Inclusion Box 2 Essay

Study day 11
Box 2
Diversity means something or someone is different (diverse). Equality means that everything and/or everyone is to be equal and treated the same. Inclusion means that everyone is to be included in a task/event ect, and no one is to left out. Participatation means taking part in an activity and/or sharing with others.

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Some of the main features of discrimination in our society are disabilities, your race, culture, religion, your sex, and your social group, these all play a big part in discrimination. These can affect children and families quit badly as this can give the child low self-esteem, end up with no confidence, making it hard for the child to perform well at school. If I child is to have a disability then this can mean that the child is not allowed to enter certain shops/activities, they may also not be allowed to attend certain schools, or have trouble moving around and accessing the school, this makes it hard for families and the child, the child may feel left out, and the families need to take extra time, or change plans for this bit of discrimination against the child. A child with special needs may feel targeted by bullies, as they may need extra help giving them no confidence and low self-esteem, they may also need to attend different classes away from their age group, taking them away from many important parts and tasks of a school life. This can take its toll on the family becoming worried about the child, having to attend meetings regularly within the school.

There are some main features of inequality in our society which can closely link to discrimination, a main one is poverty, poverty in your child hood, can affect your education, and is shown that some poverty stricken families are less likely to perform well in school. There are many social, economic, and cultural factors which affect children and young peoples, some off these are, being in the care system, this can leave a child, or young person feeling unloved, and lonely, it can mean there self-esteem can become very low and they are not confident to be in social situations, it could also make the child or young person very angry, not allow others become close to them, not accepting people who help them , and not attending school, or failing there exams. Some religions can make a child or young person feel very outcast within a social group, it could mean they are not accepted within another group, meaning they are being discriminated against, this can leave a child or young person very confused, it could lead to skipping school, becoming un-sociable, or very un-confident. This could also lead to the child, coming away from their religion to follow the crowd, and upsetting the family, causing arguments or sometimes dis-owning.

The importance of anti-discrimination practice within a setting, is to encourage children to accept different people within society and to become more welcoming to people who are not the same as them. It will also help change families views on the society, and about equality. This is put into practice within my setting with positive examples, talking about people who are different to them, using posters and books. We also put them into practice by doing activities in the curriculum, for multi-cultural week, and learning about others cultures, religions ect. We also put this into practice by involving the parents/families by asking for artefacts, information, pictures, foods, clothes, from their home, cultures, and religions.

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