How Is The Service That Provide By Kfc Marketing Essay

Mystery shopper or enigma shopping is tool that that used by market research. Mystery shopper are work for the watchdog organisations or market research company. Mystery shopper occupation exist are to mensurate the quality of service, conformity to ordinance and besides to garner information about their services and merchandises. The enigma shopper individuality is non known by the constitution being evaluated. Mystery shopper perform undertaking are like buying a merchandise or service, registering ailments with a certain manner of behaving, inquiring inquiries and last provided item studies about their experiences. Mystery shopper was standard pattern by the early of the twelvemonth at 1940s as a manner to mensurate the company workers. Tool that used for enigma shopper on their appraisal are simple questionnaires to finish the picture and audio recordings. Mystery shopping can be used in the cordial reception industry and others industry.


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1. Fast nutrient eating house

2. Hotel

3. Cruise


I have prepare 10 inquiries to inquire the regular client from KFC about how the service have provide from the fast nutrient eating house and how KFC have to better their service. Here are the 10 inquiry that I prepare to inquire KFC client Miss Phoon.


1. There are many fast nutrient eating houses around the vicinity. Why do you take to come to KFC?

This inquiry is really of import because it may assist the company to detect why the clients are taking their concern and non their rivals concern.

2. How is the service that provide by KFC worker?

This inquiry is really of import because it will assist the company to detect how their worker execute their service to the client and how the workers should better their service to their client.

3. If we say ‘KFC ‘ what type of nutrient will came though your head?

This inquiry is really of import because it will assist the company to cognize what type of nutrient that came though client head and notice why the client think of the nutrient in the first topographic point.

4. The monetary value from KFC nutrient is it expensive or non?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect why their gross revenues are diminishing is it because of the monetary value of the nutrient or others ground.

5. Make you like the environment in KFC?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect the environment in their company and allow the company to better their environment so that the client will experience comfy at semen to the eating house.

6. Food that you like the most from KFC?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect that what client like the most from the company merchandises and how the company should make new merchandises to pull more clients.

7. Which advertizement has make you retrieve until now on KFC?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect how of import advertisement are and how the concern can pull clients by seting a advertizement on telecasting, wireless, cyberspace, newspaper, magazine and more.

8. Make you like the gustatory sensation of the nutrient that provide by KFC?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect that what is the gustatory sensation that are suited for the client and how can restaurant better the gustatory sensations of nutrient at the eating house so it will maintain the clients for non traveling to the rival eating house.

9. Is at that place anything that KFC needs to better?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect how of import that we need to better our merchandises or service because if we are bettering our client may snap from others rivals.

10. Make you like the packaging and design for KFC eating house?

This inquiry is really of import because it help the company to detect the bundle design attacked the client or non. Besides to cognize our design whether can pull the client or non. If the client can give us more information about the design. We can follow the information to better our creativeness to assail more client such as the kids.


This study are based on Miss Phoon point of position of the fast nutrient eating house ‘KFC ‘ . Miss Phoon says that she like KFC service because of some ground. Miss Phoon besides say that the monetary value are a bit expensive. She hope that KFC will diminishing the monetary value of they nutrient. Miss Phoon besides reference about the telecasting commercial is sort of drilling. She hope that KFC will alter the thought of commercial. For more inside informations, please refers to the 10 replies below.

1. The ground I choose KFC out of others fast nutrient eating house is because I came with my parents to eat fried poulet. Because my parents do n’t wish Burger or pizza and they like fried poulet more than others western nutrients. So I choose to come KFC because of my parents.

2. I like the service that are perform by the KFC workers. The ground I like their service is because they is a twenty-four hours when I need to went to KFC to order a pail of fried poulet to take away because that twenty-four hours I did n’t cook and my household are busy to travel outside to eat so we decide to take KFC. When I order a pail of fried poulet and the worker Tell that I have to wait approximately 10 to 15 proceedingss and the besides offer me a soft drink for free but compare to others fast nutrient restaurant their did n’t state me I have to wait for half an hr.

3. When you say ‘KFC ‘ I will foremost believe of fried poulet. The ground I of fried poulet is because KFC is good known of selling fried poulet. Example, if I say ‘Mc Donald ‘s ‘ we will believe of Burgers. The ground is besides say like KFC because Mc Donald ‘s is good known by selling Burgers.

4. The monetary value for KFC nutrient is sort of expensive. If I want to eat fried poulet I can merely went to the wayside stall to purchase fried poulet. The ground I still went KFC is because of the side dishes. I suggest if the monetary value for KFC nutrient can diminish a spot it will be much more better.

5. The environment is comfy for us to eat nutrient and we can merely remain for a piece. Not like starbucks we can remain long plenty because the ambiance at KFC are fast nutrient eating house.

6. The nutrient I like in KFC eating house are their fried poulet, chesses cuneuss and more. Their fried poulet have many taste like original and spicy. The newest gustatory sensations for KFC fried poulet, think is tom yam gustatory sensations possibly.

7. The advertizement that I remember are a household eating at KFC together with their household. But I think is sort of drilling because I about ten old ages that KFC are still utilizing this type of thought to set on their advertizement. It would be good if KFC change their thought of publicizing a spot.

8. Yes. I like the gustatory sensation of nutrient provide by KFC but sometimes the gustatory sensation of the nutrient are non good. I try it at the at others KFC eating house and it have different gustatory sensations. I KFC should better the of their nutrient so it can savor the to the others KFC eating house.

9. I think KFC should better their engineering service such provide WIFI to the clients.

10. Yes. I like the packaging design from KFC because I like the colour and it is really beautiful comparison to the old packaging from KFC

3.0 Decision

Mystery shopper is a manner to research the markets. There are three types of cordial reception industry service like fast nutrient eating house, hotels and sails. I choose to make the fast nutrient eating house industry. The fast nutrient eating house that I had choose are KFC. I have prepare 10 inquiries to inquire KFC clients Miss Phoon. Harmonizing to Miss Phoon, that she like the service provide by KFC workers. She besides say that when she think of fried poulet, the first thing that came through her head are KFC. She besides say the monetary value is a bit expensive if KFC would diminishing the monetary value it would be much better the environment in KFC is rather comfy if KFC can better their environment it would be better. Miss Phoon hope that the advertizement can alter because it was sort of drilling. She besides hope that KFC can command the gustatory sensations to be same to every KFC eating house. If KFC besides can supply WIFI in all their eating house and she besides like KFC new packaging.


Food tendencies that happen in Malaysia of twenty-first century. Nowadays, many people care about their wellness and they need wellness life to inherit to the new coevals. So they suggest healthy nutrient to provide for them so that they can keep their life without anything happen. Nowadays, many parents feed their kids with organic, natural and no preservatives nutrients. Parents feed their kids has directed invention focal point on distribution to function this market. Some company has reached for the convenience of tins and jars. Small-batch fresh and frozen fruit, veggie, leguminous plant and whole grain nutrients are going more widely available from companies. Work forces are turning to nutrient for preventive wellness progressively and makers are taking greater involvement in how the “ other half ” thinks about nutrition. Soy provides work forces protection against prostate malignant neoplastic disease, bosom disease, phalacrosis and even hair loss.


I have bought a new store batch and I want to open a eating house. But how should I pull clients? Here is the few ways to pull clients.


2.1.1 Ad

Ad is a manner to pull to seek your merchandises or service. Ad can be use at telecasting, newspaper, magazine, wireless, cyberspace and more. I choose to set my advertizement for my eating house on magazine. The magazine are publish for nutrient industry.

2.2.2 Web page

Presents, no did n’t people use cyberspace. Internet is manner to pass on to the universe. Many people has started to utilize cyberspace to open a web page for their concern. We can open a web page to present our eating house nutrients, put some image of the nutrients from our eating house and more. It will pull more clients by open a web page.

2.1.3 Promotion

Promotion is a best manner to pull clients. Promotions are fundamentally a offer to the client. We can make a publicity in our eating house. So the client visit after cognizing that our eating house have publicity. Example, if the client orders a Burger and a soft drink. We can the client that if you order in set it will be more inexpensive.


Hire should a popular creative person or vocalist to my eating house and it is a manner to pull clients to come to my eating house. Artist is a really powerful influences and will do the clients to purchase my merchandises or service.


I argee. That we have to see demographics factors to placing our clients. Demographic is a information that related to human growing population. In the information of demographic, they are few factors that will alter the client purchasing power.


Demographic environment is a information that related to a survey of human growing population. The human growing population factors will be the population of a given race, location, age and business. RACE

Every state have different races but non every state have more than three races. In Malaysia, we have different races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and more. Different races have different gustatory sensations. As for Malay people, their like something that tastes more spicy like curry, laksa, nasi lemak and more. For Chinese people, we like something that tastes more salty and rancid. Chinese people besides like spicy nutrients but non every Chinese people like spicy nutrients. As for Indian people, their gustatory sensation are more like Malay people. Their like spicy nutrients like curry and more. Our eating house should supply nutrients that tastes spicy to Malay people and Indian people clients that like spicy nutrients. As for Chinese people, our eating house should supply nutrients that taste more salty and sour. It would be better if our eating house supply a bill of fare that suits every clients gustatory sensations. Location

Location is really of import for running a concern. Choose a good location can assist us increase our gross revenues in many ways. In Malaysia, most of the eating house are opened near the town because more clients are at the town. But late, most of the Pizza Hut eating house are now opened nearby houses because it is more easy for the client. It make the clients visit our eating house more frequently when the location is near their house. Because when the location are near their house, the clients that are non experiencing to travel outside to eat. So the client can besides went to our eating house to order take away their nutrient to travel place to eat. It is more easy for them who are unrecorded nearby. Age

It is non like everybody can accept new things but some people can easy accept and some people ca n’t even accept. We sells western nutrients. Malaysia is a east state and we even have different races so it will be difficult for us to accept western nutrients. But our eating house is really suited for the younger coevals people because younger coevals people like something new. So their can easy accept western nutrients compare to the in-between coevals people. It is non similar in-between coevals people can non accept western nutrients but some of the in-between coevals people ca n’t accept Westerns nutrient. But the older coevals people ca n’t even accept western nutrients. It is difficult for the older coevals people to seek something new. Most of the older coevals people prefers to eat their traditional nutrients like laksa, nasi lemak, roti canai, mee rebus, nasi kandar and more. I suggest that our eating house should add some other nutrient to the older coevals people so it will accommodate their gustatory sensations. It besides can assist us to increase our gross revenues. Occupation

Every individual have to gain for their life. The lone different is that how much their earn and when you earn more you can pass more on your life manner. A high income workers like to pass more on their life manner. Most of the client in our eating house are in-between income and low income workers. High income workers like to pass their money at a five star hotel eating house comparison to a normal eating house because high income workers like to take their clip to bask their nutrients and they like to hold better service but comparison to a normal eating house. The client in the normal eating house would wish to hold their nutrients serve in forepart of them every bit fast as possible. It is besides a factor that makes have do our eating house gross revenues that are dropping because the client prefers to travel to other eating house due to their income and business.

3.0 Decision

I have bought a new store and program to opened a eating house. There are few ways for me to pull clients. First, I plan to set a advertizement on a magazine. Second, I plan to opened a web page to present my eating house. Third, program a publicity to attracts clients. Last, will be engage a group of vocalist or histrion to advance our eating houses. I argee that we have to see demographics factors to placing our clients. Demographic is a information that related to human growing population. In the information of demographic, they are few factors that will alter the client purchasing power. Here ‘s are the few factors that are location, age of the clients, race and what the business for the clients.

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