Globalization And Its Impact On Malaysia Media Essay

In 1985, the term of “ globalisation ” was foremost used by Theodore Levitt. He characterizes the waistcoat alterations that had taken topographic points in the international economic system over last two to three decennaries. The rapid and permeant economic and fiscal alterations had taken topographic point in production, ingestion and investing globally.

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“ Globalization ” can by and large mention as a procedure or widening economic integrating. Thus globalisation addition the economic openness and turning economic mutuality between states around the universe economic system. Furthermore, the procedure are involves the increase of people ‘s motion, goods, capital across the national boundary lines and services. All of this has been made possible by revolutions in communications, information and other engineerings every bit good as of import political alterations. In other word, globalisation typically refers to the procedure by which different economic systems and societies become more closely incorporate, and concurrent with increasing world-wide globalisation.

Globalizations can bring forth wealth to the state and it decidedly can convey the economic system of the state to the highest points. Furthermore, globalisation draws peoples closer together, and offers many of us picks. It besides enables us to bring forth more expeditiously, efficaciously and it allows us, at least some of us to better the quality of life.

However, if globalisation can bring forth wealth, for certain it can take it back. For certain, non everyone is happy about globalisation because it brings the negatives impact to state every bit good. Globalization allows rich and powerful outside concern involvements to irrupt into the local civilization and they are attend to overrule local traditions and for certain it has threatens a manner of life. The cultural and spiritual of the society has effected and threatens because of globalisation. In industrialised and developing states, many people have felt threatened and they are threatened by the globalisation. A globalized economic system presents a myriad of challenges for the peoples such as in the signifier of protecting local civilizations and environment every bit good as local occupations.

Globalization besides tends to impact the national security of the universe. This close integrating of the states in the universe in the planetary system has broad deductions or branchings toward national security. The effects of the globalisation on national security is the universe has created a new international jurisprudence which were stripped the nation-state from its sovereignty and besides made the neutrality moot, political and economic integrating. Because of this, it tends to increase the tenseness in the international system as neither geographics nor national policy offers much protection. With this, national security inquiry has created because of the globalisation.

In add-on, the globalisation besides can impact the human work for the whole universe. The most of import factor that consequence the changing in work is technological, so the alterations due to the world-wide and sweeping debut of new information engineerings ( NIT ) is peculiarly of import impacts when advancing and rushing up globalisation, in portion of recurrently act uponing work scenes. However, global alterations in engineering non merely bring on alterations in work topographic points but occupational construction and the professions in company have dramatic alterations excessively.

The procedure of globalisation is one of the most critical developments that will impact the development of national economic systems. Since, globalisation offers take parting states a new chances for speed uping growing and development, unluckily, at the same clip, it besides poses challenges to and imposes restraints on policy shapers in the direction of national, planetary economic systems and besides regional. So, globalisation may impact the universe ‘s hapless and doing the people of the universe go really hapless which are doing the universe unbalanced.

At last, we know that the greatest challenge we have face today is to guarantee that globalisation becomes a positive forces which can assist the universe ‘s people, alternatively of go forthing one million millions of them behind in sordidness. Inclusive globalisation must be built on the great enabling force of the market, but market forces entirely will non accomplish it. It requires a broader attempt to make a shared hereafter for universe ‘s people based upon our common humanity in all its diverseness.

Section 2: Discuss Current Key Issues ( Lee Tsun Chieh 1071113009 )

Differential facets of globalisation


After Malaysia ‘s independency, Malaysia has been one of the most globalized development states. Globalization is one of the major factors to Malaysia ‘s phenomenal economic development and growing. In add-on, Anwar lbrahim had said that globalisation has done us a good service and particularly in the economic sector. [ 1 ] In 1992, Malaysia had offered to cut down the duties on 79 % of imports, nevertheless, non-tariffs has converted into duties, chiefly for import licences affecting blessing licenses ( APs ) . With this, Malaysia has benefited from increased manufactured exports and consumer public assistance has been improved. On the other manus, Malaysia ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) ratio has increased, the trade liberalisation decreasing, and bespeaking the addition in economic liberalisation twelvemonth by twelvemonth. In facts, the globalisation has straight bettering the economic sciences of Malaysia. Similarly like what Stiglitz said ( 2009 ) , who defined globalisation as “ closer integrating of states and people of the universe ” and the turning importance of internationally active corporation traveling capital, goods, and engineering across boundary lines. [ 2 ]

Economic liberalisation has in indirectly made the economic system progressively susceptible to external dazes, and undermined the enlargement of domestic industrial capacity and capableness. Malaysia has incurring trading losingss from RM 809 million in 1961 to RM 53,691 million in 1997, this will led to a lessening in the export buying power, and besides will cut down the measure of imports into Malaysia.

Method of Communication

From the angle of engineering, the technological invention lead to a batch of convenient particularly the communications engineerings, such as fibre optics, electronic mail and besides peculiarly satellite communications, all these discover made their life easier and they be able to pass on all around the universe because of the radical invention. On the other manus, it enable cost salvaging for internal communicating and cut down the traveling costs. By cyberspace, the able to back up the concern online and cut down the capital disbursals and besides the care costs.


Technology ever is the of import impact of the globalisation, and technological invention besides portion of advancing and rushing up globalisation, it besides used to recurrently act uponing work scenes. Nowadays the technological progresss occur quickly and all around the universe, some of the industry has responded by organizing joint ventures, abroad research and development organisation and etc. All the new organisation will rush up the universe technological invention and assist them ain county develop to globalisation and this interaction will go on. To do certain the technological invention maintain traveling on and without influence the working scene, our state seek the best to globalization it. Examples transportation of engineering through licensing, creative activity of new concern and besides joint ventures. All these interactions had been done to increased the figure of subordinates of the transnational corporations and have created new strategic confederations.

In the 20th century, which machines have increasing quickly and replaced the accomplishments of workers presents. In a production procedure in which scientific discipline and engineering are cardinal, cognition and non skill defines the procedure. [ 3 ] Now most of the university employees spend few hours in a twenty-four hours in forepart of the computing machine screens. They linked to their co-workers through cyberspace services to happen out their demands.

National Security

The impact of globalisation on national ‘s security is complex. Furthermore, it could be impacting the political and economic conditions within the provinces. However, the impact of globalisation is non needfully negative. Some of the participants have argued that some ways the forces of globalisation have brought approximately greater stableness in the part. For illustration, Johor-Riau-Singapore trigon in Southeast Asia, these states have reduced the struggles between them and they have give some cooperate between each of them. However, the impact on globalisation on the national security environment is non to the full positive. Globalization may really function to worsen long-standing tensenesss. This is the challenges to the whole universe and many of these are represent long-run menaces which have traditionally fallen outside the kingdom of foreign policy. In fact, in the last 11 old ages, the US intervention in Malaysia economic system had menaces of economic countenances under the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act ( ILSA ) on the PETRONAS. This issue is to coerce Malaysia to tow along the line set by its foreign policy in the New World Order. [ 4 ] In add-on, the foreign intervention that increased in Malaysia ‘s internal personal businesss had demonstrated by the Anwar. However, USA-led was tried to inflame the Anwar-Mahathir struggle in order to gnaw the assurance of international community on Malaysia ‘s political stableness in the Malaysia ‘s internal personal businesss. [ 1 ] With this, we know that the economic mutuality has a political monetary value which is either deputing some state authorization to a common international establishment like World Bank and IMF or increased the exposure.


For the cultural facet, globalisation means the alterations in term of the manner of life among people in the community. Hallak ( 2000 ) [ 5 ] in this respect states that globalisation has produced two incompatible phenomena ; standardisation and variegation. Standardization refers to similarity in eating wonts, apparels, and cultural merchandises whereas variegation is more about encouragement in accessing the multiple nature of universe heritage. The procedure of cultural globalisation would non be smooth without the aid of advanced communicating engineerings. Scientific and advanced engineering of communicating plays a critical function in circulating a certain civilization throughout the universe. Mohamed and Musa ( 1999 ) [ 6 ] noted that the communicating media, particularly telecasting and the Internet, are the tools to distribute out diverse civilizations and life styles which largely come from Western societies. The society is exposed to the Pepsi life style, McDonalds, Hollywood and Bollywood films. Globalization, in short it creates similarities and differences in the cultural.


Mobility can be characterizing into touristry and migration. For past, to going global is difficult to accept because of the travel fee is excessively expensive. But today, the international touristry has become one of the mark and fastest turning concern sectors in many states. The inexpensive air travel and luring tourer substructures have made it possible and interesting besides for that low income population to do holiday far off from here. Example AirAsia air hose ever comes out with a batch of offer and bundle for us with low-cost monetary value, with that sort of publicity, the low income household have the opportunity to make more holiday.

Section 3: Case Study and Discussion ( Tan Jin Sheng 1071113007 )

From our questionnaire study, there are 50 pupils have participated.

There are 25 pupils are male and another 25 pupils are female.

There are 45 pupils are Malayan and 5 pupils are non Malaysian.

All of the pupils that participated are at the scope of age at 18-29.

All of them are individual and none of them are in married.

There are 39 pupils making their grade and 11 pupils making their sheepskin.

There are 30 pupils are from FET, 10 pupils are from FBL and another 10 pupils are from FIST.

From the pie chart above, we found out that at that place 66 % of pupils are understood about the significance of globalisation. Most of the pupils believe that the globalisation will convey benefits to them and besides our states. Part of the pupils does non cognize good the significance of globalisation because they rarely entree to the media, and besides cyberspace. For the pupils who know because they learn it from the course of study of surveies and the entree to the media often, like reading newspaper or entree to internet every twenty-four hours. On the other manus, they besides able to name out the impact of globalisation and of import of it toward Malaysia. Example, globalisation enables fast growing in economic and decentalisation of production, rapid development of urban Centres, and etc.

Of class globalisation besides bring us a batch negative impact like increasing inequality and poorness, negative usage of labour flexibleness peculiarly for easy hire and fire, and etc. For farther betterment, our authorities demand to take action to minimise the negative impact due to globalisation.

From the pie chart above, we found out that most all pupils are believe that the engineering, economic system and the method of communicating will hold impact in Malaysia. Mostly all of them think that the impact will come in the positive signifier for illustration we invented new engineering, we have more convenience manner to communicating and more people will go rich. In facts, when our county has good economic system, it decidedly will do the people rich, when we are rich, we can hold better unrecorded and choice life. In add-on, they think that we will hold a good manner or convenience manner to communicating with each other when globalisation in Malaysia has growing fast likes others state. Technology are the one of the chief impact of globalisation, it development in scientific discipline and engineering in order to fast growing in engineering sector. Technological invention is the portion of advancing and rushing up globalisation, it besides traveling to replace the accomplishments of workers presents.

So, from this study, we found out that most of the pupils can understand what is globalisation is, nevertheless they wish that our state can be globalized and become more developed state in Asia every bit good as in the universe. Furthermore, we besides can see that most of the pupils can merely see the visual aspect impact when Malaysia is globalized, in facts, there are more aspect that will impact in Malaya when Malaysia are globalized. So, these sorts of information are importance to the people of Malaysia in order to be a developed state in the universe.

Section 4: Decision and suggestion for Improvements

( Kishok nair a/l vijaya seharan 1071118515 )

Suggestion for Improvements

Globalization in general human-centered sense must be understood as making a state of affairs where people & A ; states all over the Earth come closer and closer with lesser & A ; lesser struggle and greater & A ; greater prosperity. During globalisation, there are a batch of impact occurs within our state, there have positive and besides negative impacts which will convey a batch of benefit and besides disadvantages to our life and state. So, we as the state of Malaysia play an of import function to minimise the bad impact. Example, we need to hold ethical behavior to handle or function everything around us, non merely being ethical behaviors but we need to set attempt to make it besides. The authorities besides the of import function, authorities need come out a batch of action like promote by advertizement, do run and etc. All the action taken by the authorities will do the state aware of their attitude and they will reexamine themselves if they found it incorrect. Besides that, authorities besides can come out certain program to file away Malaysia ideal accomplishment, illustrations like Tenth Malaysia Plan on Globalization. The related thoughts in the program was leveraging on our diverseness internationally, fostering, pulling and retaining top endowment, back uping effectual and smart partnerships and etc.

Presently Malaysia are utilizing the critical discursive schemes like apery, hybridity, representation and Orientalism, this has been able to selectively allow “ fragments of modernness ” via its embracing and successful prosecution of the free market laced with an Asiatic ‘cultural ‘ spirit enabling it to portray itself as a successful ‘Asian ‘ market economy.A In so making, it has allowed Malaysia to transform itself from a comparatively ‘passive ‘ object into an active capable initiating issues of pan-Islamic patterns and idea, planetary inequalities, human rights, the environment and societal, cultural and political representations of ‘developing states ‘ and/or the ‘third universe ‘ . [ 7 ]


As the spread of globalisation, globalisation has progressively become a specific economic scheme pursued for many of the states in the universe in order to re-exert their place and influence over those other states. However, in Malaysia, we should cognize about the globalisation possibly will gives us the positive impact and besides the negative impact. Then what we want to make is to guarantee that globalisation can convey us more positive impact alternatively of negative impact. So, we should better or to accomplish the 10th Malaysia program on globalisation in order to be a to the full globalized state. At last, globalisation may go a cardinal to success or a cardinal to go a developed state ; nevertheless, it may besides go a cardinal to failure the state when the state can non pull off it good.

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