How Does The Media Influence Young Girls Media Essay

There are many plans and magazines, such as America ‘s following top theoretical account and Seventeen magazine, that are watched and read by many adolescent misss. These misss are insecure and want to be popular, fine-looking and well-liked. The immature adult females are hence easy influenced by the information they receive from the media.

An mean teenage miss hides herself utilizing dozenss of makeup and beautiful apparels, because she is insecure about her outer visual aspect. Every forenoon she has to acquire herself prepared for the twenty-four hours. She decides to jump her breakfast, an excess hr of slumber, or even her first lesson. She takes a shower, puts on adequate makeup and dresses herself good. These misss are influenced by the beautiful and perfect adult females, whose images are showed in advertizements and on Television. A assortment of plans show us public images of how you should dress, look and move. The immature misss wish that they are besides perfect, with the perfect frock and with the perfect makeup ; so that they are attractive to male childs and that they look like the misss and adult females on Television.

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Well known make-up creative persons such as Rimmel London and Max Factor present their makeup with scraggy misss, who have the perfect tegument and the perfect expression. So the inquiry is, are they selling the merchandise, the makeup, or are they selling the beautiful adult female? The advertizements are so selling the merchandise, but they are besides selling the image of the ideal adult female. They emphasize tenuity as portion of the female ‘s beauty. These adult females, who are on the screens of the magazines, serve as an illustration for the adolescent misss. They besides want to be thin, have large dumbbell, and a beautiful tegument. These images affect the misss ‘ ain self-image.

Not merely the theoretical accounts have a great influence on the misss, besides the articles written in the popular teenage magazines have a great influence on the immature adult females. The articles explain the misss about the ideal visual aspect. Articles like “ How to look attractive to boys ” and “ How to accomplish the perfect expression, hair and face ” are highly normal. An article on the web site of Seventeen magazine gives you the perfect illustration of such an article, aˆzNew Makeup Promise to Hike Your Temper! ”[ 1 ]This article is about a new makeup that promises to do you happy. It explains about the ingredients, such as Euphoryl, Murumuru Seed Butter and Theobroma Grandiflorum, whatever they are, and I am certain that misss, who read this article, think about purchasing this makeup, without gaining if these ingredients truly work!

Outer visual aspect has become really of import throughout the old ages for everyone, because of the media. They emphasize the importance of the physical visual aspect and that is the manner advertizers sell beauty merchandises such as twenty-four hours and dark picks and makeup. Women and adolescent misss hence strive to accomplish the ideal outer visual aspect presented by the media. They are non satisfied with their ain organic structure and are making anything to go beautiful.

Make you acknowledge these immature adult females? I bet that about two 3rd of the adolescent misss could be compared to the mean adolescent miss who has been influenced by the media. These misss are tiring and non outstanding. Therefore, the media should halt offering false information to immature adult females about the perfect organic structure. The media encourages the misss to hold a negative self-image. In fact, a individual who is fat and walks like a duck has likely a more beautiful personality than the other misss. Although these misss are non to fault, the media is.

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By composing an sentiment column, I wanted to show my sentiment about how the media influences immature adult females, because advertizements, commercials, Television plans and magazines are all act uponing the adolescent misss by giving them false information. An sentiment column should non be written in a peculiar manner. As a editorialist you are free to compose in your ain manner, although it still has to be deserving reading. So my first aim was to compose a convincing sentiment column that would be easy to read for most people. Therefore I did n’t utilize many hard words and tried to be convincing by giving the reader of import information about the influence of the media.

My 2nd aim was to inform the people about the influence of the media on teenage misss. I explained the norm, insecure teenage miss who can be easy influenced by beautiful theoretical accounts printed on the screen of the popular teenage magazines. As an illustration I described a day-to-day forenoon of an mean teenage miss. ‘Every forenoon she has to acquire herself prepared for the twenty-four hours ” ( paragraph 2 ) . The misss strive for holding the perfect face ; therefore they skip their breakfast to fix for school. To back up my sentiment about the influence of media I used another illustration. On the web site of Seventeen magazine, an American magazine for adolescents, I found an article that was called: “ New Makeup Promise to Hike Your Temper! ” ( see stimulus material ) . This article is about a particular makeup that would do the misss happier. Young teenage misss are easy influenced by this text and by the convincing rubric, because the rubric makes a certain promise to you.

My 3rd aim was to explicate what image the advertizements and commercials are selling. I explained the ideal outer visual aspect and why it has become more popular over the old ages.

“ They emphasize tenuity as portion of the female ‘s beauty. ” ( paragraph 3 )

My last aim was to copy the layout of a newspaper, utilizing columns and an appropriate rubric. To carry through this nonsubjective I looked at other sentiment columns, and imitated the layout of the page.

Stimulus stuff: article

New Makeup Promises to Hike Your Temper!

January 4, 2011 at 2:58:00 PM by Seventeen Magazine

It ‘s no surprise that when you ‘re happy or excited you ace a trial, your boyfriend sends over flowers for no ground, your face has a gorgeous freshness. ( Feeling beautiful = looking beautiful! ) But what about a make-up merchandise that produces the same


The Happy Booster Glow & A ; Mood Boosting Blush and Face Powder by Physicians Formula promises to raise your liquors. It ‘s the first-ever make-up line developed to excite happy ideas through mood-enhancing ingredients, colour therapy, olfactory property therapy, and texture therapy. Basically, it copies the consequence of endorphins, aka “ happy molecules, ” which produce a sense of wellbeing. ( Your organic structure releases endorphins during exercising, which is what makes you experience great subsequently. ) Other ingredients include Euphoryl, which is an anti-depressant packed with Omega-3, every bit good as Murumuru Seed Butter and Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter, which make skin experience silky-smooth and appear aglow. Finally, its blend of flowered aromas review your temper.

And how cute is this packaging? ! All this felicity is contained in a cordate plastic compact with a pink metallic base. It comes in a face pulverization ( see above ) , bloom, and bronzer, and each is a assortment of overlapping different-colored Black Marias. So, the large inquiry: can you purchase happiness? For $ 11.95-13.95 at choice apothecary’s shops, you merely might come near!

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