HR in the Indian Hospitality Industry

This undertaking talks about the challenges faced in Human Resource Management in the Indian Hospitality Industry. It talks about how to place and rectify the jobs which are faced by the Human Resource Department.

It besides talks about the different jobs which are faced in HRM.

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Chapter 1


“ I ne’er teach my students ; I merely attempt to supply the conditions in which they can larn. ”

Albert Einstein[ 1 ]

Introduction to Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is an organisational map which helps in supplying proper way to the people working in an organisation. It besides helps in pull offing and enrolling adult male power.

It is a map which deals with issues related to preparation, administering, employee motive, benefits communicating, wellness safety organisations development, public presentation direction, hiring and compensation. Human Resource Management is a map that involves a batch of activities. But the chief challenge arises during staffing.

You have to make up one’s mind as in to utilize independent contractors or employees to make full the organisational demands. Recruiting and developing the right employees, doing certain they are high performing artists, covering with their public presentation factors, and guaranting your forces and direction patterns conform to assorted ordinances. ( Nikolis, 2009 )

Importance of HRM in Organizations:

Each and every employee has to lend separately and besides hand in glove to the success of the organisation. At the low degree they have to lend towards a end. To do them lend the human resource direction squad has to do them work harder. It is found that the part of an employee is low when they do non cognize what they are making.

Lack of information on a peculiar procedure or engineering ; leads to low productiveness in the organisation. The human resource section should descry out such employees and develop them in the necessary accomplishments. They should besides cognize how to cover with persons and groups psychologically in the organisation.

The HR direction squad should draw in the right endowment to their organisation, give disposed compensation, retain them and besides develop them to run into current and future organisational ends. The HR direction squad is devoted to this work round the clock. Without them it is non possible to hold the right squad to put to death the undertakings. They need to maintain record of the accomplishment required by the employees during their term in the organisation and deploy them for the right undertakings.

The employees need to be decently trained and motivated by the human resource direction squad. The ethical policies should be communicated to them at the right clip and the jobs in an organisation should be revealed to them to acquire a solution apt for it to be solved. Thus they make the employees work more expeditiously to run into the organisation ‘s end. ( Importance of human resource direction in any organisation, 2011 )

Chapter 2

Challenges faced by HR in the Hospitality Industry:

The chief challenges faced by the Human Resource in the Hospitality Industry are:

Pull offing Knowledge Workers

Pull offing Technological Challenges

Competence of HR Directors

Pull offing Change

Developing Leadership

Pull offing Knowledge Workers:

The globalisation of work and go oning progresss in engineering are altering the nature of the work force. Information specializers called cognition workers are equipped to keep and spread out the technological leading function in the following century are replacing the manual labor besides known as the blue-collar workers. Knowledge workers are known for their particular features. They are people who can analyze, synthesise and measure information to work out assorted jobs. Knowledge workers fundamentally use their mind to transform thoughts, merchandises services and procedures. Their chief value to an organisation is their ability to garner and analyze information and do determinations that will profit the company. Pull offing these set of employees plays a really of import function in the growing of the organisation. Because of their ain manus experience they fail to obey the direction rules. A cognition worker ‘s personality is typically an accomplishment oriented one. These people focus on accomplishing their single ends and non in the growing of the organisation. For illustration when a new employee joins to an organisation and he has less experience he does n’t follow the direction rules. These types of workers are called cognition workers.

( Jyothi, 2010 ) , ( Bohlander G. a. , 2009 )

Pull offing Technological Changes:

Technology has had a positive consequence on internal operations for an organisation but besides has changed the manner human resource directors ‘ work. Some directors in the cordial reception industry view the application of engineering to operational issues as a job. It is true because the technological systems used in the saloon, front office, eating houses etc. are far more advanced and complicated today than those available merely a short clip ago, and these systems continue to progress quickly. They take a batch of clip to set to these new engineerings. Fixing work force to O.K. new engineerings is really tough. Geting the blessing of IT and other engineerings by all degrees in a company is a immense challenge face by cordial reception organisations. For illustration when the systems are updated and new engineering has been introduced the worker finds it hard to accommodate to it. He does non demo a positive attitude towards it.

( Bohlander G. a. , 2009 ) , ( Hayes, 2009 )

Competence of HR Directors:

The human capital in an organisation plays a really of import function in the successes of the organisation. Human capital is an plus to the organisation in enrolling the best people, pull offing them expeditiously, animating them and retaining them. Peoples who have strong informations about the concern and who understands the human resource direction rules should be developed which is necessary for the organisation. One of the most of import functions is competency of human resource directors. Choosing the right people for the right occupation is the greatest challenge for a human resource director. For illustration when enrolling new employees it ‘s of import that the right individual is adopted. ( Bohlander G. a. , 2009 ) , ( Nikolis, 2009 )

Pull offing Change:

The concern environment is extremely unpredictable and debut of alteration is indispensable for any organisation in order to do advancement. Globalization and Technology are the two major factors that have driven alteration in organisations today. Globalization has opened new doors for concern chances. However it has besides lead to many intercessions such as reformation, turnaround, merges, retrenchment, etc. In order to accomplish success, the organisations have to pull off these alterations that have occurred along with the staff issues that arise. Therefore pull offing alteration is critical in order for the organisation to work swimmingly.

For illustration when a new package is installed which is used to make company counts are installed the cognition workers refuse to work on it. ( Bohlander G. a. , 2009 )

Developing Leadership:

Business environment is altering at a faster rate than of all time before. In this environment, organisations need to be self driven by effectual leaders. They have to be dedicated, devoted, self driven inspire an image among the followings, be able to animate and actuate junior co-workers to acquire the work done. They must be able to put strategic way and maintain the organisation traveling towards excellence. Organizations need leaders to understand the concern scenario, program actions and implement so to deduce concern ends. Everyone has some leading possible that can be released for the benefit of society or concern in an organisation. For illustration when there is no unity amongst workers a leader is required to steer them. ( Haldar, 2009 )

Challenges faced by HR in the Indian hotel industry:

The chief challenges faced by the hotel industry in India are:

Challenges in enlisting:

The major challenges which are faced by the HR section in enlisting are:

Adaptability to globalization – The HR professionals are anticipated and required to maintain accustomed with the altering times, i.e. the altering taking topographic point across the Earth. HR should keep the rightness of the procedure. For illustration when a different sort of format is followed around the Earth the organisation should besides accommodate to the same. Many organisations in India fail to make this.

Lack of motive – Recruitment is considered to be an unacknowledged occupation. Even if the organisation is accomplishing consequences, the HR section are non thanked for enrolling the right employees and performing artists.

When an interview or a recruitment procedure is successfully completed by the HR section there is no 1 to compliment them or actuate them. Proper motive is required to guarantee proper work in future.

Procedure Analysis – The intimacy and the velocity of the enlisting are the chief concerns for the HR section in enlisting. The procedure should be flexible, adaptative and antiphonal to the instant demands. The recruiting should besides be cost effectual.

If enlisting is to be taken topographic point so a proper procedure should be set by the organisation and what has to be followed, such as written trials, personal interviews and group treatments.

Strategic Prioritization – The up – coming new systems are both an chance every bit good as a challenge for the HR professionals. Therefore, reexamining staffing demands and prioritising the duties to run into the alterations in the market has become a challenge for the enlisting professionals.

( Anonymous, 2011 )

Workplace diverseness

The hereafter achievements of any organisations rely on the ability to pull off a diverse organic structure of endowment that can convey original thoughts, positions and positions to their work. The challenge and jobs faced of workplace diverseness can be turned into a tactical organisational plus if an organisation is able to take advantage of on this runing pot of assorted endowments. With the mixture of endowments of different cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and life styles, an organisation can react to concern chances more fleetly and resourcefully, particularly in the planetary sphere which must be one of the indispensable organisational ends to be attained. More significantly, if the organisational state of affairs does non back up diverseness loosely, one hazards losing endowment to their rivals.

One of the chief grounds for uneffective workplace diverseness direction is the sensitivity to category employees, puting them in a different silo based on their diverseness profile. In the existent universe, diverseness can non be merely categorised and those organisations that act in response to human complication by leveraging the endowments of a wide work force will be the most successful in turning their concerns and their consumer base.

( Anonymous, Human Resources/challenges of cultural diverseness in HRM, 2011 )

Deficit of Skilled Employees:

One of the most indispensable demands of the hotel industry is to hold skilled labour force which can assist in accomplishing the assorted ends and aims set by the organisation. For the operation of any hotel, quality work force holding assorted accomplishments is required. Deficit of skilled work force affects the industry, and it is non surprising that one of the greatest challenges faced by the HR in the cordial reception industry is the inaccessibility of skilled work force in the different accomplishment degrees. Besides retaining this work force is necessary.

When a hotel starts nearby offering higher salary the quality work force displacements towards that hotel. The HR has to retain these employees. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )

Lack of Quality Service:

Due to the deficit of employees in the industry and the overflowing of clients the quality of the service I affected. When the work burden increases the public presentation of the employees goes down. Due to excessively much work force per unit area, the occupation public presentation of the employee falls and in bend it affects the quality of service. Thus the HR section has to take the incrimination for the harm caused to the hotel trade name name. When a hotel is overbooked and there is batch of invitees in the hotel the quality of service reduces which affects the hotel ‘s trade name name. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )

Retention of Employees:

Many a times, employees work in hotels on short-run footing as it is non their stoping professional end to work in the cordial reception sector. Hence after a certain clip, these employees leave their occupations. On the other manus, certain employees have to be let travel due to their low-grade occupation public presentation or other occupation related issues. Thus keeping of employees is a major job faced by HR in hotels.

When an employee gets into a hotel to work because he dint acquire any other occupation his chief ends are based on his private life and will non wish to remain in the hotel industry for a long clip. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )

Chapter 3

3.1 Reviews on Challenges:

It is extreme of import to get the better of the assorted challenges that are faced by the organisation to accomplish success. Company ‘s now a yearss are developing the map of human resource because the importance of HRM have been felt in the really strong market competition that exists today. In today ‘s clip competition has increased on the local every bit good as planetary graduated table. In order to achieve success companies have become stronger, more elastic and client oriented. In order Hr besides has to set harmonizing to these switching tendencies in the market. Thus the HR must be able to grok the overall image of the concern of the company and set all the policies and determinations into pattern.

Continuing strategic forces and advancing employee endowment are the rudimentss reverses that HR has to confront today. In order to lift above these obstructions, the HR forces are required to be after patterned advances of the concern and supply supervising to the staff members in order to excite them to execute better and gain their trueness for the company. Their aid is besides required in order to continue and set into pattern values and beliefs within the diverse work environment that exists in every organisation.

Schemes to get the better of challenges faced by HR in Hospitality:

Pull offing Knowledge Worker:

Workers who are sensitive to alter in an organisation are called cognition workers. They keep altering harmonizing to the alterations go oning in the milieus and organisation and responds to them by roll uping information and they set uping their work harmonizing to the information gathered. All cognition workers have really of import functions in the organisation. If they do n’t react to the lively environment the organisation might confront troubles. Many a clip ‘s directors do non pull off these types of people because they feel if they have so much cognition they must cognize how to make their occupation.

Knowledge workers can be managed in the undermentioned ways-

Job Design-

The occupations should be designed in a manner that is depicts the behavioural component of the workers alternatively of the organisation. The occupations should be based on factors such as feedback, occupation significance, placing undertakings and accomplishments. These elements should be taken into thought while fixing the occupation design in order to make dynamic and fulfilling occupations for the workers.

Increased independency and authority-

While executing a work cognition workers have the autonomy and judgement to take the method of executing the occupation. The workers are provided with the desired results in progress and the determinations which have to be completed in order to achieve consequences are left upon the workers. This gives them more liberty to work upon the ‘how to accomplish ‘ the results. When a certain degree of liberty is provided it gives them autonomy to work. But if entire liberty is provided it consequences to a batch of autonomy and leads to chaos.

Loyalty towards organization-

The function of a good human resource director is to develop a sense of fidelity towards the organisation among the workers. When the fidelity of the workers every bit good as sense of belongingness towards the organisation additions, their dedication towards the occupation besides increases. So the public presentation criterions of the employee addition. The best manner to develop fidelity among workers is by swearing them to the upper limit which helps to hike their assurance and helps them execute better.

Extensive preparation and development

Training and development is one of the things that can distinguish a smoothly operation organisation and an unorganised 1. The efficiency of cognition workers has ever been low. The lone manner by which efficiency can be increased is by capitalising on their strengths and cognition alternatively of coercing them to make some work. A superior preparation session or a workshop for cognition workers should dwell of of schoolroom acquisition and workstation categories.


Knowledge workers can merely execute good if they are motivated. When disputing undertakings are assigned to these employees they get motivated. These employees should be occupied in determination devising and planning which creates a sense of belongingness. Motivation is the cardinal manner to achievement.

Communication channels-

Communication is really much connected with teamwork in instance of cognition work. There should be no communicating barriers within colleagues. Knowledge work requires communicating as association with the colleagues. The undertakings are multifaceted and require cognition for completion which frequently makes it impracticable for a individual individual to understand or be able to accomplish everything individual handed. These undertakings can merely be completed through teamwork. Thus the organisations should be able to develop methodical procedures in order to do and pull off this cognition. If the organisations are able to divide the cognition held by the employees, so they can derive rational assets every bit good as contend efficaciously in the market place.

Monitoring and evaluation-

The work carried out by cognition workers is largely resourceful. They do non follow a particular technique or does non work harmonizing to a fixed criterion. Because of these grounds, cognition workers do n’t wish being continuously observed. Due to the deficiency of a criterion it becomes difficult for mensurating occupation public presentation through monitoring. The work performed by these types of workers is non result oriented. Hence it is indispensable to do usage of particular systems in order to corroborate that the staffs are positively lending to the organisation.

Work life balance-

The work being performed the cognition worker is really ambitious in character and it requires a batch of clip for completion of the undertakings. The cognition workers ever tend to give up their friends and household for completion of their work. This causes a batch of break in his work life balance. So a cognition work should keep a proper balance between his work life and household life in order to cover with clip expeditiously.

( Husain, 2010 )

Pull offing Change:

The employees working in an organisation knows that the work done today is wholly different from work done 5 old ages ago. Duties and occupation assignments all supports altering. But employees resist accepting this transmutation because it will alter their operation forms and alter their type of working. There are 2 types of alterations, reactive alteration which consequences from the result of peripheral forces on the organisations public presentation ; proactive alteration which is initiated by the director in order to take addition of the targeted chances.

Pull offing alteration in an organisation is merely possible by the HR by following these stairss

1 ) Creating urgency for the state of affairs.

2 ) Making a strong bite in order to steer the attempts.

3 ) Communicating towards the staff sing leader ‘s ends.

4 ) Link alteration to concern scheme.

5 ) Motivation of employees.

6 ) Creating and planning for short term returns every bit good as quantifiable benefits.

7 ) Invest to implement and prolong alteration.

( Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009 )

Pull offing Technology:

In many organisations engaging procedure usage a package bundle to prolong human resource.A Gross saless, preparation and public presentation appraisal of HR activities can be tracked by machine.A Many companies, information about wellness attention benefits, human resources development and judicial admission of proposed alterations besides have an cyberspace site easy to get down to pass on easy with employees. All these alterations have been made with the reaching of engineering is advantageous to the organisation.

However, in a peculiar manner of older employees in the organisation, has been used to convey in new engineering to work to convey about a complete alteration in their rolling their work.A Therefore, they are unwilling to hold to this change.A So in order, you will necessitate to supply developing plans to go accustomed to alterations in engineering which have brought within the organisation. Besides, due to cybernation and usage of machines in a labour intensive state like India, many people are left unemployed. Hence it is necessary to be after before put ining any machinery.

( Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009 )

Developing Leadership:

The chief intent of leading development is to switch of possible leaders of the organization.A A good leader has the right attitude towards his work and his work forces.

The spread between the workers and organisation to better the work of low-level organisation and impart the attempts of his subsidiaries to better efficiency by utilizing fewer resources from the gateway, which is good to the organisation. Correctly identified that people who have such qualities, the others must be motivated to take duties in the organisation.

( Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009 )

Competence of HR Directors:

Human Resources Manager, the function of host organisations, every bit good as alterations in the competitory market must germinate to run into the altering demands of the organisation. HR professionals non merely concentrate on employee keeping and human resource development, and led by a attorney, connect to actuate employees in your organisation for continuity contrivers is to be able to learn. Administrators plan to form and transport out effectual monitoring of human resources will be able to hold adequate cognition on new tendencies in employee preparation and development.

( Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009 )

Schemes to get the better of challenges faced by HR in hotels:


Prioritizing and placing occupations

Necessity for occupation arises at all degrees in the organisation on a regular basis. It is non possible to run into these demands right off. Therefore an option has to be identified to travel with the demand

Enrolling campaigners harmonizing to the mark

The enlisting procedure can merely be making good if merely the organisation understands its demands. The campaigners should be selected harmonizing to the demands of the organisation. Different schemes are required for concentrating on engaging high performing artists and mean performing artists. The scheme has to be clear about the sum of experience they require. It can run from an experient senior professional to a new freshman. It should besides depict as in from which industry they require the employee. That is from the same industry, different industry, employed or unemployed professionals.

Beginnings of enlisting

The schemes should besides include the beginning of enlisting. That is internal or external. An person from the organisation can be promoted or transferred to run into the required who in internal or an single from outside can be selected which is internal.

Trained recruiters

The recruiters who conduct and organize the enlisting procedure should be good qualified and experienced. The recruiters should be good trained and should be cognizant about the assorted parametric quantities.

How to measure the candidates-

The enlisting procedure should be planned in progress. The assorted parametric quantities in which the campaigner has to be judged should be pre planned.

( Anonymous, Recruitment Strategies )

Workplace Diversity:

Individual strategies-

Organization consists of assorted things an person can make. Therefore understanding the persons is the get downing point and it is really of import. Although it is necessary to handle each staff member every bit, it is of import that the director understands that each person is different from the other. Hence it is necessary to maintain in head all the cardinal human differences in order to handle everyone every bit. Each staff member should do an enterprise to understand the thought of others. It is basic human nature to differ to another individual ‘s behaviour even if they make an attempt to understand the individual. Hence tolerance and communicating are important. For illustration when a immature individual in the organisation makes merriment of an senior individual in the organisation without intending any injury the elder individual might see it violative which may take to a struggle in the organisation. ( Bohlander, 2009 )

Organizational strategies-

It ensures that company policy has been adopted with a direct or indirect consequence on staff.A In add-on, these policies deal with the hotel, how to suit a assortment of jobs originating from differences among people act uponing the diverseness of the organization.A For illustration, see a director ‘s sexual torment ailment. The hotel ‘s policy is, if the load proved excessively much torment and separately, the decision maker reported that merely a clear signal about the importance of such affairs raises a minor sanction.A However, the hotel is non merely diverseness, balanced set of policies to cover with issues such as sexual torment is directing a message to employees the importance of single rights and privilegesA .The hotel must hold an attitude of flexibleness in the nature of different patterns and uninterrupted process.A ( Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009 )

Deficit of skilled workers:

The lone manner to get the better of this challenge is to animate and actuate the skilled employees in order to maintain clasp of them. At times, the skilled employees find it difficult to set to the bing staff. As a consequence conflicts arise and these workers have to be let travel. This job has to be dealt with utmost attention. Merely these employees should be recruited who are suited for the occupation and who can easy accommodate to the bing work environment. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )

Lack of quality service:

The chief purpose of the hotel industry is to offer invitees with quality service. For illustration a invitee would be willing to travel to a hotel which has good insides every bit good as good degree of service. On the other manus the invitee would be dissatisfied if merely the hotel insides were good and the staff would be deficient in widening good quality of service. Thus quality is of uttermost in the hotel industry. In order that the invitees are served good, the HR has to guarantee that the staff functioning the invitees is non discontented. Thus the HR has to follow both, the invitee every bit good as employee in order to keep healthy environment for direction. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )


The human resource directors has to believe of new ways to catch the attending of the staff members to maintain their occupations and maintain them fascinated in their occupations in order to retain them for longer period of clip. Directors can supply staff members with preparation plans and besides by supplying the employees with a clear sequence program in order to make attentiveness amongst them for their promotion to higher degrees of service which may do them to lodge around for longer period of clip. ( Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009 )

Recommendations and Suggestions:

The chief undertaking of human resource direction is to cover with bloody-minded market environment and human resource direction and it should play a tactical function in the success of the organisation. Organization which fails in conveying in new endowment into the organisation may ensue in dire effects because their rivals may outplay them in the tactical employment of human resource. The chief focal point on present twenty-four hours human resource directors is strategic forces keeping and endowments development.

If an organisation has to be managed decently by a HR director he should make away with the thought that his manner is the best manner and alternatively include a assortment of ways. The celebrated citation “ Think globally, act locally ” should be followed. Particularly in a state like India where there are a batch of cultural diversenesss the director should move really sagely. Mangers should larn to esteem their civilizations.

Chapter 4


This essay describes about a assortment of information sing importance of human resources direction. The challenges that are faced and schemes adopted to get the better of these schemes have been analysed and described in the undertaking with appropriate illustrations. All these challenges have to be overcome by some schemes which will assist in beef uping the HR section and the organisation. HR directors along with all the HR professionals have to pull off these challenges expeditiously.

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