management ( HRM ) is when the people in an organisation are used fruitfully to accomplish the organisation ‘s strategic aims, at the same clip fulfilling the single demands of the employees.

Recruitment is the procedure of seeking and pulling a pool of qualified appliers from which campaigners for occupation vacancies can be selected.

The force per unit area of competition, cost economy, downsizing and planetary accomplishment deficit has made demand a top precedence. For many companies, gifted people are the premier beginning of competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to Dessler ( 2004, p.60 ) “ Recruitment is the act of placing groups and persons for service, and so really inquiring them to volunteer ” .

While public dealingss, selling and enlisting are non synonymous ; they do back up each other and profit the overall mission of your organisation. When the populace knows the name and service provided by your organisation, people are more likely to retrieve your organisation when they think about functioning. When employed decently, selling schemes can assist aim your enlisting run to the people who are most likely to state, “ Yes! ”

( Dessler, 2004, p.61 )

Recruitment policies at Etisalat


In the overall procedure of tapping the labour market for suited accomplishments and experience, enlisting comes foremost and is followed by choice. Recruitment ‘s undertaking is to turn up possible appliers and pull them to the organisation. Selection ‘s undertaking is to cream off the most appropriate appliers, turn them into campaigners and carry them that it is in their involvement to fall in the organisation, for even in times of high unemployment, choice is really much a bipartisan procedure. ( “ Management theory and pattern ” 5th edition, p.332 )

Choice at Etisalat


Initiation is concerned with turn toing this job and guaranting the smooth entry of fledglings into their occupations – conveying them to a degree of occupation mastery/independent working every bit rapidly as possible. In a de-regulated labor market with staff on short-run, parttime or impermanent contracts – the procedure of initiation of a new starting motor into the house and into their occupation is evidently an of import activity.

Effective initiation delivers a message to new employees that the administration supports its staff. Initiation is a welcome into the “ household of the house ” – it reflects that period of socialization when the fledgling non merely learns about the house but absorbs the outlooks and value systems of the house. In the initiation period new employees pick up the norms and behaviors that are expected by their co-workers and the organic structure corporate.

Initiation at Etisalat

At Etisalat initiation will be organized for all new joiners by the HR department.Upon particular petition by the several director a elaborate initiation will be arranged with the other sections based on the occupation demands. During such period employee would be taken through assorted sections/ sections and introduced to the systems, procedures and people at that place in. The line directors is requested to inform human resource of such elaborate initiations at least a hebdomad in anterior and guarantee that the new joiner attends the initiation as per the agenda. Hr would go around an initiation agenda to the several employee ‘s line director and to those responsible for managing the initiation to ease seamless initiation procedure.

A new joiner will make full up an initiation feedback signifier upon completion of initiation. Such a feedback procedure would assist HR to continuously better the initiation procedure. At Etisalat initiation is a shared duty between HR, line directors and the new employee.

It is the duty of the line director to present the new comer to the Etisalat household. A memo will besides be circulated to all staff denoting the inside informations of new joiners for every month. All new employees will be given an employee enchiridion to familiarise them with procedures, processs and civilization of the company.


Harmonizing to Jeffrey Gold ( 2003, p.249 ) assessment is a procedure that provides an analysis of a individual ‘s overall capablenesss and possible, leting informed determinations to be made for peculiar intents. An of import portion of the procedure is assessment, whereby informations on an person ‘s yesteryear and current work behavior and public presentation are collected and reviewed.

However to do a steadfast world-class it requires new intense ways of measuring the employees, one time the employees have been on the occupation for sometime, they have to measure their public presentation, fundamentally measure employees ‘ public presentation.

Performance Appraisal at Etisalat

At Etisalat development of an employee is considered as critical to the company ‘s overall success. Performance assessment is used as an instrument to supply feedback on overall single public presentation with a position to better the same. The methodological analysis adopted is Performance Development Potential ( PDP )

The PDP Process

PDP activity

By When

Who ‘s Responsible

Objective scene for the twelvemonth

Puting SMART aims in alliance with functional and organisational demands

End of 31st December

Employee and line director

Development program for the twelvemonth

Designation of development demands for bettering cognition, accomplishments and attitudes, there by heightening functional effectivity demand to be specific on finding preparation demands.

End of 31st December

Employee and Line director

Mid twelvemonth public presentation reappraisal

Appraisal of advancement against set aims and doing corrections if required & amp ; puting new aims for the 2nd half of the twelvemonth

End July

Employee and line Manager

Annual Review

Appraisal and rating of overall public presentation ( accomplishment of aims ) against set aims and awarding of single public presentation.

End of December

Employee and line director ( HR support and Facilitation )

Due to this PDP procedure at Etisalat

It has aid to prosecute and unify employees around the civilization and towards the way of the company.

It has help mensurate the public presentation of the persons

It has aid to place development demands for greatest public presentation at work

It has aid to place endowments and design calling way

It has aid to honor and acknowledge employees.


Training can be identified as a systematic procedure of bettering the competency of a peculiar campaigner in order to execute a peculiar occupation. Development can be identified as a more future oriented procedure where it is more concerned with instruction than employee Job-Specific preparation. Successful employees are prepared for places of greater duty have analytical, human, conceptual and specialised accomplishments.

It is besides of import for employees to regognise that preparation will enable them non merely to transport out the present responsibilities expeditiously but will besides gag them to take over enriched duties in the hereafter.

Training and Development at Etisalat

At Etisalat developing programmes will be conducted non merely to develop cognition, accomplishments and attitueded of employees but besides to point employees around the civilization and doctrine of the organisation.

An Employee ‘s preparation demands are identified both on the footing of the PDP ( public presentation Development Potential ) findings and the company ‘s concern demands. Apart from this a batch of importance is besides attached to jump development mechanisms Namley.

On the Job preparation

Short term assignment

Coaching and reding

Wage planning

Organizations may utilize following methods to set up a wage construction,

A Performance Related Pay ( PRP )

An Appraisal Based Performance Related Pay.

A Performance Related Pay is a method where persons are motivated to execute in an addition mode since higher consequences are rewarded with a higher wage. This method is common in the Fieldss of selling and production.

Appraisal based public presentation related wage is use for certain occupations where public presentation can non be identified or separated separately.

Wage Planing at Etisalat

At Etisalat annually increases are based on public presentation assessment. Each employee will acquire a public presentation development potency ( PDP ) evaluation at the terminal of the twelvemonth and based on that company decides the per centum that needs to be given for each employee.

Apart from the above acknowledgment and wages system is been used to appreciate and better employee public presentation. This leads to improved employee morale, employee effectivity and work quality. Employees at Etisalat awarded the followers

Employee of the Month

Employee of The Year

Salesman of the twelvemonth

Area gross revenues adult male of the twelvemonth

Most financially disciplined gross revenues adult male

Best executive, Best squad leader, Best gross revenues officer, Best trader

Besides Etisalat introduced a fillip program to gain 12 months salary over a period of 4 old ages. This was chiefly introduced to retain employees and the company achived this obejective where for the past 2 old ages employee turnover was less than 1.5 %

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