Hypocrisy in to Kill a Mockingbird

The prejudiced views in Maycomb County created a very chaotic future for the children. “ i don’t know how they could convict Tom Robinson, but they did it. They’ve done it again and again and when they do it-seems that only children weep. ” (225) Tom Robinson symbolizes every ‘black’ person who has been wrongly convicted and prosecuted under this judicial system. Children are known to be unjudgemental and therefore are somewhat attached to Tom Robinson. They are oblivious to the false beliefs’ that society has instilled upon the community.

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The children are tremendously effected by the wrongful conviction of Tom Robison in the corrupted judicial system. Jem and Scout, who had seen Toms trails, were in shock to find out that their ‘perfect’ little community had plenty of flaws. They understood that Tom was innocent and that all the evidence second that. But what as confusing to them was how they could understand that, but others couldn’t. They were confused as to why Tom was convicted when the evidence clearly said otherwise. When finding out that toms sentence had nothing to do with facts, but had everything to do with colour… his is what made the children weep. This is what drove a connection between the children and the wrongly convicted. Hypocrisy is shown in Miss Gates when she shifts between extremes in opinions. Some of what she says contadics what she truly belives in. “ jem how can you hate hitler so bad an’ turn around and be ugly about fols right at home… ”. (247) Scout may not know the word for which she is trying to express, but what she does know is hyprocisy when she witneses it. She says something is bad yet she does it herself, meaning Miss Gates is two-faces.

How can a teacher, who is a ro-model to her students and others possibly think or say that? Miss gates, is saying, in other words that the people of Maycomn country arnt prejudiced and therefore do not persecute anyone. Miss Gates is clearly a hypocrite, and this effects the citizens of Maycomb County drastically. She is to et an exampole for others, and the example that she is providing is not good at all. Children look up to others, and if scout were to trust miss Gates for everything, then Scout would turn out to be like Miss Gates.

Another judemental person in the world. if this cycle were to happen over and over again, then equality would never be seen on the face of the earth. This is why people like Miss Gates, who have the power and influence on others should not be hypocritical. Because if students and children were to follow their examples and whtat they do/how they act, what would our world come to? How would our world function? A class discussion reveals yet another example of hypocrisy and the distinctions people make between people.

In this case, Scouts 3rd grade teacher defends the jews and proclaims how lucky the all are for living in a democraxy. She states “…. thats the difference between America and Germany. We are a democracy and germany is a dictatorship. Over here we don’t believe in persecuting anybody. Persecution comes from people who are prejudiced. ” ( 258) Miss gates is clearly blinded by the persecuations made by people in Maycomb County. She is a hyprocrite because not only does she say that no one in Maybcom county is prejudiced, but she herself persecutes the ‘blacks’ in the community.

This can harm the citizens of Maycomb county because Miss Gates is convincing the students that what they people in Maycomn County are doing, isn’t bad. That they are not persecuting anyone. When this has no truth to it. The students, including Scout would be very confused, and would possibly grow up ersececuting people but may not know that they are. Tis is all thanks to Miss Gates for being the influencer, yet being a total hypocrite. Having hypocritical people like Miss Gates could really be hardfull to the citizens of Maycomb County. They maye not be able to “practice what they preech” because they may not know how to.

Having this inability is what ruins the community of Maycomb County. The last strong example that speings to mind is the topic of what teh ladies in Aleadnea’s missionary circle were speaking of. This is Mrs. Merriweathers message to teh blacks in the community. She states: “ if we just let them know we forgive’em, that we’ve forgotten itm then this whole thing’ll blow over. ” (231) this shows tha there is hypocrisy in Mrs. Merriweather due to her feeling is sorry for the Mrunops because they are being juded yet she herself is juding Tom Robinson.

By saying “ if we just let them know we firgive’em, is showing that she also thinks that he is guilty of the accusations that had been put upon him. Mrs. Merriweather is therefore judging people, but she feels bad for people who have been hurt and judged. Showing plenty of hypocrisy. It creats a double standard in the sense that she can be prejudiced to a few but feel sorry for others. Mrs. Merriweather says one thing but goes against it, showing true falseness. The discussion of Alexendreas missionary circle changes topic to the “darkies”.

Mrs. Merriweather expresses her hate towards the “blacks”. “ Gertrude, i tell you there’s nothing more distracting than a sulky darky. Their mouths go down to here. Just ruins your day to have one of ‘em in the kitchen. ” (232) she feels sorry for those who are tken advantage of like the African tribe, the Mrunos, yet in the same breath she discriminates the ‘blacks’ in her community. This is hypocrisy to the extreme because as an adult in Maycomb County she has the power to project her voice to the community and bring about a change.

Yet her hypocritical ways i getting in teh way of saving her own community. Mrs. Merriweather is very sincere to those Mrusons but goes around bad mouthing the ‘blacks’ who are almost similar to the Mrunos. This can be harmful to the citizens of Maycomb County greatly because people like Mrs. Merriweather would be spreading rumours about the ‘blacks’ and making it more harder for them to just simply live. Not only that but how would the citizens of Maycom County practise what they preach, if no one else in the community does? People have many beliefs, but never actually live up to them.

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