Human resource management practices

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope of Survey:

The topic of our study is the nucleus Human Resource Management patterns at two telecom companies, Mobilink and Warid Telecom. Our focal point is to briefly sketch the basic patterns such as enlisting, preparation and public presentation direction etc at both the companies. After giving this overview, our analysis part will foreground the chief differences between the patterns at both companies. At the terminal of our undertaking, we will give our recommendations on the how the companies may develop their patterns further.

1.2 Objective of the Survey:

The telecom sector has undergone intense alterations in the past two old ages due to the entryway of new participants in the market. Our aim here is to analyse the differences between the HR patterns of the oldest participant in the market, Mobilink, with the newest, Warid Telecom. Our accent is on the countries where both companies differ and we have attempted to find the grounds behind these differences. In add-on we have besides attempted to foreground the countries where both companies are on common land.

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1.3 Methodology:

For basic informations aggregation, we used the undermentioned tools

  • Interviews with HR forces at both companies
  • Research on the cyberspace
  • Old newspaper, magazine articles etc.


For the analysis part of our undertaking we consulted a assortment of text editions to set up HR theoretical accounts which we could so utilize as benchmarks. In add-on we besides compared the information from both companies against one another to obtain a comparative analysis.


2. Introduction to Telecom Sector1

2.1 Telecom Sector in Pakistan

Telecom sector has emerged as the fastest turning sector in Pakistan. After traveling at a snail ‘s gait, the domestic telecom sector took a bend for the better few old ages ago when it threw its doors open to private sector. Competition brought in lower duties and cheaper French telephones, which saw Pakistani people leaping on to the nomadic bandwagon with retribution. From a mere 2.3 per centum in 1999-2000 the state ‘s teledensity presently stands at 10.2 per centum with the gross endorser base of fixed every bit good as nomadic endorsers touching 15.4 million. Recognizing the growing potency of telecom sector in Pakistan, assorted international large participants have already entered the state to take advantage of a quickly turning usage of cell phone. Recognizing the benefits achieved from the telecom deregulating around the universe, Pakistan has moved from the monopolized construction to the deregulated one. The twelvemonth 2004 witnessed tremendous growing in Pakistan telecom sector with immense investings, which brought momentous alterations in socio-economic scenario of the state. This was, nevertheless, made possible with enterprises taken by the present authorities and the regulator – the Pakistan Telecom Authority ( Box-2 ) .

1 Economic Survey of Pakistan


The PTA was established in January 1997 under the Pakistan Telecommunication ( Re-organization ) Act, 1996 to modulate the constitution, operation and care of telecommunication systems, and the proviso of telecom services. It protects the involvements of telecommunication service suppliers and users, guaranting that the consumers get high quality services at competitory monetary values, with a sensible scope of pick.

2.2 Liberalization of Telecom Sector

Government of Pakistan announced deregulating policies for both fixed & A ; cellular and made PTA responsible for the award of the licences. Mobile licences were awarded to two companies viz. Telenor Norway and Warid Telecom against auction winning monetary value of US $ 291 million each. Similarly, the PTA auctioned spectrum for award of Wireless Local Loop ( WLL ) licenses. The PTA collected a amount of Rs. 14.12 billion from the auction of WLL spectrum. The PTA besides awarded Local Loop ( LL ) and Long Distance & A ; International ( LDI ) licenses in conformity with the laid down standards to assorted companies. With the licensing of LDI and LL, a amount of Rs. 1.7 billion was received as initial licence fee.

Table 14.5 shows that the PTA issued 92 WLL licences to 17 telecom companies for operations in different telecom parts. Similarly, a sum of 76 licences were issued to 35 companies for proviso of Fixed Local cringle services. Besides, PTA issued 12 licences to 12 telecom companies for proviso of Long Distance & A ; international services in the state.

5 Preliminary Considerations for Job Analysis9:

For any organisation, the activities involved in roll uping, analysing and entering informations must non be taken lightly. Among other grounds, it is a procedure which may potentially be the organisation a batch of pecuniary resource. Before set abouting this procedure, it is of import to see the undermentioned two factors

• Senior Management Support: What sort of support can be expected form the senior direction? Does senior direction understand what is involved in executing a occupation analysis? Have the clip and cost considerations been to the full explored? Are they understood and explored? Have the deductions of the sorts of alterations that may be recommended because of the analysis been considered? Etc. Such inquiries must be asked before a occupation analysis procedure is started to debar a possible tribunal action claiming knowing favoritism if direction fails to carry through

8 John Bratton & A ; Jeffrey Gold, Op.cit p 133

9 Ibid P 128


implied or existent promises that will ensue in compensation related alterations that could hold been made.

• Work Force Cooperation: What sort of cooperation can be expected from all employees? Have past occupation analysis plans resulted in no action, or perchance worse, actions contrary to occupation security or best involvements of employees in all sorts of occupations at all degrees? Because of past actions, the work force may show attitudes to a new analysis that range from apathy to ill will. This will surely act upon the success of any analysis plan. The agencies of get the better ofing such behaviour must be considered either before or during the design of the plan. Purpose of Job Analysis10

The intent of Job Analysis is to set up and document the ‘job relatedness ‘ of employment processs such as preparation, choice, compensation, and public presentation assessment.

a ) Determining Training Needs

Job Analysis can be used in “ preparation demands appraisal ( TNA ) ” to place or develop:

  • Training content
  • Appraisal trials to mensurate effectivity of preparation
  • Equipment to be used in presenting the preparation
  • Methods of preparation ( i.e. , little group, computer-based, picture, schoolroom etc. )

10 hypertext transfer protocol: //


B ) Compensation

Job Analysis can be used in compensation to place or find:

  • Skill degrees
  • Compensable occupation factors
  • Work environment ( e.g. , jeopardies ; attending ; physical attempt )
  • Duties ( e.g. , financial ; supervisory )
  • Required degree of instruction ( indirectly related to salary degree )

degree Celsius ) Choice Procedures

Job Analysis can be used in choice processs to place or develop:

  • Job responsibilities that should be included in advertizements of vacant places ;
  • Appropriate salary degree for the place to assist find what wage should be offered to a campaigner ;
  • Minimal demands ( instruction and/or experience ) for testing appliers ;
  • Interview inquiries ;
  • Choice tests/instruments ( e.g. , written trials ; unwritten trials ; occupation simulations ) ;
  • Applicant appraisal/evaluation signifiers ;


  • Orientation stuffs for applicants/new hires

vitamin D ) Performance Review

Job Analysis can be used in public presentation reappraisal to place or develop:

  • Goals and aims
  • Performance criterions
  • Evaluation standards
  • Length of provisional periods
  • Duties to be evaluated Methods of Job Analysis:

Some cardinal methods used for occupation analysis are

  • Interviews – involves questioning all individuals associated with a peculiar occupation.
  • Questionnaire
  • Observation
  • Diary/Log – employee records daily activities in a occupation.
  • Undertaking stock lists


  • Expert panels – experts familiar with a peculiar occupation.
  • Combination – any of these methods may be used in combination with each other

18.6 The Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna Model of HRM21:

This theoretical account fundamentally depicts the relationship between nucleus HR patterns and the optimum sequence in which they take topographic point. In the context of our companies, Mobilink follows this procedure exactly. The assessments, wagess and the development chances at Mobilink are by and large public presentation based. Tenure is merely a little factor of the employee development. The Staffing map co-ordinates with the Organizational Development map, which is in bend linked to compensation. Warid on the other manus does non follow this sequence. For them, the biggest enlistment comes from deficiency of a proper feedback system for 21 John Bratton & A ; Jeffrey Gold, OP cit, p 18


public presentation assessment consequences. In add-on, most of the compensation activities at Warid are term of office based instead than public presentation based.

18.7 The Harvard Model

This theoretical account is considered to be more comprehensive than the Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna Model of HRM as it incorporates a wider sphere. It takes into history assorted factors which affect the HR policy preparation of a company and the interlink between all these factors. Although both companies do non officially use this theoretical account, the factors mentioned here affect both companies every bit. To see a factor, both companies are required to follow authorities ordinances. Therefore each respective companies HR policy is formulated within


authorities ordinances. The development of a new procedure engineering will be every bit incorporated by both companies but the extent to which the impacts become outstanding on their policies is up to the direction. This holds true for all factors. For illustration, increased turnover in the industry has caused more concern for Mobilink than it has for Warid, which is why the older company is taking initial stairss to revamp its motivational policies. Warid nevertheless has made no such efforts.


Warid has a centralised construction, but it enjoys an unfastened civilization. Warid being a foreign company and a comparatively new one is rather modern in its general environment. Since they consider their employees an of import plus, supplying them with a comfy on the job environment is really of import. That is where the civilization comes in. A company needs to organize a compatible civilization, which favors both the employees and the organisation. In order to actuate the employees, the company has kept an unfastened door policy in its civilization. The employees are repeated told that they should experience free in come ining the office of a director at any degree and say whatever they feel like stating. The direction even applies this open-door policy whereas suggestions are concerned. They feel that an employee feels involved if they are allowed to give unfastened and free suggestions. It is rather celebrated about Warid that they keep integrating alteration in their policies, patterns, working methods etc. That is why it is really of import for them to do certain that their employees do non defy alteration. In order to avoid any struggle they have thought their employees that the civilization at Warid is to: ” Embrace the alteration ” and “ Accept consistent alteration ” . Since they have already made alteration a portion of their civilization and trained their employees consequently, Warid does non hold to confront much opposition from employees. Besides this Warid hour angle besides made it a portion of their civilization to do certain that all employees are respected, no affair what their gender or position. This makes employees in general and females in peculiar feel more secure. They know that they are respected by their coworkers and therefore give regard in return. Warid even goes to the extent of altering some of their working patterns to suit their employees to demo that their privateness and work is valued.


5.4 Decision-making

This point has been explained many times before every bit good that Warid insists on a centralised construction. That is why their decision-making is besides centralized. Most of their corporate degree schemes are made in Abu Dhabi that is the chief caput quarters. However some of the concern degree determinations have been delegated to the central offices in Lahore. In Lahore once more the chief determinations reside here merely and merely the determinations related to operations direction is delegated to the other parts. Warid remains centralised because it is a foreign company that does non desire to lose its chief control over the manner things are done.

19. Decision

Bing nomadic companies functioning the same mark market, Mobilink and Warid can be compared as desperate rivals. By our extended research we have drawn a general decision about the two companies.

Mobilink is by far a more established company since it has been in the market for a long clip. But that non alter the fact that Warid is turn outing to be major a rival for it. Warid is working hard to better its policies and maintain its employees satisfied. Even though this scheme at the minute keeps altering and requires a batch of work but Warid is wining with this. Satisfied employees can turn out to be a major plus for Warid, and therefore a menace for Mobilink. Mobilink is a more focussed company, they wanted to set up a wider coverage country they have achieved that, they are focused in their policies and developing methods. They even know what they want from their employees and how to acquire it. However it is besides true that their quality ahs overall decreased which could turn out to be a job in the hereafter as many rivals are coming up in the market. Hence Mobilink in order to keep their market portion, they should revise their policies and quality control.


20. Recommendations

At the decision of our research and analysis, we have formulated the undermentioned recommendations both companies may utilize to farther heighten their several HR policies.

20.1 Warid

  • They should seek to stabilise their policies and patterns.
  • Offer more non pecuniary compensations to actuate the employees
  • Involve employees in concern determinations.
  • Implement and take active notice of the employee ‘s suggestions.
  • Empower the employees with authorization harmonizing to their occupation descriptions
  • Introduce a more flexible environment and develop the employees consequently.
  • Better their proficient substructure to spread out their services in a broad country.
  • They need a better provender back system after carry oning public presentation assessment so that the employees know where they stand.


20.1 Mobilink

  • Focus more on quality so on measure.
  • They should carry on a more elaborate interview and carry out a mention cheque to avoid any bad lucks.
  • Better their wage bundles and offer better pecuniary wagess to actuate the employees.
  • Should increase their focal point of the sections which they provide developing to.


21. Mentions

  • Economic Survey of Pakistan
  • John Bratton & A ; Jeffrey Gold, Human Resource Management Theory and Practice, 2nd edition
  • Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright ; Human Resource Management Deriving a Competitive Advantage
  • Richard I. Henderson, Compensation Management in a Knowledge Based World, 7th Edition
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