Improving education system Essay

Subject: English
Topic: Analysis by Division Essay
Sub Topic – Improving Education system

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Students need to:

Be more engaged in a Project-Based Learning
Be more cooperative with other students when learning
Have to expand on Comprehensive Assessment

Teachers need to:

Have coaches form them to be better intellectual and emotional guide Firstly Learn Teaching as Apprenticeship

Schools need to:

Adapt quickly to technology
Reorganize its Resources

Community needs to:

Be more involved, parents should show a greater interest in their child Show the students they appreciate them when they have accomplished great thing

Thesis statement: Improving the education system will require students, teachers, schools and communities to work together to achieve such goal.

Subject: English
Topic: Analysis by Division Essay
Title -Improving Education system

Improving the education system will be a tough job for everyone. Students will be required to engaged in project-based learning, be more cooperative with other students when learning and forced to expand more on comprehensive assessments. Teachers firstly need to learn the art of teaching as an apprenticeship and have coaches for them to be better intellectual and emotional guides. Schools need to adapt quickly to technology and reorganize and use its resources. Communities should be more involved and show the students they appreciate them when they have accomplished something great and parents should show a much greater interest in their child’s education.

Usually students from the form four and beyond does research which goes beyond the textbooks to study complex topics. Student should start this at an earlier stage example at the form one. That way students will get accustom of finding information for themselves and educating themselves. Project-based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in ways which students explore real-world problems and challenges. This type of active and engaged learning, inspire students and make them want to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.

Working together on projects in a group with classmates, students will learn the skills of collaborating, managing emotions, and resolving conflicts. If this is not carefully guided by trained teachers it will not be effective. Cooperative learning can also develop social and emotional skills, providing a valuable foundation for their lives as workers, family members and citizens of the world.

Assessment should be expanded beyond simple test scores to instead provide, continuous assessment of student strengths and weaknesses. Teachers and parents should closely monitor academic progress and use the assessments to focus on areas that need improvement. Tests should be an opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes, retake the test and improve their scores.

The most important role for teachers as facilitators of learning is to coach and guide students through the learning process, giving special attention to nurturing a student’s interests and self-confidence. As technology provides more aid to the curriculum, teachers can spend less time lecturing entire classes and more time mentoring students as individuals and tutoring them in areas in which they need help or seek additional attention.

The best preparation for a person pursuing a teaching career should follow the model of apprenticeships, which novices learn from experienced masters. These young teachers should spend less time in lecture halls learning educational theory and more time in the classrooms, working directly with students and master teachers. The benefits of these are that their teaching skills will be continually sharpened and novice teachers can also get expert advice on how to plan the perfect lesson from master teachers.

If technology is being used, it would transform and improve every aspect of a school, modernizing the nature of curriculum, parental connections and administration. Online curricula now include lesson plans and demonstrations for classroom use and review. With online connections, students can share their work and communicate more productively and creatively. Teachers can maintain records and assessments using software tools and stay in close touch with students and families via email.

Resources of time, money, and facilities must be restructured. The school day should allow for more in-depth project work beyond the forty five minute period according to the age group. These should include block scheduling of classes two hours or longer. Schools should not close for a two-month summer vacation, but should remain open for student activities, teacher development, and community use. Primary school teachers stay with a class for two or more years, deepening their relationships with students. New school construction and renovation should emphasize school design that supports students and teachers collaboration.

When schoolwork involves parents, students learn more. Parents and other caregivers are a child’s first teachers and can instil values that encourage school learning. Schools should build strong alliances with parents and welcome their active participation in the classroom. Educators should inform parents of the school’s educational goals, the importance of high expectations for each child and ways of assisting with homework and classroom lessons.

Partnerships with a wide range of community organizations, including business, higher education institution, museums, and government agencies provides critically needed materials, technology, and experiences for students and teachers. These groups expose students to the world of work through career programs and internships. Schools should enlist professionals to act as instructors and mentors for students. If all these methods are not implemented in a correct manner, it will not seem as if it is working.


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