Human Nature And Managerial Behaviour Management Essay

A managerial manner this is besides to steer me along the manner and take a image to pull won my attending to difference spots of cognition. If I have a good managerial manner so I can take with me on my journey to going a better director. And besides director demand to some maestro basic accomplishments and we have to happen out what is direction is the critical accomplishments involved the most of import undertakings that I have to transport out and how I am become to be a good director.

1. About human nature and managerial behavior:

Human nature is the common qualities of all human being people behave harmonizing to certain rules of human nature. Human needs are an of import portion of human nature. Valuess, beliefs, and usage, differ from state to state and even within group to group, but in general, wholly people have a few basic demands. As a director or leader we must understand these demands because they can be powerful motives.

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The theoretical accounts which make guesss about human nature and behavior at work:

Our sense of self worth of important is related to our societal human nature behavior. But it is non merely an image soon by oneself or attributed to us by others. It is besides depends with outlook and duty about how to act.

Premise: the theory Ten directors believes that people have an built-in disfavor to work, wish to avoid duty, and must be coerced, controlled, directed, and threatened with penalty in order to accomplish consequence. Truly a director is likely, hence, to be interested in merely limited strategies of deputation, within clearly defined bounds and with an easy manner to honor and penalty.

On other manus, theory Y director believes that people find work a natural and rewarding activity, they learn to accept and to seek duty, and they will react positively to chances for personal growing and sympathetic leading such a director is more likely to be interested in winder strategies of deputation based on audience with subsidiaries, and with duty volitionally accepted out of personal communicating ( Harmonizing to Mullins, J. L. , 2002 ) .

If we can see this theory of Maslow was somewhat different from the other research workers during that clip. These demands of Maslow ‘s normally affect the human nature and behavior at work in a great extent. If we see the diagram below we can see these demands harmonizing to the degree of significance and importance.

aslow Hierarchy of Needs

If we can see profoundly that the lower degree demands are more of import and exigency than the other demands traveling upwards. But harmonizing to this theoretical account about human nature does Leadership and Human behavior ( 1997 )

1.2 How attitudes and premises can act upon managerial behavior:

The basic inquiry of import attitude is whatever it possible to act upon squad by traveling and development. If our attitude could non be changed they should be considered in depicting demand of a peculiar occupation and choosing director but they could be ignored determined turning demands. There is no individual or kind reply to this inquiry experience shows that attitude do non alter easy but may alter under certain fortunes on the BASIC of one ‘s ain experience and feedback from other people if they individual concerned has plenty will talent and involvement to understand to modify his attitude.

For illustration if a director “ can organize teamwork and motivate people for working with him on hard new undertaking under clip force per unit area ” accomplishment there are underlying premise refering both his or her cognition and attitudes needed for work planning pass oning with people and motivation, and organise squad and while esteeming rigorous clip agendas. Basically speech production, the accomplishments involved in managerial occupations include proficient capable accomplishments, general direction an administration accomplishments, analytical topic accomplishments, societal and cultural accomplishments, direction of people, communicating and leading accomplishments, and political accomplishments ( Milan Kubr,1989 ) .

We can besides look at the McGregor ‘s Theory X and Theory Y ( McGregor 1957 ) where the theory X suggest that people have an built-in disfavor for work and will avoid it whenever possible. It besides states that people prefer to be directed, do non desire duty, and have small or no aspiration and besides seek security above all else. These, specially the theory X suggest how the attitude and premise can act upon managerial behavior at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Applying and commanding through these factors will give a positive clasp on managerial behaviors in workplace.

1.3 Evaluation a theoretical account of managerial manner in which the director can use accomplishments to place survey and reexamine their forms of behavior:

A managerial manner is non an terminal it every clip itself but it means an terminal. By and large a director judged by consequence. Different director may accomplish the same consequence by utilizing different agencies. There is chief key of effectual direction fiting the manner to the state of affairs. And despite the respect between direction and leading. Besides this can supply a unsmooth and ready manner of measuring the effectivity of managerial manner ( harmonizing to David R. W. 1996 ) .

As a manner of chief director and the rightness of their manner, and place on or more director rank them on following under the six point graduated table.


Very good


Meet the minimal criterions ( carnival )

Dose non run into minimal criterions

Should be dismissed

As a good director he or she can measure the effectivity and they have to happen out how to acquire good end product in administration ends. If director used the McGregor ‘s Theory X and Theory Y. the chief thing director have to cognize which theory they have to utilize if usage theory X how its work or theory Y because every people are non same some of regardful people have different type of human behavior.

2. How direction manner can act upon managerial manner:

If we see a direction manner describes the manner in which another director set about accomplishing the consequence through people. It is besides how director behave as squad leader and how they exercise authorization. A director can be bossy and democratic, tough or soft, demanding or easy traveling directing the manner influence a managerial manner.

2.1 Describe Style of direction

An administration will be achieve more expeditiously when the people who work in it have drive and committedness, in other words, when people they are motivated. Every director attempts to increase his motive by utilizing incentives by their manner of direction and the manner they patterns leading. Some of the earlier motive theories have already been covered ( maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands Herzberg ‘s, hygiene factors and incentives and so on ) and theories can be grouped under three heading. by Terence Lucey ( 2005 )

Satisfaction: in this phase besides suggest a satisfied employee will work hard and there is a small grounds to back up this position.

Incentive: that one besides suggests that a individual will work hard to obtain a reword. There is some grounds that positive support can work if the single public presentations can be recognised and reworded.

And Intrinsic: this is besides given to propose people will work hard to gain higher order demands contained in the occupation itself – fulfillment, duty and engagement.

Management manner it should wish laissez, carnival, distant or accessible, distractive or supportive, undertaking oriented or people oriented, stiff or flexible, considerate or unfeeling, friendly, or cool keyed up or loosen up, so many behave depends partially on themselves their natural disposition, partially on the illustration given to them by director, partially on the manner which they have been trained and partially on administration value and norms accepted typical ways of direction behavior.

Management can act upon the rating of civilization by being cognizant of the symbolic effects of their action by trying to further coveted values, but they can ne’er command civilization in the sense they many direction authors advocate ; by Gillian Watson et all ( 2005 )

2.2 Measures of managerial effectivity:

The Managerial effectivity at first I have to specify as the end and accomplishing behavior. Managerial effectivity is accomplishing if a individual is an effectual director. An effectual director is one who is positive in his personality, his managerial procedure and the consequences of his procedure. One of the chief properties that will lend to the managerial effectivity is leading. And besides specify in footings of the measure and quality of criterions of public presentation and the satisfaction and committedness of subsidiaries.

Chiefly what comes foremost is the director ‘s manner that is how others see the director. This is through the reorganisation of others behavioral manners to increase support and communicating.

Second how good the director can pull off squads in an organisation. This includes the development, creative activity and pull offing a successful squad.

Managerial effectivity besides fowling the organisational chief ends is concerned with making the right thing and relates to end products of the concern and what the director really achieves. Managerial effectivity it must associate to the accomplishment of some intent, nonsubjective or undertaking to the public presentations of the procedure of direction and the executing of work.

For illustration the hearing accomplishment is one of the most of import as a squad member or group. Team member besides following tips will assist to listen good. And making these things will besides show to the talker that we are paying attending. While we may in fact be able to listen while looking down at the floor, making so may connote that we are non. Look for non-verbal cues such as facial looks and position to acquire the full effect of what the talker is stating me. By Dawn Rosenberg McKay

maintain oculus contact ;

do n’t disrupt the talker ;

sit still ;

nod your caput ;

thin toward the talker ;

Repeat instructions and inquire appropriate inquiries when the talker has finished.

At the terminal steps can be identified by put to deathing, leading, deputation, watching return on investing, motive and considerations by the director.

2.3 links between direction manner and managerial effectivity and efficiency:

Directors have to execute many functions in an organisation and how he/she handle assorted state of affairss will depend on their manner of direction. A direction manner is an overall method of leading used by a director. Sing things as they are Organisation, Authoritarian administration, Participative administration, Degree of engagement.

There are three aggressively contrasting manners.



Democratic A

Managerial efficiency it can be regardful from managerial effectivity.

Efficiency is concerned with making things right and relates to inputs and what the director dosage.

And Effectiveness is concerned with making the right thing and relates to end products of the occupation and what the director really achieves.

Efficient the director must go to to the input demands of the occupation to elucidation of aims, planning, administration, way and control. And in order to be effectual the director must give attending to end product of the occupation to public presentations in squad.

Effectiveness must associate to the accomplishment of some intent, nonsubjective or undertaking to the public presentations of the procedure of direction and the executing of work.

If we see the Stewart suggests the effectivity is more of import than efficiency. By Laurie J. M. ( 2002 )

There is a large nexus between direction manner and direction effectivity and efficiency. If we observe closely, we can see that some employees no affair what go on will maintain on making the same error once more and once more hence, certain managerial manner is necessary to cover with these state of affairss. For illustration the director may necessitate to be bossy and rigorous to repair these state of affairss. The point of bossy manner besides comes when employee ‘s behavior reaches at a certain point when it can impact the whole organisation. At these state of affairss the director needs to step in and move as tyrant to take control of the state of affairs.

3. The demand to use a scope of managerial manners:

Most of the directors will develop a individualized managerial manner shortly after being placed in a place of greater duty. A The managerial manner developed by these directors might hold been influenceA byA theA following formal managerial preparation, such as leading and managementA instruction and preparation. Fore illustrations set by other directors the illustrations set by authorization figures earlier in the director ‘s life.

3.1 Situations and fortunes which would necessitate application of differing direction manner and behavior:

As directors besides try to set their manners harmonizing to the state of affairs that they are presented with. There are four types of situational leading that depend on the sum of support and counsel which needed.

Stating: A Works best when employees are neither willing non able to make the occupation. For illustration ( high demand of support and high demand of counsel ) .

Delegating: A Works best when the employees are willing to make the occupation and cognize how to travel about it ( low demand of support and low demand of counsel ) .

Participating: A Works best when employees have the ability to make the occupation, but need a high sum of support ( low demand of counsel but high demand of support ) .

Selling: A when employees are willing to make the occupation, but do n’t cognize how to make it ( low demand of support but high demand of counsel ) . Management manner.

Differing direction manner and behavior:

If we discussed earlier in this subject there are many fortunes when the direction manner needs to be changed. For illustration, in eating houses the most common manner of direction used is the Laissez-faire. Under this class non merely eating houses but many other houses practising proper direction autumn. From ( Food industry, Food Company 2010 ) the most effectual eating house directors have the ability to accommodate their managing manner in the state of affairss they encounter in day-to-day operations. Basically all depends on the state of affairs to fluctuate or play with the direction manner which best fits the environment and will profit the company and its stakeholders.

Sometimes it is seen in educational institutes where the bossy direction manner is applied for some benefits but it might non ever give expected consequences or end products from the pupils. In those instances a democratic direction can be applied from the wise mans toward the pupils. This has a immense impact on the end product as a pupil might happen out a new find but the module might non hold any cognition about the find in that field or concentration.

Finally another state of affairs can be described where direction manner needs to be changed. Suppose at times a director needs to avoid looking adversarial, for illustration the director may necessitate to convert the employee. That meeting is in kernel a collaborative attempt. Passing all the power to the employees may non be equal for this realisation and a more or less a paternalistic manner may be needed in this state of affairs. So through the above mentioned state of affairss and fortunes we can see how a changed direction manner at times can profit the organisation entirely.

3.2 The relationship between single managerial public presentation and expected organizational managerial public presentation and behavior:

Management relationship it or public presentation is highly of import that a trough understand the Key Performance Indexs of his occupation. Apart from cognizing we should cognize the different cardinal public presentation indexs are, it is of import that he/she understands these index have been framed and what their importance are. Once this understanding sets in the How of implementing these indexs is the following most of import demand.

The first thing which we need to discourse once more is the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands, as this is a really critical component at the start of this treatment. A individual who is non satisfied with basic demands like nutrient, H2O and shelter will non hush surely execute the manner who satisfies with all the phases described by Maslow.

A good director is to actuate the employees to travel towards high public presentation. Managerial endowment is a really of import demand and a major challenge in many organisations.

Presents are willing to pass immense sums on Manager Development class and seminars. A good director therefore is a existent plus to the company. by T. Crescentia, ( 2007 )

The organisation behavior and public presentations found the chief fact that organisation intercessions to alter organisational design and behaviour lead to improved public presentations, supports the position that behavior cause public presentations, which is good public presentations could behaviour, besides cause alteration in behavior given new lesson and resources from the managerial point of position nevertheless, planned alteration in organisation in organisational behavior is the indispensable first measure to bettering public presentations may, nevertheless reinforce direction planned changed attempts and supply resources which enable farther investing in organisation development. by M. Santa at all ( 1980 )


At last I can state a managerial manner demand like concern chance seeking, bearing single duty, possessing cognition of modern direction constructs and techniques, and holding entrepreurial creativeness and capablenesss for political lobbying. All these eventually concludes that, the specific manner should be maintained which best suits the specific organisation. The direction leader manner is non something man-made which is donned as we walk through the response country. It is the existent we tempered and improved by our cognition of how to acquire the best out of people, and moving within the context of the organisation civilization.



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