Hong Kong International Airport And The Mainland China Marketing Essay

Despite adding even more kilometres to railway web, tourer must utilize one conveyance in travel journey. It is Railway ; it provides a convenient and fastest connexion to finish for traveller. As one of Hong Kong ‘s major mass public conveyance systems, MTR web comprise nine railroad lines includes Urban Area line, Airport Express, and Intercity Passenger Service. These lines are supplying a high velocity rail nexus services between Hong Kong to Hong Kong International Airport and the Mainland China.


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MTR Corporation is one of the of import transits in Hong Kong, while it is regarded as one of the universe ‘s prima railroads. It provides service for around 3.7 million riders in mean every twenty-four hours, and they provide an airdrome express path between Hong Kong International Airport and Central Hong Kong for tourer. In Hong Kong and Kowloon station, they provide a installation which is In-town Check-in desk and Airport Express Shuttle Bus services for tourer. MTR Corporation is led by Chairman and managed twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours by Executive Directorate which comprises the Chief Executive Officer and six Directors. The Corporation is playing a function that enhances client ‘s quality of life and actively engages in communities they serve. Therefore, the vision is to be a globally recognized leader.

The purpose of this study is to discourse about why MTR Corporation is a celebrated transit company in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it analyzes the degree of client service by comparing the dependability, client satisfaction and quality of service.


Secondary research will be utilizing to roll up information about client service and attention that MTR Corporation performs in this study.

The secondary research is based on the text books and official web site of MTR Corporation to discourse whether the service and attention, public presentation and installations in the Stationss are dependable or non. In add-on, MTR Corporation ‘s one-year study will be besides used to analyse the client service criterion and as an information to compare with the other transits. Finally, several theoretical concept, Gap Theory, consumer behaviour, SERVQUAL and client satisfaction, as a support will be applied to explicate the lifestyle features and clients ‘ behaviour and outlook.

Observation on clients ‘ ain penchant in taking MTR Service

One company demand to sing the consumer decision-making, because the consumer is defined as ” any individual who uses, consumes or experiences the merchandise or service, irrespective of who really makes the purchase ” ( Jones & A ; merricks,1994, p.19 ) It direct consequence consumer use the MTR service or non.

Define of Consumer Behavior

It used 4 phases a basic theoretical account of consumer decision-making ( Figure1.1 ) . First, it is motive and acknowledgment of demand. This is such as a beginning of the determination procedure, it involve single differences, environmental influences and information stored in the memory. Then, the information hunt is about consumer through media, friends, dealingss or other important influences with external messages to acquire a message. Third, the alternate rating is measuring the rival information such as general beliefs, attitudes and purposes from the rider. Final, rider holding evaluated the results, the rider chooses the transit and as the consequence is either satisfied or non.

Figure 1.1 Basic Model of consumer decision-making ( Williams, 2002, p. 48 )

MTR Corporation ever to research for understands what is clients ‘ demands and supply superior criterion of service. Within one time a twelvemonth, MTR study squad is study about 30,000 client behaviour of transit and grounds in station intercept interviews. Besides, they have observation and numbering the feeder coach once a twelvemonth. Furthermore, they are measuring on such as cross seaport coach study, rivals position and benchmarking ( Appendix A ) .

1.2 Explain of Customer Focus

A client focal point is one crucial to the hereafter of a company. A benefit of one company involves enhances distinction and competitory advantage, construct up stigmatization, enhances client satisfaction and keeping, improves staff motive and morale to cut down staff turnover. Therefore, it can increases company net incomes ( Figure 1.2 ) .

MTR Corporation focuses on the 5 basic demands of the riders. When scheduling their train services and on a regular basis reexamine their agendas to guarantee that their service can supply riders with the greatest convenience. Passengers merely pay a lower menu can bask the high quality and client attention services. Besides, they are take attention a individuals with disablements position, senior and kid. Besides, the client focused enhances staff efficiency and morale ( Appendix B ) .

Figure 1.2 Customer Focused Climate and Culture ( Beginning: Cook, 2008, p. 34 )

Customer Satisfaction of MTR Corporation

“ The entirety of characteristics and features of a merchandise or service that bear on its ability to fulfill a declared or implied demand ” ( British Standard 4778, 1987, cited in Lockwood, in Lockwood, Baker & A ; Ghillyer ( Eds ) , 1996, p. 4 ) . The perceptual experience of the service which clients receive is dependent upon their outlooks. If the intervention which is client get a better than his or her outlooks, this is first-class service. MTR Corporation is used SERVQUAL. The service quality mensurating instrument designed to cover all services with one set of inquiries. It measures clients outlooks of what houses should supply in the industry. The five-factor construction included tangibles, dependability, reactivity, confidence and empathy ( Figure 2.1 ) .

Figure 2.1 A theoretical account of service quality direction ( Beginning: Gronross, 1983, cited in Sharpley, in Pender & A ; Sharpley, 2005, p. 23 )

2.1 High Quality of Customer Service in SERVQUAL

All of MTR Stationss, they possesses one of client service Centre to managing accident, experience unwell and supply a broad scope of information. All of employees possess good behaviour, first-class communicating accomplishment and experience, they pleasure replies to clients precisely when services will be performed or assist. In the Hong Kong and Kowloon Station, they provide an in-town check-in services for concern adult male, tourer. It decreases their travelling clip on train and check-in in the airdrome. Furthermore, they have friendly porters who will help rider and luggage at those Stationss.

Facilities of MTR Station and Train

Then, MTR station are provide bank services ( ATM ) , lost belongings office, exposure booth, stores, ticket issue machine, a station location map with tour attract points, an equal figure of escalators and rider lifts to associate all degrees of the station. In add-on, they provide a complimentary service for airdrome express riders such as free bird coach service to hotels, free MTR train connexions. They recognize the importance of supplying a clean and pleasant environment for going and they understand their rider demand for cool and comfy in station or train. Furthermore, they provide a warm reminder and welcome proclamation for riders.

Dependability of MTR Service

As a good quality service, MTR was won the Best Branding Award, Hong Kong Services Award in the Public Transportation Award from newspapers. Furthermore, In MTR Pledge for Service 2010, they provide high service public presentation train service bringing, on clip, dependable train services are critical for the riders to bask a smooth and timely journey. They promise at least up to 99 % riders will make their finishs within five proceedingss of their scheduled reaching times ( Appendix C ) .

Through the upper points, MTR Corporation provides a good quality service and viva-voce client services in Hong Kong Transportation.

Communication with Customers

“ Enables you to understand your clients and how they think about you ‘re your merchandises, your service, your people, your systems, your rivals, etc ” ( Daffy, 2001, p. 113 ) Today ‘s clients know their rights and are more likely to do their sentiments known if they feel that these have been violated. It related to company services, staff attitude and feedback.

3.1 Service Recovery and Empowerment

All cordial reception organisations should hold accomplishments for managing client ailments efficaciously. It should include zero defects scheme, how to better service quality, remoteness and all ailments can better the beginnings of service failure. Then, in client service authorization, it of import portion in service recovery and many companies are used to devolving duty and decision-making powers to look line staff that who are take responsible for managing with client ailments. Authorization allows client service suppliers to make up one’s mind on their ain whether or non clients bespeak should be granted. Using authorization in ailment can give company a opportunity to set a right thing for the client and increase client trueness.

3.2 Problem Solving

Sometimes, client service supplier frequently have a resolution complains. Problem resolution is an active declaration to a ambitious state of affairs. Besides, the jobs work outing demand interacting with client is the velocity with which determinations must be made. Therefore, client offering them the chance to portion their thoughts, as the same clip is offer a bettering a state of affairs or system for the company. There are four points for brand determinations and work out jobs ; it includes larning problem-solving schemes, developing dialogue accomplishments, how to command the struggle and how to follow up ( Figure3.2 ) . MTR strive to guarantee that all of complain to do an analysis the jobs and response to sender and follow up.

Figure 3.1 Six stairss of Problem Solving ( Beginning: Harris, 2006, p. 33 )

3.3 Listening Customer Feedback

Besides, one of good client feedback process needs to be continually gathered utilizing a assortment of beginnings and channels. There are five feedback methods, feedback on side, via e-mail and telephone, through a 3rd party and in individual. First, MTR Corporation likes to take attention of their demands or suggestions for betterments. They like unfastened communicating with riders, they provide an sentiment zone held at different MTR Stationss each month and on board MTR trains twice a twelvemonth. It is most effectual channel, because they can direct to acquire a rider enlightening to construe organic structure linguistic communication. Besides, riders can name their hotline to an operator present their sentiment, if can non link or after office hours, riders may go forth a voice message which return following concern twenty-four hours. In add-on, they may besides compose missive to MTR Headquarters, they promise at least 99 % of the questions will be reply to within six yearss. Furthermore, all of MTR station provides a remark card for riders leave an sentiment to better the service or ailment. After write down the remark card, they can send on to MTR Stationss collect box ( Appendix D ) . The purpose is maintain the rider responds for betterment and trueness.


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