Hrm Problems And Issues Facing Medtech Management Essay

Medtech is a high-technology related house. Harmonizing to Chow ( 2006 ) , high-technology houses require invention and skilled workers to stay its competitory in a cognition intensive industry. Majorities of the workers in Medtech are skilled workers which include quality control directors, quality control chemists, proficient directors every bit good as postgraduate chemical science scientists.

Problem designation and analysis

The key job encountered by Medtech is deficiency of a comprehensive scheme human resource direction ( SHRM ) system ; it has caused the arisen of assorted jobs and issues in the company such as workplace civilization, unplanned transformational leading, acceptance of difficult attack direction and staff ‘s dissatisfaction. In 2006, Chow suggested that HRM is influential to “ creative activity, integrating and use of cognition ” ( Chow, 2006, p. 48 ) . This position is farther supported by Becton & A ; Schrader ( 2009 ) who concluded that HRM pattern is important in helping an administration in order to accomplish competitory advantage.

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Workplace civilization – Psychological contract

Since the constitution of Medtech, the employees are merely trusting on good will and trust on plants. In direction, the psychological contract is referred to the common trust, nevertheless the presence of the informal duty between employee and employer are originating. Therefore, the employees were indirectly granted with inordinate freedom at work and hence affect the efficiency of productiveness. A recent survey conducted by Aggarwal and Bhargava ( 2009 ) revealed the relationship between human resource patterns and psychological contract every bit good as their impact on employee ‘s attitude and behaviours. They suggested that employees with positive attitude are inclined to give in front of their occupation range which is critical for a company to remain fight. However, they further explained the psychological contracts are intangible.

Numerous surveies are attempted to associate employees who tend to react and execute comparative to their perceptual experience of being treated equity in workplace ( Aggarwal & A ; Bhargava, 2009 ; Ambrose & A ; Schminke, 2009 ) . In this context, single Medtech employees would hold different perceptual experiences towards the return from company. Hence, any dissatisfaction would take to a loosen productiveness and injury Medtech itself.

Unplanned transformational leading

As Bill experienced wellness jobs and had to go forth Medtech, the CEO ‘s function had been transferred to John. However, John ‘s nomination was based on Bill ‘s perceptual experience without the support of a comprehensive SHRM. A recent survey by Barnett and Davis ( 2008 ) revealed that a good sequence program is important to put to death an efficient scheme in an organisation. They outlined five best patterns in a sequence program such as preliminary planning, fixing for sequence, endowment reappraisal, feedback and action, and mensurating effectivity ( Barnett & A ; Davis, 2008 ) .

Conversely, the attempt of sequence assumed on John is unequal and broken. Promotion of John is perchance due to his technology and production experience at Medtech, he might non undergo a proper or formal preparation on the leading. Hence, employees may demo low assurance on his leading and several jobs were incurred.

Adoption of difficult attack HRM

After John became the CEO of Medtech, his group of direction aid and him conducted a company ‘s reappraisal and holding a tighter control to better the trunkss and inefficiencies of Medtech. Previous surveies have reported that difficult attack of HRM focused on the milepost accomplishment, changeless betterment, effectivity of development, quantitative measuring, largely variables that could be expressed with figures. ( Dervitsiotis, 2001 ; Edgar & A ; Geare, 2005 ; Gadenne & A ; Sharma, 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Dervitsotis ( 2001a ) , a difficult attack is verified to be a utile tool to undertake the efficiency of administration ‘s public presentation and end product. However, subsequently in the text, Dervitsotis ( 2001b ) had besides pinpointed the major unfavorable judgment of difficult attack is that it will be merely succeeds for short tally.

Numerous surveies are attempted to explicate the soft attack is a human relation theory, it emphasizes on the employee and direction interaction, occupation satisfaction and finally the committedness of organizing competitory advantage at the workplace ( Edgar & A ; Geare, 2005 ; Gadenne & A ; Sharma, 2009 ) .

Individual staff perceptual experience and ascription

John ‘s leading

Other than the difficult attack direction system executing, cronyism premise shall non be excluded. Harmonizing to Appelbaum & A ; Girard ( 2007 ) , administrations public presentation are suffered lose from the influences of toxins such as toxic leader, toxic director and toxic civilization. Appelbaum et Al ( 2007 ) pointed out that toxic leaders concerned in ruddy tape, contending and power. They are chiefly focused on the short term accomplishment by destructing oppositions. Thoms ( 2008 ) labeled the ethical leaders as “ trustiness, honestness, just and principled determination devising and acting ethically in the leader ‘s personal and professional life ” ( Thoms, 2008, p. 420 ) . If John aroused the grudges within Medtech for opportunism, he was governing out as a suited campaigner for the place of CEO. Bill is obligated to look into any struggles arise between John and Sarah. The possibility of Sarah ‘s dismissal was to take his opposition in workplace. If the premise holds true, Bill is recommended to research the stigmatisation of other employees on the transformational leading.

Besides, Bill is advised to setup a HR section so that future unsatisfactory to HRM determination can be avoided and sorted out in a better option. Bill should explicate his return to Medtech as an adviser and esteem the determinations that have been agreed by John. Furthermore, Bill could advice, discourse, program and implement a more comprehensive SHRM with John.

If John is excessively stubborn and emotional in doing determination, Bill may temporarily catch the CEO function as to get the better of every bit good as to quiet down the grudges of employee. Subsequent to the above, Bill has to consider on the new CEO nomination.

Emma ‘s statement

One of the Medtech innovator – Emma claimed that John is following a difficult attack direction system. In position of the Emma ‘s statement, Bill would hold to look into the direction construction which is run by John. The resentful of Emma may bring on a prejudice perceptual experience, overstate the state of affairs and derail from John ‘s leading and direction. A relationship exists between an person ‘s attitudes and their behaviour towards an administration alteration was reviewed by Lines ( 2005 ) and Fugate & A ; Kinicki ( 2008 ) . Lines ( 2005 ) proposed that the employees with negative attitudes in the transmutation of an administration are immune to alter and prosecute in negative contemplation such as sabotage, boycotts and opponent voice. Some research workers ( Lines, 2005 ; Fugate & A ; Kinicki, 2008 ) have attempted to uncover that less organisationally committed employees may discontinue upon the transformational leading. Nevertheless, Bill has to guarantee the direction construction is non encompassing the difficult attack system in order to prolong public presentation betterment in long tally. Bill is responsible to look into whether there is any sabotage due to the transformational leading on John. Any sabotage behaviours shall be treated as misconduct and forbidden in a house.

Sarah ‘s dismissal

Medtech ‘s scientist – Sarah Marshall was dismissed for the ground of uninterrupted late without considered the ground behind it. On the dismissal charge at Sarah, Bill should go to to John for his account. The truth of Sarah dismissal might non be disclosed for the benefit of Medtech ‘s repute such as peculation, graft, divulges company private and confidential information, intimidation, professional carelessness etc. Harmonizing to Moscarino, Parcher & A ; Shumaker ( 2000a ) , the revelation determination of a company to fraud or offense may aware the authorities to look into the company ‘s unmarked misconduct, extra hazards to a wider-scale of probe and hence affect their repute if convicted.

Notwithstanding the above, Moscarino et Al. ( 2000b ) suggested a complete revelation would heighten a company credibleness, unity and repute. Furthermore, the revelation could move as a house ‘s negative instruction and barrier to admonish employees from the misconduct and commit fraud. In the instance of Sarah ‘s strong belief, the truth revelation to Medtech employees is to contemplate. What are the hazards would bring on to Medtech every bit good as liability to Sarah ‘s life?

If Sarah was sacked for simply the uninterrupted late ; Bill should advice John to implement a soft attack direction for long term sustainability. By easing the soft attack system, Sarah uninterrupted late penalty could be managed in a more rational and considerate manner. John should organize a conversation with Sarah to develop a common understanding on her misbehaviour such as work and clip replacing after her boy recovers, absent hours accretion converts into one-year leave, look for aid from her household to take attention of her boy etc. The common understanding is non limited to individual solution but in the extent of every bit justifiable option.

What kind of HRM attacks do you believe necessitate to be taken to guarantee ongoing strategic competitory advantage?


Harmonizing to Garavan ( 2007 ) , competitory advantage of an organisation is assured as it has the singularity in which its rivals are hard to double and reproduce. In a high-technology organisation, the singularity is related to the capablenesss and accomplishments of its employees. Since the employees of Medtech are largely high-skilled worker, integrating of its concern scheme with SHRM would heighten its competitory advantage. However, the key job of Medtech has been identified as the deficiency of comprehensive SHRM. Further to the key job, it induced the undermentioned immediate issues such as workplace civilization, unplanned transformational leading, acceptance of difficult attack HRM and employees ‘ dissatisfaction. In order to decide the predicament of Medtech, the listed jobs must be well-managed. After all, the other jobs are likely to withdraw. Becton and Schraeder ( 2009 ) pointed out that the centres of traditional HRM were on recruiting, choice, preparation, wage and industrial relation. Subsequently, they further pull our attending to the importance of SHRM which should concentrate on cultivates skilled employees to guarantee the scheme and civilization of the house are being efficaciously planned and implemented ( Becton et al. , 2009 ) .

Recommended attacks

Workplace civilization – Psychological success

As Linn ( 2008 ) reminded us, administration ‘s civilization is influential to its fiscal success. However, he concluded that an administration ‘s civilization changed is “ really hard to make and, so, should be avoided if possible ” ( Linn, 2008, p. 91 ) . Hence, a softer attack such as motivate employees larning is necessary to keep the competitory advantage of Medtech. In an effort to guarantee ongoing competitory advantage, Medtech is advised to concentrate on the employees larning and career direction at their planning of SHRM. Quigley and Tymon ( 2006 ) delineated extrinsic factors such as wagess and public presentation assessments are important in actuating single per se to accomplish calling success by recognizing self-abilities, demands and values. In their survey, Quigley et Al. ( 2006 ) further demonstrated the calling success will take to one ‘s psychological success. Hence, Medtech shall plan and name out a clear and consistent counsel to its employees on the wagess and public presentation assessment.

In 2003, Jacobs and Washington published a paper in which he described “ employee development refers to an integrated set of planned plans, provided over a period of clip, to assist guarantee that all persons have the competency necessary to execute to their fullest potency in support of the administration ‘s ends ” ( Jacobs et al. , 2003, p. 344 ) . By easing the motive and betterment plans, Medtech is able to help single employee to develop abilities such as behaviours, cognition and skill acquisition for future occupation demands. In another survey by Lee & A ; Bruvold ( 2003 ) suggested that through the investing in employee development, it offers an employee to better and execute his abilities efficaciously. Lee et Al. ( 2003 ) farther pointed out that the development can help the administration to accomplish competitory advantage. Simultaneously, Medtech and its employees are capable of planning and pull offing their concern scheme and calling in progress. Harmonizing to Chen, Chang and Yeh ( 2003 ) , an effectual calling development plan is able to allow employees to detect their chance calling based on one ‘s capableness and therefore lead to occupation satisfaction. Through an effectual calling development plan, Medtech ‘s employees will hold the chance and are able to to the full execute their endowments at workplace. Subsequently, with the employees ‘ occupation satisfaction, Medtech can cut down the turnover cost and better the house ‘s underperformance.

In Chen et Al. ( 2003 ) instance survey of occupation satisfaction degrees among research and development forces in Taiwan, they suggested that one has different chance at different calling phases ; administration is responsible to supply chances to them in order to carry through their demands. Hence, the common understanding can heighten the employees ‘ occupation satisfaction and develop administration public presentation ( Chen et al. , 2003 ; Jones, 2004 ; Smith & A ; Smith, 2007 ) . A cardinal determination by Smith et Al. ( 2007 ) concluded that the employers are witting to the employees ‘ development investings to be aligned with the administrations ‘ concern scheme. In the context of helping Medtech employees to accomplish occupation satisfaction, Bill can associate up with the Eric for the alternate diabetic interventions research. By carry oning the joint research, it offers chances to Medtech employees in developing freshly accomplishments every bit good as making market competitory advantage. In the interim, Bill is able to take part in the research developments where he is interested.

Sequence program

Harmonizing to Jackson, Farndale and Kakabadse ( 2003 ) , sequence program is every bit of import to career development for an administration to accomplish competitory advantage. Considerable that bulk of the Medtech employees are high-skilled workers, it has the advantages in human capital resources. Therefore, Medtech is advised to use its competency and capableness advantage to beginning and program for its sequence development for a sustainable hereafter growing. As discussed in the transformational leading subdivision and outlined by Barnett et Al. ( 2003 ) that five features of best pattern in a sequence program such as preliminary planning, fixing for sequence, endowment reappraisal, feedback and action, and mensurating effectivity. First, Medtech has to place the degrees and possible campaigners within the house and supply them with a systematic and quotable preparation. Sequence degrees shall non entirely concentrate on cardinal executives but best to be extended to low degrees in the administrations ( Bernthal & A ; Wellins, 2006 ) . Subsequently, Medtech shall place and turn up “ the right endowment at the right topographic points ” ( Bernthal et al. , 2006, p. 38 ) . Despite to the designation and planning of sequence that have been postulated, Medtech shall supply a communicating channel to the participants in the development plan on a regular footing. Although experient employees appeared to hold mature abilities to work out jobs in a shorter clip, chances should be given to younger employees in order to cultivate and develop their abilities. The experient employees should be played a function in mentoring and confer withing. Finally, measuring is an of import measure to measure and better the sequence program of the development. The rating of sequence program can be measured on the facet of occupation satisfaction, keeping of cardinal places, decrease in turnover and addition of participants in development plans ( Bernthal et al. , 2006 ) .

Mixed and lucifer of soft and difficult attack

A longitudinal survey of entire quality direction by Fotopoulos and Psomas ( 2009 ) reported that both the soft and difficult attack direction systems are good and important to concern environment. In position to the nature of Medtech concern, a merchandise quality policy and best patterns are necessity to guarantee the safety and patient wellness. The merchandise of Medtech represented its societal duty and committedness to the society. Hence, the acceptance of difficult attack on the merchandises ‘ quality confidence and measuring are indispensable. Harmonizing to Jaehne, Li, Riedel and Mueller ( 2009 ) , the difficult factors covered the contractual understandings, short-run benefits and contractual committednesss for liability. There shall non be any via medias to misjudge or careless of employees to the quality of medical specialty, the misbehavior shall be treated with the difficult attack direction system.

However, these findings concluded that a soft attack played a cardinal function as the difficult factors are inferior ( Fotopoulos et al. , 2009 ) . Due to the lacks civilization at Medtech, Bill should ease a soft attack at the initial and transformation period. Through a soft attack, a sustainable civilization at Medtech such as employees larning and calling direction is able to develop and further.


Harmonizing to Landen ( 2002 ) , emotions are classified as a portion of production and it should be tackled with proper audience for the benefit of employees and administration. As the emotions in workplace have become the nucleus of direction pattern and development, the emotions direction in an administration must be seen as an of import tool to every director ( Ashkanasy & A ; Daus, 2002 ) . Through the single instances of Emma and Sarah, it is appeared that the failure of emotions direction may originate and arouse the emotion of other employees. Hence, communicating is an indispensable tool for a good direction system. It would take to occupation satisfaction, trueness and work committedness from the employees ( Ashkanasy et al. , 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Nelissen and Selm ( 2008 ) , the function of communicating is of import in pull offing employees ‘ emotions, particularly anterior to the organizational alteration. In their major research, Nelissen et Al. ( 2008 ) reported that a communicating failure may take to negative feelings such as “ occupation insecurity, perceptual experience of unfairness, depression and emphasis ” among the employees ( Nelissen et al. , 2008, p. 308 ) . They farther demonstrated that an effectual communicating should dwell of “ designing, implementing and measuring ” across the procedure ( Nelissen et al. , 2008, p. 315 ) . In the Medtech ‘s leading transformational, it induced the dissatisfactions among the employees such as Emma and Sarah. Therefore, an effectual communicating within Medtech must be carried out to avoid employees ‘ farther misgiving to the house. In order to equilibrate the emotions of Medtech employees, Bill and the direction should plan an effectual communicating with the employees. In the duologue, they have to show the transmutation aims and link the approaching market competition with the impulse of organizational changed. As the aims being explained to the employees, the direction should listen and understand the employees ‘ perceptual experiences. At the terminal of communicating procedure, the direction should measure and verify the shared experience among them. A common acceptable aims and transmutation method would be established.

Finally, Bill is advised to set up a post-mortem meeting after all the jobs and issues have been resolved. The aims of the post-mortem meeting are to discourse, buttocks and reexamine the determination made for future direction mention.


This essay has explained the cardinal of import of SHRM in an administration. Returning to the inquiry posed at the initial portion of this essay, it is now possible to province that SHRM is non a prima function in an administration. Indeed, it is a important tool to an administration. SHRM provides a wider and comprehensive position in developing, back uping and measuring the administration scheme. One of the more important findings emerged from this instance survey is the influence and impact of SHRM in helping an administration to accomplish competitory advantages. Although employees larning and calling direction, sequence planning, acceptance of soft and difficult attack, and communicating were recommended to Medtech in work outing the immediate jobs, it must non be forgotten every facet of SHRM is interlink to one another. Besides, with the limited information can be derived from the instance survey, cautiousness must be applied, as the recommended execution might non be movable to the world of administration operation. More information on the instance survey would assist us to set up a greater grade of truth on Medtech SHRM.

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