Hospitality Brands In Order To Consider The Aspects Marketing Essay

Hilton and Marriott are two of the leaders in the cordial reception industry viing with each other in different countries, for assorted market niches and for distinguishable clients. The two industry giants lead the market and demonstrate assorted inventions that cause other companies to follow the leaders and to come up with the thoughts based on what is already introduced by Hilton and Marriott. The undermentioned paper compares the cordial reception trade names of Hilton and Marriott in order to see all necessary facets that make both companies highly successful on the planetary cordial reception market.


In order to better see the differences between Hilton and Marriott it is necessary to briefly explore the history and the bing trade names of the two cordial reception industry giants. Hilton Hotels ( now owned by Hilton Worldwide company ) for case is a big international concatenation of hotels and resorts that was originally found by Conrad Hilton. The company is unfastened to cooperation with assorted spouses, hence, all Hilton hotels are either managed and owned or franchised to independent operators. In 2009 the company had over 545 Hilton hotels around the universe. Hilton ‘s rapid enlargement made this concatenation the first in the USA that spread from coast-to-coast. The chief focal point of the Hilton hotels is on the concern travellers ‘ market niche, although it besides targets households with its resorts and the alleged leisure-oriented hotels. The company does everything possible to back up its clients, hence, it possesses assorted trueness plans that at nowadays are a portion of Hilton Honors guest trueness plan that in add-on to assorted room price reductions provides price reductions on the air hoses and auto rental services of the companies that Hilton spouses with ( Nyheim, 105 ) .

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Currently Hilton has endorsed the following market cleavage scheme to profit from the different market niches and to avoid trade name cannibalism from assorted Hilton hotels. The trade names are approximately divided into the undermentioned classs as taken from

Luxury trade names, viz. Conrad Hotels and The Waldorf-Astoria Collection

Full Service hotels, viz. Hilton Hotels, Doubletree and Embassy Suites

Select Service, viz. Hilton Garden Inn and Denizen Hotels ( Defunct )

Limited Service, viz. Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & A ; Suites

Extended Stay Suites, viz. Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton

Timeshare, viz. Hilton Grand Vacations Company.

Clearly Hilton managed to a provide a solution for every demand and for every pocket therefore trusting to efficaciously profit from the trade name trueness that people might develop towards one of the trade names in the concatenation. The fact that Hilton allows the trueness points/bonuses to be ‘spent ‘ on all its different trade names means that Hilton efficaciously keeps the clients. In other words, a man of affairs who travels to Hilton hotels ( Conrad Hotels or The Waldorf-Astoria Collection ) and earns points may take to pass those on Homewood Suites by Hilton or other trade name that better meets the demands of his household ( Walker, 59 ) .

Marriott appears to follow the same scheme as Hilton ( and frailty versa ) in footings of market cleavage and planetary enlargement. The company besides puts the demands of the concern travellers in front of others types of invitees. Marriott besides segmented the market in order to hold its different trade names appeal to different clients. It spread its trade names in the undermentioned mode:

Full Service Lodging, viz. Marriott Hotels & A ; Resorts, JW Marriott Hotels & A ; Resorts, Renaissance Hotels & A ; Resorts, Marriott Conference Centers, Ritz-Carlton Hotels & A ; Resorts, BVLGARI Hotels & A ; Resorts, Edition Hotels & A ; Resorts and, Autograph Collection Hotels & A ; Resorts

Select Service Lodging viz. Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn by Marriott and SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Extended Stay Lodging, viz. Residence Inn by Marriott, TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Marriott ExecuStay and Marriott Executive Apartments

Timeshare, viz. Marriott Vacation Club International ( MVCI ) , Marriott Grand Residence Club, The Ritz-Carlton Club, and The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club.

Marriott International merely like Hilton besides has Marriott Rewards plans that strive to profit the clients and let them to salvage money on future corsets as wages points result in non merely free darks in assorted hotels around the universe but besides in free air hose stat mis and other benefits ( Walker, 59 ) .

When analysing both hotel ironss in a greater item, one finds out that however Marriott is more focussed on the concern travellers than Hilton. It is for this ground Marriott has more hotels in chief concern centres around the universe ( in capitals of the states ) supplying effectual service to the concern clients. At the same clip it may be more hard to happen a more household and leisure oriented Marriott in the same country. Hilton on the other manus appears to be less focussed compared to Marriott, on the concern clients and one can happen more Hiltons ( of different sizes ) around coastal countries, etc. To exemplify, in the Latin America most Marriott hotels are largely concern hotels located in the capitals of states such as Venezuela, Columbia, Panama or elsewhere. Even those hotels located in the coastal towns and metropoliss are typically placed either in business district or off from the beach, which once more intimations that the focal point of the hotel is non on the leisure invitees ( who merely want to acquire out of the hotel and ballad on the beach or swim in the ocean ) but instead on the concern invitees. Hilton in this regard appears to be slightly more flexible partly because it has more trade names. In other words, Hilton ‘s limited service or choice service trade names can suit merely about any state and any pocket. They can be instead little and inexpensive, something that might do them a good pick for some 3rd universe states. Marriott on the other manus appears to be more classy even in its ‘cheapest ‘ hotels compared to Hilton. Still it means that Marriott invests more in its hotels and may disregard certain less moneymaking chances that Hilton finds appropriate ( Kasavana, 174 ) .

Ultimately, it is necessary to observe that Hilton in my low sentiment is more effectual in trade name edifice than Marriott. Marriott in virtually all its trade names and hotel ironss uses the word “ Marriott ” which surely represents trade name extension and endorses any given Marriott concatenation assuring top service for its clients. Yet utilizing “ Marriott ” in all ironss means that Marriott has its restriction as to how low it can travel in footings of covering the “ mid-minus ” market niche without gnawing its trade name ‘s value. In other words, if it likely can non open a limited service hotel and have it retain the “ Marriott ” word in it because the limited service hotel will damage the repute of Marriott as the full-service hotel with top options. Hilton ‘s

Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & A ; Suites of the limited service section clearly allow Hilton to cover the limited service market section without fearing that clients start to tie in trade name Hilton with low-level, limited service hotels ( Barrows, 67 ) . At the same clip, Hilton ‘s Conrad Hotels and The Waldorf-Astoria Collection, which besides to most people do non look related to Hilton, supply other luxury section trade names that Hilton successfully builds. With these different trade names that Hilton builds the company can efficaciously cover different market sections without truly fearing that they will gnaw the trade name name Hilton. In pattern, such separate ownership and development of trade names clears Hilton for more experimentation and protects it from hazards. Marriott, since its ever extends its trade name name to other trade names has less leeway for experimentation and hazard pickings because mistakes might damage the whole concatenation of Marriott hotels as virtually all hotels clearly look related to Marriott. For case if a client got angered at Hilton, she can still utilize Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & A ; Suites, Conrad Hotels and The Waldorf-Astoria Collection, unless she runs a research and writes down all the trade names that Hilton owns. If the same client gets huffy at Marriott, it will be much easier for her to disregard all Marriott hotels because there is a name “ Marriott ” or “ by Marriott ” in all the trade names.


Finally, it is necessary to observe that both Hilton and Marriott are universe ‘s market leaders in the cordial reception industry. They have different attacks to strategic development and trade name edifice but they are both successful. They both section the market and look to serve most sections. Marriott focuses largely on the trade name extension which allows it to pass on quality of Marriott systematically through all new trade names. Hilton builds trade names independently and that allows Hilton to experiment with top grade and low tier hotels without fearing that the trade name name Hilton will acquire eroded. The two companies show that their schemes work all right and both of them are bound to win despite their differences.

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