How Great Are Video Games Media Essay

Since video games became popular, there has been a large contention about whether they were good or bad for peoples wellnesss. Some people believed violent picture games made their gamers more violent and manipulated them, doing them psychologically unstable to some extent. Others thought they merely provided benefits to gamers. Many concerned parents still think video games have a really negative impact on childs, whereas many others wholly back up them and even play along with their kids. As a affair of fact, everyone here is right. The truth has remained the same for 20 old ages and will shortly be unleashed!

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There are many different types of picture games. The most common 1s are RPGs ( Role-playing game ) and MMORPGS ( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ) . In RPGs, the gamer has to take between different types of characters. These characters differ in race and/or abilities and each one has its ain history and function in the game. The gamer so controls the character chosen, prosecuting with every breath-taking experience the character goes through. He travels towards his major end in the game, while unfalteringly seeking to successfully work out every hard, perplexing and unpredictable pursuit and mission he faces. MMORPGs are even more exciting than regular RPGs. The difference being that in MMORPGs you are playing along with the whole universe and all the missions, adventuresome and hazardous pursuits and every thrilling, every bit good as terrorization, experiences are shared with existent people across the web.

Another common type of picture games are simulators. There are two chief types of simulators. First, we have the entertainment-based simulators. These were designed to prosecute anyone who dares to play, in a chilling, highly exciting, amusive, tickle pinking and concentrate and attention-based scenario where they compete against a existent individual or people, against the computing machine or even against themselves. The other type of simulators are called preparation simulators. Their intent is to learn and develop the individual to map with a specific object – it being either a war-plane, a boat or even a trade name new intergalactic starship dedicated to capturing foreigners! – while finishing missions. This type of games are a really simplified version of the existent simulators used by NASA to develop their really ain spacemans.

As you can see, there is a wide-range of games to take from, each one really different from the other. However, surveies have shown they are really similar sing three cardinal facets. Video games have been proved to heighten and develop one ‘s creativeness, irrespective of what game you ‘re playing. Adventure and action-based games were proven to further better one ‘s cognitive flexibleness, attending span, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, cooperation ( when interacting with other participants ) , doggedness and continuity, memory, reasoned opinion and even reading and maths accomplishments. Much more could be added to this list depending on the game analysed. A simple game like Tetris can, in merely a few hebdomads, increase one ‘s ability to concentrate and work out real-world jobs faster, every bit good as responding faster to external stimulations and increase pattern acknowledgment by up to 25 % more than people who do n’t play these pictures games.

Like movies and books, picture games besides have some disadvantages. Playing video games does better the participant ‘s memory and concentration ability but playing excessively much might really diminish both. The younger you are, the worse picture games can make. Pull the leg of under the age of 10 are a batch more suggestible than adolescents at the age of 16. Therefore, picture games that embrace force and depreciate adult females can act upon the kid to take these ideals and do them their ain. Adolescents and grownups do non hold such a job because their ideals are much consolidated. However, video games, if overplayed, can take to dependence, which can take to isolation and societal phobic disorder. Video games were besides proven to increase the anxiousness degree of a regular individual and even aggravate the status of a down person.

Now I am traveling to compare video games with telecasting. Many parents would instead hold their boies watch telecasting all twenty-four hours than drama picture games all twenty-four hours. I ca n’t state how much I pity these parents or how much I wanted them to cognize that watching Television all twenty-four hours would damage their childs much more than playing games. Movies connect with the spectator in a one-way handshaking, intending that the individual watching the movie merely receives information, as though “ hearer manner ” has been activated. The spectator develops some sort of empathy towards one of the chief characters, they both bind together and, hence, the individual is forced to believe the same manner the chief character does. In other words, the spectator has no free will and is told what to believe and how to respond. This can be highly unsafe because it prevents the individual from organizing his ain thoughts. It really prevents him from desiring to organize new his ain thoughts, which has an highly negative impact on creativeness, imaginativeness and problem-solving. The velocity and frequence in which a scene alterations to a wholly different one have a really strong and negative consequence on our encephalons. The subliminal messages send by this changing of scenes get our encephalon used to traveling from one uncomplete thought to a 2nd one and so to a 3rd one, without holding completed the 2nd one, and so away. This decreases our ability to concentrate on one individual undertaking and complete it wholly. Video games do non hold this job because you are the character and you decide where you want to travel. Video games connect to us in a bipartisan handshaking, intending the participant has the possibility of interacting with other characters such as participants or NPCs ( Non-player character ) . Interacting stimulates our encephalons much more than merely having information. While interacting, we are non merely having information but we are besides moving upon it and anticipating some sort of response. Interacting is what makes something interesting, due to the added bed of capriciousness, anxiousness and reasoned opinion. Additionally, interaction throws us into a more existent universe where achievement is more rewarding. Video games besides contribute to the participant ‘s creativeness and attending because, in games, the sky is merely half manner through the bound, you have full control over the character. You are the character.

Books are a different narrative. They are said to be perfect and normal people ca n’t truly believe of even one negative impact of reading a book. Unless, of class, you are a really determined picture game participant – like me. At the top of my caput, I can figure 5 different negative impacts of books. First, like movies, there is no interaction. Interaction is really of import. Do n’t acquire me incorrect here, books can be first-class for interaction if you ‘re a schizophrenic, you can read a narrative and at the same clip talk with the book about it. Again, interaction is highly of import, it ‘s what gets us used to oppugning, moving upon the information transmitted to us, discoursing, etc. Too many books and excessively few pictures games and you ‘ll be that quiet male child sitting in the corner of the room merely listening to what other people say! Other, less important, nevertheless nowadays, negative impacts of books include the fact books are n’t updated with the most recent information. That ‘s irrelevant for, say, history books but truly raging sing engineering books. The fact that old books may transport tonss of bacteriums and the different pages of the book can cut you with those thin and unpredictable blades are besides portion of the list. Something to see, possibly as a fillip, is that after the first 46 books, you get to purchase yourself a fine-looking brace of spectacless. Makes you look intelligent. On the other manus, it ‘s bad for you.

Now we know what picture games are and what type of video games exist, every bit good as why they are better than films and books. There are ever exclusions, icky games will ever be. Excellent movies besides exist, every bit good as icky books. The pick is ne’er whether this book is better than the film or the game. Alternatively, the inquiry is what book, movie AND picture game are considered better and more suited for me? After placing the best combination, read, ticker and drama! For me the combination is “ The Picture of Dorian Gray ” , “ Cab Driver ” and “ World of Warcraft ” . What ‘s yours?

Mario Nascimento, 11IMT

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