Indian Comedy Drama Film Management Essay

3 imbeciles is the highest-grossing Bollywood movie of all-time, it broke all gap box office records in India. This article describes the facets of undertaking direction in the devising of this film and besides reflects upon the undertaking ‘s range, work dislocation construction, Risk analysis and Control methods. Combination of these knowledge countries generates all procedures involved in film devising which can be viewed from the position of undertaking direction.

1. Introduction

An Indian comedy-drama movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani, and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It was adapted from the fresh Five Point Person by Chetan Bhagat. The film was released in the last one-fourth of 2009. Upon release, it became the highest-grossing movie in its opening weekend in India and has the highest opening twenty-four hours aggregations for Bollywood movie. 3 imbeciles was released worldwide and was an instant success, it besides received critical acclamations and awards both place ( Indian movie awards ) and abroad ( International movie festivals ) .

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2. Summary/Synopsis

3 imbeciles portrays the life of three university pupils ( Farhan, Raju and Rancho ) who portion the same room in the abode of their campus. Farhan is analyzing technology to fulfill is parent ‘s wants but truly wants to go a wildlife lensman. Raju is analyzing to raise his household ‘s name by acquiring them out of poorness. Rancho on the other manus, surveies for his passion in machinery ( Engineering ) . Rancho besides believes that success does non come from memorising definitions from text editions or lectors but by understanding and using the constructs. He besides believes that success comes if excellence is followed.

3. Undertaking Scope

“ Project range direction includes the procedures required to guarantee that the undertaking includes all the work required and merely the work required to finish the undertaking successfully. Pull offing the range is chiefly concerned with shaping and commanding what is and what is non included in the undertaking. ” ( PMBOK Guide )

From the manufacturer and author ‘s position, this undertaking ‘s thoughts were gotten from a novel which led to a written plot line. The manufacturer and Screenwriter would fix a movie pitch or intervention and show it to possible moneymans ( stakeholders ) for fiscal backup ; typically a major movie studio or independent investors. The parties involved would so negociate a trade and mark contracts ( Project charter ) which would include range for planning, set uping, commanding and implementing of the undertaking successfully.

The range of the undertaking would affect every measure of really making the movie from pre-production, planning and agreements, scheduling and budgeting, to the existent shot process, every bit good as post-production activities.

The manufacturer would so engage a crew by sing the nature and budget of the movie ( undertaking ) . Hence he determines the size and type of crew required in filmmaking. Some of the crew places:

The manager is responsible for the narrative relation, originative determinations and playing of the movie.

The unit production director manages the production budget, determines the size and type of crew used in during movie devising.

The location director discoveries and manages movie location.

The projecting manager finds histrions to make full the parts in the book.

The manager of picture taking ( DoP ) supervises the picture taking of the full movie.

The production interior decorator creates the ocular construct of the movie.

The storyboard creative person creates ocular images to assist the manager and production interior decorator communicate their thoughts to the production squad.

The Work Breakdown Structure is prepared based on the scoped definition of the undertaking. The WBS helps to easy pass on the work and processes involved to put to death a undertaking. It would be used by the undertaking director ( manufacturer ) and undertaking squad ( crew ) to develop the agenda resource demand and costs of the undertaking ( movie ) . The WBS of this undertaking is shown below.


3 Idiots: Film Making 1


Technical Crew Appointing 1.2

Release of film 1.7

Post Production 1.6

Concept and Funding 1.1

Shooting 1.5

Music / Lyrics 1.4

Cast Audition 1.3

Distribution 1.7.1

Film Processing 1.6.1

Location research 1.5.1

Lyrics for sound path 1.4.1

Main Charac Audition 1.3.1

Asst Direction Team 1.2.1

Script and Dialogue 1.1.1

Release 1.7.2

Editing 1.6.2

Set edifice 1.5.2

Instrumentals 1.4.2

Supporting Charac Audition 1.3.2

Sound Dept 1.2.2

Pitch for Manufacturers 1.1.2

Post release trading 1.7.3

Sound Processing 1.6.3

Recording 1.4.3

Extras Audition 1.3.3

Location Amenities 1.5.3

Art Dept 1.2.3

Budgeting and Scheduling 1.1.3

Cinema release 1.7.4

Marketing 1.6.4

On location shooting 1.5.4

Post Completion reappraisal 1.4.4

Costume, make-up squad 1.2.4

DVD release 1.7.5

Ad 1.6.5

Status Monitoring 1.5.5

Filming 1.2.5

Post Completion reappraisal 1.5.6

Editing Team 1.1.1

Fig 3.1 WBS of the ( movie ) undertaking

4. Stakeholders Analysis

“ Undertaking stakeholders are persons and organisations that are actively involved in the undertaking, or whose involvements may be affected as a consequence of undertaking executing or undertaking completion. They may besides exercise influence over the undertaking ‘s aims and results. ” [ PMBOK Guide ] It is important to understand and place the stakeholders and find their outlooks and demands so as to guarantee a successful undertaking. The stakeholders in this peculiar undertaking can be: –

a ) Director / Writer: – He invests his thought, skill, clip and attempt in conveying the undertaking to life. He is the driving force and the caput of the originative section.

B ) Producer ( s ) : – They invest the money and take attention of the fiscal facet of filmmaking. Right from the location and equipment hires to paying measures for the dramatis personae and crew members, they look over all of it.

degree Celsius ) Cast/Crew: – The cast/crew members would pass a twosome of months off from their households at the shooting location until they complete their undertaking. They are besides the active participants and executers of the undertaking.

vitamin D ) Local Population: – The local population is besides significantly affected by such a immense undertaking being undertaken in their locality.

vitamin E ) Law and Order: – The jurisprudence and order of the location is besides a stakeholder as it can impact the manner the movie is produced. Any break to the environment, anti-cruelty Torahs against animate beings etc are factors which influence the undertaking.

Success/Failure for each Stakeholder has been tabulated below.





Blessing for Initiation

Undertaking rejected

On agenda shot and completion

Undertaking hold


Good response of movie

Film non good received

Reliable fiscal backup

Financing jobs

On agenda shot and completion

Undertaking hold

Good response of movie

Film non good received

Cast/ Crew

Expected contractual pay-off

Pay-off jobs

Desired success and expected net income

Runing at a loss

No break to local environment

Break to environment

Location population

Local employment chances


Law and order

Labour Torahs being followed

Labour Torahs disobeyed

Table 1.1 Success/Failure analyses for stakeholders

5. Risk Management Analysis

Harmonizing to PMBOK usher, hazard can be defined as “ an even with some grade of uncertainness ; it may happen or non happen. A positive hazard is an chance while negative hazard is a menace. ” With 3 imbeciles being a immense undertaking, the possibility of hazards crawling in from different parts of the undertaking is high and would necessitate direction. The possible hazards that may happen during the executing of this undertaking are:

On location Adjustment: Due to the nature of the undertaking, supplying adjustment for the full crew member is really of import ; Lack of adjustment may detain the undertaking.

Health: Proper wellness services for crew members should be available during the executing of the undertaking.

Technical: Equipment malfunction, proficient defects demanding rework etc. Lead to project hold.

Pull offing resources: Coordination of the full crew member to invariably bring forth right end product is of import. Lack of control could put on the line the full shoot.

Environment: Filming environment should be good controlled in footings of effects and stunts to avoid hold during project executing.

6. Undertaking Network ( Diagram ) and Critical way

The full undertaking consists of three phases. The first phase is the pre-production phase where readyings are made for the shoot, in which dramatis personae and movie crew are hired, locations are selected sets are built. In this phase, the thoughts for the movie were created, the right to the fresh Five Point Person by Chetan Bhagat was bought, and the screenplay was written. The production phase which is the 2nd phase is where the movie was shot and recorded.

The concluding phase is the post-production phase is where the movie was edited ; music paths ( and vocals ) were composed, performed and recorded. The computer-graphic “ ocular ” effects are digitally added, all the sounds elements were assorted into “ roots ” so the roots were assorted so married to visualize and the movie was to the full completed.

Fig 6.1 Pre-production Network Diagram

From project direction point of film, the undertaking induction get down point is after the Script is given a ( green visible radiation ) green light ; although the ( movie ) undertaking process starts with the book authorship. The Undertaking Network shown in Fig 6.1 and fig 6.2 gives a graphical thought of the Undertaking activities.

Fig 6.2 Production and Post-production Network Diagram

Critical activities are the activities that contribute the highest to the hazard factor of the full undertaking. These activities typically involve high clip and resource and trust a batch on other unsure factors like conditions conditions, unreplaceable resources ( like the Technical crew, taking members of cast etc. ) . Furthermore, these could besides be such activities which are compulsory to be completed for any other activity else to get down. Sing this, the followers can be termed as critical activities.

The assignment of the right Cast and Crew members for the undertaking is the most important activity for the undertaking. Without the right minded resources, any undertaking can fall in and in instance of this undertaking, this is highly indispensable.

The sheer size of such a undertaking demands a proper planning and scheduling to command the clip and money restraints efficaciously. Hence, undertaking programming and planning is one of the critical activities.

Location Comfortss and Set Design: Without proper comfortss, the dramatis personae and crew member squad can non be kept on location. Set Design on the other manus serves the background of the film canvas which needs to be completed before the film begins.

Shooting: For obvious grounds, the shot of the film is besides one of the important activities because this is where all the planning is being implemented.

The critical way of undertaking web is shown below:

Location research

Movie release

Post production

Climax Shooting

Shooting Menachem begins

Cast Hearings

Script accepted


Fig 6.3 Critical way for the undertaking web

7. Management of Project and Controlling Methods

During the executing of this undertaking, each activity was treated as a mini undertaking because the range was really big. Proper monitoring and control methods were implemented to avoid hold and do certain the undertaking was being run on agenda. Hence, call sheets were used to track records of attending of dramatis personae on clip ; duty matrix was used to specify the extent of duty and relationship among groups during the undertaking executing. Precise timings for interruption were fixed and there was deadline for each activity.

Undertaking programming, elaborate Budgeting and resource commanding were implemented to pull off the undertaking. In supervising the advancement of this undertaking, checkpoints at strategic points were used.

In decision, proper execution of the patterns mentioned above helped and contributed to the successful completion of the undertaking.

8. The Undertaking Result

The film was official released on 25 December 2009. Box Office India declared the movie an “ All clip Blockbuster ” . It broke all box office records upon release. In its four-day first weekend, the movie netted 38 crore ( US $ 7.58 million ) , and broke the record held by Ghajini ( Indian movie ) for the first weekend aggregations. By the first hebdomad, the movie netted 79.5 crore ( US $ 15.86 million ) , once more interrupting the box office record.

Upon its release, legion awards were won. Some of the awards won are listed below ;

57th National Awards

IIFA Awards

Filmfare Awards and

Star Screen Awards

This movie was remade as a South Indian Tamil movie entitled Nanban, which was released in January 2012.

Following the success of 3 imbeciles in East Asiatic market, it was announced that there will be a Chinese remaking of the movie. There are besides programs for Hollywood remaking of the movie.

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