In This Beauty Obsessed Society Media Essay

For the past few decennaries, the development of beauty has brought a immense metabolism in people ‘s position about their visual aspect. Peoples are more concern about their outer beauty than anything else. This is non merely limited for adult female but adult male at this decennary of century has encephalon washed and actively involved themselves in this civilization excessively, which is camouflaging imperfectnesss. A study had found out that adult male in US had spent $ 4.8 million on preparing merchandises in twelvemonth 2006 and there was an addition of 42 % from twelvemonth 2001 to twelvemonth 2006 ( Forbes, 2007 ) . In add-on, in this beauty-obsessed society, there are besides people who choose to travel under knife for an enchanting organic structure characteristic. Cosmetic surgery has become one of the most popular tendencies all over the universe. One might inquire, what is decorative surgery? Cosmetic surgery is an aesthetic surgery that performed to better visual aspect, instead than for medical grounds (, 2003 ) .

Whenever you read newspaper, magazine or exchange on the telecasting, you are likely to see something which is related to decorative surgery. Reality Television shows such as “ Extreme Makeover ” , MTV series “ I Want a Celebrated Face ” , Italian show “ Scalpel: Cipher ‘s Perfect ” and Fox ‘s “ The Swan ” have besides lead to an overpowering popularity on decorative surgery particularly among immature male childs and misss who are dissatisfied with their current expression and want to look classy and perky like a dad star. Harmonizing to Elsevier, the Television shows have lead “ youngster to hold decorative surgery ” and American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( 2007 ) survey proves that 57 % of patients who chose to undergo decorative surgery were high-intensity viewing audiences of world Television shows related to decorative surgery. Furthermore, for state like Korea, undergoes decorative surgery is a civilization and they known it as “ The Korean Way ” ( Yoo, J. , n.d. ) . Most of the immature coevals today will travel under knife in order to pursuit ‘perfect beauty ‘ and this can be proven by a survey conducted by Korean Plastic Surgery ( 2009 ) . The survey shows that “ eight out of 10 Korean adult females over the age of 18 feel they need decorative surgery, and one out of two has undergone Korean plastic surgery at least one time ” .

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ASPS ) Reports ( 2007 ) besides shows that decorative plastic surgery has increased 69 % in the first decennary of new millenary and in twelvemonth 2009, there were 210,000 decorative surgery processs were performed on adolescents from age 13 to 19 ( Thompson, V. , 2010 ) . It goes without stating that decorative surgery has become so commonplace that the age of patient involved in the decorative surgery acquiring younger and younger. Teenss frequently have unreal outlooks. They are non satisfy with their visual aspect and intend to hold glamourous beauty and unflawed expression. Ergo, teens go for decorative surgery and dainty it as a boom. For case, Kate ( 2008 ) had a chest implant when she was 19 old ages old.

In twelvemonth 2008, Queensland, a province in Australia had banned adolescents under 18 from holding surgery for strictly decorative ground ( ABC News, 2008 ) as there is a distinguishable sociological tendency towards valuing beauty which leads to an addition in decorative surgery among adolescents. The inquiry is, is it deserving for teens to travel under knife in chase of ‘perfect beauty ‘ ? The truth is adolescents should be discouraged to travel for decorative surgery as it comes at hazard. Besides, they are far more excessively immature for that as it might disrupt emotional and physical adulthood and it is a costly process.

This research is non confined in certain states merely but all around the universe.

2.0 Body of Content

2.1 Cosmetic Surgery carries some hazards of injury physically and mentally, even of decease.

Oppositions of the statement claim that decorative surgery is highly safe with the aid of progress engineering and medicine. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ASPS ) reckons that the mortality rate of decorative surgery is the lowest among all the surgical processs. Roughly around 1.754 A- % , which is one in 57,000 processs, while harmonizing to the survey conducted by medical diary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the decease rate is somewhat higher, which is one in 51, 459 operations.

Furthermore, inauspicious party besides states that modern anaesthesia is safe despite of the narrative you heard before. This is due to certain grounds, for illustration, qualified anesthetist, first-class sawbones and modern equipments used in the operating room.

There is nil incorrect with desiring to go beautiful or perfect. However, undergoing decorative surgery should non be one of the options. Supporters of this statement claim that the statement “ decorative surgery is highly safe with the aid of progress engineering and medicine ” is a falsity. Cosmetic surgery is still a surgery which carries out in the operating room and they believe that every surgical carries some common hazards.

Plastic Surgery Los Angeles pointed out that “ there can be complications to any surgery ” even though you are operated by a professional and qualified decorative sawbones. The most common complications is the used of general anaesthesia. Anesthesia brings serious wellness effects ; patients may see sleepiness, lame or weary for few yearss after holding general anaesthesia. Harmonizing to Cassidy P. ( 2008 ) , seven to 12 % of entire decorative surgeries had been reported of decease as a consequence of decorative surgery complications. The Star ( 2008 ) had reported that Datin Fatimah Wan Chik, married woman of former Labuan MP, Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman had died due to decorative surgery complications.

Besides, infection and hemorrhage are besides one of the most obvious defects non merely in decorative surgery but in all sort of surgical procedures. There will be two in every 10 patients who suffered from infection and hemorrhage, which is 20 % . Sometimes, marking can go on due to bacteria onslaught. Bacteria can come in the organic structure during surgery or after surgery through sutura, drain sides and unfastened lesions.

Surprisingly, decorative surgery Acts of the Apostless like drugs, it has the possible to do dependence (, n.d. ) particularly for those who started to travel under knife at immature age. Psychologist had found out that most of the people who underwent decorative surgery were most likely to endure from oppressive emotional and psychological perturbation. Doctor Iqbal Ahmed ( 2010 ) asserts that seven to 15 % of patients who underwent decorative surgery will ensnare into the psychological abyss of Body Dysmorphic Disorder ( BDD ) . BDD is “ a mental upset characterized by deformed organic structure imageA and compulsions about sensed physical defects ” (, 2011 ) . Those who suffered from BDD will be given to undergo a batch of decorative surgeries from sawbones to sawbones. However, the patients will ne’er fulfill with their visual aspect and believe that their organic structure image is so deformed that it will ne’er acquire fixed by one decorative surgery. This upset can besides known as “ mirror lies ” . When they look into the mirror, they will ne’er see themselves in the right size or characteristic even though really they are merely nice. Therefore, teens should be discouraged to travel for decorative surgery as it comes with hazards and if there was a faulty, they will repent for their full life.

2.2 Cosmetic Surgery interrupts adolescent ‘s physical and emotional adulthood.

Oppositions of the issue insist that decorative surgery non merely improves one ‘s self image but besides hike their self-pride at the same clip. To exemplify, Caitlin Clemons, 18, describes that she will travel for decorative surgery and believes that decorative surgery will hike her self-esteem as she knows how decorative surgery can as if by magic alter her life after seeing her sister and female parent underwent chest expansion and how happy they are after the surgery ( cited by Thompson, V. , 2010 ) . In add-on, some besides believe that the capablenesss in decorative surgery await for all those who would wish to see a better version of themselves physically and mentally.

Oppositions of this statement possibly right, decorative surgery will hike self-esteem and indirectly increase their degree of felicity. However, these alterations tend to be short lived. Most of the people who have decorative surgery tend to see an addition in degree of felicity for one or two old ages, after which they return to their old degree of felicity and are about every bit happy as they were before the surgery. This theory same goes to the lottery victors. Hence, the emotional consequence of decorative surgery can merely last for short period of clip.

43 % of the ladies interviewed stated that they would offer surgery for their childs if their expression was the chief ground of why they were being bullied ( Leaton, R. , 2011 ) . This statement is reasonably hapless as the protagonists of the issue believe that certainly there are other non-invasive ways to assist the teens to hike their self-prides so that they can stand up and cover with toughs. Self-esteem is based upon how you feel and think about yourself and non simply harmonizing to one ‘s visual aspect. Karen Batchelor ( 2010 ) , a talker on societal media and midlife issues one time said that, “ When you develop your interior beauty, your physical beauty seems to miraculously better every bit good! ” . Hence, decorative surgery should non be seen as a speedy hole to hike self-esteem and assurance because true assurance comes from interior personality and non outward visual aspect.

It is besides deserving adverting that in some instances, decorative surgery really lowers one ‘s self-esteem and degree of felicity. “ Surgeons note that one time a individual alters one portion of their organic structure, they begin to look at defects in other portion of the organic structure. This can do a individual fells less happy with their organic structure than before they had any surgery ” and hence, take downing in degree of self-esteem happens (, 2011 ) . In fact, the greatest weakness in decorative surgery lies in a individual ‘s possible inability to raise their self-image to fit their new expression. The inclination to look to superficial interventions such as decorative surgery simply reflects an unwillingness to look within. To be certain, decorative surgery can merely work out the job temporarily and meanwhile it really worsens the state of affairs. Therefore, it is clear that decorative surgery interrupts the development of teens ‘ mental adulthood.

Furthermore, protagonists of the statement besides assert that decorative surgery disrupts adolescent ‘s natural growing. Adolescents have immature organic structure which is non to the full develop as human organic structure will merely to the full develop at the age of 25. For case, “ Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has spoken out about adolescents who choose fictile surgery, stating that make up one’s minding to travel under the knife is a determination “ best left until one is an grownup. ” “ ( BellaSugar, 2007 ) . Teenss are still turning, therefore decorative surgery should non be an option for them as foremost, it can do growing deceleration, it ‘s unsafe and it ‘s unneeded. If they waited until 25 old ages old, they might fulfill with their organic structure during that clip as their organic structure is to the full developed. In twelvemonth 2008, Australia ‘s wellness curate besides conceded that adolescents are still turning and they are still developing. They should non hold a organic structure shape-changing process until their growing is completed. This statement can be clearly proved to be true when Queensland banned adolescents under 18 old ages old from holding decorative surgery ( ABC News, 2008 ) .

In short, adolescents should be discouraged to travel under knife to pursuit ‘perfect ‘ beauty when perfect is vague. Besides, it merely provides temporarily emotional alleviation and satisfaction. On top of that, decorative surgery causes growing deceleration.

2.3 Cosmetic Surgery is a costly process.

Those who do non portion the position that decorative surgery is a costly process point out that the monetary value of decorative surgery worth the results and it is lasting. Furthermore, harmonizing to Hilton, many “ price reduction ” monetary value decorative sawboness that claim to offer professional service for a low monetary value have begun to demo up all over the state ( cited in, n.d. ) .

2.3.1 Unlicensed Cosmetic practicians

However, the job is, most of these physicians are non decently trained to execute such drastic decorative surgery. In add-on to that, Davis claims that a physician can go to a conference in a hotel for few hours to larn how to execute decorative surgeries such as suction lipectomy, chest expansion, nose job and etc. Other than that, ‘The Cosmetic Surgery Directory ‘ ( n.d ) besides states that they had discovered an extended black market for decorative surgeries. For illustration, a 46 year-old adult female died as a consequence of a black market decorative process in which cooking oil was injected into her organic structure by an unaccredited sawbones who promised a inexpensive alternate manner to legalize process. So, “ professional service ” is merely a falsity. Hence, this is undeniable that it is highly hazardous when a physician is non decently trained and certified and this would be the chief ground why the service is at low cost.

2.3.2 Cosmetic Surgery strains household ‘s fiscal resources

Harmonizing to a survey conducted by American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ASPS ) ( n.d. ) , in twelvemonth 2009, the top decorative surgeries done by adolescents were breast expansion, nose job, eyelid surgery, suction lipectomy and in conclusion, tummy tuck.

Below are the monetary values for top five decorative surgeries.

Type of Cosmetic Surgery

Cost ( MYR )

Breast Enlargement


Nose job


Eyelid Surgery

1,600 – 3,700



Abdominoplasty ( Tummy Tuck )


Beginning: Health Horizon Holidays, Malaysia.

From the above information, it can be clearly seen that decorative surgery is an expensive process. Harmonizing to an article posted in THEEDGE MALAYSIA on 24th November 2008, the mean nominal family income in twelvemonth 2007 was RM 3,617 per capita and the existent family income grew at 0.9 % per twelvemonth. Thus, it goes without stating that teens who wanted to travel under knife will decidedly set a immense strain on the household budget, peculiarly when the cost exceeds the appraisal. Furthermore, Gred C. Pacher ( n.d. ) added that the estimated cost normally is merely for the process along and the anesthesia fee is excluded. If there were complications, hospital stay may be to be extended and there is a cost to post operative attention including post-op medicines. On top of that, with the exclusion of rehabilitative surgery, elected decorative surgery is non covered by insurance and all of these strain the household ‘s fiscal resources.

Furthermore, there are besides some instances that adolescents go into debt in order to obtain perfect olfactory organ or tummy which can take to serious fiscal jobs. On the whole, adolescents should be discouraged from holding decorative surgery as it non merely burdens the household of teens who undergoes the surgery but besides put them in unneeded state of affairs when covering with awful recovery clip.

3.0 Decision

In a nutshell, decorative surgery had grown six-fold in the past 10 old ages. No longer restricted to rich or celebrated, decorative surgery is now within the middle-class and even adolescents. Cosmetic surgery has become so popular that even the childs know what that is and the chief intent of holding decorative surgery.

However, is this good to the society and to the teens themselves? The reply is decidedly no as the disadvantages of decorative surgery frequently outweight its advantages particularly when the supporter is teenager. Some might inquire, why is this so? First, decorative surgery carries some hazard of injury physically and mentally, even of decease. Besides, it non merely interrupts adolescent ‘s physical and emotional adulthood but besides burdens the adolescent ‘s household who choose to undergo decorative process. Therefore, it is clear that teens should be discouraged to travel under knife in chase of ‘perfect ‘ beauty.

4.0 Recommendation

In this beauty-obsessed society, outward visual aspect has played an of import function in everyone ‘s life particularly among adolescents who do non fulfill with their organic structure and face characteristic. Despite decorative surgery, teens can take to travel for exercising and follow a healthy diet if they feel that their organic structure is non perfect. Besides, adolescents can besides set on some makeups so that they will look better and more energetic. If compared to decorative surgery, exercising and decorative merchandise are decidedly cheaper than decorative surgery and it is more healthy and deso non do any injury to human organic structure.

Furthermore, authorities should take the enterprise to censor adolescents from decorative surgery and decorative surgery touristry should be demolished.

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