Increased Spending at Theme-Parks Essay

Increased Spending at Theme-Parks

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In class, it has been discussed that to increase spending at theme parks, the strategy is to provide guests with better options. These options shall be discussed in detail.

Better themed food and drinks – notes that people go to theme parks to fulfill a “fanciful idealized vision” of themselves (“the theme park virus”). For instance, almost everyone in this planet can identify with Disney characters as almost every generation has his or her Disney icon. Disney theme parks offer quite an extra-ordinary insight to be part of these icons. To complete such a fanciful experience, offering food and drinks that complements the experience will be a hit to the people spending money in the park because some people spend more on food and drinks than other things such as souvenirs (Niles).

The fussier the better – The more the food and drinks resemble those in the Disney movies, the more it would complete the people’s Disney experience. With the film Ratatouille that is all about food, it will not be surprising if Disney parks would open a restaurant that offer menus akin to those that were made in the film.

Low Calorie snacks – Most theme parks do not allow guests to bring food inside (Dubuque). Though theme parks are all about fulfilling a fantasy, mothers will always be concerned about the well-being of their children. The children, despite how much they want to fulfill their theme park experience are limited to what sort of things their parents would allow as their parents do the spending in the first place. As such, the theme parks had better give options to the parents in at least providing a menu that is healthy.

Less expensive options at lunch – because theme park foods are usually very high, people are driven to bringing their packed lunch and eating at the parking lot. Offering less expensive options to park-goers will not only make them enjoy their experience but also recommend going back repeatedly to the park. For instance, in Disney world, there are some restaurants that offer a free meal to kids with their parents (Wiley).

Change menu at dinner – Options are always good. People would not want to eat the same meal for lunch and dinner. Offering a variety of menus will encourage the same set of people to dine at the same place.

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles offers 20 commercial dining options (“Food and Fun.”). The advantages of offering well-known food chain in theme parks are that, they are already popular and people would know where they want to go. It can save a lot of people time, going to those restaurants where they already know what they want- pasta, rice, steak, burgers – instead of going in an unknown place and they will still spend a lot of time considering what to eat. People need not enter a restaurant and then realize it’s Indian and they do not want Indian food at all. Well-known restaurants can save them the trouble.

As for disadvantages, commercial restaurants tend to be more expensive and should Six Flags itself want to cater the food-menus of its visitors, it might have trouble competing with these companies.

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