Global Thematic Essay

Thematic Essay

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Throughout the world, there are about 20 major religions, which can be subcategorized into hundreds of similar beliefs. Year after year, new religions were spread all around the globe. Today people have many different religious views and beliefs. This is because of the vast spread of culture all over the world.

Around the early centuries Before Christ was born, a man named Siddartha Guatama created a religion called Buddhism. Buddhism was formed in the fourth century B.C. in northern India. India is located in south Asia. Buddhism did not have any gods. They had Buddhas. Buddhas were very peaceful and enlightened. Hence the name “enlightened ones”. They were enlightened by the world. Buddhism suggested a way to get rid of sufferings of beginnings, whether it be a carrot or a fear. One belief or teaching of Buddhism is The Four Noble Truths.

These were the ideas that suffering is a part of life, selfish desire leads to suffering, desire can be overcome, and that the Eightfold Path leads away from desire, and toward release from the cycle of life (birth, death, and rebirth). Buddhism influences love for one another and frowns upon having selfish thoughts and desires. Aside from The Four Noble Truths, Buddhists also believed in the concept of reincarnation. This meant that they believed that once someone died, their soul would move to another human/animal and they would become something/someone else.

This Buddhism influenced Indian societies in artistic ways. Buddhists believed that following the eightfold path then they would be able to escape the suffering. They would finally receive nirvana.

About 2000 years ago, Christianity was established in Judea by Jesus and his twelve disciples.

Christianity is the most widespread religion of its kind. Loving God and putting him before all other “gods” showed how important he was. There was only one God to worship and pray to. God also send his son Jesus to save us. Jesus died on the cross because of our sins committed throughout thousands of years. The coming of Jesus showed us that there really is one true God.

Although being very difficult, Christianity helped thousands of places, including Judea, and shaped together and form as one holy Christian group of people. Following one God helps people to believe in a religion more because of a sense of comfort from the protection the god gives them

Different religious beliefs result in different lifestyles throughout the globe. They can be good or bad. They can have a great impact on culture as well as human beings themselves.

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