Information And Communication Technology On Democracy Media Essay

The development of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) has changed the universe. The centrality of information in our society has resulted in many declaring that we have entered into a new phase of human being, frequently referred to as the Information Age. The easy entree to ICT provides new chances for persons and non-institutionalized organisations to unify and organize in order to print their message across international boundaries. There have been motions that have adopted ICT as a tool of democracy but the existent inquiry is whether or non ICT can work as a tool in helping democratic motions and political parties to raise national or international consciousness of their cause. E-democracy and electronic authorities can drastically change the relationship between authorities and citizens and the manner they communicate ( Darin, 2005 ) . Furthermore, ICT-usage could be developed significantly as a tool for publicising information. Democratic motions have much to derive in following better media accomplishments and a greater apprehension of the kineticss of the modern-day media system and the cyberspace. The Information Age ‘s altered media sphere can imply new and positive chances for political groups and grass roots motions if they learn to get the hang the information engineering media logic.

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Technology has produced an altered definition of democracy. The construct we know are based on the citizen ‘s rights and the competition of power but that definition has drastically changed. For case, Benjamin R. Barber notes that “ digital engineering is well-suited to heightening democracy ” ( Benjamin, 1998 ) hence democracy itself needs to be given a new definition to accommodate to how engineering is act uponing the term. On one manus, e-democracy is the usage of proficient tools – peculiarly the Internet – to let citizens entree to information ; to take portion in requests, audiences, deliberation, referenda and elections ; and pass on with each other to organize e-communities and motions, and take portion in e-campaigning and e-activism ( Edemocracy, 2008 ) . On the other manus, democracy is a political system that protects the people, a system that allows the replacing of political leaders, one that promotes the active engagement of citizens in their states ‘ political personal businesss.

With the Information Age new ways of making things have emerged ; now there is digital democracy, E-government and E-governance constructs, all of which are dramatically altering the political environment. Power excessively has been impacted as a effect of ICT. Political power is no longer in the custodies of two or three but grass roots motions have become involved in political relations making a more balanced and more equally distributed political power system.

The involvement in utilizing engineering to develop an electronic type of democratic system is more North American in beginning than any from any other portion. Worsening rates of political engagement in North America has called for the debut of new advanced ways of acquiring citizens to take part in political relations electronically. As a effect of the beginning of electronic democracy any future universe electronic political promotion will depend on the North American political civilization. Europe and other developing states such as Chile are besides implementing the electronic democratic system which will equilibrate any Americanization that might hold suffered universe political relations.

ICT gives political parties better ways to aim and make electors. Website has been used as a tool giving parties the ability to go their ain intelligence newsmans ( Stephen, 12 ) and better inform their mark audience. President Barack Obama ‘s old run is a symbol that utilizing the media and cyberspace can give great consequences to a political campaigner. The cyberspace for case, has been used for fund-raising, as a societal medium for making electors and as a manner to advance their political political orientations aiming specific sections of the population.

Technology makes democracy more accessible and has eased the procedure of take parting in one ‘s authorities. For illustration, in “ developed and developing states the cyberspace is everyplace ” ( Andrew and Christopher, 271 ) . Every section has its ain web site and the same is true for political parties. Furthermore, societal media channels such as Facebook, Youtube and Myspace has allowed the authorities and parties to interact with citizens and electors in a manner ne’er seen earlier. Therefore information engineering makes democracy more low-cost and accessible for anyone, irrespective of income or societal position and farther allows authorities and parties to utilize engineering as a tool of democracy.

Access is possibly the most noteworthy impact that ICT has had on democracy. Having the ability to state what we think when we want has increased political engagement in the last few old ages, at least electronically. For illustration, on Youtube there are infinite pictures of grass roots, persons and non-governmental organisations speaking and protesting approximately certain issues ; without engineering that would ne’er hold been possible. Furthermore, as a effect of engineering ‘s engagement in political personal businesss new political civilization and political orientations will emerge which may farther perplex the association between democracy and ICT.

To reason, this essay has highlighted some of the ways in which engineering is making positive impacts to democracy, be it through fund-raising or its societal media use to make targeted sections of the society. It has besides given a definition of democracy and of e-democracy and eventually, it shows how ICT makes it easier for one to voice one ‘s sentiments and take part in administration personal businesss which is the chief rule on which democracy is based. Therefore, ICT does hold a positive impact on all persons, political parties, non-governmental establishments and grass roots motions if they learn how to utilize the new media and information engineering to be more effectual and proactive.

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