Impact and influence of store design customer behaviour

Great shop presentation and merchandise selling is like a good book. It ‘s got an tempting screen to lure, an interesting first chapter to state the reader they ‘ve made the right pick, and a hearty decision to acquire the audience to desire more. The tools used to accomplish these properties are based on making the most hearty experience for the shopper, turning browsers into purchasers.


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1.1 What is shop design and Ocular Merchandising?

It is an art that involves the execution of effectual design and merchandise presentation thoughts to increase shop traffic and gross revenues volume. Store design is the basic layout of the shop utilizing signage and other techniques to steer clients through the shop and help them in turn uping and happening information about ware which is supported by ocular selling techniques implemented. There many type of shop layouts some as 1. Grid layout, racecourse layout, free signifier layout.

1.2 Concept of Visual Merchandising

It is referred to as Point-Of Purchase ( POP ) Display.

It involves everything the clients see both exterior and interior, that creates positive image of a concern and consequences in attending, involvement, desire and action on the portion of the client.

Ocular selling is the art of implementing effectual design thoughts to increase shop traffic and gross revenues volume.

It is frequently referred to as the soundless sales representative.

1.3 Key Purposes of Visual Merchandising & A ; store design.

Informing and educating clients about the merchandise or service.

Adding value to the ambiance of the shop.

Making it easier for the shopper to self-select.

Acting as a important promotional tool.

Pulling attending of the client to enable him to take purchase determinations within shortest interval of clip and therefore augmenting the merchandising procedure.

To pass on with the mark clients much more easy.

To pull clients during festivals and occasions.

Offering a distinguishable individuality to a retail shop vis-a-vis the competition.

Implementing the retail merchant ‘s scheme.

Influence client purchasing behaviour.

Provide flexibleness.

Control design and care cost. Etc.

Components of ocular selling:

Figure -1. Components of ocular selling

Ocular ware stands for:

Emotional stimulations

Make your competences seeable.

Make strategic relevant merchandises best seeable.

Increase the degree of consumer consciousness.

Explicating activities to excite extra gross revenues.

To supply consumers efficient information & A ; emotional loaded images back uping client please and shopping activity.

1.4 Small about RETAIL INDUSTRY in India.

Retailing in India is dining lending 11 % of GDP, altering life style, demographics, buying power, outgrowth of new intercrossed promenades etc is taking the retail industry a new presence in India. Retail industry in India is considered 5th most approaching industry in India. There is immense potency in the retail market and yet there are many untapped and undiscovered market is available.

The growing of Indian retail sector will be US $ 40 billion in 2010 will make to 175-200 billion in 2016.

Figure 2: Expected Growth of retail and part of GDP

Figure 3: Types of Indian Retail Sector


Convenient shops

Department shops

Shoping promenades

Forte ironss

Super markets

Discount shops

Hyper market

Individual retail merchants

Indian Retail Industry

Executive sum-up

The survey is intended at detecting out the influence of shop design and ocular selling ( VM ) on client purchasing determination and behaviour. Ocular selling and shop design is deriving considerable importance in India with the rapid growing of retail industry.

The whole thought is change overing visitants to shoppers and shoppers to purchasers. It is been studied earlier that 70 % of the purchase determinations are made inside the shop and demands can be created through shop design and ocular selling.

The research methodological analysis includes floor director studies deriving from their experiences and besides from ocular selling directors. Questionnaire study ( both at shops and online ) . Sample size is around 110 taking age group from 16-70.

A telephonic interview with an interior interior decorator who might hold design shops can be help as a secondary information.

Though many interesting acquisition will be done on the function of ocular selling in retail shops on consumer behaviour, this has certain restrictions, trading differ significantly in different provinces of the state but due to restrictions of clip and other possibilities untouched the sample will be from Ahmedabad metropolis merely. Yet this survey is carried out with planning and difficult work intended to throw visible radiation on the topic and seeking to research more about Store design and VM.


3.1 OBJECTIVES of the survey:

Figure-4 aims of the survey

On a more specific note, the market research worker ‘s job ( MRP ) can be divided into the followers: –

Marketer ‘s problem- 1: Influence of ocular selling on the purchase determination of clients inside a retail shop.

Marketer ‘s problem- 2: to analyze the purchasing determinations and picks are done inside the shop of pre decisive attack by the clients.

( Common inquiries which will assist us understand purchasing behaviour )

Marketer ‘s problem- 3: How a shop design and infinite direction in a retail shop governs the client purchasing behaviour and its impact.

Marketer ‘s problem- 4: To larn if the clients actively look for the new reachings, new merchandises in a shop and their ware browse behaviour.

3.2 Rational of the survey

If we look across and speak about clients carry a perceptual experience and an image of the shop through their past cognition, experience and for that affair even have heard about it may non hold visit. It is really of import for a seller to cognize what drives the client to the shop and how to undertake each client maintaining their outlooks and their purchasing behaviour. Customers these yearss has knowledge about merchandises, trade names and even the monetary values available in the market at different retail shops so The survey of shop design, infinite direction and ocular selling will assist us cognize how different techniques associated with each component of shop design, SM & A ; VM influence and their impact on consumer determination devising. It will besides assist us cognize how different retail ironss & A ; different retail markets implements trading direction and adopts store design policy maintaining what aspects on head. It will assist us cognize the new and originative thoughts that a shop adopts in order to pull clients i.e new clients and retain bing clients. The intent of the survey is besides to cognize how retail shop designing in a fleeting expression of 4-5 seconds of client is able to pull through exterior, i.e. to convey them in the shop, through interior expression i.e. to maintain them in the shop and interestingly shop through the ware of the shop i.e. how the merchandise mixture techniques are used and what function ocular ware have to play in that affair.

3.3 Scope of the survey

Our premier focal point of survey would stay on impact & A ; influence of shop design, SM & A ; VM on purchasing determination of a client. I would besides touch upon different types of the layout, selling options, available tools for ocular selling and how infinite direction helps cognize the how much infinite allocation is needed to what ware and where.

Literature reappraisal:

Ocular selling and shop design is an of import constituent in atmospheric direction. It includes both shop outside and shop inside. Store exterior includes window show, retail premises and forepart where as shop interior includes shop layout, fixtures and adjustment, wall show and shop high spots. Besides, there are constituents regulating both shop outside and inside, which includes colour co-ordination, illuming design and the application of design rules. If retail merchants want to project the best side of this company, a good choice of the ocular selling with a elaborate consideration of proper cooperate looks are critical. As a consequence, client can have the intended message of retail merchants through different sorts of subject a manner developed from appropriate ocular selling scheme. To sum up, ocular selling helps keeping the overall image of a retail shop in consumers mind.

Apart from retail individuality edifice, ocular selling is regarded as a powerful tool in determining consumers concluding determination inside a shop. VM focuses on assorted facets of consumers, which include centripetal pleasance, affectional pleasance and cognitive please. Centripetal facet includes personal feeling of consumers, such a response to temperature and noise, experiencing crowded in a shop. Window show plays a important function in impacting shop entry determinations as it is really of import information cue for consumers.

A better portion of any successful survey owes to the secondary research of published plants. A brief thought of what was already done will supply fantastic penetrations about how it can be taken to the following degree. Shopping has transformed from necessity to an escapade. It ‘s more of an experience, chance for jubilation. No more yearss of doing a shopping list and traveling to kirana shop purchase food market or be aftering the shopping and travel to the named shop. Shopping is a discovery from the tight agenda, clip to interrupt free and got to the promenade. The dual transition theory negotiations about visitants

change overing into shoppers and shoppers finally in to purchasers. A good show makes people walk into the shop and besides helps in doing them shoping through the ware offer by the shop. There is considerable addition in in-between category Indian households followed by addition in purchase power which leads retail merchants to happen new and originative ways to pull clients of different section to purchase goods and services for which ocular selling, shop design and infinite direction plays a really of import function. Introduction of slotting allowances which necessitate payments by industries to retail merchants for supplying shelf infinite for new merchandises becomes relevant in this context.

It is all about how to do clients look at your merchandises. Ocular selling and shop design has driven retail concern like an hurricane. It is the cardinal to unchain-feelings and desires that drive the buying determinations that we make in mundane lives. Surveies reveal that indoor signage play a dominant function in pulling clients to purchase certain merchandises. “ Standee ” is preferred by the bulk of shoppers followed by bead down and shelf stock signage.

ITC choupal fresh explored that all the bases and tonss were placed on the left manus side and the charge counter was on the right side of the shop analysing that most of the clients look on their left alternatively right while come ining a shop. They besides designed particular subdivision and racks for fruits and veggies to do it look more appealing.

It has been noticed that most of the determination about purchase are made inside the shop, 70 % of the purchase are made on the point of purchase which have considerable influence on shopping behaviour.

Australian professor of design portfolio argued that:

Retail design novices in picking up shop gross revenues if the sq.mts ( retail floor ) is productively design and besides there are many other factors act uponing or motivating the client to

purchase a merchandise which basically includes quality of the ware, pricing options, how the ware is displayed, ware is a topic of publicity excessively ( how it is publicizing is steering the client, the soft and pleasant atmosphere reflects the importance of ocular selling ad shop design.


The survey will be done on the retail industry, specifically the price reduction shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets and the dress industry which are the innovator in country of implementing shop design and ocular selling schemes and techniques. The aim of the survey is to understand the impact of shop design, layout & A ; ocular selling on the purchasing behaviour and the purchasing determinations of the clients.

5.1 Figure 5 – Research Procedure Flow

5.2 Sampling program:

Figure 6 – Sampling Plan


Survey method will be done in order to roll up recent informations which will be done through both direct study and on-line study. Online study requires more informations cleansing as the samples are judgmental. Responses out of the mark sample will be filtered and eliminated if needed.


SPSS will be put to utilize to analysis of the informations collected. SPSS will be provided with cleaned and coded inputs this will assist in making the desired and meaningful consequences of the research done.

5.5 Qualitative research: Exploratory method in usage.

5.6 Descriptive research

Go arounding a justly designed questionnaire among walk-in clients. Online study will be done inquiring the clients to reply based on their recent visit to a retail mercantile establishment.

5.7 Depth interviews

Floor directors and ocular selling director along with retail shop interior design will be approached for an interview to acquire latest penetrations and acquisition.

5.8 Observational research

Customer at unrecorded at a retail shop will be observe which will give interesting penetration.

5.9 Quantitative research:

Data is in the signifier of Numberss and statistics. The purpose is to sort characteristics, number them, and concept statistical theoretical accounts in an effort to explicate what is observed. Appropriate Samples will be taken and Surveys like Computer/Online Surveys, Telephone study, Hybrid Methods, will be the primary method of quantitative research. Any of Probability and non-probability sampling may be used while carry oning a study. The information from this study comes from assorted articles, diaries, databases, and a focal point group with supermarket shoppers, interviews with current employees and direction.

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