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Strategic human resource direction ( SHRM ) can be defined as impression of a relationship between administration strategic aims and human resource map in order to better organisation public presentation. Strategic planning is really critical for any administration particularly in pull offing their human resources to accomplish a really high administration public presentation. A good managed human resources schemes will supply a honoring benefits to the administration, for illustration lower labor turnover, high productiveness, efficiency and competitory advantage.

This paper will critically analysed the three chief theoretical accounts of SHRM which are ‘Best Practice ‘ , ‘Best tantrum ‘ and Resource-based position. A formal definition for each of these theoretical accounts will be discussed foremost. Second, this paper will analysed advantages and restrictions of the theoretical accounts. Finally, recommendations and decisions.

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‘Best Practice ‘ theoretical account ( universalist attack ) is defined as there is merely ‘one best pattern ‘ pull offing the human resources ( HR ) to better the administration public presentation. This is based on one labor direction theoretical account – high-commitment theoretical account ( HCM ) which is related to high public presentation in all contexts, irrespective of the peculiar competitory scheme to the administration. Table 1a list more illustration of best patterns Most influential definitions by Pfeffer ( 1994,1998 ) has developed 16 best patterns and summarized these to seven ( 1998 ) .

SCAN PAGE 111 Table 7.1

Guest ‘s normative theoretical account is best to exemplify the universalist attack. This attack is based on four Hour policy ends: strategic integrating, committedness, flexibleness and quality. Harmonizing to Guest these ends need to be achieved wholly in order to derive high occupation public presentation, job resolution, alteration, invention and cost effectivity ; and low employee turnover, absence and grudges. An advantage of this attack is, it has clear end but there are besides restrictions to it. It is questioned to what extent the displacement would be possible, and Purcell ( 1991 ) sees the ends as unachievable. Universalistic attack besides has a set values that suggest there is merely one best manner for any sort of administration.

For illustration, Guest et Al. ( 2003 ) surveyed 366 UK houses. From this study, an increased usage of HR patterns was associated with lower labor turnover and higher net income per employee and lower productiveness. There were confirmed important associations between HR patterns and organizational public presentation in early old ages profitableness. However, there is no grounds that HR patterns changed administration public presentation ( Guest et al. 2003 ; p. 207 ) . Wright et Al. ( 2005 ) argued that the important correlativity disappeared when commanding past public presentation. Guest ( 1987 ) besides mentioned that there is no best pattern but following this attack can take UK administration to success.

Furthermore, this type of research analysed causing which could be in the opposite way from its original proposition because merely successful administration can afford these HCM patterns ( Guest et al. 2003, p. 309 ) . Wright et Al. observed that there is possible account for double causing. First, administration that performs good invest more in HR patterns and increase organizational public presentation. Second, respondents might believe that HR patterns are good because the organizational public presentation is good ( Gerhart 1999, p.42 ; Wright and Gardener 2000, p.8 ) . Hence, there are multiple causes that improve public presentation and it is really hard to take which 1.

Performance steps used in this research are frequently associated with fiscal standards. There are few surveies on employee attitudes and good being been examined. These patterns may merely be applicable to selected or all employees. For case, a survey may look at whether the administration has self managed squad ( i.e. yes or no ) or others may analyze at merely selected self-managed squad. In pattern, these patterns are counted but non implemented.

Another job with ‘Best pattern ‘ is that employees may non hold a say about these patterns. In other word, whose involvements these patterns or ends are being served. Impact of these patterns are superficially attractive but may non hold cosmopolitan benefits and authorization ( Marchington and Grugulis 2000, pp. 1105-6 ) . One pattern may be advantageous for administration but non bad for employees.

Different observers have different sum of Numberss of ‘best pattern ‘ to be included. There is no obvious understanding of what best patterns constitutes. Guest and Hoque ( 1994 ) listed 23 patterns, MacDuffie ( 1995 ) has 11 points and whereas Pfeffer has seven. Marchington and Grugulis ( 2000 ) argued that desirable patterns may change significantly harmonizing to different observers. Furthermore, this theoretical account is questioned if best patterns are all needed and every bit of import. MacDuffie ( 1995 ) suggested that 11 HR patterns need to be combined wholly. It will be less effectual if administration merely chose several HR patterns.

Based on the definition, it is argued that these patterns are non used widely if it is claimed to be effectual. Workplace Employee Relations Survey ( Cully et al. 1999 ) found merely 14 per cent of workplaces practised HCM and merely 35 per cent of houses used two or more HCM patterns. These patterns could be perchance set into pattern but does non alter much as the consequences are difficult to place.


‘Best tantrum ‘ theoretical account ( eventuality attack ) has no cosmopolitan prescriptions for HRM policies and patterns. Baird and Meshoulam ( 1988 ) argue that the HR activities must suit the administration ‘s phase of development. The undermentioned theoretical account is based on two critical signifiers of tantrum. First, external tantrum ( perpendicular integrating ) where scheme fits with the administration demand. Second, internal tantrum ( horizontal integrating ) which is based on coherent HR policies and activities to reenforce reciprocally and applied systematically. These HR patterns alteration over the clip harmonizing to the concern rhythm, it can be really flexible manners at the start-up phase to more formal and professionalized manners as it grows.

Fombrun et Al ( 1984 ) SHRM basic model will exemplify this theoretical account shown in Figures 1.2 and 1.3. Figure 1.2 represents the relationship between human resource direction and organizational scheme. Figure 1.3 is an overview of how human resource direction activities can be unified and implemented into administration ‘s scheme.

[ scan the diagrams pg 36 ]

This theoretical account provides a simple model demoing how choice, assessment, development and wages are agreed reciprocally to accomplish a needed type of employee public presentation. However this theoretical account is seen as a simplistic response to an administration scheme. The needed employee behaviors and public presentation may non be achieved because there are assorted factors to be taken into history. For illustration nowadays and future public presentation demands and employees dealingss may alter.

‘Best tantrum ‘ fundamentally generate specific employee behavior in order to accomplish a preset administration scheme with the identified HR policies and patterns which will reenforce this behavior. Schuler and Jackson ‘s ( 1987 ) argue that behavioral deductions of the three assorted ‘generic schemes ‘ defined by Porter ( 1985 ) should be considered in planing HR patterns. This is shown in Table 1b.

PG38 orange book SCAN TABLE 2.1

Miles and Snow ( 1984 ) align appropriate managerial features to three generic schemes of prospector, guardian and analyzer and associate these to assorted HR patterns to derive high organizational public presentation. This claim is supported by Thomas and Ramaswamy ( 1996 ) statistical analysis on 269 of the Fortune 500 companies in the US and found out that aligned companies were statistically superior.

First restrictions of this theoretical account is it did n’t see employees involvements or comply to societal norms and legal demands. Regardless that employees do bask super dickering power, administration should concentrate on cardinal employee ‘s demands which are really critical for administration endurance ( Boxall 1998 ; Coff 1997 ) . Second, this theoretical account deficiency in depicting its competitory scheme. HR schemes were designed from behavioral deductions and HR policies harmonizing to administration scheme which can be misdirecting. Third, theoretical account should be more dynamic by sing other factors than human resources. This is because administration depending on the environment they are runing, therefore the ‘best tantrum ‘ patterns may hold to alter consequently.

Resource-based position ( RBV ) focuses on administration ‘s capacity to utilize physical and non-physical resources to derive competitory advantage. An administration public presentation depends on its competency base ( Conner,1991 ; Foss, 1996 ; Peng, 2001 ) . These competencies are developed and improved through the acquisition procedure ( Nelson and Winter, 1982 ) . Human resources can be an administration competitory advantage every bit long as they are alone and can non be copied by rivals. Briggs and Keogh ( 1999 ) argued that ‘best patterns ‘ or ‘leapfrogging the competition ‘ are non the lone ways to derive high concern public presentation.

Barney ( 1991 ) lineations for standards to be met in order to prolong competitory advantage: value, rareness, imperfect imatibility and non-substitutability. Wright et Al. ( 1994 )

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