How Ethnic Groups Can Be Unified Essay

I would wish to believe that I grew up really variously. I attend an all foreign linguistic communication plan that was housed in my simple / in-between school and my ma allowed me to go to the Nipponese classes up until the three class when the plan received funding for their ain school.

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However. while I was in the plan I was able to interact with a many different cultural groups and because of my age and the fact that my female parent raised me to be open-minded and good rounded I didn’t see a difference between myself and the other kids in the category. in fact at the clip I remember holding a Mexican fellow and an Asiatic best friend.

Because of my past I believe all cultural groups can be unified if everyone can accept the fact that everyone is different and embracing everyone for their difference. The act of non wishing person because they are different is a erudite behaviour and kids typical are larning this behaviour from the grownups around them and society positions on that group of people. A simple and easy to understand illustration of how people are taught now to like each other is showed in most films that make any mention to bondage.

There is ever a portion of the film where two small kids. one being white and the other black. get down out great friends but as clip goes on they learn that they can’t be friends or day of the month because one individual is black and the other is white. I’d be naive to believe that in my coevals cultural group integrity will go on. 9-11 the US unified as a state but we still had a negative position on one cultural group for the actions of a persons of that group.

To this twenty-four hours I still know people who don’t attention for Muslims as a whole because of 9-11. I do believe that things have gotten better over the twelvemonth but merely in some parts of the universe. All I can make is raise my kids the manner that I was raised and hope that they treat everyone with regard no affair their cultural background.

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