Global warming and an inconvenient truth Essay

            Scientists use the term “global warming” to refer to the “tendency for the globe to warm over a given period”. Scientists agree that the average global temperature is presently increasing. The definition of global warming is just part of the story because there is no time element as to when this will definitely happen to such proportions that it will cause destruction. The rate at which it is warming can be quite alarming because from the historical temperature readings, 11 of the last 12 years (1995–2006) is counted as among  the 12 hottest years since global temperatures have been measured (from about the 1850s). Today, scientists suggest that the current fast rate of warming beats the rate that was recorded within the last million years. It was even described that even if the earth became warm towards the end of an ice age the process was very gradual, warming up over a period of about 5,000 years. However, today, the earth is heating up at a very rapid rate (What is Global Warming?).

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            Al Gore argues that the emission of the green house gasses is the main cause of global warming. He does this by saying that there is a cause and effect relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature as he presents several graphs to convince viewers at how the levels of carbon dioxide and temperature have paralleled each other for about 600,000 years (Gibson).

            In order to prove his point, the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ directed by Davis Guggenheim showed how climate change has been doing its slow but sure destruction. The movie portrays scientific truths about the environment together with its possible solutions. It is Al Gore’s documentation of an issue that has been a passion to him ever since. The movie itself is a different kind of experience as viewers are treated to the effects of global warming on the human population. Al Gore expounds on air and water pollution that wrecks havoc on humanity. The call is urgent: act now or suffer the consequences later (An Inconvenient Truth Movie Review).

            The rising temperatures and drought can cause flooding and huge changes in ecosystems that can be the reason for the disruptions in agriculture. This will definitely result in dramatic social changes. As temperatures rise, the oceans will quickly evaporate causing more clouds and more rainfall. This could be disastrous because rain can fall on places and times when people least expect them.

            Early on in the movie Gore presents a chart that indicates the average temperature over the past 1,000 years. It then shows the big changes during the past years and Gore cuts off those who say that there is a cyclical nature to this. But if one looks back over the past 3,000 years, one can see that the temperatures based on studies of the Sargasso Sea, demonstrate that the world is now emerging from a mini-ice age that began about 1,000 years ago. He presents charts that show that while the temperature has been rising, the global temperature is still below the average for the past 3,000 years.

            The movie presents valuable interviews from experts and professionals in the environment who say that the problem is that as either the temperature or levels of carbon dioxide change, these can spur  several ecological changes that quickly snowballs into an enormously complex system of variables all having affects on each other. Gore shows how a short presentation of a theory based on two variables (greenhouses gasses and temperature) can show this correlation. In sum, however one looks at it, what people do today is important for the future and all of humankind must not take the issue of global warming lukewarmly.


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